Marvel Willing to Replace Robert Downey Jr; No Plans for ‘War Machine’ or ‘Falcon’ Solo Films

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Iron Man Robert Downey Jr Marvel Willing to Replace Robert Downey Jr; No Plans for War Machine or Falcon Solo Films

It’s been a roller coaster ride of a week for Marvel movie fans. First, Iron Man 3 launched with the second largest opening in U.S. box office history – despite a mixed response from some die-hard comic book fans. Then, we got word that the contract negotiations between star Robert Downey Jr. and Marvel Studios were expected to be “challenging” – since the Disney-owned production company is known for low-balling its cast members (while at the same time raking in record-breaking revenue).

Even before the reports of the arduous contract renegotiation process, studio head Kevin Feige once again prepared fans for the possibility that Marvel will (eventually) part ways with Robert Downey Jr. – claiming that the filmmakers could simply re-cast the character (a la James Bond).

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Feige said:

“I believe there will be a fourth ‘Iron Man’ and a fifth, sixth and a 10th and a 20th. I see no reason why Tony Stark can’t be as evergreen as James Bond, Batman, or for that matter, Spider-Man.”

Iron Man 3 Box Office Marvel Willing to Replace Robert Downey Jr; No Plans for War Machine or Falcon Solo Films

We’ve already broken down the issues facing the Marvel Studios/Robert Downey Jr. negotiations (as well as identified the likely outcomes) – so, until we hear something official, anything is still possible. Still, as evidenced by Feige’s James Bond comment (along with the hope of “Iron Man 20“), Marvel fully intends to make Iron Man (as well as Thor, Captain America, etc) films for as long as they can. As a result, fans need to be ready (in the long run) to see fan-favorite actors swapped out of these iconic roles. Not only is their already a precedent for it in the Shared Universe (since Edward Norton’s Incredible Hulk is a Phase One film), Feige has already, on multiple occasions, asserted that they won’t hesitate to recast Tony Stark or any other character. While that might not be what fans want to hear, even if Robert Downey Jr. returns for The Avengers 2 (and 3) as well as Iron Man 4 (and 20), eventually the studio will hand the Iron Man armor (and possibly the Tony Stark character) over to someone else.

It may be awhile before we have a clear idea of how involved Downey will be in future Marvel installments but Feige also took the time to clear-up other rumors that have been causing a stir in the Screen Rant comments.

First up, in an interview with Collider, Feige outright stated that the studio has no current plans for either a standalone War Machine (aka Iron Patriot) or Falcon (seen soon in Captain America 2: The Winter Soldier). Speculation had surfaced that Marvel could be interested in tapping either character for a solo adventure – mainly because both Don Cheadle (War Machine) and Anthony Mackie (Falcon) were out promoting their latest films, Iron Man 3 as well as Pain and Gain, respectively. This doesn’t mean that either character couldn’t eventually get the green light for a solo film – nor does it rule out the possibility that Falcon and/or War Machine might make an appearance in The Avengers 2 or enjoy further sidekick duties in other Marvel films.

Iron Man 3 Preview War Machine Iron Patriot Colors Marvel Willing to Replace Robert Downey Jr; No Plans for War Machine or Falcon Solo Films

For the time being, we can put rumors of these solo films to rest – unless of course Feige is outright lying. Anyone who follows the constant back and forth of comic book news, leaks, denials, and confirmations, knows that studio heads will sometimes downplay in-development projects as nothing but unsubstantiated rumors to help keep the focus on the current batch of films that are ready for promotion (i.e. Phase Two not Three). That said, given the roster of forthcoming releases and confirmed in-development projects (like Doctor Strange), War Machine and Falcon are probably not at the forefront of Marvel’s plans.

So what other film projects are Marvel Studios actually developing? In addition to Thor: The Dark World, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Guardians of the Galaxy, The Avengers 2, Ant-Man, and Doctor Strange, we also know that Iron Fist, Black Panther, and The Runaways have at least been discussed. Now we’re getting word that the studio has also toyed with a Ms. Marvel script as well as a rebooting Blade (after the rights reverted back from New Line Cinema).

Blade should be pretty familiar to comic book movie fans already after Wesley Snipes introduced the character to mainstream filmgoers in 1998 (continuing with two more films through 2004). Though, it’s unclear exactly how Marvel would approach rebooting the character – specifically how they could differentiate the new installment from the prior trilogy as well as whether the character has any place in the larger shared universe. Maybe they’ll use Blade to launch a MI-13 team-up? Probably not.

Ms Marvel Avengers Marvel Willing to Replace Robert Downey Jr; No Plans for War Machine or Falcon Solo Films

Ms. Marvel, while probably less familiar to casual movie fans, is a more obvious fit for tie-in with The Avengers – given that she’s been a member of the team before. Rumors within the last year even suggested that the character would appear in The Avengers 2 – possibly played by Emily Blunt (Looper) or Ruth Wilson (Luther). Given that Disney interested in upping the number of female heroes in their Avengers roster, there’s no reason to think they wouldn’t also want to add a few female-centric solo films too.

Nevertheless, the THR report that revealed the studio has scripts for Ms. Marvel and a Blade reboot also suggests that they were the result of an internal writing program that serves as a “concept generator” – meaning that the scripts might only be thinly drawn blueprints at this point – not projects that are actively being prepared for the inevitable Marvel Phase Three.

Iron Man 3 is now playing in theaters, Thor: The Dark World on November 8, 2013, Captain America: The Winter Soldier on April 4, 2014, Guardians of the Galaxy on August 1, 2014, The Avengers 2 on May 1, 2015, Ant-Man on November 6, 2015, and Doctor Strange sometime after that.

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Source: Entertainment Weekly [via The Playlist], Collider, and THR

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  1. Maybe I’m wrong here because I’m not a comic book geek (meaning I don’t buy comics but I like reading up on characters I am not familiar with), but Wasp as a live action character seems like a really bad idea. Unless Marvel can come up with something better than Angel from X-Men First Class (I know, Fox not Marvel) than it’s not worth it. Also, Black Panther is another I don’t think would translate very well to the big screen.

  2. if they did it to the mandarin , they can cook up a civil war movie with a different perspective

  3. So this made me laugh. Not because I’m spiteful of Marvel or anything, because Ill be upset when they replace Hemsworth for Thor, but because the outright rudeness and disrespect of Fiege to the fans of their franchise. Say what you want but reading between the lines of his comments is him insulting our intelligence. “Who cares what the fans say? They’ll get over it. RDJ is just another actor.” (I know those arent direct quotes) But seriously, wow. Just wow. What a jerk.

    • But it is true isnt it? While he is spot on for the character he is just another actor.

      Fiege is a company man. He has to do whats right by the company. If it requires RDJ being replaced so be it.

      The fans have gotten over it before and we will continue to do so. While RDJ is the spitting image of Tony Stark im sure there are others known and unknown that would be able to carry the roll.

      We come to the movies to support the comic character not the actor, well I do. Im not the type of person that just because “x” acts in this movie or sings this particular song I have to go out and buy/see everything they do. I go for the movie and the characters I want to see.

      However thats just me.

      • Me too, but I think that the general audience probably goes more for RDJ than the Iron Man character.

  4. Here is what I don’t get. Disney will pretty much pay Johnny Depp anything he wants to continue to do Pirates of the Caribbean movies, yet when it comes to Robert Downey Jr it’s like, “Oh, we are going to replace him down the road anyway.” mentality to where they don’t feel he’s worth his asking price.
    Come on Disney, you’ve already pretty much trampled ol’ Walt’s saying of the average family should be able to enjoy Disney World (at almost a hundred dollars a ticket) and people are indeed paying that with a nice hefty parking fee upon that as well.
    There is a couple of old sayings they might want to hold near to their hearts over at Disney “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!” and “Sometimes you have to pay money to make money.”
    Right now with their Marvel properties, RDJ is their key asset. They would be complete and utter fools to think that they could make as much without him as with him. The only way I can even imagine them replacing him is to wait about ten years or so and put distance in between RDJ’s Iron Man and who ever the new comer may be.
    But as it stands right now RDJ has set the standard. And I know I may be alone in this thinking, that will be hard to top as I still think Michael Keaton was the best Batman and I judge all others off of him as well. Will be interesting to see how it all turns out, but if I was Disney I would be doing what it takes to secure RDJ for as many films as possible until RDJ flat out says “No more!”

    • Dave p I really loved your comment, I agree with everything you’ve said word for word.

    • Marvel is fooling themselves if they think that Robert Downey Jr. doesn’t fill the theatre seats. I bet he laughed when he heard, or if he heard, what Fiege said. I wasn’t even a fan of Iron Man until I saw R.B.J. in the movie trailer. I love his sarcastic wit, and I’m not sure I could picture anyone else in the role. However, who knows maybe he doesn’t want to play the character anymore, and if he leaves by choice than I would be more accepting of a new Tony Stark. The part that irks me the most is that he’s paid as an actor, but he brings so much more to the table with ideas for Stark and the other characters regarding their actions and re-actions. Marvel should really think about what they are losing if they part ways with this tremendous asset. My message to Robert is this:

      “Get all you can out of them, you’ve earned it.”

    • @ Dave P


    • Don’t have any beef with anything you said about the movies, although I did wanted to just provide a quick perspective check on the Disney World comment.

      “Come on Disney, you’ve already pretty much trampled ol’ Walt’s saying of the average family should be able to enjoy Disney World (at almost a hundred dollars a ticket) and people are indeed paying that with a nice hefty parking fee upon that as well.”

      You say this as if it is wrong, bad, or undesirable. It is not. It is a natural function of supply and demand. Price is often the best mechanism to regulate an otherwise unlimited demand, thus avoiding the need to ration by some other method.

      The price of admission for disney land is so high, because so many people want to go. If they lowered the price then the parks would be overrun and they would have to turn people away, and some other mechanism would then decide who gets to experience the park and who doesn’t. Raising the price lowers the demand to a sustainable level, so all that want to go at that price can go, and still have a good experience (ie. the park isn’t overflowing to the point of ridiculousness).

      Now this obviously presents its own set of issues, but trust me, people would be more upset if admittance to disney land was arbitrary and couldn’t be predicted in any rational fashion. Or if you had to go on a waiting list for months and months before gaining admittance.

      The point is, if Walt were alive I doubt if he would be approaching the situation any differently.

    • RDJ kick-started the Marvel CU. a good 75% of the people went to see the Avengers because of the Stark character portrayed by him, and that percentage may be bigger. He’s the most popular actor/character in the MCU right now. Feige is like the Tim Cook of this whole operation right now. And that means someone who has stepped in to take control, but is only in it for the money, not the fans. He really is slapping us in the face here. Of course Iron Man/ Tony Stark can be replaced, but it takes time. Let RDJ finish up through Avengers 3 at least, until he gets too old, then maybe recast him, or kill him off, whichever is better.

  5. spiderman, an ever green franchise…after being rebooted only five years after the mess of spiderman 3 lol

  6. *Brush hands off*
    That’s it, I’m gone with Marvel. No Robert Downey = No watch. Plain and simple. I literally see NO other actor replacing RD. NO ONE. Robert Downey – NOT IRONMAN – made what the movie is today. You just can’t replace the most memorable and important piece of this entire franchise. RD’s personality and most recognizable face stuck with me emotionally. It’ll never be the same. NEVER BE THE SAME.

    • You dont know it yet but You will watch the next movie who ever plays the Iron man.


    • word.

  8. I know that they will be re-casting eventually, but I would like for the first 3 phases to be with the same cast at least.

    Disney/Marvel would take a HUGE risk if they replaced RDJ or Hemsworth, it’s stupid. And it’s not like they would go bankrupt if they just paid the new stars a little better.

    Idk how much RDJ wants, but the Avengers franchise is bringing in a lot of money, the studio would be stupid to let go of him right now!

    I say they can recast for Phase 4, when they have a bunch of new heroes to focus on while the original team-members fade into the background.

    Pay up Marvel! Don’t be stupid!!

    • Thanks! You just saved me some time by saying everything I wanted to say! :D

    • I agree with u so much RDJ is what made me want to see the Avengers and I’ve been a fan ever since. I’m on the actors side with this. They worked so they deserve the $$$

  9. Honestly RBD MAKES IRON MAN to me. I’ve never really been huge on Iron Man until RBD appeared as him. If they do a Iron Man 4 in like 2 or 3 years WITHOUT RBD that would literally be the stupidest thing I’ve ever seen in movies.

    • Who is RBD?

    • I agree with u so much RDJ is what made me want to see the Avengers and I’ve been a fan ever since. I’m on the actors side with this. They worked so they deserve the $$$

  10. People are way too attached to an actor for a role.

    Everything changes. How many actors played the role of Superman? Batman? Spiderman? Hulk?

    Actors will want to move on and do different things eventually. RDJ completed a trilogy of movies, plus the Avengers. That’s a lot. Now, if RDJ gets the money he wants, great. If not, no worries. Change is inevitable.

    • Superman didn’t change actors for what, 20 years or longer? Batman didn’t change actors for 13 years until Batman Forever. Then another 8 years until Batman Begins. In regards to Batman and Spider Man though, they are reboots. Not sequels. Same with Hulk. From Superman Returns being a direct sequel of Superman 2 and then to reboot to Man of Steel.

      They arent rebooting the Iron Man character. They are pulling a Kilmer to Clooney. 2 year difference for an actor change and the BO suffered a lot.

      • The BO suffered based on writing and directing not because of the actors.

        • If this were true in most cases then Transformers would’ve bombed at the BO. I’m not defending the film, it was terrible. But where is the real evidence that it wasn’t because of the actor change?

          • I base that on the reception of the film overall with regards to feedback from movie goers.

            They didnt like the story, costumes, villain portrayal, etc. I believe Val Kilmer and Clooney were regarded as decent choices yet the lines they spewed were their downfall.

            Screenrant had a rathe decent write up on it and the comments thwere also suggest Clooney would have been a nice choice had it not been for the directing and story.

          • My comment is awaiting moderation….

  11. Don’t the Avengers in the comics have a bit of a revolving door policy? Why bother recasting Tony Stark? Killing Iron Man/Tony Stark would ruin any chance of regaining RDJ for any future movies and recasting would hamper the continuity, which in my oppinion is one of the best things Marvel has going for it’s movie franchise. Let’s face it, while Cap and Thor were good movies on their own, they weren’t great, the promise and fullfillment of the Avengers movie made those origin movies great, while Iron Man was a great movie and could have easily stood alone. If Downey doesn’t want to be Tony Stark for a wee while, don’t make him, Banner and Pym can fill the smart guy role and with Stark out of the picture maybe we could see more of Hawkeye’s snarky side.

  12. Guys, Relax! You guys have to get over the fact that RDJ is going to be Iron Man for a long time. The dude is 50! He ain’t going to be there forever! RDJ is undoubtedly my favorite actor but seriously he is getting old. They have to replace him before he gets injured both physically and emotionally.

  13. There has to be Iron Man 4. They can’t possibly say goodbye with that IM3, can they? I wanna see Iron Man go out with a BANG and not with Pepper fighting his battles for him. I will never trust Shane Black with another Super Hero movie ever again.

    I also think continuity is essential and therefore RDJ should continue on as Iron Man for Avengers 2 and 3.

    • Iron Man in the books did not suffer when Stark was not in the armor, as a way forward with stories why not replace him?

      • That’s not an actor change though, that’s a character change. Like John Blake as the new Batman.

      • Most people don’t read the books, they think the movies are the be-all, end- all of the Marvel universe. If they saw it in Iron Man 1, then they want to see the same thing in every movie afterwards, character growth and development be damned.

  14. Am I the only one who thinks that Robert Downey Jr is just awesome and Iron Man wouldn’t be the same without him

    • absolutely not!
      I tinka lot feel the way you do! BUT te ad prtis Marvel dont give a SH*T what we “the fans” care about!
      I think Marvel doing a RE-CAST over money “PUBLICLY” like they ARE doing is only going to turn some fans OFF completely and IT WILL NOT SHUT MARVEL DOWN, but it seems ALL they care about is money so thats where the fans can do the most damage

  15. I say let phase 3 conclude before recasting your star player. If they’re set on recasting RDJ have him “ride the bench” as Tony Stark in an executive role instead of Iron Man for phase 2-3. When phase 4 kicks off and people are talking about Dr. Strange and Black Panther then you recast RDJ.

    • hahahahaha Have RDJ play Dr. Strange…… :D

  16. Kinda a cheap “grab your attention” title to the article. All this is is a re-hash of Feige comments that have been out there now for over a month.

  17. Replace RDJ and pay the other actors more money.

  18. Marvel can work out a deal to have RDJ appear in Avengers 2 and 3. As for IM4. it’s not really needed at this point. If they decide to bust one out, then Tony Stark could be recast after the release of Avengers. But despite what I said, if RDJ decides not to come back then that’s cool too. RDJ is not irreplaceable and I would like to think that Marvel is at a place where they do not have to depend on one man anymore for success at the box office (that’s if Thor 2 and Cap 2 are successes).

    • I really think an IM4 is not needed, at least not anytime soon. They need to stick to what they’re planning and introduce newer characters to build up the movie universe, while older actors provide cameos to tie it all together.

      • I agree. I don’t want an IM4. Let someone else take the mantle as leader.

        • I guess Captain America would be the obvious choice.

          • He should’ve been the leader to begin with, honestly

            • Wasn’t it supposed to be his movie anyway?

              • Well, he at least became the tactical leader in the movie… but I think they pretty much gave everyone an equal amount of screen time.

            • That may have been the plan. But things may have changes with the strong reaction to the Iron Man movies.

      Marvel is a business and want to make money, the BEST way to do that is to keep RDJ and if they dont they WILL LOSE HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF DOLLARS, but that all depends on what movies RDJ was to star in

  19. The Avengers roster should change over time, as it did in the comics. Give Shellhead a vacation, while focus is on the new characters. Finish off cap and Thor’s trilogys and then a new avengers roster can be in place for phase 3/4 with Antman/Giantman, wasp, Ms. Marvel, Black Panther, Dr. Strange… maybe bring back either cap, thor or ironman to lead them in avengers 3. Hulk has to be there too as Ruffalo has a multi-pic deal.

    But rdj gave us our first cinematic Tony stark/Iron Man and outside of the problems with the last two IM films, I’d welcome him to be Tony Stark again down the road.

  20. Hope they at least have RDJ to appear as Iron Man in the Avengers 2. If they don’t think RDJ brings people to the theaters then Disney/Marvel is just plain stupid. Disney/Marvel should just pay the rest of the cast more money, Disney/Marvel can afford to do so, rather than be cheap and recast. The Iron Man movies have made the most money out of all the individual(Captain America, Thor, Incredible Hulk) Avenger movies. RDJ was and is a perfect fit for the Iron Man character. RDJ can’t be Iron Man forever but at least have him in Avengers 2. If they want for Iron Man to pass the torch, have James “Rodney” Rhodes aka War Machine/Iron Patriot be the next in line. In the comics “Rodney” assumed the mantle of Iron Man after Tony Stark’s relapse into alcoholism in issue 170(May 1983), and again later on following Stark’s purported death in issue 284(Sept 1992). Best thing for Disney/Marvel to do is keep RDJ, pay the rest of the cast MORE, and also give “Rodney”/War Machine a bigger role in Avengers 2. He and Iron Man pack a hell of a punch(See Iron Man 2). Marvel/Disney has a good thing going. DO THE RIGHT THING. Don’t Screw it up.

  21. There is a huge difference between Iron Man, and other characters like James bond, Batman or Spiderman. Those characters were already popular before the movies came out, so people were okay when different actors played it. Iron man on the other hand was a second-tier superhero that was never that popular. Personally i had never even heard of Iron man before the movie came out.

    Marvel can pretend all they want, but the fact of the matter is that RDJ is the reason Iron Man was a hit. Sure, they could have another actor play the role, but it’s not going to be as easy as they would like.

    • +1

      Like I said, this is not like replacing Sean Connery as James Bond. The MCU is nothing like 007′s universe, which is based on missions with some surprising elements of Bond’s character showing up every now and then.

      If thats how they’re going to treat a respectable character like Iron Man, who has had decades of amazing writing in story arcs linked back to one universe, I’m done. It simply does not work like that with a comic book character like Tony Stark.

      Tony Stark is not shrouded in mystery, he is not a man with nothing to do but serve his country, etc. This is Tony Stark, this is who he is, this is how he acts, this is what he does, end of discussion. They’ve come too far with Robert to just end it all right here with a re-cast or by simply letting him go.

      • Tony Stark is definitely not shrouded in mystery. He even gave his home address on tv. It would be hard for me to watch another iron man or avengers movie with a new actor as Iron Man.

  22. Marvel, make a One shot movie involving Dr.Wu(Radio Active Man) and some deleted scenes, fill plot holes with reshoots,at the end show that Trevor ACTUALLY WAS the REAL Mandarin and that it was all a part of his plan to go to jail and that his 10 rings DO have power(cliffhanger). Put it on the DVD/Bluray and it will satisfy fans, critcs, and it will fix Iron Man 3 tremendously. DO IT.

  23. Now, I’m a little unsure with how it works, but…couldn’t Marvel just use Wesley Snipes as Blade again? Yes, they didn’t make/own the original movies but does that really matter? If the character movie rights is back in their hands, they can probably do whatever they want. Right?

    • I don’t think Marvel wants Wesley Snipes back after his…”reputation” has seen better days lately.

      Same thing with the guy who voiced the original Charlie Brown. I don’t think the Peanuts franchise will have anything to do with him ever again

  24. Hehe… ScreenRant really knows how to get the fans riled up.

    I agree that RDJ (or is it RDB?) plays an excellent Stark (he also does a good Sherlock… or any other character that is sarcastic), but it’s not the end of the franchise if Iron Man is recast.

    Maybe it won’t make a $175m opening, but it doesn’t need to. They could even explore a non-comic storyline with a new Iron Man and a TSJ… Tony Stark Jr.

  25. If they replace RDJ I hope people skip the next movie and it flops just to show the arrogant dicks they aren’t gods gift to humanity.

  26. Feige makes me laugh – but only for a sec. He and his company hold all the cards. They got the billions, they got the tech, they got the writers and actors, they got the studios and they know how to make it all work – old pros. They have, can and will do anything with the superheroes and the actors as long as it makes money. The fans commenting here – saying they wouldn’t watch Iron Man without RDJ – they are just kidding themselves. They will come around – and in droves – when the movie gets favourable word of mouth. That’s the way it has been and will be. We are all doomed to watch whatever they put out. We’ll diss it and maybe applaud it but we will fill the theatres or buy the DVD or both. Meanwhile,we just can keep on dreaming and pretending we got a chance in hell in having a say in their business.

  27. Ok here are my thoughts. One, we don’t need an Iron Man 4, don’t replace RDJ for the sake of milking your franchise. And three, a War Machine movie should happen because he could replace Stark and we need to see more WM action.

  28. Why not have Rhodes take over the suit and just say that Stark is taking a sabbatical with Pepper…getting married on some private island in the tropics where Pepper forbad him any electronics so it is just her and him, no distractions. That way, when crisis of the day hits, SHIELD can approach Rhodey to get in the suit, either the Iron Man or War Machine armour, and fill the role in the movie. Plus, that gives Cheadle his screen time.
    Problem solved! Joss, where’s my paycheck?!?

    • Another solution…never have him take the suit off. Just write in the script something funny that Jarvis has a glitch and now he is stuck in the suit for a while…make a few bathroom jokes and the audience will eat it up.

      • I like the first solution better. Where Tony stark retires and War Machine fills in.

  29. I really think Marvel will get a BIG kick in the ASS when The next NON RDJ tony Stark movie comes out and it does TIH or Cap TFA kind of box office returns…. There are a ton of ppl that say “OH WELL JUST RE-CAST”
    well personally I DO NOT THINK it will be an easy transition for marvel.

    Sometimes being cheap is not the best way to go and I dont think it will be as easy as “James Bond or Batman” I really think they are not giving RDJ the credit he deserves for what he has done for Marvel!
    Do I think RDJ deserves 70-80 Mil. a movie??? Hell NO, But I also am smart enough to look at the numbers of the film with RDJ and without RDJ to see Who people are really going to watch in these movies.

    I really think Marvel is getting TOO BIG FOR THEIR BRITCHES when a Co. thinks that NOTHING will harm them THEY DESERVE TO GET A BIG DOSE OF REALITY!
    I personally have given a lot of money and time to this Co. I WAS a huge Marvel fan… In every way possible, buying tickets, toys, and other merchandise BUT I DO NOT LIKE THE WAY that they are making EVERYTHING SO PUBLIC and I think they are biting the hands that feed them, and I dont like that they think EVERYONE will support EVERYTHING THAT THEY DO…. IT is not very good business what they are doing.
    I will not watch an Avengers 2 without RDJ or Chris Hemsworth playing their roles, and I do not think I will be the only one that feels that way…. I guess we will see when the final numbers are in for the end of phase 2 But my hope is that ppl let Marvel know they cant just pull the blinders over our eyes and replace all of the cast with some CHEAP KNOCKOFFS of the original actors