‘Road House’ Remake Being Directed by ‘Fast and the Furious’ Helmer

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ps Road House Remake Being Directed by Fast and the Furious Helmer

Fans of beloved films of the past have become increasingly forced to accept the fact that – in the age of remakes and franchise reboots – nothing is sacred. It’s true that some characters (James Bond, Batman, etc.) are bound to live on forever in an endless cycle of reimaginings as new filmmakers bring their own vision to life, and some films feel so old-fashioned that an attempt to modernize and bring the story to a new generation makes sense (i.e. the recent Carrie remake).

Yet, in other cases, a film’s appeal is based on the fact that it encapsulates the time of its release so perfectly that it becomes beloved largely because of its nostalgic properties. This particular group of films is far trickier to resurrect for today’s viewers, but in the case of one 1980s favorite, we’re going to see a remake anyway.

According to The Wrap, Rob Cohen – whose previous credits include the original The Fast and the Furious and xXx – will direct MGM’s upcoming remake of Road House, the 1989 action film that starred Patrick Swayze, Kelly Lynch and Sam Elliott. Michael Stokes will write the script for the new film.

The original Road House centered on a bouncer named James Dalton (Swayze) who is hired to lead security at a violent bar in Missouri. Its initial release was met with mixed reviews and modest success at the box office, but the film has since developed cult status. It’s unknown at this early stage what changes the remake will make to the original premise.

However, it’s hard to argue that – if the Road House remake hopes to emulate the over-the-top fun of the original – Cohen is a solid choice. After all, it is this very same tone that has helped the Fast and Furious franchise thrive, and while Cohen hasn’t touched the series since the first film, he did help to set its tone and style, which director Justin Lin honed and refreshed in subsequent entries. He’s also rebounding from the critical and financial failure of last year’s Alex Cross and could use a return to the world of action films.

diesel1 Road House Remake Being Directed by Fast and the Furious Helmer

Vin Diesel in Rob Cohen’s ‘xXx’

Road House is also far from the only new take on a project that once starred Swayze. Remakes of Dirty Dancing (and opposed to the 2004 pseudo-sequel Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights) and Point Break are reportedly still in the works, as is a television series based on the Oscar-winning film Ghost. Still, the prospect of a Road House remake faces a similar challenge as last year’s Red Dawn (also, incidentally, a remake of a film starring Swayze).

Both Road House and Red Dawn are so indicative of the era in which they were conceived that they risk feeling out of place in 2013. Audiences may enjoy taking a nostalgic trip back to the testosterone-driven action films of the 1980s (as the success of The Expendables testifies), but a Road House remake risks feeling dated (as was the case with the Red Dawn remake) and a baseless attempt to cash in on a film that many fans still hold dear. Without the right approach, Road House may fail to connect with new viewers and alienate longtime fans, ending up on the wrong side of the thin line between an awesomely bad movie and just a bad movie altogether. Here’s hoping Cohen can steer clear of the latter.

Do you think a Road House remake can work, and is Cohen the right man for the job? Sound off in the comments section below.


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Source: The Wrap

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  1. Christian Kane is the only choice for Dalton and he already has a dedicated group of fans who support him all the way!

  2. Christian Kane as Dalton in Roadhouse remake…PERFECTION!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Christian Kane would be the best Dalton.

  4. Please cast Christian Kane in this role (Dalton) he would be perfect and make it a very fitting tribute the late Mr Swayze. Now go, phone him up and ask. What are you waiting for?

  5. I would love to see Christian Kane in the role of Dalton in a remake of this movie. He is the perfect choice for this role. I would certainly watch the remake then.

  6. #ChristianKane is the only valid casting option for Dalton’s role!

  7. I would love to see Christian Kane cast as Dalton.

  8. Christian Kane IS Dalton!!!!

  9. I say this remake will work better than either Dirty Dancing OR Red Dawn and the perfect person to step into Swayze’s shoes is Christian Kane…he is the PERFECT Dalton.

  10. You understand that when a fan group floods a site, it is to the actor’s detriment, right? It shows a few organized to post, not that people came to this conclusion naturally. It happens time and again. This will be the death of his career. While one of the great undiscovered talents, unfortunately he has made a lot of B movies. This will be the most spectacular B casting ever. Have any of you actually watched the movie? I bet not. Have you read comments on other boards? “Fans” the world over think that this movie is a joke, something funny to watch while getting high. Do you get it? No, just blindly following the boss.

    • I have seen the movie dozens of times! Yes, I’m a fan of Christian Kane and after watching him for many years, feel that he IS perfect for the part! He’s not a high profile actor, many who ask for outrageous salaries and use stunt and body doubles. Christian not only performs his own stunts, while on Leverage, he actually choreographed the fight scenes! I have no inkling as to why you would trash a group of fans for trying to help the person they enjoy following and helping, but I feel sorry that you feel the need to act in this manner. We will continue to push for Christian Kane to get the part as it seems that the decision has been made to do the remake. You may try to have your favorite actor get this role as that is your perrogative. Mine is support and promote Christian Kane.

  11. To Jane Weisner.
    You are obviously well informed and wise. Please, DO share more of your wisdom with us.
    Just, the next time, how about a little consistency? Don’t laugh at one fan group in the same time using other fan groups as something relevant. It looks amateurish, and show that you know nothing about how industry works. Shame, because you’re so well informed and smart.
    PS: You know, you could say this to us in our faces, not hide behind a false name, honey <3

  12. Christian Kane is the best choice,hands down to take on this role

  13. I too am a Christian Kane fan but I would never recommend him for a role he was not right for. Check out leverage on Netflix and you will see why we feel that way.

  14. Never saw a bar like the one in the movie and I’ve been in a lot of bars. Did my share of music in some honky tonky places in the day. Road House was the joke version of the 80′s. Like Animal House was the joke version of college life. Going out and getting wasted and having sex in parking lots went out back then, especially after the new crop of diseases. I have no idea how they would make this movie modern day. Some of you are totally correct, very cheesy kind of movie. Unless it’s a parody. I suppose they could do a funny one with old Chuck Norris. Or one of those new kids like… Johnny Depp. He seems to be able to play anything. I looked up this Kane guy, he’d have to cut his hair to be a real bad ass.

  15. #ChristianKane is the perfect actor to play “Dalton.” He has played parts that show just how amazing he would be; he’s a natural at playing parts such as this. A huge plus is that he has such a huge following and so many people that support his projects; there’s no way to go wrong!!! #YearofKane !!!!

  16. A remake of this movie would be a shame and a mockery to the movie. I have to agree with a few others on here that a remake would be a “B” movie and should just let it be. I question if writers have lost their drive to create better movies and stories?

    I’m sorry to the guy who wrote this blog and is being flooded with all these crazed women who think this Kane guy can do no wrong. Obvious groupies that have nothing better to do with their time.

    • Mr. Rick, If you think that voicing your ideas and comments puts one in the catagory of “CRAZED WOMEN” then I suggest you read our Bill of Rights. Thank God for people
      who beleve in a cause and take the time to help promote something that they enjoy. If
      it wasn’t for FANS you wouldn’t see any movies sporting events, etc. Once someone puts out a comment, then you have to expect comments back but I guess it is nice of you to feel sorry for the original writer. Don’t be jealous of CHRISIAN KANE just know that us “CRAZED WOMEN” truly think he is an excelent actor, singer, etc. and would like to see his talents brought forward. For your information, these “CRAZED WOMEN” are young, old, professional women, mothers, daughters etc. who are from all walks of life. Let me just end by saying that we so called, “CRAZED WOMEN” are engaging in promotion of a cause that brings joy to us while we are living in today’s rather stressful world.
      Actually, It is WEIRD that you call us “CRAZED WOMEN” you don’t EVEN KNOW US. (Please excuse any typos…I am having diffculty trying to get these words posted from my computer. I appears a though you hve to type very, very, slowly.)

  17. Well, Rick M
    Unfortunately for you, you have obviously not seen Christian Kane in eg Leverage, so it seems tome that you are talking about things you probably don’t know anything about.
    And it doesn’t matter whether the movie ends up as an A, a B or even a Y movie… The decision has been made, There’s going to be a remake. I’m not fond of remakes myself either, BUT to honor Patrick Swayzes memory, we are some people… groupies, fans admires… or just plain and simple people with a common sense, that believes that Christian Kane is the best choice to do the role as Dalton. Both for his skills as a fighter, without being a “real big, strong with no brain” guy, and his skills as an actor – since the movie IS about fighting with technics instead of raw strength. If it have been about raw strength, types like Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, or arnold Schwarzenegger in his heydays, would have been the best choice. So yeah. I also vote for Christian Kane as Dalton. I saw somewhere, that Patrick Swayzes brother, – Don Swayze was suggested as Wade Garrett,which makes perfect sense to me,and that would be yet another “honoring the memory of Patrick Swayze” so I vote for that, too.

    Albert E, which century do you live in? a bad ass with short hair??? Naaahhhh. Today a real bad ass can have long hair, short hair or even being bald ( just look at Vin Diesel) and for the long hair… here’s a video for you both, Rick and Albert
    A Bad Ass with long hair ;)

  18. Christian Kane for dalton in road house he will make the film like Patrick swayze did

  19. I think #ChristianKane would make a perfect Dalton. If anyone can fill the shoes of Patrick Swayze it’s him.
    The role is tailor made for him!

  20. While not a fan of the fast and Furious franchise, it would seem that Mr. Cohen would be more than capable of bringing a GOOD remake of Roadhouse to the screen. And it seems to me that the perfect actor to play the role of Dalton would be #ChristianKane. Over the years, he has managed to play a wide variety of roles, from light comedy to truely badass–sometimes managing both at the same time during his tenure on Leverage! I am looking forward to hearing more on this remake, that’s for sure! And as for those who feel that fans posting on sites like this can hurt an actor, I would hope that fans opionions matter to those who cast/direct/act in these ventures, because if the fans don’t matter, the movies won’t matter either!

  21. I also think that #ChristianKane would be the perfect choice for the role of Dalton in the remake of “Roadhouse”. Many excellent reasons have already been listed. Hopefully Mr. Cohen will give a lot of weight to the voices of the fans when making his decision.

  22. I never really cared for the Fast and Furious flicks, too much flash graphics and all. However, that being said, I do hope that means the remake will have plenty of action. That was the better part, and I do hope Christian Kane gets the role, as he is quite talented at martial arts and hand to hand fighting. I think he’s the only real logical choice, he has the presence and persona required for this role.

  23. DON”T MESS WITH SWAYZE. Talked about a remake 10 years ago and it didnt happen so why now.

  24. Please cast Christian Kane for Dalton he would be perfect

  25. I wish that christian Kane be considered for this role as he has the talents and he is real he does his own fight scenes and stunts. He doesn’t give a mediocre performance he gives 110 % of himself to every job he takes on. He is the perfect man for such a role

  26. Christian Kane is the only actor I can see as Dalton. He does it all. I would love to see him in this role.

  27. Christian Kane =Dalton in the remake. Please?!!

  28. Jane and Rick are right. You guys are Crazed fan club members and you’re going CK a disservice with all this swooning. I can think of several better options than Christian Kane… Charlie Hunnam would be the first.

  29. Watched it last night at the annual retro new years bash. Had fun dressing up 80s style, heavy on the polyester and work out clothes. Were people really like that 30 years ago? So bad it was funny. Don’t see how a remake would work. Let the memories rest.