Rob Zombie Says ‘Never’ to Halloween 3

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In case you are wondering, NO, you aren’t reading a title with a twist. It would appear that Rob Zombie is actually done with the Halloween franchise after his latest attempt, Halloween 2, hits theaters August 28, 2009.

In the quick video interview below with MTV, Zombie was asked if he would ever consider doing Halloween 3. Before the interviewer could even get the sentence out Zombie responded:

“No. I could not see that in any shape, way or form. Never!”

When asked why he stated:

“If I told you [why], you wouldn’t believe me.”

Well guess that settles that then.  No more questions Rob, have a good day thanks for stopping by. All your extremely loyal fans should be very pleased and satisfied with that answer.  WHAT?!? Come on Rob, seriously. This is the Comic Con, sci-fi, horror, action crowd you are talking to. If we can believe that a man can fly, that Nixon is still President in 1985, or Shia LaBeouf would be dating Megan Fox with a giant alien robot car in his garage then I’m pretty sure we can accept whatever reason you have for not doing another masterpiece of modern day horror.

The last time I talked about Halloween 2, I was probably a bit overzealous in my opinion of Zombie, his filmmaking styles and his approach to the movie. Still though, I have to give the guy credit for building a rather large fan base on just a handful of movies. He at least seemed gung-ho and confident in his abilities as a director and was certain he would bring something to the table that hadn’t been done before in both the horror genre and the Halloween franchise.

Now, he seems content to just brush off an obvious question about the future of, what is really, his horror legacy with a flippant answer. I’d say it was almost rude, but who knows what might have happened behiind the scenes that he may not be able (or want) to talk about.

It’s too bad really; I was actually looking forward to him directing a segment in the upcoming Heavy Metal film. Now with his amateurish response to a legitimate question, I have to wonder if he was even the right man to remake Halloween in the first place?

The way he answers the question is sort of telling. I have no information to back this up but my guess the reason he will “never” do a Halloween 3 was due to a creative control or editing conflict between him and the studios execs at Dimension Films backing Halloween 2.

He did, however, verify that “Weird Al” is in the film and said:

“I would get Weird Al back before I did ‘Halloween 3.’ Weird Al is awesome.”

You get kudos for putting him in there to begin with Mr. Zombie. I know it’s the last thing anyone reading this would expect from me but I hope Rob Zombie changes his mind and decides to make a Halloween 3. The movie industry is all about trying over and over again until you get it right. Uwe Bolle keeps trying so why not Rob Zombie?

So are you willing to accept Zombie’s answer for not making a third installment of Halloween and would you have liked to see a third Halloween movie?

Halloween 2 gets unmasked August 28th, 2009.

Source: MTV Movies Blog

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  1. I was really hoping for a Halloween 3 I really liked the first 2 I don’t know if it was just that I wasn’t half asleep when I watched them but I actually understood what was going on there was so much more backstory than in the original.

    • You must have been completely asleep the whole time during H2 if you understood that one. Halloween wasn’t bad at all though.

  2. I think mr. Zombie did a fantastic job on the first Halloween. The second was a total disaster. I also think I even understand what he was trying to do and would have accepted it but the ending was just too mystical. Beyond the utter disappointment with the ending, the whole movie was just too disjointed.

  3. I never wanted him doing Halloween in the first place.
    His statements in this interview really prove that just because his cocky answer. Im not saying I didnt like house of 1000 corpses or devils rejects…Those films are very cool. But that brand of horror is not Halloween. Halloween needs remade again for too many reasons.

  4. I am upset that he wont be doing a part 3 for his hardcore fans and to just leave us hanging. I love all his movies devils rejects was awesome and also house of 1,000 corpses. I really hope he changes his mind and will be looking forward to a halloween part 3 in the near future.

  5. I was ok with the first remake. But H2….after the dream sequence with Laurie, I was disappointed. I was also disappointed with how huge Mike was. He taking up all the tv screen lol. I’ve been watching Halloween since I was a kid as well as Friday the 13th and Nightmare on Elm St. All of these remakes that I have seen has turned these iconic killers into sissies,mommas boys and weed growers. Personally, if you are going to do a remake, please stay true to who they are and what made them scary to begin with. We know damn well Freddy didn’t play with flowers and kids at school, Jason didn’t grow weed back in the day and Mike damn sure wasn’t a mommas boy. Adding a fresh twist is great for remakes but I find it a problem to rob these killers of what made them scary. Back in the day Freddy made you scared to go to sleep, Jason made you scared to go camping and Mike had you sleeping with all the lights on in the house lol, just saying. It didn’t matter about the back story or why they was so messed up. They were just scary. We feared them but wanted to keep seeing the movies. Guess they don’t make the like they used to.

    • wow you are blunt. The back story doesn’t matter? Are you mad? That is what gives character development. There was nothing scary from those guys to begin with, but what made them scary is how they became what they were.

      btw, your gay!

  6. I absolutely would love if rob zombie would make another twisting thriller on halloween 3 because I loved the first two he had made and I really hope he changes his mind about making it because he is a talented director and I really am a big fan on his movies halloween.

  7. I think Rob did a great job with the Halloweens, yes there was more background info that was missing from the originals. They were good in when they were made but Rob did wonders with his. The man is warped enough to scare the you know what out of you, and that’s the whole idea behind making a horror movie. If you’re not gonna scare the people then don’t bother doing the movie man. I can’t wait to see what he has in store for us in the future.

  8. Thats sucks i was really looking forward to a halloween 3 he did so goof in the other halloween movies please change your mind rob zombie

  9. No way! Them iconic killer’s need no back story. The original back story left just enough room for imagination. That’s what’s wrong with movies today. It’ like “porn”. All visual no thoughtt put into the script. I’m ll waiting Hollywood. The original Halloween had a very low budget. What’s the deal?

  10. I would love to see Zombie make a continuation, a 3rd maybe even a 4th, of his Halloween reboot! What I would NOT want to see is a remake of the original Halloween 3, that was garbage, no one should ever remake a movie about the investigation of a small Irish American town

  11. … that manufacturers Halloween masks with pieces of Stonehenge. That was such an awful movie.

  12. Anyone who’s overly critical of Zombie’s Halloween 2 obviously didn’t get it. The juxtaposition of Laurie’s nightmares and emerging psychotic hallucinations with that of Michael’s is quite brilliant. The first film is all about the backstory and treating the existing tale, whereas the second is more of a psychological trip that delves into a psychic link between Michael and Laurie. I particularly enjoy glimpsing Michael’s psychotic fantasies through his eyes and considering the severity of his psychosis, exacerbated by fifteen years of “living in his head” while at Smith’s Grove.
    Loomis’ emergence as a total shill is enjoyable. Brad Dourif’s performance is great, particularly on discovery of Annie’s death. He was great in LOTR, not to mention the legendary One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.
    The beginning of H2 accurately depicts the direct aftermath of H1 up until the point the nurse walks in with a bloodied shirt, at this point we’re seeing one of Laurie’s trauma-induced nightmares. This whole dynamic is an extremely clever piece of storytelling since it reveals what happens, yet establishes Laurie’s condition simultaneously.
    I just love all the imagery and symbolism too. In H1 there was a significance and parallel with “Don’t fear the Reaper.” In H2 it was the Moody Blues’ “Knights in White Satin.” In H1 we see an early Laurie scene in which her friend refers to her as an “Angel,” ironic since she really is “Angel.”
    I didn’t like H2 on first viewing only because I didn’t get it. For me it took a second viewing to appreciate.

    • So we didn’t get it if we didn’t like it? Dont be daft! The first remake ROCKED, The 2nd one, TERRIBLE!!! The end scene with Laurie Strode grinning at the camera? COME ON!! I actually watched it for the first time and right before that scene I said to my wife, “If she does a creepy smile, Im gonna laugh so hard” and low and behold…….. AWFUL! Halloween should not have white horse and hallucinations and weird flashbacks and Myers dressed as a Homeless person,,,,,It should have Michael Myers in a boiler suit and mask, stabbing people to death on a dark Halloween night. That is IT! If u take something that was FANTASTIC, and change everything, its no longer fantastic. The 2nd one was the biggest piece of arty farty s**** I’ve ever seen and it really put me off Rob Zombie. I thought he was too smart and ‘real’ to make a movie that dumb. I for one am not looking forward to another crappy remake, Zombie or not.

  13. I hope he changes his mind the second was terrible and confusing, but the first was great not a patch on the original but out of all the latest remakes i’d say its the best by far i loved how it was so different from the original well the backstory was, rob zombie had the balls to put his own input in it, the problem with alot of remakes is that they dont try and do something different because there to scared of the fans reaction which i think is ridiculous if its a remake i think he should be able to at least have another crack at it please do a third mr zombie

  14. I believe in DONT START WHAT YOU CANT FINISH!!!!! If you don’t finish this then that’s horrible to your fans!!

  15. Damn=/ I was REALLY hoping to see Halloween 3. I absolutely LOVED both movies, the 1st one was better yes, but that was mainly because everyone loves a good, well written origin story. And the kid playing Michael Myers fit the bill perfectly, couldn’t have cast a better actor. But the 2nd one was amazing too, Idk why it got such bad reviews. I was really looking forward to seeing Angel pick up the knife and finish Michael’s work

  16. Halloween was only 2 parts originally anyway,

  17. I’m glad he isn’t being allowed anywhere near a 3rd installment. Halloween 2 was so bad, people were actually laughing in disbelief. The first one was good, but 2 was total and utter self absorbed garbage. He sacrificed millions of Halloween Fans intelligence but having his wife in the movie agin, despite the fact that it mad no sense whatsoever other than to bow to her demands. What other movies, outside of his has she been in? Yup.

  18. This writer is no horror fan. Please don’t include comic con sheep with the horror community

  19. Oh god all of his movies are bad, just goes for psuedosexual-pycho crap,

  20. I’ve heard Halloween 3 is in development I just wish they could get in production faster.

  21. I wish he would have said that before 1 and 2.

  22. I think both RZ Halloween Movies were great. and i look forward to 3 if it is made. i like the idea number two was leaading into. the idea that Micheal died and Laurie Became Micheal Myers a.k.a The Boogeman. it would make sense to see this happen in Halloween 3. Laurie become Boogeyman and chase down the rest of the Sheriffs family aand everyone who got on her nerves. it would maake sense that these people needed to be eliminated before her, the mother and Micheal could rest in peace. which would lead to chase and fight with one of the Sheriffs family members

  23. Just got done watching Halloween 2 for the first time and was pleased with zombies view of character choices and story line. I would love to see a gruesome Halloween 3 but I here zombie called it quits! What a shame! I would love to be in one of his movies!

    Huge fan

  24. I think the reason that would be hard to believe is that Rob Zombie has a problem with a movie that is based on the mass murder children. Halloween 3 veers sharply from the Michael Myers plot. Besides, the Halloween franchise should have only been a 2 part movie. Killing someone a dozen times gets old.

    • True