‘Rise of the Planet of the Apes’ Comic-Con Trailer: Apes Run Amok

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Rise of the Planet of the Apes Comic Con 2011 Rise of the Planet of the Apes Comic Con Trailer: Apes Run Amok

As we wind down Comic-Con 2011 we look ahead toward all the great sci-fi, fantasy and superhero films that the ‘Con teased us with, and that includes Rise of the Planet of the Apes.

This prequel/reboot of the Planet of the Apes franchise has James Franco playing a brilliant scientist whose would-be cure for Alzheimer’s inadvertently creates an ape of remarkable intelligence, fittingly named “Caesar.” The ape will be brought to life onscreen via some equally remarkable motion-capture CGI technology, combined with another great turn by CGI character actor, Andy Serkis (The Hobbit, King Kong).

There’s a new Comic-Con trailer for Rise of the Planet of the Apes which we’ve posted below, but:


Check out the Comic-Con 2011 trailer for Rise of the Planet of the Apes:

Yes, this trailer does show off a little bit too much of the movie’s final act, and the fate of a pivotal supporting character (Steve Jacobs, played by David Oyelowo) – but then again, is the outcome of this movie really a surprise for anyone?


What does look to be interesting, however, is the performance of Serkis as Caesar. Serkis playing Gollum in Lord of the Rings was revolutionary, and he got inside of King Kong and made that monster more “human” in some ways than the humans in the film were. And here, again with the help of WETA workshop, it looks like Serkis is adding yet another milestone to his belt: making a non-human, yet reality-based, entity into a fully-developed and believable character.

In fact, we’ve been saying it for some time: Even though much of Rise of the Planet of the Apes looks like a standard sci-fi B-movie, Serkis’ performance is likely going to be the element that elevates this project. That and the effects on those Apes. Good stuff.

Rise of the Planet of the Apes will be in theaters on August 5, 2011.

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  1. “Yes, this trailer does show off a little bit too much of the movie’s final act, and the fate of a pivotal supporting character (Steve Jacobs, played by David Oyelowo ) — but then again, is the outcome of this movie really a surprise for anyone?” ~ Kofi


    Good points. If you sting all the trailers together, you pretty much know how the movie will play out. I will wait until DVD.

    • Myabe im showing my age but this movie cannot really be spoiled because it is a remake.. Growing up these movies were some of my favorites (even had the toys in the late 70s) Probably one of two watchable sequels in the series.

  2. That final part of the trailer is pretty intense! Well done

  3. This movies gonna be bad ass, I know that because Ive watched 50% of it already in various trailers, but im still gonna watch it. How could you not want to watch this? It looks awesome!

  4. yeah i think they showed a little to much in the trailer but it still looks awesome

  5. One thing is for sure, the world will go ape August 5th.

    • I just choked on my banana.

      • You’ll go blind if you do it too much.

  6. Didn’t like the first trailer at all, but this one makes me at least more interested in seeing it.

  7. Ah yes. The time-honoured Hollywood tradition of killing the black guy. On a different note, I’m not sure this is the climax. Looks more like the start of the second act to me.

    • my thoughts exactly.
      me thinks we are presented with a bit of trickery.

      • I mean about the start of the 2nd act.. not the “killing the black guy” thing. I mean, come on, the black is the main villain. It’s not like he can’t meet a horrible and untimely death.

  8. How about Mexicans? Or Russians? Which race would you like to see die? I’m sure plenty of white people die in this movie as well, even before the scene with the helicopter. I think the director and writers put more thought in to which character dies, than what color skin they have.

    • I nominate Irish-Canadians… we’ll do anything for attention.

  9. this trailer does show off a little bit too much of the movie LOL coming from the guys that posted every Green Lantern Trailer, TV Spot and clip

  10. I hope this movie lives up to its potential.

  11. Wait you mean the apes rise and take over the planet…. darn never saw that coming….

    Problems with the trailer…..

    The lady jogging is that oblivious to her surroundings as she passes people already looking up?

    The guy in the Heli at the end of the clip imo has a better chance getting tossed in the water like that instead of being ape handled.. :D

    It looks better and better each time I see it.

    Could we have the Apes rise to try and live with humans at the end of this? Apes 2 shows the utopia they create together only to have some stupid human muck it ape allowing the apes to give reason to take over. Apes 3 Humans take it back…. :D

  12. According to the original PotA, the apes became intelligent and were used as slaves. I can see the apes revolution failing in this movie, and the apes being used as servants. The next movie should be about the first ape that actually speaks, Aldo, and the end of that movie the apes win. I wouldn’t do a time travel into the past because that could get really convoluted.

    • in the original Apes movie isn’t there only the single “time travel” event that sends Cornelius and Zira back to the “present day”, caused by the destruction of the Earth by the human/mutants’ Omega bomb? It’s not like the spacecraft was actually capable of time travel. There was no indication anywhere that time travel was an option.

      The issue with the original Apes movies was the paradox of Cornelius and Zira’s child being the instigator of a world that would eventually lead to the appearance of Cornelius and Zira… ah, the inescapable “time travel paradox” in sci-fi.

      • there’s an “S” missing from my post… it should read “in the original Apes movies”. since obviously, Cornelius and Zira do not return to present day in the first movie.

      • Yes, in the 3rd movie the earth is destroyed and sends the spacecraft back in time. The first 4 astronauts (the woman died in stasis) didn’t travel through time, they were asleep when the craft returned to earth (I’m hoping that’s not a major spoiler; we are all geeks here right? :-) ).

        Yeah, that would be a real EWWW! moment to find out my son is actually my great-great-great-great grandfather. :-D

        • It worked for Fry, why not for you? :)

  13. Serkis does great work. It makes me wonder why he wasn’t nominated of an Oscar or Golden Globe (maybe he was and I didn’t know it) for Gollum. I think it would be cool because that truly acting talent to make a non-human, yet reality based characer, believable.

  14. If that is a spoiler… isn’t the title itself the ultimate spoiler?

  15. I can already see the sequel: the apes, having escaped over the Golden Gate Bridge, take up residence in fashionable Marin County where they spend their days organizing fur boycotts, sipping lattes, and learning to drive $200k European cars.

  16. I thought I’d chime in quickly to say that I saw the premiere of this film and my first advise is to ignore the trailer!

    The film was excellent, and not at all indicative of the marketing material—much of the action that filled the trailer is only at the end of the final act. Rise of the Planet of the Apes is an emotionally-rich sci-fi and an impressive franchise reboot. It’s worth seeing at the cinema if only to awe yourself at WETA Digital and Andy Serkis’s incredible work.