Robert Downey Jr. Wants Mel Gibson in The Marvel Cinematic Universe

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Mel Gibson Robert Downey Jr Iron Man Robert Downey Jr. Wants Mel Gibson in The Marvel Cinematic Universe

If there are two certainties in Hollywood, one is that nobody’s perfect and another is that people love comeback stories. After years of drugs, rehab stints and even a little jail time, Robert Downey Jr. became the biggest – and one of the most beloved – movie stars in the world. Arguably this should have happened years before, sometime shortly after the actor earned an Oscar nomination for Chaplin in the early ’90s.

The reason for Robert Downey Jr.’s comeback success? His talent speaks for itself and while his role in Shane Black’s Kiss Kiss Bang Bang certainly earned RDJ respect on his return tour, it was director Jon Favreau and the decision-makers at young Marvel Studios in 2007 that put the actor back on the map when casting him as Tony Stark in their first self-financed production, Iron Man. After a second Oscar nomination and starring in three of the top five grossing movies of all-time, Robert Downey Jr. wants to re-pay some of the debt for the support he received during his hard times.

A key to RDJ’s recovery was his support group, namely his wife Susan Downey, and his friends in Hollywood. Two of those friends, Mel Gibson and Jodie Foster, were present in 2011 when Robert Downey Jr. received the prestigious American Cinematheque Award, an honor presented annually to “an extraordinary artist currently making a significant contribution to the art of the Moving Picture.” Now, RDJ wants to return the favor and have Gibson and Foster join the Marvel Cinematic Universe with appearances in The Avengers: Age of Ultron or its untitled followup, the last two films on his extended contract.

The news broke on New Year’s day from Radar Online who claim to have a source revealing Robert Downey Jr.’s latest attempts to bring some of his best friends into the Marvel family much like he did in helping pick Shane Black to direct Iron Man 3 and getting a role in it for his pal Ashley Hamilton. Gibson halted his career when infamously arrested in 2006 for driving under the influence and following the act with that famous anti-Semitic rant – words that the source believes practically demolish any chance of Marvel’s high-ups giving any thought to having Mel Gibson show up in a Marvel Studios production.

iron man 3 trailer132 570x242 Robert Downey Jr. Wants Mel Gibson in The Marvel Cinematic Universe

Jodie Foster is an easier sell and popped up in one of this summer’s biggest sci-fi productions with a key role in Elysium. As for Gibson, he had big part in 2013′s Machete Kills when director Robert Rodriguez cast him, and Sylvester Stallone is similarly giving the actor (and Oscar-winning director) an opportunity with a role in The Expendables 3 – one of Screen Rant’s most anticipated movies in 2014. With rival studios Twentieth Century Fox and Sony Pictures making major franchise announcements in recent weeks, Marvel Studios’ otherwise high profile casting confirmations of Vin Diesel, Paul Rudd, Elizabeth Olsen and Aaron Taylor-Johnson partly got lost in the shuffle, especially with Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment dominating headlines as of late with rumors of Joaquin Phoenix, Denzel Washington and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson all potentially having roles in Batman vs. Superman.

Perhaps to compete in the war for marketing buzz with names and talent listed above, bringing in veteran talents including Jodie Foster and Mel Gibson could be legitimately appealing for Marvel Studios, who aren’t shy in giving talent with troubled pasts a chance, like Robert Downey Jr. and Mickey Rourke. What roles could they possible play in The Avengers 2 or 3 if that’s what RDJ is gunning for? According to Radar Online’s source, Downey Jr. tried to land Mel Gibson a role as the President in Iron Man 3 but Marvel wasn’t interested. Maybe they didn’t see Air America (a film starring RDJ and Gibson)?

Two things we can say for sure are that Jodie Foster and Mel Gibson are close friends with Robert Downey Jr. and that RDJ fights for his people – something several reports had him doing during contract negotiations for stars of The Avengers who apparently rallied behind him as a leader of sorts. Here’s what RDJ said to a cheering crowd about Mel Gibson – the surprise guest he chose to present the award – when the pair were on stage in 2011 for his acceptance of The American Cinematheque Award:

“Unless you are without sin – and if you are, you are in the wrong fucking industry, you should forgive him and let him work.”

And he later continued:

“This is my fuckin’ time. Mel and I have the same lawyer, same publicist and same shrink. I couldn’t get hired and he cast me. He said if I accepted responsibility – he called it hugging the cactus – long enough, my life would take meaning. And if he helped me, I would help the next guy. But it was not reasonable to assume the next guy would be him.”

What do you think? Should Marvel Studios consider Mel Gibson and Jodie Foster for roles in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and if so, what characters could/should they play?


Captain America: The Winter Soldier hits theaters April 4, 2014, Guardians of the Galaxy on August 1, 2014The Avengers: Age of Ultron on May 1, 2015, Ant-Man on July 31, 2015, and unannounced films for May 6 2016, July 8 2016 and May 5 2017.

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Sources: DeadlineRadar

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  1. If there’s a role for them, then go for it. I just don’t want another Qui Gon Jin or Mace Winduu, a role made up for a friend who wanted to be in the movie.

    Honestly, WITHOUT GOOGLING IT, who even knows what Mel said? Other than that he said something anti-semitic and homophobic (whatever that word means, there’s a difference between a fear of something and a disagreement with something) but what that ‘something’ was is not really the thing that we remember, though if it offended us so personally that we hold a grudge against him and reserve all future judgements to be determined by that one event, we should remember it vividly, right? If there is one thing we are good at here in America, its Labeling people and judging them.

    Anyway, someone will probably label me in a reply and judge all my future posts based on this one.

    I think if there is a role for them, then why not cast them? Their personal opinions or off screen actions are not what they get hired to do. They get paid to stand in front of a camera and lie to us (acting), they don’t get paid to be themselves.

    • I vividly remember Mel screaming at his girlfriend, saying that he hopes she gets raped by a pack of a n****rs, because of the way she dresses.

      I can ever not hear his voice saying that every time I see him. And it’s been YEARS.

      Yes, I realize it’s a freight train. And that enough people are gonna see it regardless., so Disney can do whatever the hell they want. And that plenty of the teenage demo they’re targeting were too young to even care that some random old actor got caught yelling and became an internet meme forever ago.

      No, I do not want Mel Gibson in my Marvel movies, because f*** that guy.

    • Disagreeing with homosexuality is the same as disagreeing with race. Example: I don’t mind what people do behind closed doors, but when your in public I expect you not to be Asian. How am I supposed to explain Mexicans to my children?

      • oh slayerscythe, you’ve made my day.

  2. I never bothered listening to the recorded rants they have of Mel Gibson when he got arrested. Other than him saying Hollywood is controlled by Jews (which it is, not that it means anything), what else did he say?

    • Saying Hollywood was controlled by Jews was like the least offensive thing he said. All that did was have people reconsider the way he directed The Passion of the Christ.

      What really set people off was the convos his girlfriend recorded of him, drunken, screaming at her psychotically, hoping she’d get raped by n-words, saying n-word about as much as he could.

      He didn’t just piss off Jewish people who might be in positions of power in Hollywood. He pissed off the moviegoers. He pissed off women, basically all minorities, anyone sympathetic to women or minorities, and any white man who didn’t wanna be seen as being like him.

      They call that the homerun in offensiveness. He made Tiger Woods look like Magic Johnson.

      And had it all come out at once, that’d be one contained thing…but for what felt like a year, seemingly every month a new, even worse tape of Mel Gibson was coming out. I think he’s the most popularly hated actor in Hollywood.

      People were letdown by RDJ, when he couldn’t stay clean, and every new news story was him destroying himself, going in and out of rehab, and partying outrageous.

      This was different. It was like Mitt Romney’s 47% remark. It felt like we had the mask peeled back and saw the real, ugly monster underneath for what it’d been the whole time.

  3. I’ve always liked Foster, it’s unfortunate that her role in Elysium boiled down to a one dimensional villain as a closer look at her catalogue illustrates just how good and how much range the woman has.

    This will be a little off the wall but if she were to join the MCU, making her a typical gov agent or military type or reporter or some other nonsense would be a wasted opportunity. I look at her and I can deffinitely see her play the latest incarnation of Captain Marvel. The Ms Marvel days were more T&A heavy as far as her depiction and yeah, most might say I’m crazy but I’d prefer someone with proven acting and an illustrious career that could elevate the character to new grounds versus a couple bouning breasts and little more to offer.

    • You are awesome…I could totally see Jodie Foster as Captain Marvel…uh if you look at most airforce pilots who are female…they dont look anything like superheroes lol…err rather supermodels. Captain Marvel should def. be older. late 30s early to mid 40s. Jodie Fosters acting ability she would nail it.

      And older Superheroes have been proven to be quite effective at the box office.

  4. Seems like everyone forgets about how crazy Tom Cruise is. I love his movies but he’s seriously screwed up. The thing is I don’t care because I like the characters he plays. Or another example would be Pres. Bill Clinton and his Monica scandal. Even though he got impeached the country basically said your personal life doesn’t affect your work.

    I like Mel Gibson. I like his movies even though I didn’t like what he said. I hear his dad’s pretty crazy but still he shouldn’t have said what he did. But honestly didn’t affect me from seeing his movies. Personally I feel like all his haters just wanted to jump on the hipster bandwagon. Plus it’s always easier to point fingers at others rather than look at our own problems. But like others have said I’d like Mel in more movies and if it’s in marvel movies great but just a cameo would feel like pandering.

  5. I never really thought of Jodie Foster as a comic book character before but now that its mentioned its so obvious….

    She needs a really good role…she should be a villain…someone dangerous and long thinking….she could blow Loki out of the water if done right….

    • Now that I think about it…there is a whole suite of actors they should be hitting up….Naomi Watts, Adrian Brody, Christopher Waltz and Tilda Swinton,

      • adrien brody as doctor strange, but my candidate for that role is johnny depp

  6. I’m a sucker for a good redemption story. Besides, do we watch movies for the things the actors do off camera? Heck no, there are many actors I like who say and do things against what I personally believe. I say, if there is a role that fits him, do it!

  7. Jodi Foster as Lucia Von Bardas! Mel Gibson as Jarvis!

  8. They’ve already proven that a change in race doesn’t effect a character’s effectiveness, why not a gender change as well? She could play anyone, and don’t have to be a “super” nor does he…

  9. Fading stars for a fading universe? Makes sense. Put Downey in charge and he’ll take everything back to 1985 Doc Brown style.

    Next you’ll see him include Anthony Micheal Hall and Kelly LeBrock.

    • Fading universe?? IM3 and Thor2 doubled their box office totals. Sure u may not have liked them but the majority says otherwise. The MCU is far from fading.

    • That’s kinda hard to quantify considering Iron Man 3 was the fifth biggest film of all-time at the box office.

  10. Mel would be great. maybe a awesome Leader.

  11. He would make a good general or one of the joint chiefs of staff.

  12. I have no qualms about this other than the fact that Marvel Studios have had a good thing going so far with casting rising stars as their leads rather than previously well-established actors (there were exceptions to that, but as just one example, Edward Norton didn’t attract a much bigger audience). I’d honestly rather they stuck to that for the time being, but if they can find a side role that makes sense for either of them you won’t hear me complaining.

  13. Mel is a good actor, nobody handsomer when he was younger. But he is a GREAT director. Handles violence like nobody’s business. Apocolypto was fantastic. Get Mel to direct a Ka-zar movie.

  14. No freaking way! He has been blackballed by the industry for his antisemitic remarks. He is done. Keep on talking RDJ and we will put the brakes on your career too

  15. I love Jody in everything. She has an intensity that is unmatched. What an awesome villain she could play!

    As for Mel yeah he f-ed up big time but haven’t we all. Just so happened with Mel it was recorded and tapped to the rest of the world. Still to this day Apocalypto, Braveheart & Payback are some of my favorite movies.

    Final thoughts thank god we all gave RDJ a chance. Can you possibly imagine anyone else as Iron Man?

  16. He should’ve been Nick Fury sonce day one…

  17. He should’ve been Nick Fury since day one…

  18. I’ve said this before, but…Mel Gibson would of been PERFECT for Wolverine. He naturally is very much like the character, especially as how he was portrayed in the 90′s cartoon…. Old Man Logan anyone…?

  19. When did we start giving a flip about an individual’s personality before seeing a movie, and why does it matter what a man says in a drunken rant? Isn’t film-making, like theatre, the art of make-believe? How many times have people gotten used to seeing actors display a cool guy, would help you move your couch if you asked him persona on screen; but then they turn out to be total A-holes when you meet them in real life? If you really care that much about fake people, pay attention to your political representatives, and vote once in a while; movie time is when you’re supposed to leave politics at the door and enjoy fantasy for a couple of hours.That being said, I think it’s really cool the loyalty that Robert Downey, Jr. and Mel Gibson show towards one another; because as often as we all hear about Hollywood A-holes, it’s nice to know that there are folks in that industry that understand the value of friendship. I wasn’t aware of Jodie Foster’s contribution to RDJ’s career until reading this article, though.

  20. I doubt either of them will get a part, Junior had leverage because his contract expired after Iron Man 3 now he’s under contract and he doesn’t have the same kind if leverage as he did before also Gibson hasnt had a lot of movies in the past few years because of what happened in the past Marvel has a wide range of cast members from famous to infamous to unknowns the issue with Gibson and his views on certain things is that people can look at him and they will,immediately thik of those things he said and did and he hasn’t attempted to make a comeback and I personally think its too late, I think he’s a great actor but I highly doubt hell be cast

  21. Gibson could play a leader of Hydra or Aim and Foster could play Madame Masque or Sin.

  22. mel needs to go to australia and make mad max 4 and 5.

    • If only it were up to him. I believe they wanted to reboot the franchise *feigns shock* so they could bring a potential cash cow back to life instead of tagging on a, “where is Max now” movie (which btw would have been what I wanted to see)

      The reboot is going to fail a hard as the “Conan the Barbarian” attempt.

  23. picture Mel Gibson yelling HAIL HYDRA!


  24. For the most part, I don’t really care what actors and directors and artists are like in their personal lives, because they’re just that: personal. They didn’t get into the business to put their own lives in the spotlight, they did it to portray something or someone else. There are tons of actors and musicians that I know are complete tools and nutjobs, but I appreciate what they put out professionally. I don’t care what Mel said or did. He’s a great actor and an even better director. Anything else is none of our business to worry about.

  25. He might make a decent Punisher.

  26. Get them on there I say, I can’t imagine anyone saying that they won’t watch it if their cast. And Mel is awesome. He should play William Wallace again. Tony Stark goes back in time and saves WW from the damn English just before he got captured and brings him into back to modern day. Imagine him, face half blue, running at aliens screaming FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEDOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Billion dollar idea right there.

  27. all i see is his south park version…..”Ah my nipples, they hurt when i twist them!”

    • Yeah, I can’t look at him anymore without laughing. South Park has a way of doing that.

  28. Granpa Starks join forces with the AVENGERS

  29. I have a problem, perhaps, with Gibson. He was a good actor in Braveheart, for instance, and did a fantastic job in Year of Living Dangerously, an excellent movie for many reasons: music, direction, writing, subject, atmosphere, Linda Hunt, Sigourney Weaver, Gibson himself. But I have trouble getting around Gibson in real life being abusive of women and people whose creeds he does not agree with, and doing then psychotic thing. Now if he can get that iron-clad under control, I might be willing to give him another chance after reform–maybe–but that has to be fixed first. We do not need any more loose-cannon, melt-down experiences like a certain actor who wanted to spend all his drug-fueled high-time drinking tiger blood and partying with prostitutes, while his TV show, career, and self-respect spiraled out of control and down the drain a couple years ago.