Robert Downey Jr. Wants Mel Gibson in The Marvel Cinematic Universe

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Mel Gibson Robert Downey Jr Iron Man Robert Downey Jr. Wants Mel Gibson in The Marvel Cinematic Universe

If there are two certainties in Hollywood, one is that nobody’s perfect and another is that people love comeback stories. After years of drugs, rehab stints and even a little jail time, Robert Downey Jr. became the biggest – and one of the most beloved – movie stars in the world. Arguably this should have happened years before, sometime shortly after the actor earned an Oscar nomination for Chaplin in the early ’90s.

The reason for Robert Downey Jr.’s comeback success? His talent speaks for itself and while his role in Shane Black’s Kiss Kiss Bang Bang certainly earned RDJ respect on his return tour, it was director Jon Favreau and the decision-makers at young Marvel Studios in 2007 that put the actor back on the map when casting him as Tony Stark in their first self-financed production, Iron Man. After a second Oscar nomination and starring in three of the top five grossing movies of all-time, Robert Downey Jr. wants to re-pay some of the debt for the support he received during his hard times.

A key to RDJ’s recovery was his support group, namely his wife Susan Downey, and his friends in Hollywood. Two of those friends, Mel Gibson and Jodie Foster, were present in 2011 when Robert Downey Jr. received the prestigious American Cinematheque Award, an honor presented annually to “an extraordinary artist currently making a significant contribution to the art of the Moving Picture.” Now, RDJ wants to return the favor and have Gibson and Foster join the Marvel Cinematic Universe with appearances in The Avengers: Age of Ultron or its untitled followup, the last two films on his extended contract.

The news broke on New Year’s day from Radar Online who claim to have a source revealing Robert Downey Jr.’s latest attempts to bring some of his best friends into the Marvel family much like he did in helping pick Shane Black to direct Iron Man 3 and getting a role in it for his pal Ashley Hamilton. Gibson halted his career when infamously arrested in 2006 for driving under the influence and following the act with that famous anti-Semitic rant – words that the source believes practically demolish any chance of Marvel’s high-ups giving any thought to having Mel Gibson show up in a Marvel Studios production.

iron man 3 trailer132 570x242 Robert Downey Jr. Wants Mel Gibson in The Marvel Cinematic Universe

Jodie Foster is an easier sell and popped up in one of this summer’s biggest sci-fi productions with a key role in Elysium. As for Gibson, he had big part in 2013’s Machete Kills when director Robert Rodriguez cast him, and Sylvester Stallone is similarly giving the actor (and Oscar-winning director) an opportunity with a role in The Expendables 3 – one of Screen Rant’s most anticipated movies in 2014. With rival studios Twentieth Century Fox and Sony Pictures making major franchise announcements in recent weeks, Marvel Studios’ otherwise high profile casting confirmations of Vin Diesel, Paul Rudd, Elizabeth Olsen and Aaron Taylor-Johnson partly got lost in the shuffle, especially with Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment dominating headlines as of late with rumors of Joaquin Phoenix, Denzel Washington and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson all potentially having roles in Batman vs. Superman.

Perhaps to compete in the war for marketing buzz with names and talent listed above, bringing in veteran talents including Jodie Foster and Mel Gibson could be legitimately appealing for Marvel Studios, who aren’t shy in giving talent with troubled pasts a chance, like Robert Downey Jr. and Mickey Rourke. What roles could they possible play in The Avengers 2 or 3 if that’s what RDJ is gunning for? According to Radar Online’s source, Downey Jr. tried to land Mel Gibson a role as the President in Iron Man 3 but Marvel wasn’t interested. Maybe they didn’t see Air America (a film starring RDJ and Gibson)?

Two things we can say for sure are that Jodie Foster and Mel Gibson are close friends with Robert Downey Jr. and that RDJ fights for his people – something several reports had him doing during contract negotiations for stars of The Avengers who apparently rallied behind him as a leader of sorts. Here’s what RDJ said to a cheering crowd about Mel Gibson – the surprise guest he chose to present the award – when the pair were on stage in 2011 for his acceptance of The American Cinematheque Award:

“Unless you are without sin – and if you are, you are in the wrong fucking industry, you should forgive him and let him work.”

And he later continued:

“This is my fuckin’ time. Mel and I have the same lawyer, same publicist and same shrink. I couldn’t get hired and he cast me. He said if I accepted responsibility – he called it hugging the cactus – long enough, my life would take meaning. And if he helped me, I would help the next guy. But it was not reasonable to assume the next guy would be him.”

What do you think? Should Marvel Studios consider Mel Gibson and Jodie Foster for roles in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and if so, what characters could/should they play?


Captain America: The Winter Soldier hits theaters April 4, 2014, Guardians of the Galaxy on August 1, 2014The Avengers: Age of Ultron on May 1, 2015, Ant-Man on July 31, 2015, and unannounced films for May 6 2016, July 8 2016 and May 5 2017.

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Sources: DeadlineRadar

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  1. Pfft, Marvel/Disney will do anything Downey wants. He could threaten to walk out of the franchise then all the studio execs will throw themselves at his feet and BOOM! Mel Gibson is THANOS!!!

  2. What a standup guy RDJ is… I’m down with Mel in anything. He is one of my favorites since The Bounty and Road Warrior.

  3. How…random.

  4. No.

    • Yes.

      • Maybe

  5. Idk a role suited for him, and jodie foster was horid in elysium. Nothing about them fits the mcu. They are washed up. The mcu is for talented actors who want to be in the lime light

    • Wasn’t she though? Foster is an excellent actress so I I can think of is the director pointed her in such a forced direction. Actors are only as good as those who direct them.

  6. What Mel Gibson did was repulsive….I dont care if they cast him in a Marvel Movie but I for one wont pay to go watch anymore of his movies.

    Its not that I dont think he deserves a second chance its more so when certain aspects of an actors life become bigger then their acting resume its hard to look past that, goes for any actor.

    • I really don’t think your refusing to contribute to ticket sales will matter to Marvel.

      • Selective outrage. I’m sure you’ve seen movies with actors who have done far worse, only you never heard about it, or you didn’t care. Perhaps one of the Hangover movies? There was a rapist in those.

        • Completely correct, but we are led to believe that Mel Gibson being a drunk idiot and saying stupid things is more heinous a crime than Mike Tyson raping someone, or Sean Penn for tying people to chairs battering them with baseball bats then doing the same, funny how people never mention those things but always harp on about Mad Mel.

        • never seen the hangover movies…

      • …my comment was meant for Iceman31.

    • Who cares what he did. That’s his private life. Move on.

    • He rambled paranoid BS while he was drunk out of his mind = lifetime boycott

      Kobe raped a girl while stone cold sober = MVP

      It’s funny who we choose to forgive.

  7. Funny how people who were harping about how Terrence Howard and Mickey Rourke were bad apples in the happy Marvel Studios day camp but, Downey is allegedly pushing for Gibson and it’s all cool.

    • Jodie Foster as Ms Marvel? No. Just no.

      • you lack vision. People said the same thing about Heath ledger & RDJ.

    • Ah, just because he hasn’t “won over” your heart and mind doesn’t mean countless others don’t like him. The guy has far more talent than most other actors in the Marvel universe. As for your holding onto your resentment of him, read my comment above about selective outrage.

      • I read your comment up there, Jeff, and it made no sense then either.

        You have no idea what movie’s Iceman has seen so why you threw The Hangover around makes no sense with the point you were trying to make. To claim selective outrage you must actually know the person,sSo you can point out what things they haven’t been outraged about. You know, the selective part?

        Stop trying to be a genius, genius.

        • It makes no “sense” to you, because you likely see things from Iceman’s perspective. Mike Tyson, a convicted rapist, was in the Hangover movies. Zach Galifianakis, one of the stars of that franchise, refused to work with Gibson after Gibson had been offered a small role in the sequel, but he apparently had no problem working with Tyson. Same goes for many of the people who saw those films, yet petitioned agains Gibson being in the sequel. Selective outrage.

          Perhaps the Gibson haters out there should ask Danny Glover, Jodie Foster, Robert Downey, Jr., and the countless others, of all races and persuasions, who have worked with Gibson in the past whether they believe he is tryuly a racist, or perhaps just someone with bipolar disorder who has the tendency to name-call when he is under the influence. I’m sure no one else in Hollyweird has ever done that.

          • Jeff you nailed it with this selective outrage s***. I have known a few drunks in my life and its pretty common for them to spout off and say horrible things while drunk. People always say oh well being drunk doesnt make you say things you dont believe. The thing is that a lot of drunks hate themselves and when theyre drunk they do and say things to make others hate them too. I see it all the time. But whatever. Gibson calls people names and is banished Tyson rapes a young girl and is forgiven and celebrated. Its the world we live in/

          • Yeah I don’t think I said anything about Zack Galafanakis so I’m not sure what your point it exactly. You accused someone of having selective outrage – Iceman – I pointed out that you can’t say that because you do not know him or what he has been outraged about before.

            What does Zack Galafanakis have to do with that. Trust me, I know what selective outrage means. You just misused the term and are back peddling.

            Also why would Danny Glover be able to tell me how to feel about Mel Gibson? You need a lesson in making points because yours are all over the place.

      • isnt that the whole point of outrage???…its selective lol. Ill move on but I wont purchase another ticket to him in a solo movie. if its a movie like avengers…ehh I have no choice. but im not going to see him directly.

  8. Yeah, drugs are one thing. That problem can be purged from your system. But anti semitic thoughts? Well, those are Gibsons stern beliefs. Not a lifestyle that can be altered much. Dont see Marvel going for this.

    Side note… is Iron Man 4 not happening?

    • How the hell would you know what his “stern beliefs” are bob? give me a break

    • Ah, Bob…you know, Gibson has worked collaboratively with people of all races and persuasions throughout his entire career, and many people, of all races and persuasions, consider him to be a friend. Doesn’t sound like he’s truly anti-semitic to me…just someone who likely suffers from bipolar disorder and tends to rant when he is under the influence. Give the guy a break already. He has more talent than most of the actors in the Marvel universe, and probably, less baggage too…but thankfully, we don’t know everything about everone else’s personal life.

      • @Jeff – What are you? Mel’s Agent?

        Piss off kid. You’re spamming everyone’s posts with nonsensical gibberish.

        • Advising me to “piss off kid”? How absolutely bold of you to do so…over the internet.

      • I didn’t know that TH was getting paid more than RDJ. Now I understand why they got rid of him. I thought that he (TH) did a great job in the first Ironman movie. I thought he was excellent. (I also thought there was great chemistry between TH and RDJ). I thought that the re-casting of his part was not a good idea (re-casting requires the audience to forget about the other guy that played the part, it’s a bit of a distraction). This is not to say that Don Cheadle is not a very talented actor, because he is. It’s just that the two actors don’t look anything alike and not enough time had elapsed.

    • It doesnt matter if he’s like the comic book version of Tony Stark.
      In the MMU & to millions of fans, he is Tony Stark.

    • i thought it was jon favreau that wanted RDJ?

    • Says the guy who suggested Jodie Foster as Ms Marvel.

      • you clearly lack vision…nothing wrong with Jodie Foster as Ms Marvel. it was just a suggestion. besides Marvel doesnt need supermodels for all of its heroes. it needs accomplished actresses.

        Carol Danvers was an airforce pilot…Ive known a few female pilots in my time in the military and majority were not supermodel status…far from it in fact. but they had brains & heart.

        plus Ms. marvel should be an older actress…no ones gonna believe a 25 year old supermodel looks actress was ever a airforce pilot lol.

  9. Marvel would pass on a great opportunity if they don’t cast Jodie Foster and Mel Gibson in a movie. Foster is very talented and respected worldwide. Gibson is just cool. Clearly he didn’t nothing that significant except Hollywood is very sensitive and hypocritical. So a few Jews got upset. Who cares? Get over it.

    • Thanks for that !
      People should stop pointing fingers,the man has his Demons like all of us have who have Character !

      Mel Gibson was Drunk,he did say things we all do at times,and some even with clear mind !
      The man has payed his price,so please just let it go people !
      He deserves a chance,I just miss him and his movies ! He is so talented !

    • I’m paying to watch them do their job [well] and they in turn help me escape for a couple hours. Why would anything else matter?

      I could personally care less what an actor’s political views, sexual orientation, skin color, gender or inappropriate comments are. If they can act and are right for the role, then that’s all that should matter imho.

      • Personal feelings aside and free speech withstanding people have to understand the politics and business of Hollywood. Gibson has been having issues with the anti-Semite tag since he did Passion of the Christ, to me that is where a lot of this stems from and his own bad behavior just gave them the rope to hang him with. Gibson has gotten caught saying some politically incorrect things, but I think it has more to do with anger issues and a drinking problem than anything else. But he did tick off a segment of people who are very involved in the business he choose to make a living in and there have been consequences. It’s like a Woman’s studies professor telling a group of female students stripping would be a good career choice. It’s not life altering on it’s face, but odds are that persons would not be doing that job anymore.

        • I yeah I fully understand that.

          Pissing off “Hollywood” in general means you probably aren’t gonna be getting a lot of work. He’s been basically blackballed and needs to do some serious ass kissing and get himself back on the straight path like RDJ did to repair the damage.

          As I said above, if he can manage to get a role and it’s a movie I’m interested is seeing, I could personally care less about anything else.

  10. @iceman31 Stan lee said rdj is the perfect actor to play ironman and always envisioned him in the way rdj portrays him

    • Stan lee also says every marvel movie is a classic…lol. its called saving face. dont be gullible.

      • I agree, Stan Lee will say anything to make Marvel money, thus make him money. He would even take credit for inventing time travel if he could… “I was standing on my toilet one day trying to hang a clock, slipped and hit my head on the sink and had a vision of this…” holds up a crude drawing of a flux capacitor…

  11. Yeah… Robert, how’s about “No”. Just act and leave casting to those who are paid to worry about that type of thing.

    I’d have no problem if he wanted his friends in small throw-away roles.

  12. Mel Gibson as Modok.

  13. I could’ve seen him as the President – especially if that becomes a re-occuring minor role.

  14. Gibson as Thanos. Perfect.

  15. Gibson as Grandmaster.

  16. Mel as Mandarin please.

  17. I could see Jodie Foster as some government type in a future captain America movie, but screw mel Gibson!

  18. Mel Gibson can totally be someone apart of Hydra!

  19. Mel Gibson……. THE PUNISHER!!!!

    • You know what, that’s the best thing I have heard this morning.

      • You heard it here first Mr Larry :)

  20. I can forgive for anything so I’m down for Mel being in anything. That assumes Mel doesn’t do the same thing again. Forgive and forget.

    Jodi has no talent IMO. So she would be a no for me.

    • Jodie Foster has been acting for over 40 years. Even as a child she was a good actress.

  21. I think RDJ is awesome and I wish I had a friend like him or for that matter one like Gibson who apparently did the same for RDJ back in the day. Gibson as thanos would be EPIC! Gibson directing any of marvels films would be EPIC the guy is a huge talent! Something that came to me while reading this is that I would have loved Gibson cast as Batman/Bruce Wayne in the upcoming superman v batman flick. They keep saying this will be an old grizzled batman but look who they cast? Gibson would have made a GREAT old bitter angry Bruce Wayne!!!! and wow what a ballsy move that would have been!

  22. Funny the way the mind works.
    Obviously, none of us are perfect, and we have , and will
    continue to make mistakes. But Mel Gibson’s mistakes seem
    to be much more offensive.
    Remember, it’s not just anti-Semitic comments that Gibson has
    made. He’s also made sexist and homophobic ones as well.
    His father’s influence seems to have grown over time, not lessened.

    Ultimately, the question is…”Will Gibson’s presence effect box office
    receipts”? The answer is probably, no.

    • The answer is yes…… but positively.

    • eeek not sexist and homophobic ones too! I think you forgot racist ones as well. Dude gets s*** faced drunk calls up his ex and screams a bunch of angry hateful s*** at her,,,, ::YAWN::

    • he told his ex wife he hoped she got raped by a pack of young angry black *insert foul word racist word here** men. I have a hard time getting past that…no matter how you slice it.

      But I should get over it, and im almost positive thats coming from people that are not the same race as me.

  23. i think they would be the most suitable for… agents of shield.

  24. My meaningless fanboy vote is a definitive no. This sort of thing can ruin everything. Who would they play? Is it possible that RDJ is getting too powerful for the overall good of the Marvel franchise?

    Iron Man 3 may have killed it at the box office, but it was a mess and it was by far the worst IM movie. The plot and writing were terrible, the visual were great but at this point so are any big movie visuals.

  25. Being Jewish myself, I could really care less about what Gibson said at this point. It was years ago and it doesnt make him any worse of an actor. The other day I was watching Maverick and remembered how good he really is. That movie is so good and it maybe 10th on the list of his top movies. I welcome him into the Marvel Universe. Who he could be, thats a different question. Hero, Villain, Anti-Hero, he can do any of it really. Dr. Strange? Maybe. Grandmaster? Maybe. Punisher? Maybe. I am good with whatever Marvel decides. I will judge after I see him playing the role.