‘Rise of the Planet of the Apes’ Trailer Is Dark Sci-Fi Drama

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Rise of the Planet of the Apes trailer Rise of the Planet of the Apes Trailer Is Dark Sci Fi Drama

Rise of the Planet of the Apes went from being an almost joke project  to a potentially fantastic sci-fi tragedy that encompasses the fall of humankind. All in the space of an official teaser trailer. If nothing else, the CGI simians designed by WETA Workshop appeared to be as close to photo-realistic as any real life motion-capture characters have up to this point.

A full-length trailer has been unveiled for the Planet of the Apes prequel, offering a bit more insight about the plot of the film – and more impressive footage of the digitally-rendered, rebellious primates in action.

Rise of the Planet of the Apes chronicles the efforts of one Will Rodman (James Franco), a scientist living in modern-day San Francisco who has engineered a chemical that could possibly cure Alzheimer’s disease, along with other neurological degenerative conditions in humans. However, in order to test the effectiveness of the drug, Will experiments on a chimp named Caesar (brought to life by Andy Serkis) – with unforeseen consequences.

Also along for the ride are human players like Freida Pinto (Slumdog Millionaire) as Will’s love interest Caroline; David Oyelowo (The Last King of Scotland) as Will’s superior, Steven Jacobs; and Brian Cox (X2) as the cruel owner of the primate sanctuary where Caesar and his fellow apes reside.

Check out the Rise of the Planet of the Apes trailer (via Yahoo! Movies):

There appears to be an almost Shakespearean tragedy at the heart of Rise of the Planet of the Apes; between Will’s conflicted feelings about being a man of science and a father figure to Caesar – and the intelligent primate’s anger towards his inhumane captors (not to mention, his possible suffering from an Oedipus Complex) – there is some juicy dramatic material being explored here. That alone could be enough to prevent the film from falling into the trappings of a cliché cautionary sci-fi tale – which, with lines of dialog like “You’re trying to control things that are not mean to be controlled!”, Apes looks to be at a slight risk of becoming.

On the action side of things, Rise of the Planet of the Apes looks to impress as well. The digital primates are overall quite expressive and move with appropriately animalistic grace and power. While the effects look a little less convincing on a small computer screen, they’re still arguably as realistic as just about any other CGI visuals put to film – and the primates will surely look all the more believable when you watch them smash cars, swings through trees, or tackle helicopters mid-air up on a big theater screen.

Rise of the Planet of the Apes movie trailer Rise of the Planet of the Apes Trailer Is Dark Sci Fi Drama

Finally – one potential leap in logic that (as several Screen Rant readers have pointed out) could have a negative effect on Rise of the Planet of the Apes concerns the idea of apes actually overthrowing human society – given our modern-day military and weapon complex. Director Rupert Wyatt has actually gone ahead and already addressed this issue, with the following explanation:

“['Rise of the Planet of the Apes'] is about leveling the playing field in terms of if a revolution were to start in our day and age with a species that was looking to take on humanity, I think we could all safely say that it wouldn’t have a chance in hell. We are the alpha of our world. But if you were to take certain things away from us, whether it be numbers or technology or whatever you want to call it, of course there’s that chance.”

Rise of the Planet of the Apes hits theaters this summer on August 5th.

Source: Yahoo! Movies

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  1. dude green lantern really should have gotten weta for Fx that looks great

    • hahah YESSS, this is what i have been saying since day one. Any kind of Mo-cap, should be done by Weta.

  2. this is just a remake of “Conquest of the Planet Of The Apes”. Enough already. Don’t like the CG/motion capture apes at all.

    • LOL, it’s a MUCH better solution to how the apes rose than the time loop explanation from the original series. And the mo-cap CGI, looks AMAZING – don’t know what you’re talking about.


      • Vic,

        I don’t normally side against you, but the CGI looked very cartoony against the backgrounds. And it’s going to be VERY hard to explain our known use of military weaponry against apes (even if they JUST got injected with intelligence).

        Not very impressive.

        Worth a look at when Netflix ships, but not prior.

        When I saw this, the first thing I thought was it looked like the production of “10,000 BC”.

        • You’re insane, man. This looks great. I have been very pessimistic about this until this trailer.

        • @ Nautius
          In an old thread on Rise of the Apes it was noted that the apes would in some way level the playing field against humans…..I doubt they would take that scenario lightly and just have humans taken over in some mundane way.

          • It actually says it at the bottom of this thread from Rupert Wyatt too.

            • Yeah, I read that part.

              It’s just going to be too big of a suspension of disbelief for me to appreciate it.

              • But the premise of an ape world with human slaves is not too big suspend belief?

                I don’t mean to be rude. So I apologize if I am but could you clarify what you mean?

                • I enjoyed the original with Charlton Heston, because nothing like it was ever done before.

                  Then there were all the subsequent follow ups back then that got exponentially worse.

                  They also tried to explain how it became the planet of the apes. It was hokey, at best.

                  I don’t see this being any better. You can gimmick up the world of science as much as you want, but “insto-intelligence” in a can that suddenly makes every single ape species (regardless of how UNIQUE the species) smarter AND be able to take over the ENTIRE planet of almost 7 BILLION humans.

                  Yeah, not buying it.

                  I put this in the same bucket as all the other overly cliched movies where man’s hubris + sciency stuff result in madcap mayhem. It’s been done.


                  • I see what you mean. I liked the first two planet of the apes. But looking to tell the story of how it happened sometimes ruins the story. The ending of the first one was perfect. It left the reasoning up to us as to what happen with a subtle push at a nuclear war.

                    I hope this movie (and I think well) will do a good job of telling the story that would eventually lead to the events that brought forth the Planet of the Apes.

                    • *will* not well.

    • Are you serious?? This Stuff looks amazing!

    • i agree with Vic. the effects here look awesome and nobody saw “Conquest of the Planet of the Apes” anyways.

  3. Love the look, and the story has great potential. It just went from my must avoid list to my must see. Very excited.

  4. The world goes APE on August 5th. This film doesnt look half bad.
    Looks likes it will have some pretty cool action/fighting scenes.

  5. Looking great, cant wait to see it.

  6. I really like where they are going with the character of James Franco. It seems like they are making him into quite the tragic character. Thanks to him the movie already has my ticket, the apes are just a bonus (They look great imo)

  7. man that looks awsome.

  8. Count me as interested. This probably should have been done all along instead of that remake they did a few years ago.

    It has a Terminator: Doomsday vibe to it, too.

    Funny how we would have two different possibilities: either the world’s taken over by robots, or by apes.

  9. is it known if the apes will be able to speak at ill in this?

    • actually no, the apes use sign language :/ it would be kinda cool to see some kind of speach thing but they said no apes talk talk.

    • Yeah, but humanity has the amazing ability to potentially completely destroy itself…yaaay, us!


      • Oops…my comment was made in response to Phil.

      • Couldnt have said it better myself :D

  10. The CGI looks a little off it looks blended wrong kinda cartoony

  11. looks bloody amazing thus far, sure the apes dont look 100% realistic but they’re damn close. the only real thing that annoys me is the expressively long title, they should have just called it ‘rise of the apes’, short and straight to the point.

    the real cool thing is that one of my old teachers works for weta so i’ll be able to see all the behind the scenes stuff (work in progress etc) for free hehehe.

  12. Cartoony? Bad? Terrible? That looked so much better then most other movies with CGI…

    People were worried that GL looked to fake but after they “fixed” those issues, everyones fine with it, this looks 1000% better then GL, so are those people just picky as hell? Or does an empty can REALLY rattle the most?

    • BTW, GL still looks fake and cartoony, this movies CGI mops the floor with GL, in story, characters, AND CGI…

      • That’s completely your opinion.

        • Everyone has heard the line “Get you paws off me you damned stinking ape!” but how many people (before GL was being made into a movie) ever heard of “In brightest day, in blackest night, No evil shall escape my sight.Let those who worship evil’s might, Beware my power… Green Lantern’s light“ I would say… 3 people that visit screenrant, and even though im a HUGE comic geek, i heard about it, but never heard it myself…

          So opinion, about the CGI, yes, that is my opinion…

          about the story and characters? no, they are timeless, they are classic… classics are not second class to anything, even if the movie has a living plant and a power ring

          • Let’s determine that when they are actually in theaters.

  13. I have no idea how they can make apes putting up a fight against a modern military (and im assuming winning) even remotely realistic but it looks good.

    • Any average size chimp could rip apart several of the strongest, largest, and best fighters you could find, without breaking a sweat. Then there are the gorillas. They are much faster and more agile than people. They can survive outdoors and on vegetation, so I guess it depends on how smart they are.

      It would probably be more realistic if they don’t speak a language, although chimps (and animals) have a much more complex verbal communications than we understand so far. But I don’t think they’d have the proper vocal cords. Also, they aren’t really built to walk upright habitually, so that I hope they don’t do that in the movie. Ultimately they’re skull size and shape wouldn’t support a human brain structure, so this is very much sci-fi. But I’d appreciate as much realism as possible.

      There are accounts of chimps being raised as human children and then being thrown in among wild chimps. The stories are heartbreaking. They pretty much thought they were people before, and were accustomed to clothes, comfort, magazines, and television. They’d try to communicate with sign language to people they’d encounter.

    • I think it would be more plausible if the apes got some help from humans. Say several organizations like PETA band together to help save and protect the abused primates.

      With the help of some sympathetic humans in a few key positions (mostly military) the apes could do some damage. By the time those humans figure out that the apes are in it for conquest it will of course be too late.

      The sympathetic humans would have to be in positions of great power and have lots of resources for this to work, but it could be one angle that would make some sense.

      Somtimes though, you just have to trust the director and let him/her guide you through the reasoning and methods. Apes taking over the world is not really that ridiculous compared to alot of the other movies that have come out in the last few years.

      This movie looks better every time I see something about it and like most of you i was very skeptical when it was originally announced. We will see soon enough how the apes rise up and I for one am very excited to watch it all unfold.

  14. looks alright from the trailers. Although, I’m interested to see how they explain a gang of apes overthrowing a superpower and dominating the world. A hill billy with a double barrel could take half of them out.

    • I don’t own a gun of any kind, let alone a shotgun, but I don’t think your taking into account having to reload. Against gorrillas.

      Just saw the X-men First Class midnight showing which this played before, and I have to say noone should make a judgement on this untill seeing it on the big screen. The author is definetly right in the article, a computer screen doesn’t do it justice.

      • lol. These apes would have difficulty subduing a small, dusty police department and securing control over their hick town, let alone a big city with various measures of authority including swat teams and the military.

        My point was that I’m interested to see how they rise to power (in a credible fashion hopefully). And not – a chimp’s hand hovering over a nuclear bomb’s control panel or waving a machine gun about like it’s Al Pacino.

        • LOL@ the last sentence.

        • This looks like a lot of fun and I’m definitely interested. But how they take over is making my head explode.

          The few apes in the testing facility have to hitch-hike, hop on planes and buses, etc. to every city in the country that has a zoo with chimps, gorillas, orangutans and gibbons. They then have to give them the super genius serum and then all hitch-hike, fly back to the first city. At the same time, some other apes will need to hop on planes and boats with crates of serum and go to Africa and Asia, then ride safari jeeps to every piece of jungle that has an ape in it and give them the serum too, and then enough to hand out to all their family groups and buddies. Now that the African and Asian apes are smart, they’ve all got to buy airplane tickets, go through security, show their passports at customs, etc. and get back to the first city like all the U.S.A. zoo apes just so they even have a prayer of taking over larger cities.

          Once they take over the first city (and the U.S. government completely ignores the threat), they’ve then got to go to every other big city in the United States and repeat the process. But, they also need to simultaneously take over every other nuclear capable country so that no one can retaliate. Good luck taking over China since everyone knows kung-fu! Donnie Yen would never let it happen!

          • I get what your saying, but if this drug was real, thousands of apes and chimps would be used in sites all over the country, possibly even in other nations. A drug that increases brain power? All pharmacutical companies would be over that like white on rice. The monkeys still need to overpower mankind, but it would be more than just a few in the original testing facility.

            • you know cesar will tweet a message(or facebook) telling the other apes to try the serum marked chemical X and then cesar will be known as mojo jojo and he will fight the charlies angels…

  15. Great trailer and the story seems good and the action is awesome.

    CGI? It is a little convincing.

    Cast? Great.

    We all know how it all ends as this is a reboot with a modern take on the classic.

    If there is a sequel, how will the humans fight back now that the apes have taken over the world.

  16. looks like it will have a really dark, and good story and taken seriousely, cant wait for this one.

  17. Was excited after seeing the first trailer, but now I’m beyond excited! I’m loving everything about this film. The cast looks great and the apes look amazing. CGI is done very well here, loving it. :)

    • I wasnt excited at all, but after seeing this, like you, beyond excited…

  18. No one is saying that the Apes take over right away…this is just the start…it could honestly take decades…

  19. The attitude that smart monkeys could never take over the world is probably part of the plot. Maybe thats how they get a foothold. Human Superoity Complex or just plain hubris.

  20. the ape in the first picture looks too human, and the ape in the second picture jumping at the choppa looks like the recent king kong.(i hated the cgi in that king kong movie) .
    it would be cool to see a city of the apes set in the future.
    technically we won’t see any “”APES”” if they have not evolved yet.

  21. Folks, lets not forget that this is a movie. Fantasy, entertainment. All of you self-proclaimed comic geeks, including myself must realize that fantasy should not be rationalized. Just use your imagination and allow yourself to be entertained. Who cares how they get the guns and the nukes. Who cares how Superman flies or how he’s able to lift 100 tons.

    • who cares how they get guns and the nukes? – that would be a pivotal event in the story and I care about stories. If the story is bad, the film is bad.
      This film is science fiction not fantasy and you should be able to rationalise science fiction even if it is extremely unlikely.

      • Who are the humans gonna nuke? Themselves? The Apes are attacking human society from within.

        I hate to say it but it’s gonna be . . . . gorilla warfare >.<

        • This is the point we’re making. How are they going to make this seem believable or at least credible (for a decent sci-fi)?
          I think the best way for this film to end would be for Caesar and the rest of the ape rebellion to be locked away in some kind of secure research facility with the suggestion of more things to come in the closing scene.
          Perhaps, since they are now free thinking, rational beings government groups etc. will protest for their equal rights… they will gradually move into more strategic positions… but then again, if I see an ape working in Starbucks or driving a bus like something out of a Karl Pilkington monkey news I’m walking out the cinema – this is what I mean, I’m intrigued to see how they do it.

        • I agree lol and the apes have a 10 times greater than man learning curve in this one so they actually do have a fighting chance

    • The apes didn’t use guns or nukes and they weren’t out to overthrow humanity – just get themselves free of human tyranny. There really was nothing in this movie to suggest any outlandish “fantasy” – It don’t really take much imagination to know that it could very well happen, especially in our age of genetic and biological exploration.

  22. Rise of the Planet of the Apes LOOKS AWESOME!!!! This is THE BEST trailer I have ever seen.Forget Burton—Apes are back and they mean business!!!

  23. the trailer looked really boring.

    • Zack is the only one boring here!

  24. THis looks like great entretainement and fantastic effects !
    Now it reeally is up to the story line.
    What really is cool in these sci fi movies is the touch of realism that can make you say to yourself “hmmm maybe that could actually happen” even though when you get out of the theater, naaaah you know it couldn’t happen, kind of like jurassic park.

  25. This movie looks creepy. Haha


    • I was kinda in agreement with ya Gary, but I gave it a shot and was surprised how much I ignored the CGI and fell in love with the film. I still wish they could have used more physical make-up but there’s just some things make-up can not accomplish without the age of cgi, and many scenes in this film were just that.

  27. As a kid, I was thrilled by every Planet of the Apes episode. Equally entertained by Tim Burton’s version, including Michael Clarke Duncan’s ape…awesome. I’m sure I’ll be just as enthralled with this prequel, just as I enjoyed the X-Men prequel. Movies are an entertaining temporary release from reality, feeding our imagination to simply enjoy the ride. What a great escape they are, eh?

  28. Deep Blue Sea with apes en it?

  29. My only question about this prequel is that these apes are within a talking-human environment. If one recalls, the first POTA movie has
    the humans as mutes. In Escape, Cornelius explains (in the courtroom)
    that “Where we come from, apes talk, humans are dumb.” How can the apes believe they’re more advanced than Man when it begins with talking men? Yeah, it’s fantasy, I know. But, one must create ‘believability.’

    • This film has little to do with the plot of any of the previous Planet of the Apes films and sets it’s own world apart from them in many ways – though there are a few clever, if not humorous pokes. But in reply to your comment about what Cornelius said in court (in Escape) – you must remember that Cornelius’s Ape World is hundreds if not thousands of years after the fall of man and with that in mind, how would they ever remember that mankind had ever “talked.” And the thing of the elder films is there is a semi-time loop. The loop actually gets broken. There is NO nuclear war as presented by the remains of the first film. Somehow, Apes still end up in charge of the world, but obviously not the same way as they did the first time around.