Rob Liefeld (Sort of) Talks About ‘Deadpool’ Movie Test Footage

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Rob Liefeld Deadpool movie test footage Rob Liefeld (Sort of) Talks About Deadpool Movie Test Footage

X-Men movie fans have had to be patient in recent years – what with FOX pushing out poorly-conceived flicks like X-Men: The Last Stand and Wolverine after the success of Bryan Singer’s two X-Men films (and before Matthew Vaughn’s saved the franchise with his prequel/reboot X-Men: First Class). That’s not to mention the perennial wait for Deadpool, a movie that has been dangled above the heads of all those X-fans who have been hoping for nothing more than a chance to see Marvel’s Merc with a mouth (dis)grace the big screen.

The Deadpool movie has been crawling through development for several years now; to date it has secured X-Men movie visual artist Tim Miller as a director, an R-rated script by Zombieland writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick, and the continued interest of leading man Ryan Reynolds, who has been angling for the part of Deadpool for some time now.

The Deadpool comic book character was first created by acclaimed writer/artist Rob Liefeld in 1991; ever since the Deadpool movie started gaining traction, Liefeld has (understandably) been about and about spreading the gospel of Deadpool wherever he can – which includes the recent Arizona Comic-Con, where Liefeld (sort of) claimed to have seen test footage from the Deadpool movie:

They’ve got a great director on the movie, they’ve got a great script. I may or may have not seen some sort of test of footage that would blow your mind if you saw it and go holy crap and that’s Deadpool in costume. Katana swords, guns, shooting people’s faces off and making me laugh. And I may or may not have seen something that looks just like that. And you’ve got what would amount to the first R Rated X-Men movie. Because that script is R Rated.

They may or may not have wanted to shoot eight minutes to see how it would play. And all I can tell you,  it’s close. It’s closer than it’s ever been to going, or going Naaah, that’s too scary a proposition to make a R Rated Deadpool movie.

Safe to say that if Liefeld hasn’t in fact seen a real snippet of test footage from the Deadpool movie, then he’s a gigantic four-letter word for getting fans’ hopes up in this manner. More than likely though, he has seen the footage, which is good, but truthfully speaking, there’s still a lot of reason for worry.

Deadpool director Tim Miller Rob Liefeld (Sort of) Talks About Deadpool Movie Test Footage

While hearing the words ‘test footage’ may cause some to jump to the conclusion that Fox is moving forward on Deadpool, it’s important to consider the larger context of what Liefeld said. By his own quasi-admission, Liefeld has indicated that Fox is still on the fence about the proposition of an R-rated comic book movie based on what the larger moviegoing public would consider an obscure character.

Similar cinematic examples (namely Watchmen in 2009 and Kick-Ass in 2010) ended up faring only moderately well at the box office, and in light of the underperformance of Warner Bros.’ Green Lantern, second-tier superhero flicks are definitely NOT being viewed in the same light of potential that they may have been a year or two ago. Deadpool‘s fate is still uncertain, I say all that to say.

Still, there are many, many, fans of the character who are going to keep pushing for this project to happen. Hopefully we’ll hear a decision on Deadpool (one way or another) in the near future.

Source: Bleeding Cool

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  1. Just keep him (Liefeld) away from pencil and paper and I’m happy.

    • Agreed.

  2. Ryan Reynolds should play Deadpool, He’s perfect for the role. hopefully they stick with him.

    • Ryan Reynolds sucks man im sorry, what movie was he ever good in? what exactly made him a star in the first place? Oh yea a stupid comedy with sandra bullock and he went to hollywoods a-list,please!He isn’t fit to be green lantern and especialy deadpool,maybe flash if they went the wally west verion or somthing but since he’s GL that won’t happen anyway.I read on another post where someone said woody harrelson would make a perfect deadpool b\c of his great witty punchlines,sarcasm,& foul mouth on screen,i couldn’t agree more but they wouldn’t go that route b\c they want to go with somebody younger which i really don’t understand.As a patient man im really getting tired of hollywood and the screw ups they’re making if they don’t get on the ball soon im going to stop going to the movies & start watching burnt movies on CD’s when they first come out like everyone else i know.

      • Reynolds was OK for Green Lantern…he’s the only Green Lantern movie we’ve got. However, he needed better scripting, and much much less humor. He needed to be more grim (but not “dark”, just much more serious). I look forward to the studio hopefully going ahead with the original plan to make GL at least a trilogy. And I will go further: I hope they move ahead with the proposed Flash movie. And further still: eventually I would like to see a team-up movie with Green lantern (Hal Jordan) and The Flash (Barry Allen). And even further still: eventually I would like to see a team-up movie between Dr. Fate (Kent Nelson) and Hourman (Rex Tyler)! There: now I have planned the next decade of movies for DC! Now get to work!

      • Shut up and go watch buried… that is all.

        • Buried was a great movie, the problem with it is no one saw it. Ryan Reynolds is a good actor but the problem with him is that he’s typecast as Van Wilder. Think about it. When he was in Blade, Green Lantern, Even the Proposal, everyone tries to make him be Van Wilder and be funny.
          He is this generation’s Jim Carey.

        • @ Bio LOL…nice try i thought someone might bring up buried,i saw that sorry boring ass excuse for a movie,how i watched it all the way through i have no idea.Truth is his acting in that was still mediocre,10 other acters could still did a better job in that role than he did but since you’re really digging hard i’ll give that one to you lol and please Mr.O’reilly don’t ever disrespect jim carrey by putting him & reynolds name in the same sentence again.

          • I agree, Reynolds is no jim carrey, they have nothing in common at all. and I did hate Green Lantern with a passion, and thought that someone, somewhere halfway through production went, “why the f*** are we making this?” and he didn’t do anything about it. Enter the titanic. That 300 million dollar budget went to nothing. HAVING SAID ALLL THAT, I think Reynolds was perfect as deadpool in Wolverine, and would love to see the followup where he reattatches his head and goes on a killing spree. We don’t even need to see Reynolds’ face, he’ll be wearing a mask. Gotta love him as wade wilson though, and I am super excited to see Tim Miller’s new film. YES.

            • Deadpool himself wanted Ryan Reynolds to play him. It’s canon. End of story.

            • I’m so exited for the Deadpool film. I just hope they fix all the s*** they f***** up in Wolverine. They completely messed up his entire back story and how he got his power. They even sowed up his mouth for goodness sake.

        • @Bio

          And what would that prove?? I’m sorry, but Buried was not a great movie like some people claim. There are so many holes, so many things that could have and should have been done differently. And the writers/directors were too busy trying to paint a negative picture that they pretty much ignored how real people react and interact. I know the cynics out there will claim it’s all believable, but sorry, it isn’t. Most people wouldn’t just blow someone off if they think they will die. Sure they might not go out of their way to help save them, but they will at least show compassion. I’ve been in more than just a few emergency situations, I know how people react to things. That movie was just so intent on painting everyone involved with the war in a negative light. They let their agenda get in the way of giving the movie a true authentic feel.

          Also, tracking the location of a cell phone is MUCH easier and faster than that… Actually, I’ve seen non-GPS cell-site locations on maps that are accurate within 20-50 meters now. They definitely would have been able to find him… Again, sacrificing realism for the sake of moving the plot along. Something that bugs me when it’s too obvious…

          • @bio

            Oh, but anyway, that’s my opinion of the movie, I guess you were saying that to prove that Reynolds can act. But to me, it didn’t exactly allow him much of range in that movie…

            • But what dose any of the holes (Type of holes i ignore watching a movie) has to do with his acting? Buried shows Reynolds can not only act but do way more then that “Cockey D-Bag I am funny” act he puts on in most of his movies.

              Wich is why I say “SHUT UP AND GO WATCH BURIED!”

              • Even if you disagree The typical role he plays still fits deadpool. I mean he already played deadpool once before… no I mean the role he had in the stupid 3rd blade movie not that one X-men prequel movie that shouldn’t exsist.

              • @Bio

                “Oh, but anyway, that’s my opinion of the movie, I guess you were saying that to prove that Reynolds can act. But to me, it didn’t exactly allow him much of range in that movie…”

                And FYI, I think he would be good as Deadpool, was just giving my opinion on Buried, not disagreeing that he would be good as Deadpool… So don’t lead this discussion down that road with me, you’re wasting your time. :-)

                • Didnt read that comment…

    • He’s 100 percent going to portray the role. But it’s rumoured that he might turn down Green Lantern 2 for it. :-(

      You show up at your ex-girlfriend’s wedding with a bunch of knives and swords, she will NEVER EVER forget it” ;-)

    • He’s 100 percent going to portray the role. But it’s rumoured that he might turn down Green Lantern 2 for it. :-(

      “You show up at your ex-girlfriend’s wedding with a bunch of knives and swords, she will NEVER EVER forget it” ;-)

  3. R rated? Hell yeaa

    • I don’t know what they are worried about an R rating for. Here is a few things to think about wasn’t Blade rated R? and didn’t that movie kind of help create the buzz for comicbook movies? I’m just saying….

      • That was my first thought as well. It had 2 successful sequels as well. One that had…Ryan Reynolds. That started his comic movie cred.

  4. “They’ve got a great director on the movie, they’ve got a great script”

    Since when do people NOT say this? o.O We can probably go back and read the exact same comments from every movie at the beginning stages. The director is ALWAYS the right one for the job and the script is ALWAYS wonderful.

    “in light of the underperformance of Warner Bros.’ Green Lantern, second-tier superhero flicks are definitely NOT being viewed in the same light of potential that they may have been a year or two ago.”

    And this is a huge mistake imho. It was never the fact that GL was part of the second tier than made the movie an under-performer, it was the poor hack job they did with the storyline. I would even say that GL (and the corps) is one of the stronger overall concepts DC has going for it. Just too bad they failed at translating that to the big screen. :/

    • If they are using the leaked script from the zombieland writers which I think they are, then it’s true they got a great script. At least that’s my opinion. It was very funny and insane action!

      • For all I know it could very well be a great script. I just find it funny that all scripts are considered awesome until we see the movie (and find out who was ans was not lying)

      • deadpool is the coolest anti-hero in marvel universe,the movie must be bloody and sarcastic,not too much comedy,just a little bit to take the movie also serious,not too campy.

      • I totally agree, Mag. All they need to do is get rid of Colossus. He doesn´t belong into a Deadpool movie.

    • I don’t really think that Green Lantern’s quality had anything to do with its box-office take…Not in a world where Twilight and Transformers are top earners. Besides, people would have had to see the movie to know whether or not they liked the story.

      What people overlook is that the movie made A LOT of money. $219 million isn’t anything to scoff at. However, it was greatly hurt by an astronomically over-sized budget and poor promotion (not lack of promotion, mind you, but poor promotion). The film as it was should have been an easy sell, but that first trailer did it a lot of damage.

      • Well I’m not part of the SR GL haters club. I saw it in the theater to support it and thought it was just, ok. It suffered from a lot of problems that could have made it the next DC cornerstone if they had resolved them. Bloated budget, lackluster promotion, hacked and disjointed storyline, over use of CGI, The MASK (oh that damned mask), changing pivotal characters in both look and deed…..the list goes on and on. /sigh

  5. Approach with caution.

    This reminds me of X-Men Origins: Wolverine
    Jackman arrived unannounced to the 2008 Comic-con and showed us exciting footage…we all know how that turned out

    • Yeah Horribly. I think if they try to stick to the comics a bit more, it would actually have a chance, but if they just go off like Wolverine, it will be a failure and people will hate it. FanBoys are going to be the first to see it and people will take their opinion and run with that before they waste their money to see another Fox Money Pit.

  6. R Rated or not at all.

  7. Kevin Smith as director and Jason Mewes as the Merc with a Mouth. Forget Ryan Reynolds.

    • I would not want Jason Mewes to play Deadpool. However, if he could be the inspiration – the Keith Richards to some actors Capt. Jack Sparrow – that could be awesome!

      • Mewes has the voice and he isn’t a pretty boy who would take the mask off every 15 seconds. Deadpool is disfigured and should keep the mask on. I don’t think a movie studio is going to pay People magazine’s 2010 Sexiest Man Alive to wear a mask.

        • What’s funny is Reynolds was also the one saving grace in Blade:Trinity (and for the exact same reason, the attitude). He has the right demeanor to play snarky and irreverent so LET him play this character already!

          And maybe he wouldn’t be the perfect Flash but again, he has the right attitude. Would be a better Barry Allen than Hal Jordan at least.

          • Sorry, I replied in the EXACT wrong place ><

    • Jason Mewes with Smith directing would be absolutely perfect. However I don’t think Fox would EVER bank on Chronic. We can always hold out hope for Green Arrow. :)

  8. I hope Deadpool retains its R-rating with all the blood and gore slash & hack visiuals as well as a true to the source material trash talking machine gun mayhem that is wade Wilson AKA the merc with a mouth Deadpool there is no way this will work as a PG-13 flick it must be R-rated to stay true to its comic book form.

  9. If Blade can do it, Deadpool can.

  10. Do it. C’mon. Reynolds (and Fox) need this type of movie under their belt.

  11. i approve.

  12. Ryan yeah… but Gosling, not Reynolds. I think the studio will look elsewhere for a wade. And I think it’s a good thing this will not be a marvel/disney film, we’re more likely to see some dirty, bloody, swearing, cursing, and some more swearing.

    Rob Liefeld is not the greatest artist but he does have his own unique style, that for some reason, others pencilers tried to copy afterwards. When he came onto New Mutants it did breath some life into it, but I really liked the art of Brett Blevins on that book. His Cable was about the size of the hulk.

    • What? Come on. The one saving grace to Wolverine Origins was Reynolds as Deadpool (the beginning!, not the mouthless, impossible arm blade, mutant at the end). His attitude was absolutely spot on. Reynolds was meant to play the role, not be GL (he would also be perfect for Flash)

      • Not feeling the Flash comment, but what you said about him being perfect at the beginning was spot on, I could not have said it better myself.

        Anyone who says that RR is bad for the choice because “when has he been in any good movie” but still say that Jason Mewes is a good choice need their heads checked, Jason may have the voice, but nothing else the way that RR does.

        • What’s funny is Reynolds was also the one saving grace in Blade:Trinity (and for the exact same reason, the attitude). He has the right demeanor to play snarky and irreverent so LET him play this character already!

          And maybe he wouldn’t be the perfect Flash but again, he has the right attitude. Would be a better Barry Allen than Hal Jordan at least.

        • @Big Baby Jesus – I’m the one who mentioned Mewes. I didn’t say anything about Reynolds’ acting. I said for the Deadpool character, Mewes has the mouth and the studio wouldn’t make him remove the mask as much as they’ll make Reynolds do. Using a Hollywood A-list actor won’t help the movie stay true to the source material. Check your own head before combining comments. Different people would like someone else in the role for separate reasons.

  13. Gosling *chuckle* Why do people insist on pushing the “hot” actor of the moment for every part? Reynolds fits the character to a T. If he can’t do it, I can think of at least half a dozen actors better suited to the role than Gosling.

  14. His quote has me in tears though. With all the subterfuge or dry humored attempts at subterfuge anyway.

  15. As long as the movie is actually good and entertaining, I doubt it’ll suffer the same fates as Watchmen or Green Lantern. Word of mouth has more affect than people give it credit for…

  16. Im just glad to hear something about it.

  17. There can not be a Deadpool movie without Ryan Reynolds. Ryan Reynolds is Deadpool. Anyone who disagrees is crazy and will be proven wrong when it comes out. This one is worth the wait.

  18. i’m not a hollywood exec but would they really just create 8 minutes of a scene from the script with the director just to “see how it fared”? i may be a bit jaded or skeptical when it comes to this project, true, seeing as how it’s kind of in limbo, but this doesn’t sound like something very plausible.

    but hopefully i’m wrong.

  19. I hope they can make a better movie than the character drawn above. Another case of someone who doesn’t have the slightest idea of how to hold a pair of sai. So sad.

    • @Grendel

      But shooting two handguns sideways while flying through the air is believable, lol. I’m sure “using weapons wrong” will pretty much be the central theme of any Deadpool movie…

  20. I don’t much about Deadpool, the character seems popluar and Fox made him look like Baraka from Mortal Kombat in X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

    For me, that movie almost destory the X-Men franchinse but Matthew Vaughan did a amazing job with X-Men: First Class so Fox owes him one.

    These are the things that a Deadpool movie needs:

    Being R rated.

    Being true to the comics (For example, look who Deadpool was created in

    Have the right director, my choice would Matthew Vaughan or John Hyams.

    The writers seems okay, I mean these guys who wrote Zombieland, also wrote the script for G.I Joe 2 so if that film turns out to be awful which I hope not then Deadpool might be in trouble.

    All I want is for this movie to be made.

  21. Really wish we could get some type of different news, all we know is the script is amazing and it has a lot of potential.

  22. Ben Foster should play Wade Wilson. The Ryan Reynolds idea was ok before he played a watered down deadpool and hall jordan. Ben Foster. Trust me.

    • Ben Foster, good call. I can get behind that choice.

    • @ Nick.Ben Foster is a good acter but i think he’s too short but then again look at hugh jackmon as wolverine so i guess anything is possible.

  23. I just hope they bring back scott adkins for the stunt/martial arts work again. That guy is amazing

  24. First of all, awesome article Kofi (“a chance to see Marvel’s Merc with a mouth (dis)grace the big screen.” — great line)

    I for one am really hoping that they go through with this movie (I can understand why they’re on the fence though… R-rated comic book movies haven’t been very successful [financially]) but still, this is a movie everyone’s been waiting for, and IMO, if everyone’s anticipating it, it’ll make a killing at the box-office (I can already picture 11 year-olds trying to sneak into the theater to watch it :P).
    And as long as the movie has loads of violence, action, comedy and Deadpool wears his mask, then it’ll undoubtedly rock IMO.

    P.S. ‘Lyssie Carter’ is right, I also remember a comic where Deadpool said that if he ever got his own movie, he’d want Reynolds to portray him (we should respect the Merc-with-a-mouth’s request ;))

    • No choice in the matter have we… Damnit now you got me talking like yoda:)

      • LOL

  25. A DP movie, even a R rated one is doable and can make moeny f its done right and 2010s PREDATORS sequel proves you can do a profitable R film and do so without spending a arge sum of money. If memeory serves correctly I believe PREDATORS was intended to be a test bed product to see how viable lower budget versions of formerly high budgeted films could do. With a 40 million budget and 52 Million in domestic box office reciepts and 127 Million globally I’d say PREDATORS was a success and proved the lower budget model is viable.

  26. in regards to second tier superheroes not doing well at the box office. The one character that comes to mind that i would say thats not true would be the Blade Franchise. In my opinion that was one character that was definitely not mainstream but Wesley Snipes decided to take a trip to Super Cuts.

  27. Hope this movie gains some ground i think it sounds awesome

  28. Really?..Deadpool movie?..seeing how writers are trying so hard to make big bucks on comic book movie types why not..put’em all in one movie..Blade..Deadpool..Venom..Spawn..why not..makes about as much scents as a Deadpool movie by it’s self. I would much rather they re do or come up with a new Spawn movie then anything else.

  29. I really hope they go low budget with any DP movie. Dredd was low buget and that movie looked awesome and stayed true to the character. Not to mention was ultra violent the way a DP movie should be. If the studio spends over 100mil for a DP movie it’s going to be pg13 for sure and it’s going to suck balls.