‘Rise of the Planet of the Apes’ Teaser – The Ape Revolution Begins

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Rise of the Planet of the Apes Logo Rise of the Planet of the Apes Teaser   The Ape Revolution Begins

20th Century Fox has been heightening interest in its prequel, Rise of the Planet of the Apes, over the past week. Yesterday WETA effects workshop hosted a live chat that offered fans another glimpse at its work on the film, and just a few days before that we got our first look at Andy Serkis as the ape Caesar, transformed via the magic of motion-capture technology.

Now there is an official teaser trailer for the Planet of the Apes prequel, a sci-fi cautionary tale that reveals how humanity’s experiments with genetic engineering led to the formation of hyper-intelligent apes – and a revolution headed by the primate Caesar.

Rise of the Planet of the Apes stars James Franco as Will Rodman, a scientist on the verge of a breakthrough in the race to cure Alzheimer’s disease, thanks to his unorthodox genetic work with non-human primates. One of his subjects, Caesar, develops unexpected levels of intelligence, and sets out to free his simian brethren from their cruel human captors (whose ranks include Brian Cox). The rest, as they say, is (fictional) history.

The reaction to the five seconds of footage that was already unveiled from the Apes prequel was by and large very positive, and now we get to truly see Caesar and his primate pals in action. But does the CGI still look as convincing and lifelike?

Find out by watching the teaser trailer for Rise of the Planet of the Apes (via Apple) below:

Overall I find this to be a pretty effective teaser trailer for the new Planet of the Apes venture. It offers us a look at most of the main players (including Franco, Serkis, Cox, Freida Pinto, and David Oyelowo), introduces us to the basic “man vs. nature” conflict of the story, and does a nice job of teasing the actual ape revolution against humanity.

The digital effects and CGI primates look pretty decent as well, even when viewed on a small screen. WETA’s ability to render photo-realistic creatures will be put to the test with the Apes prequel, since they are using the mo-cap technology to create animals that exist in real-life. As we’ve seen in films that use the tech to recreate humans (most recently, in Mars Needs Moms), the results can be unsettling and off-putting if not done properly. So far, that doesn’t look to be the case here.

Rise of the Planet of the Apes arrives in theaters this summer on August 5th.

Source: iTunes Movie Trailers

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  1. This looks incredible..my only problems:
    - i have no idea why they chose to put the effects company instead of “the producer/the director/the writer of” or any of that stuff..that makes me think the movie is riding on its affects alone.
    - the shot of the ape standing in the house watching people sleep?..thats ridiculous
    - the shot of the apes surrounding the man my only though is how much feces will be thrown.

    other than that..this looks like what i’ve been waiting for

    • I think that the ape looking at the people sleeping is Caesar, looking at his former human masters who are evidently the main human characters: James Franco and Freida Pinto

  2. This is my 100% honest opinion.

    That trailer is one of the most unintentionally hilarious movie trailers I have ever seen.

    I laughed so hard when I saw the ape staring at the couple in the bedroom, and laughed even HARDER when I saw all of the bare-assed apes wreaking havoc on the Golden Gate Bridge.

    If this movie is half as retarded as it looks, I’m in. I’m so interested in this movie now. Ironically, of course.

    • The guy sleeping could be a scientist that was messing with the apes and now that they have intellegence he is planning his revenge. just saying.

      • I believe it is going to have a little more to do with the ape studying the way humans interact. Perhaps longing for a blonde girl to sleep next to every night or maybe even a James Franco minus an arm. Am I still talking about the right movie? I never liked the Planet of the Apes movies. I am 26, I hated them as a child. There is just something about intelligent monkeys plotting world domination that does not interest me. 50 Cent.

        • Oh yeah and I like how this looks despite not caring for the original sequel(s?) I think I might actually like this one. I will probably try to see it in the theater but only before 5 o clock. Five dollla ticket yo. G G G G UNIT

          • Due to your artful subliminals I suddenly have the inexplicable urge to download hip hop…

      • Your right. The couple sleeping is James Franco and Freida Pinto. Ceasar must visit the scientist who “created him” and raised him. I almost didn’t recognize Franco as he hardly ever sleeps in real life!

  3. Rise of the Planet of the Apes of the Planet of Earth. Jesus, why don’t they put the year and the day in the title too. Super redundant.

    • yes, I thought that too. Rise of the Apes was far better than this title

      • I too thought Rise of the Apes was, if nothing else, cleaner. Clearly Sean Parker didn’t come up with the new title. 8-)

    • i thought rise of the apes was fine the way it was but i guess it sounds like a russell brand comedy at the point and “caesar” would be misleading..maybe its a sign we should even have this movie?!?! idc

    • sloan,

      I would guess that the title is a nod, hat tip, whatever you want to call it to the original movie franchise:

      Planet of the Apes

      Beneath the Planet of the Apes

      Escape from the Planet of the Apes

      Conquest of the Planet of the Apes

      Battle for the Planet of the Apes


      • I agree. Also, “Rise of the Apes” doesn’t immediately make someone think of the original franchise, and no one wants to remember Tim Burton’s movie. Hopefully, it doesn’t well enough to spawn a franchise.

      • A nod to the first is enough. A landmark classic.
        The original Planet of the Apes is one of the
        all-time Sci-Fi champs right up there
        with 2001: A Space Odyssey.

  4. looks awesome. I really like the trailer, and the CGI looks great

  5. I found the teaser/trailer quite effective. Scary even. I now definitely find myself intrigued and curiosity piqued to see this film (the last “apes” film was SUCH a huge let-down).

    That said, I fricken’ HATE the stupid title!!! Seeing it written out in the trailer like this is even worse than seeing it typed in an article. It’s just incredibly poor grammar. Just goes to show you that the “suits” in Hollywood might as well BE apes.

  6. The CG apes still look wayy to fake.

    • I think it looks very good. i mean its as good as it gets anyway.

  7. You know, I had the exact thing happen with a bunch of hamsters I was training to mix drinks. They’re soooo irresponsible when intoxicated. I was cleaining up cedar shavings and hamster puke for a week.

  8. I thought this movie would be aweful but this trailer has changed my mind. They got my 10 bucks.

  9. Ew. That was just creepy… Haha

  10. Rise of the Planet of the Apes is a homage to the original movies…Battle for the Planet of the Apes, Beneath the Planet of the Apes, etc. I thought this looked great!

    • it’s fine to do an homage, the problem is, the title is grammatically stupid!
      There can be a “battle for” something.
      You can find yourself “beneath” something.

      But for something to “Rise”, it must first be capable of rising.

      The apes may rise.
      The ape society may rise.
      However, the Planet of those apes can only “rise” if it is being seen from another celestial body!

      The title is stupid.

      Regardless, the teaser is way cool.

      • Mike E.

        There are multiple meanings to “rise” – the rise of the industrial age for example is not incorrect grammar. The title doesn’t refer to a literal “planet” but to the rise of the ape “race.”


  11. interesting to say the least. people should learn to stfu before posting their garbage opinions online, sure ‘your entitled to your opinion’ but seriously people it wont hurt to put some thought in your stupid comments in regards to why you think the movie doesn’t look good etc.

    i didn’t like the recent remake of apes (the one before this), it was really boring (i didn’t even watch the whole thing it was that bad) but this looks pretty cool, it explains how the apes become so sophisticated and how they take over the US and will more then likely be left open for a sequel or 2 (or 3 knowing hollywood). the apes dont look 100% ‘real’ but are well above average compared to most movies with CGI humans/animals.

    also, did you people stop and think that maybe the scene with the ape looking down on the people represented emotion amongst the apes – they feel how we feel, or are you all brain dead internet junkies looking for a reason to rip on something ? COMMON SENSE AND MATURITY WILL HELP YOU IN LIFE ;)

    • Some people attack a certain poster. I guess that is too short-sighted for you. So you attack EVERYONE. Or at least who you perceive to be everyone.

      I agree with some of your points. They would be better received without the unnecessary insults.

    • Maybe you should take your own advice about maturity. You’re basically insulting people b/c they view the trailer differently than you do. Very mature (please note sarcasm).

      Yes, it does tell how the apes rose (hence the title), BUT we already saw that in Conquest of Planet of the Apes. I honestly can’t feel emotion for those lifeless CG apes. And that’s the problem with filmmaking today. The majority of films use CG characters, and they come off as just life-less. Just look at the Na’vi in Avatar or the CLU in Tron: Legacy. Maybe it’s because I’m old-school, but practical has, and will always be surperior.

      • I completely disagree with you. Practical effects will come nowhere near how these apes look. and as far as the apes and Na’vi goes, they were very much alive. you can clearly see the emotion in their face and body. there are something practical effects may be better at, but creating creatures like that? no way

        • I’m with Magnus. I thought the Na’vi were very convincing and was completely immersed even during the completely CGI parts. I, as a rule, don’t pay to see movies twice in the theater but I saw this twice in IMAX if that says anything.

          The only reason why Clu in Tron wasn’t as successful was because we are ALL experts when it comes to the human face/body. We stare at and interact with each other so much it’s easy to see the flaws still in CGI humans. The face and hand nuances still need some refining. We are close though to finally crossing the uncanny valley, just give it a little more time.

          And Ghost you are probably going to be hating life in 10 years because I predict a lot of movies will move to a full CGI format once the tech becomes mainstream, especially for FX heavy movies. It will then be all about the voice actors and mocap specialists like Andy Serkis.

        • I just prefer it when ACTORS made movies, not computers.

          • they ARE actors.
            whose “motion” do you think is being “captured” for those performances?

            So in your opinion, Andy Serkis’ performance as Gollum as “emotionless”?

            I’m sorry, but I’m going to vehemently disagree with you on this.

            • And w/o those effects, it would have just been Serkis in a motion-capture suit. You take out the CG in a film like Avatar or Transformers, then you are left with NOTHING.

              • Yeah, but why would you do that? i mean theres a reason why motion capture is being done instead of practical effects.. you are able to create something better by using a computer than by using make up. does it bother you that movies use green screen? or that they make fake sets when they film instead of the real deal? its all the same..

              • Ghost, I agree. I’m growing ever more tired of CGI. It has its place, but I prefer practical effects over CGI anyday. Case in point — Tim Burton’s Planet of the Apes movie was awful, but I seriously love Tim Roth’s portrayal of the chimp Thade. Chimps in the wild are savage, brutal animals. And the thought of one developing a human’s intelligence, speech and cunning is pretty damn frightening. Having Tim Roth in practical makeup was just damn spooky.

                I for one think the trailer looks great, and the apes very realistic. it looks like the people that the chimp is standing over in the bedroom is Franco and his girlfriend, which would make total sense. And how is this hilarious. Having a chimp with or without human intelligence standing over you while you sleep is just about as close as you could get to the boogey-man. You all may recall with that real-life 250 lb. chimp (“Travis”) did to that woman in California…

                That being said, I can’t help but think that once the movie is released, I’ll walk away from it wondering why they didn’t use practical on the closeups and CGI for the distance shots. I’d rather have slightly fake practical over flawless CGI any day.

              • you’re right dude. not everyone else is seeing it. it’s not a statement on looks, but no matter how far cg has come, real emotion hasn’t been shown. it’s in the eyes and souless effects can’t capture it. the primal is still missing.

      • @ Ghost…..I’m gonna have to side with the others. I agree with Magnus and felt the Na’vi were very believable and felt completely immersed in the film even during the all CGI scenes.

        The reason why Clu and the young Flynn from TRON Legacy weren’t as successful though is because we are ALL experts on humans, especially faces (and hands). We stare at each other day in and day out so we know if something doesn’t look right. This is also why aliens look more believable though. Since we had no preconceived notion of what a Na’vi looked like before Avatar, what we see we are more accepting of.

        The day will come though where they will finally cross the uncanny valley and you won’t be able to tell them apart. It will then be all about voice acting and MoCap experts.

        I feel sorry for you in 10 years though when the tech has been perfected because a good % movies will switch to an all CGI format, especially FX heavy ones.

        • Sorry for the semi double post! I made the first one and when it didn’t show up I thought I had hit the wrong button somewhere so I re-typed it :P

  12. The movie looks good (not great but i will go see it) but i wonder how they overvcome 2 large problems.

    1. The first ape have intense lab work done, how did every other ape get so smart, unless they actually did this to everyone.

    2. Humans outnumber apes considerably in North America (and most other developed places of the world), good luck finding enough to over through society.

    other than that it looks good

    • 1. There’s a scene in the trailer where Caesar is looking at a canister. I’d assume that he uses that on the rest of his fellow apes.

      2. Well, it wouldn’t be much of a movie if the apes didn’t succeed. It’ll probably be something along the lines of humans being incompetent and arrogant, thus causing their own downfall.

    • What makes you think this movie takes place in 2010…. What if it takes place in 2110 when all the cats and dogs have died and peopl breed chimps as pets… Ever thought of somthing like that??? Just wondering :)

  13. I’m in.

  14. I think this looks very good, there isna certain retor horror movie feel to the trailer and it illustrates what a disturbing concept it actually is. On the CGI apes, well, they look very good. but they still look like CGI and i think prosthetics could have worked just as well if not better.
    But the trailer has certain made me want to see it.

  15. I might have stated this elsewhere or just think I did. I hope they show Charlton Heston’s crew launching into space as a news story in order to connect their arrival in the first one to this one.

    Overall, I am deeply intrigued by this movie. I’ve always wondered how they came to rule and despise humans.

    • Nope… That happened way before the the apes rise…. I guess they could start the movie with it… There really isn’t any story to tell regarding the crew as they are in sleep stasis the whole time….

      • right. I just thought it would help connect though thinking about it more, we can just imagine they are already in space

        • For me though I would think it would be really cool to see those four getting into the shuttle because I would be able to connect the film to the first one. Though that wouldn’t explain the second movie with the appearance of Taylor’s friend.

  16. “AAHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!

    Damned dirty apes!!


    I really need to do some script writing.

  17. looks great we need more monster/sci fi thriller films that are story/characters driven and have a bland of practical and cg. i say they remake island of dr moreau,resident evil,the creature from the black lagoon,dino crisis,jurrassic park,steve altens the loch,underworld origins of corvinus, and splice 2. lets see some other great originsal monster/killer animal/sci fi thriller films as well being a fan of them but not seeing many good one’s here in the past 10 years.

  18. I think this is t∞ in the POA series prior to the future influence/interference of Cornelius and Zira. IMHO one of these would be better titles:

    The Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes
    The Nascent Of The Planet Of The Apes
    The Origin Of The Planet Of The Apes
    The Birth Of The Planet Of The Apes
    The Inchoate Planet Of The Apes

    however, rise in this context isn’t quite strictly grammatically wrong…

  19. “Some things aren’t meant to be changed.”

    Hmm. Not sure I like that message.

    But overall, I’m somewhat interested in this. I’m a bit less interested, actually, now that I’ve seen the teaser. I think CG can be done really well, but the emphasis these days seems to be more on flashy, attention-grabbing CG than on CG that tries to trick us into thinking that it’s real. The physics and details seem so… off in this teaser. Why is it that CG seems to have gotten worse since the 90s? This is why I like Jurassic Park.

    • Well, CGI itself has definitely improved since the 90s. The problem, however, is that said improvements sometimes make for lazy filmmaking.

      Case in point: Jurassic Park uses a clever combination of camera angles, lighting, animatronics, and CGI to brings the dinosaurs to life. Hence why it actually still looks pretty good today; Spielberg didn’t just rely on imperfect digital tools, he used a wide variety of filmmaking tools that complimented one another.

      That said… I’m holding off on judging the RotPotA CGI too much just yet, since CGI always looks faker to me on a small computer screen.

      • Yeah, you have a point. Today they use CG to do a lot of unbelievable camera shots which further destroy the illusion. And the combination of CG with practical effects can be very impressive. The Jurassic Park movies are a good example, as are the Lord of the Rings movies. But I still have a problem with the overall physics of today’s CG creations. In the Jurassic Park movies I always liked how real the movement of the dinosaurs looked. Today’s CG creations seem to defy gravity and have an overall cartoonish, look at times. There’s something over-the-top about them, in my opinion, like their movements are exaggerated.

        I think the apes here actually look pretty good much of the time. Where they start to look fake to me is when they’re out running around.

        • I do love Andy Serkis, though. :)

        • Bleh. Lot of typos in that.^

  20. ceaser looks like he is going to kick some A** at the end of the teaser.This looks so good Andy serkis is a genuis

  21. I always got the idea from the originals that humanity killed each other through nuclear war, and then left room for the apes to take over as the dominant species through evolution. However, I like the looks of this movie a lot, and the idea that we kill ourselves with our greatest discovery still very much plays on the idea that we wiped out our own race (mostly). Plus genetic engineering is a issue that is new and unexplored and sums up our disregard to nature in a similar way to Nuclear War. It needs a lot of contemplating over, and addressing, like Nuclear War was many of times in 20th Century cinema.

    ‘You Maniacs! You blew it up! Ah, damn you! God damn you all to hell! ‘

  22. problem: caesar was not chemically altered in the original apes history. his parents came back in time and gave birth to him before they was shot and he was raised by ricardo montelbaun. he grew up and lead the revolt against humans

    • I agree, the fact that at the very end of Escape from the Planet of the Apes, the child of Cornelious and Zira repeats the word “mama” – without being experimented on in anyway – makes this addition to the Planet of the Apes Series unnecessary. It looks like a movie that was only made to make money.
      Film Industry is SERIOUSLY lacking creativity!

    • Who cares mate, it’s a new decade for more of a modern explanation of why monkeys could actually rule humans…

    • In the Conquest film, didn’t Cornelius say in the original timeline (his timeline), an ape named Aldo started the revolution, in the same fashion that Caesar later would. But unlike Aldo, Caesar wanted a peaceful conclusion. So by changing the timeline, Earth would survive, the bomb held by the mutants still an ever present threat. So this film doesn’t use Aldo as the avenging ape. It’s still Caesar?

      • Cornelius mentions in Escape that Aldo was the first ape to speak the word “No” to his human masters, but I don’t think he went into any detail beyond that. The originals weren’t too consistent even within their own timelines either.

        • “The originals weren’t too consistent even within their own timelines either.”

          I don’t think any of the sequels were planned except for Escape / Conquest. I saw a documentary where one of the producers said they scrounged for ideas for the 1st sequel, and then tried to end the series after Beneath by blowing it all up, but the studio kept telling them to make more.

          • And gave them less and less money to do it with!

        • Even Escape started to contradict the original back story in some ways, it mentioned the plague that killed off Cats and Dogs causing human’s to use Apes as pets and they then noticed their intelligence and used them as slaves.

  23. like i said, really digging this movie but is it just more or are they pushing way to hard for the whole “Humanity is a plague” thing by calling the drug that spawns the apes uprising “The Cure” smdh haha

  24. From the moment this movie was announced I thought it would be terrible. But if I now had to give an opinion I would say it looks pretty good. I’m still not ready to say I will see it at the theater though.

  25. This, looks, awesome. I’m officially sicked.

    • yes it looks pretty cool.
      but maybe you should see a doctor?

  26. This looks incredible.

  27. It looks interesting, but I do not get a good vibe from the “Weta Digital” credit at the start of the trailer. Personally, I don’t care if ILM, Weta Digital, or some intern playing with a computer program makes the effects as long as they’re GOOD. It almost came off as one of those annoying “for your consideration…” Oscar commercials.


    It sickens me that they keep marketing this film as a prequel to the original, ITS NOT, for many reasons.

    For one thing, Man in the 1970′s in the original could build space ships that went out of the solar system, since this film seems more reality based, that likely won’t happen.


    In the original, Man destroyed his own civilization in nuclear war (Oh my God… I’m back… I’m home… All the time it was… We finally, really did it. YOU MANIACS! YOU BLEW IT UP! Ah—DAMN YOU! GOD DAMN YOU ALL TO HELL!), Apes DID NOT rise up against Man. In fact most of the Apes didn’t even know that there was a time Man built cities and ruled the world, that’s why they were surprised that a human could talk, only a few knew the truth. That’s why they hated Man, because of there destructive nature. Man’s destruction also happened in the 20th century, while in this film, Man is kicking in the 21st.

    The world is blown up in the sequel, and the following sequels involve time travel and the creation of a alternate future where eventually Man and Ape live side by side as sequels. This new film seems to be a loose remake of on of those sequels, called “Conquest of the Planet of the Apes”. But to say its a prequel to the original, is just misleading. Perhaps they don’t want to call it a reboot, because they don’t want to remind the audience of that crappy 2001 reboot.

    • well played sir.

  29. I would have just liked to have picked up where the last one left off…This is cool in a (dang this sorta reminds me of 28 days later) kinda way. I understand the need to just start from scratch though the last one came out a decade ago. Most of the target audience is not going to have any idea whats going on.

    But i agree with some of the previous posters…

    how in the world do apes take over the planet, without man destroying society first? that might be the only question thats bugging me right now.

    One of the only things that i can conceivably think happening to make that a reality is if this movie is similar to Terminator 3 where somehow the world is on the brink of war…And the monkey’s retreat to the amazon or something lol.

    • Or maybe the monkeys can fly a plane to africa chill out for 1000 years and we can get a “Congo” movie tie in lol.

    • Makes me wonder if the ape issue is what caused humanity to turn on itself and cause the destruction of society.

      The beauty of the very first Ape film is that discovery at the end and the revelation of what has taken place in order for Apes to become the dominant species. Overall, the first (and second one for me) were brilliant with what the movies are saying in terms of our human actions.