Robert Downey Jr. Wants Mel Gibson in The Marvel Cinematic Universe

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Mel Gibson Robert Downey Jr Iron Man Robert Downey Jr. Wants Mel Gibson in The Marvel Cinematic Universe

If there are two certainties in Hollywood, one is that nobody’s perfect and another is that people love comeback stories. After years of drugs, rehab stints and even a little jail time, Robert Downey Jr. became the biggest – and one of the most beloved – movie stars in the world. Arguably this should have happened years before, sometime shortly after the actor earned an Oscar nomination for Chaplin in the early ’90s.

The reason for Robert Downey Jr.’s comeback success? His talent speaks for itself and while his role in Shane Black’s Kiss Kiss Bang Bang certainly earned RDJ respect on his return tour, it was director Jon Favreau and the decision-makers at young Marvel Studios in 2007 that put the actor back on the map when casting him as Tony Stark in their first self-financed production, Iron Man. After a second Oscar nomination and starring in three of the top five grossing movies of all-time, Robert Downey Jr. wants to re-pay some of the debt for the support he received during his hard times.

A key to RDJ’s recovery was his support group, namely his wife Susan Downey, and his friends in Hollywood. Two of those friends, Mel Gibson and Jodie Foster, were present in 2011 when Robert Downey Jr. received the prestigious American Cinematheque Award, an honor presented annually to “an extraordinary artist currently making a significant contribution to the art of the Moving Picture.” Now, RDJ wants to return the favor and have Gibson and Foster join the Marvel Cinematic Universe with appearances in The Avengers: Age of Ultron or its untitled followup, the last two films on his extended contract.

The news broke on New Year’s day from Radar Online who claim to have a source revealing Robert Downey Jr.’s latest attempts to bring some of his best friends into the Marvel family much like he did in helping pick Shane Black to direct Iron Man 3 and getting a role in it for his pal Ashley Hamilton. Gibson halted his career when infamously arrested in 2006 for driving under the influence and following the act with that famous anti-Semitic rant – words that the source believes practically demolish any chance of Marvel’s high-ups giving any thought to having Mel Gibson show up in a Marvel Studios production.

iron man 3 trailer132 570x242 Robert Downey Jr. Wants Mel Gibson in The Marvel Cinematic Universe

Jodie Foster is an easier sell and popped up in one of this summer’s biggest sci-fi productions with a key role in Elysium. As for Gibson, he had big part in 2013′s Machete Kills when director Robert Rodriguez cast him, and Sylvester Stallone is similarly giving the actor (and Oscar-winning director) an opportunity with a role in The Expendables 3 – one of Screen Rant’s most anticipated movies in 2014. With rival studios Twentieth Century Fox and Sony Pictures making major franchise announcements in recent weeks, Marvel Studios’ otherwise high profile casting confirmations of Vin Diesel, Paul Rudd, Elizabeth Olsen and Aaron Taylor-Johnson partly got lost in the shuffle, especially with Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment dominating headlines as of late with rumors of Joaquin Phoenix, Denzel Washington and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson all potentially having roles in Batman vs. Superman.

Perhaps to compete in the war for marketing buzz with names and talent listed above, bringing in veteran talents including Jodie Foster and Mel Gibson could be legitimately appealing for Marvel Studios, who aren’t shy in giving talent with troubled pasts a chance, like Robert Downey Jr. and Mickey Rourke. What roles could they possible play in The Avengers 2 or 3 if that’s what RDJ is gunning for? According to Radar Online’s source, Downey Jr. tried to land Mel Gibson a role as the President in Iron Man 3 but Marvel wasn’t interested. Maybe they didn’t see Air America (a film starring RDJ and Gibson)?

Two things we can say for sure are that Jodie Foster and Mel Gibson are close friends with Robert Downey Jr. and that RDJ fights for his people – something several reports had him doing during contract negotiations for stars of The Avengers who apparently rallied behind him as a leader of sorts. Here’s what RDJ said to a cheering crowd about Mel Gibson – the surprise guest he chose to present the award – when the pair were on stage in 2011 for his acceptance of The American Cinematheque Award:

“Unless you are without sin – and if you are, you are in the wrong fucking industry, you should forgive him and let him work.”

And he later continued:

“This is my fuckin’ time. Mel and I have the same lawyer, same publicist and same shrink. I couldn’t get hired and he cast me. He said if I accepted responsibility – he called it hugging the cactus – long enough, my life would take meaning. And if he helped me, I would help the next guy. But it was not reasonable to assume the next guy would be him.”

What do you think? Should Marvel Studios consider Mel Gibson and Jodie Foster for roles in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and if so, what characters could/should they play?


Captain America: The Winter Soldier hits theaters April 4, 2014, Guardians of the Galaxy on August 1, 2014The Avengers: Age of Ultron on May 1, 2015, Ant-Man on July 31, 2015, and unannounced films for May 6 2016, July 8 2016 and May 5 2017.

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Sources: DeadlineRadar

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  1. so… yeah, lets forgive the psychotically dangerous homophobic, racist, anti-jew, misogynist because he was awesome in the patriot. WTF is wrong with some of you? when i watch a film i’m all for suspension of disbelief, however that only goes so far when it comes to an actor who has been revealed to be a horrible and unstable person who because of my race and sexual orientation would sooner watch me burn to death than p!ss on me to put me out. so i guess i’m saying… uh f**k mel gibson.

    • You have your opinion, but you are just another retarded hypocrite.

      • I agree with Bonz!

    • So, lets get this straight. Mel is a racist for making comments about Jews when he had a problem with alcohol. but people like Jesse Jackson can call New York Himeytown, Jamie Foxx can talk about getting to Kill all the White People in his move being fantastic, Family Guy’s Seth McFarland can constantly make Jew jokes on family guy…..I can go on and on….those guys are OK as long as they line up with PC idiots in Hollywood? Got it…just making sure where we need to stand on the Hypocrite scale.

      • I agree with you on Jesse Jackson, except he is pro gay rights. Gibson maybe a terrible person but he is a great actor and director. And Jamie Fox is an actor that was a Quentin Tarantino movie (white guy) so if you’ve got a problem with the lines take it up with the writer/producer-not the hired help.

    • @ Magneto_B_J……..Mel messed up for sure, but I am sure that 100% of all of Hollywood has in some capacity, but it has never hit the mainstream. And because many have never been caught, or it hasnt been publisized, then there has been no accountability. We all have faults and make bad choices/mistakes. There are many Jew hating homphobes in Hollywood who lie, fake it and play the game. If there is going to be complete honesty about it, then a lot of people will be out of work.
      Magneto, if you can, try to forgive and move on friend.

    • You dont seem to have any less hate than he does. What makes you different? I vote yes. Give the man another chance. Being a Bigot against a “Bigot” isnt solving anything.

    • but you will watch , the DRUG addict, who purchases Illegal heroin from street dealers, then injects himself and breaks into other peoples homes, jumps into a bed of a child and goes to sleep!

      but of course you wont accept mel gibson who just said, “jews are responsible for all the wars in the world”
      he actually should of said, jews are responsible for a lot of the wars in the world. not all..

      and regarding gays!? ummm actually he is a catholic and he just said it goes against the teachings of the bible, ask Arnold Schwarzenegger what he thinks of this. or even half the Americans!

    • You are so angry you do not even acknowledge that Mel struggles with alcoholism and that pain and anguish that it has caused in his life. He owns his behavior and he is struggling to cope. Does he continue to screw up–yes, but that’s why it is called a process. There is also hypocrisy in the animosity towards MG. Woody Allen is a known pedophile, but everyone continues to defend him and shower him with praise! How do you justify that?

    • You sound as hateful as the man you are attacking but its OK because your doing it right? What has been revealed is that you are a hater as well and your no better than Mel G. I cant imagine that you are spotless and actually I don’t have to, given your harsh comments.

  2. I dunno. Love ‘Lethal Weapon’, deplore racism. QUITE the conundrum :/

    (SERIOUSLY, this is news??)

  3. @sexysupervillain. what do u mean no….explain yourself especially considering that I was 100% correct….if your able…

  4. The Leader, man he could do a crazy spill about science and the future then turn that evil grim smile at the heroes, revealing he is always so many steps ahead like in chess and they are all his pawns.

  5. Good for Robert Downey… Mel Gibson is an incredible and important film-maker.
    Mel has, these last few years, made some really rancid comments and has exhibited deeply troubled behavior… but i don’t think it’s the world or Jews or women he hates… he’s got problems, deep ones, inside himself. And he doesn’t seem to know how to understand himself.

    Perhaps a little forgiveness couldn’t hurt?

  6. I don’t think that most people would have a problem with Jodi Foster in the right role.
    I don’t see her as Ms. Marvel -this should be a younger woman. However Jodi Foster could play the female president of the U.S.A. or the head of S.H.E.I.L.D (Nick Fury’s boss)or female villain.

  7. I would love to see Mel and Jodie. Mel Gibson is a great actor and director.
    He made some racial comments about some black guy that was dating his ex-wife. I mean what was he suppose to say, stick it to her? Apparently he got along great with Danny Glover. That guy that slapped a half black baby-boy on a plane calling him the (N)word that’s racism. The excuse that the man was distraught only confirms my conclusion of racism. He felt he had the right to slap that little kid and he confirmed that right with the use of the (N) word.

  8. I say yes give everyone a chance for redemption we all know that behind closed doors we say things we really dont mean he just is in a higher profile position to be scrutinized. Hes human

  9. Yes, Mel had great work. We caught him being human, so what! I see more discrimination torwards him from ppl than he EVER casted on ppl.
    Disreguarding the hypocrites slandering him, bigoting him for being a so called “Bigot”, Mel Gibson is Still MEL GIBSON! Lets do this.

  10. Hollywood is nothing without its Big and Bright and Talented Actors, who have been and are doing great work with great directors.
    Robert Downey Jr. is great guy and he shows it, Mel Gibson is great actor and always has been.
    Hollywood shouldn’t turn its back to him or to any ohter worth actor. because when time comes they will be regreting it.
    Mel Gibson should return to the movies.

  11. I understand how you see life and it is not would you thought it would be

  12. I always wanted to see Mel Gibson, Jodie Foster and Robert Downey Jr together in a movie. I think they should get Mel and Jodie in the marvel films or some other film with Robert Downey Jr. Their friendship spans 20 years in the making. Mel worked with Robert on Air America, then Jodie on Maverick and Robert worked with Jodie on Home for the Holidays. So they are the three amigos. They should definitely do a film together.

  13. Gibosn should play Thanos

    • Cast him in whatever you want, just don’t expect people to pay money to see it. You can’t blame Hollywood for their stance on this, there are actors like RDJ that cause drama and yet casting them drives sales. Then there are actors like Mel who cause drama and casting them will kill sales.

  14. Mel Gibson absolutely should be given a chance to work his craft. If we banned everyone who has said awful, bigotted or racial comments, we would have millions more out of work…including our Vice President. Or just plain hateful or stupid comments like Al Sharpton has. We let criminals pay their price and then allow them to try to make a living (Michael Vick, Mike Tyson, Marion Berry, Wesley Snipes…and yes Robert Downey Jr) why not Mel Gibson? Is he less worthy?He’s got the talent. He’s paid a price, he’s apologized. Aren’t we a nation that prides ourselves on people getting second chances? Isn’t the chance for redemption one of the reasons people try to change? How do we judge if a person has learned his lesson “enough”? How long does a remorseful person get held down before he gets that chance that others have gotten? And finally, good for you Robert. You are a stand-up guy who shows the loyalty of true friendship (much what Mel showed you when no one would hire you).

  15. Justice we all deserve it, but we hope for mercy. Those who are merciful, will be shown mercy. Mel Gibson has asked for mercy and forgiveness. Besides this he is an excellent actor and director. I think he would be an excellent addition to the cast.

  16. I think Mel Gibson not only should be let to work in Hollywood, but I believe he would fit right to see him go bad ass in Mad Max mode as Cable in the next Dead Pool movies. Obvouisly there are others who fit the role, but give Mel Gibson the role. I think all of us want to see him come back in such a way within marvel.