‘Road House’ Remake Being Directed by ‘Fast and the Furious’ Helmer

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ps Road House Remake Being Directed by Fast and the Furious Helmer

Fans of beloved films of the past have become increasingly forced to accept the fact that – in the age of remakes and franchise reboots – nothing is sacred. It’s true that some characters (James Bond, Batman, etc.) are bound to live on forever in an endless cycle of reimaginings as new filmmakers bring their own vision to life, and some films feel so old-fashioned that an attempt to modernize and bring the story to a new generation makes sense (i.e. the recent Carrie remake).

Yet, in other cases, a film’s appeal is based on the fact that it encapsulates the time of its release so perfectly that it becomes beloved largely because of its nostalgic properties. This particular group of films is far trickier to resurrect for today’s viewers, but in the case of one 1980s favorite, we’re going to see a remake anyway.

According to The Wrap, Rob Cohen – whose previous credits include the original The Fast and the Furious and xXx – will direct MGM’s upcoming remake of Road House, the 1989 action film that starred Patrick Swayze, Kelly Lynch and Sam Elliott. Michael Stokes will write the script for the new film.

The original Road House centered on a bouncer named James Dalton (Swayze) who is hired to lead security at a violent bar in Missouri. Its initial release was met with mixed reviews and modest success at the box office, but the film has since developed cult status. It’s unknown at this early stage what changes the remake will make to the original premise.

However, it’s hard to argue that – if the Road House remake hopes to emulate the over-the-top fun of the original – Cohen is a solid choice. After all, it is this very same tone that has helped the Fast and Furious franchise thrive, and while Cohen hasn’t touched the series since the first film, he did help to set its tone and style, which director Justin Lin honed and refreshed in subsequent entries. He’s also rebounding from the critical and financial failure of last year’s Alex Cross and could use a return to the world of action films.

diesel1 Road House Remake Being Directed by Fast and the Furious Helmer

Vin Diesel in Rob Cohen’s ‘xXx’

Road House is also far from the only new take on a project that once starred Swayze. Remakes of Dirty Dancing (and opposed to the 2004 pseudo-sequel Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights) and Point Break are reportedly still in the works, as is a television series based on the Oscar-winning film Ghost. Still, the prospect of a Road House remake faces a similar challenge as last year’s Red Dawn (also, incidentally, a remake of a film starring Swayze).

Both Road House and Red Dawn are so indicative of the era in which they were conceived that they risk feeling out of place in 2013. Audiences may enjoy taking a nostalgic trip back to the testosterone-driven action films of the 1980s (as the success of The Expendables testifies), but a Road House remake risks feeling dated (as was the case with the Red Dawn remake) and a baseless attempt to cash in on a film that many fans still hold dear. Without the right approach, Road House may fail to connect with new viewers and alienate longtime fans, ending up on the wrong side of the thin line between an awesomely bad movie and just a bad movie altogether. Here’s hoping Cohen can steer clear of the latter.

Do you think a Road House remake can work, and is Cohen the right man for the job? Sound off in the comments section below.


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Source: The Wrap

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  1. ” I thought you’d be bigger”

  2. Vin Diesel used to be a bouncer…so im guessing he gets the part hahaa

  3. A few years ago there was an off-Broadway musical based on Roadhouse starring a blonde mulleted Taimak (a.k.a. Bruce Leroy in The Last Dragon). Who needs another remake after that?

  4. I hope they put a lot of roundhouse kicks in this one.

  5. No the problem with red dawn was the city instead of a small town and the use of north Korea instead of China. Best Roadhouse quote “Roundhouse Kick to the face”

  6. I love how Screen Rant tries to justify the positive score they gave Carrie, when everybody on the planet hated it. On topic: I have a small tradition when facing remakes: on the opening day, I sit at home and watch the original. And I’ll keep doing it for this as well as Robocop and The Crow remakes.

    • Funny, I enjoyed the “Carrie” just released actually a bit more than the original.

      …so your statement is already FALSE.

  7. I’ll never watch the remake, just pretend it doesn’t exist, as I do with most of them.

  8. I Hope somebody gets there throat ripped out, dalton style

  9. Roadhouse remake is in good hands. I mean, Cohen already did a remake of Point Break when he did the original Fast & Furious.

  10. Sorry I meant ‘their’

  11. Nah.. No thanks. Leave it alone.

  12. A polar bear fell on me

  13. I never lose! Best looking mullet of all time!

  14. No ones gonna give a damn. Hollywood is scraping the barrel of possible remakes with this one.

  15. Things that worked in the 80′s have not been translating well with these remakes.

  16. First one was good; do not need a remake.

  17. Roadhouse.

  18. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Some movies you just leave alone……

  19. Roadhouse (punch)- Roadhouse (punch) – Roadhouse (punch) – Roadhouse (punch) – Why do this?? Run out of ideas…….

  20. The original Road House was a celebration of White Trash Cinema – the kind of Z-grade schlock Joe Bob Briggs used to have on his TV show. I mean, honestly! In terms of awesome red neck accents you can’t beat the orginal Road House, or “Next of Kin” which also has Liam Neeson and Bill Paxton going all-out as Kentucky hillbillies.

    Road House was Joel Silver at his semi-best: Z grade script with big budget production values. The actors know they’re in a bad movie and chomp the scenery with abandon.

    So if you remake this, you have to keep that infamous line in:
    “I used to f*** guys like you in prison!”

  21. This show is doomed to remake hell like many (or dare I say most) that have followed before it.

    Updating it for the 21st century when there are no FX to make better really makes these projects a worthless venture. If I want to see Roadhouse (or any of the other shows these mediocre remakes keep trying to leech from) I will watch the originals, thanks.

  22. Dear hollywood, please come up with your own ideas.
    Love, the ’80′s.

  23. Christian Kane (played Elliott Spencer on Leverage) would be perfect for Dalton.

    • Michelle, I agree whole heartedly. Christian Kane is perfect for the role. I don’t actually like remakes and usually avoid them, but if Christian is cast in the role of Dalton, I’ll pay to see it :-)

  24. Look at other blogs and articles about Road House and you will at times find dozens of posts and even a poll about putting a particular actor in the slot. Ignore it. It’s basically a ringleader of a fan group badgering a few more people and they are at home all day typing this nonsense. This movie is an 80′s icon for it’s cheese. The actor in question was forced into commenting and they have twisted his words into a desire for the role. This one is best left as a treasured memory for when you’ve drank too much and want to see a ridiculous movie.

  25. CHRISTIAN KANE! Watch him on Leverage and you’ll know why! He is dalton for petes sake!

  26. First of all, NO ONE is badgering me into posting here. That said, I feel that since it seems this remake is a go no matter how many of Patrick Swayze’s fans (myself included) aren’t extremely fond of the idea, I am going to vote for Christian Kane for the role of Jack Dalton. I cannot think of anyone better suited for the role.

  27. #Kaniacs worldwide want to see #ChristianKane in the role as Dalton in MGM’s remake of #RoadHouse. Christian Kane is well known for his fighting skills in his role as Eliot on TNT’s Leverage for five years along with being the fight coordinator for the series. Christian Kane is the only person besides Patrick Swayze that I can see in the role of Dalton in the #RoadHouse classic. Christian Kane’s music is also the perfect way to update this movie. Let’s do this movie and Patrick justice and do it right.