‘Rise of the Planet of the Apes’ Spoilers Discussion

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Rise of the Planet of the Apes Spoilers Rise of the Planet of the Apes Spoilers Discussion

While our readers are already chatting away  in the comments section of our Rise of the Planet of the Apes review, this is the place where you can discuss SPOILERS about the movie without worrying about ruining it for people who haven’t seen it yet.

If you’re posting comments here, assume that anyone in the conversation has seen the movie – if you haven’t seen the movie, I would recommend you don’t read these comments here until you have.

Below you can rate Rise of the Planet of the Apes for yourself. After that, feel free to Discuss away!

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  1. did any1 see the scene after credits? shows a person walking in an airport and he starts bleeding what was that about? /=

    • That was the new 113 virus (that killed that other guy who was bleeding when he sneezed) spreading. The virus is spreading across the country… which means there will probably be a part 2 to this movie, I’m looking forward to it!

  2. I think a virus is such a play out cliche. meh

    • What would you suggest? A nuclear explosion?

      It may be a cliche but the minute I left the theater people were sneezing nastily all over the place. One idiot sneezed in a vent shaft on the ground. Yuk…cliche yes. Unlikely? No.

  3. Wow.
    Some of these post really made me shake my head.
    I thought the movie was amazing.
    First off; the underlying theme that animal testing is bs, was great. Nicely backed up by the fact that no really apes or monkeys were used in the film. Okay, so it wasn’t 100% realisitic at times, but what movie is? o.o It’s entertainment people.
    They balanced the references to the old movies, and the movies own plot line perfectly. I saw the movie last night on a date, I’m a huge movie person, and have seen the other five, my date has not.
    The references to characters like cornelios (spelling?) and the orangatang where a nice touch, along with the rest of them, I won’t bother listing them because you either noticed or you didn’t.
    Of course there was no ‘this is the end’ feeling, that’s what makes a cliff hanger, and a set up for a sequel.
    I wasn’t too fond of some of the actual acting, expecially on the actresses part.
    Oh, and Luke, as a tree hugger I can safely say yes, you are wrong, there would be people out there to protect the redwoods. Not just from SF but all over.

  4. “Caesar is home.”

    That was by far the coolest moment from any movie I’ve seen this summer. The whole theater was moved by that.

    I didn’t think anything would beat Super 8 for my best summer movie, but this one did. I can’t wait to see it again. Hopefully they make a sequel. This is on the Mt. Rushmore of franchise reboots along with Batman Begins, Casino Royale, and Star Trek 09.

  5. I do not know why the veterinarian was included in this movie. She was probably included in the movie to promote the movie (because who are we kidding, all movies these days have relationships in them).

    The movie does present an insight into animal testing and it’s a little sad that these types of experiments need to be tested on chimps first for the population’s safety.

    Oh yes, I’ve got into an argument with my friend about something. Can anyone tell me who yelled ‘Hold your fire’ on the bridge? My friend believes that it was Caesar who said these words so that he could come riding on the horse, but I believe it was one of the police officers because they were wasting their ammo on the moving bus. Anyone know?

    • If I’m remembering correctly, wasn’t it Will (who was of course trying to keep an already tense/dangerous/deadly situation from becoming even worse)? He, specifically, wanted Caesar to survive what he thought would be a slaughter by the gathered police.

      Caesar only spoke twice (at least, by audience reckoning): “NOOOOO!” (with what sounded like a few more grunted “NOs” following) and “Caesar IS home.”

    • police officer. 100%.

      • I’m fairly certain it was Will.

  6. Brilliant movie, I was thoroughly impressed with this one. Finally, a movie which actually lived up to the hype. Can’t wait to see how they develop the story in the sequels. I read an interview with the director and it sounds like the next installment will focus on a sort of civil war which erupts between the apes and the remaining human population.

  7. Hey whatever happened to the female ape at the holding facility? she was sent to the lab but they didnt show her after the scene witg the empty cell With all the toys. That’s really what sent Caesar over the top. Maybe they’ll show her in the sequel. Maybe shell be like the female ape in the Mark Wahlberg POTA…

  8. as Charles Barkley might say, ‘this movie was TURRIBLE!’
    James Franco is the new Keanu, can’t act a lick, in fact Caeser outacts him soundly.
    “I don’t know how to take care of a monkey” that about sums it all up. I know apes got smarter, but were they physically changed as well? Must be, or else the talking makes no sense. I also don’t know how the zoo monkeys got smart. Where are the bonobos?
    This movie is an insult to the franchise.

    • If they had bonobos, no way would the movie been PC-13. :) But then Caesar would be surrounded by apes who were already innately smarter than him because they’re at the top of the ape chain.

    • He was wearing a ventilator, it was just knocked off of his face when the ape flailed on the table. The lab also was secured but the apes just broke through the glass and let the other apes out of their cages, could have been more secure though I guess.

    • hahaha so true man, so true! But we also live in a world where one of the biggest franchise is Twilight, so it’s expected for people to be fooled by cheap mediocre stories. :)

      • I’d hate to see how much you’d talk a bout a movie you DID like…

  9. …and if you ever get in a fight with a chimp and he lands a couple blows, well your either dead or in the hospital. Chimps are vicious, other apes not so much.

    • Exactly which is why Kobas came off as being more realistic than Caesar. I hope they bring him back in the sequel.

  10. finally, must every movie be a setup for a sequel?

    • Sean, with all due respect, to make this movie and NOT have room for a sequel would make you a totally wrong. Or Tim Burton.
      My friend who saw the movie with me had a similar view and wanted to poke holes in it. I said to him, and I quote: “It’s a frikkin’ Apes movie. And it was good Ape fun.”

    • Sean this movie is based on a series of movies where there were at least 6 plus a TV series. Historically it should be a set up for sequels

    • Respectfully, I would reply that the movie had the most intriguing setup for a sequel that I have ever seen. Recall the neighbor who was the pilot. He was exposed to the virus. He was last seen at the airport and dropped blood on the terminal floor. The next images shows flight patterns all over the world suggesting a world wide pandemic of a contagious disease the devastated humans but apes were immune to the condition. The next movie could have the apes learning to show compassion for humans by helping them find a cure for the fatal condition. Rather than the apes continuing to seek revenge they work together with the human scientists for a cure.

      The graphics of the spread of the disease was powerful and I am looking forward to the sequel.

  11. and the head of Gensys OUTRAN all the apes when they all jumped to the atrium floor in pursuit of him?

  12. and on the GG bridge, no horse is that stupid. Horses are instinctual and a charging gorilla would have stopped a horse in its tracks.

    • We’re watching a movie scene with scores of apes rampaging across the Golden Gate Bridge, and Sean says a riderless horse galloping through the crowd is UNREALISTIC? Come on! Is that all you saw as unrealistic? This is a fantasy film, after all . . .

      • Good point Flaggl! I think sometimes, strangely enough, people forget the “fiction” part of Science Fiction.

  13. Guys Don’t miss tis movie …Wat a Digital’s effects work on the apes, especially Caesar’s face, is marvellous,

      • I loved the original too but it’s hard to put them in the same category. I’d have to say: Planet of the Apes = Best childhood intelligent apes take over the planet movie, Rise of the Planet of the Apes = Best adulthood intelligent apes take over the planet movie!

  14. I think they did an excellent job breathing new life into the franchise. I like the realistic and dramatic take on this prequel. It was so realistic I honestly was surprised when Caesar talked. I think with future sequels I would love to see them tie in The Lawgiver and somehow Charlton Heston’s “Taylor”. Maybe then can do the original over and make it closer to Pierre Boulle’s novel. I would love to at least get a strong trilogy out of the deal. Then we can put it to rest.

    • A lot of people I’ve talked to said it lost a great deal of believability when Caesar talked. I explained that it made at least a little bit of sense since Caesar was in the womb while his mother was being tested on with 112. Since Caesar was infused from the beginning of his life with a genetic level altering drug (granted science fantasy), it’s not too much of a stretch for me to believe he gained the ability of speech. I hope that they save the rest of the speaking primates for the second generation of apes or offspring to at least have a “hey the drug affects their babies” background to go on.

    • The news clip talking about the shutlle to Mars called ICARUS was a shout out to the old Charlton Heston version. Their ship in the original, when they crash was also called ICARUS

  15. Well, this movie has caught my attention so much, even after seeing it, I still logged on to youtube and watched the trailer and how other think about the movie, I think Caesar does not mean to make any harm to human, in contrast human wanted to use apes as the experiment, I believe human should treat animal fairly, and leave them where they belong. This movie alert me about the ZOO where human wanting to display all different types of animals without realizing that they should stay where they belong to.

    I felt sympathy to Caesar and the rest of the apes, they just wanted to cross the bridge and go where they should be, but human try to stop them causing more destructions and lives of both human and the apes. For those who have seen the movie can really tell that Caesar does not want to kill the human he even tried to stop the apes from killing the human. This movie could demonstrate that human has showed the cruelty toward the apes, by treating them not right.

  16. I think our review is pretty much dead-on, although I wasn’t bothered as much by the “human” characters.

    My only issue with the film is that there were WAY too many apes in the scenes directly following the breakout. They only showed about 20 apes tops at the sanctuary, but once they escaped it looked like there were 100 or more (even before they reached the pharmaceuticals company or the zoo).

    Great movie, though, and a better “start” to the apes takeover than that portrayed in the time travel film in the 70s.


  17. Yes, it definitely ranks alongside Captain America as the best movie of the summer.

    The first part of the movie whilst solid, felt almost too rushed. Yes, the relationship dynamic between Rodman, his father & Caesar is played well, and there is an emotional core reached here. Both Franco & Lithgow do well in their performances, but the scenes weren’t as strong as they should’ve been. It just seemed like the director is too eager to get past this and focus more on Caesar’s capture and eventual breakout.

    It’s such a typical trend in movies now, where the human element takes a backseat for more investment in CGI characters. Avatar did this also with lesser skill. I’m still not wholly convinced that we can start awarding actors for their role in these motion capture performances. It’s still more an advanced special effect to me.

    Once Ceasar is captured amongst the other apes, the movie really excelled. It was here the movie did take it’s time in building up the tension and I liked the fact that Caesar has to earn respect from the apes first, they don’t simply fall in line with him because he’s the smart one.

    I share everyone’s views about the mass army of apes that suddenly emerge out in the city, despite there only seemingly being a handful of them in captivity. This was one of the many logic faults that came from this being a summer blockbuster having to provide certain scale and spectacle. One would have thought that with his enhanced intelligence, that Caesar would have planned more discretion in the apes’ escape.

    Still it was a very entertaining watch and it will be interesting to see how they handle any potential sequel. They’ll have to forward events on a couple of years and it’ll be harder to generate characters to root for, with the apes being the victims this time around. With the ending, the humans can’t exactly be the villains either.

  18. did anyone else happen to notice that when the other worker at the place where they took Ceaser was watching TV that Charleton Heston was on the television…it was so quick but we thought it may have been from the original Planet of the Apes movie.

    • I grew up with the originals as well… you had to love all the references to the original.. bright eyes, charlton heston, hosing in the stall, get your filthy hands off you damn dirty apes.. it paralled the original with charactesrs simmilar to dr. zera(kim hunter) and the roddey McDowell character. looking forward to the next one.

    • Actually, it was Heston playing Moses from The Ten Commandments!

    • Yes!!! I saw that and thats why I came to this forum- it had to be a cool little homage to the original

    • I believe it was from “Ten Commandments”. I missed it, but read it somewhere. There was also a little “speech” when John Lithgow is holding up the baby Caesar which I am sure was part of the John Huston speech at the end of “Battle”. Got it see it again!

      • FYI, Lithgow is quoting Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar, and per the comment above the Charlton Heston footage is from The Agony and the Ecstasy where he played Michelangelo.

  19. Another cool Easter Egg: The circus orangatang named Maurice. In the original Ape films Dr. Zaius (an orangatang) was played by the great actor Maurice Evans.

    • if we look there will probably be more

      • Did anyone else spot what Caesar was making while John Lithgow was crashing the car? It’s on screen briefly, but it put a huge grin on my face :)

        • What was he doing/making?

          • Not sure of what he was exactly doing, but he was messing around with a Statue of liberty construction toy.

  20. Another little homage to the original was the kid Dodge Landon, seeing as Dodge and Landon are both astronauts from the first. also at one point there is a tv playing and it is broadcasting the original film.

    • im going to see it again and see what else there is. its pretty cool that the writers wound all of this together. actors names, etc. it creates another level of interst to the movie.. genius

      • remember how hot nova was..

        • yesssss… she still looks damn good in that outfit 40+ yrs. later!

  21. The film definitely had some plot holes. For example, the Apes that were freed outside the animal shelter were not exposed to the virus – so they would presumably be unintelligent (as compared to Caesar and the others). And yet they exhibited the same intelligent behaviors as the intelligent apes.

    However, as a sucker for on-screen sentiment, I thought the relationship between Caesar (Andy Serkis) and Will (James Franco) was well played. For me, this relationship was well grounded and central to the whole movie. If not for this, the movie would have been very superficial. Watching Caesar grow, and seeing his relationship change between his fellow apes and Will, outweighs any plot holes or special effects – in my opinion of course.

  22. I had 6 fav. spots in the movie 1st was when Ceasar pocteced the dad, 2nd when Ceasar punked the other chip that tryed to punk him, 3rd when Ceasar said “No”,4th when the Gorrilla save Ceasar from the sniper, 5th when Ceasar was on the horse on the GG bridge and started the ambush on the CHP, and finally when Ceasar said “Ceasar is HOME”

  23. How did Will and his fellow workers (including the chimp handler) FAIL to notice that Bright Eyes was pregnant? Worst scientists ever lol that being said, this was nonetheless an excellent movie that I hope will spawn more sequels (and rarely do I express that sentiment after watching re-boots). I am curious to find out how Caesar and his fellow primates in the Red Forest will develop their brand new society (seeing how humans are all but wiped out by the pandemic) :)

  24. My 19 year old daughter was reluctant to see this, but finally agreed to go with me. We both found it compelling, and I am nothing short of enchanted by the sentient emotions displayed by Caesar. What a fabulous character, and I hope Andy Serkis wins an Oscar, along with all the crew at WETA. Five stars to them, but only a couple to the writers. Appreciated the set up, but why such sloppy, unnuanced writing? I’ve worked with primates, and it’s obvious when a chimp is pregnant. Why not have had her give birth, taken the baby away, and let her rampage for that reason? Why was the next door neighbor of John Lithgow such a caricatured lout? I seriously doubt anyone would be so cruel to a confused old man. Why not let him be frustrated, but try to help Lithgow, even pointing to his chest but saying something like ‘you shouldn’t be out here by yourself,’ and have his physical cues misunderstood by Caesar, making Caesar’s attack even more poignant. How could Frieda Pinto’s veterinarian be so uninformed – she should have made a greater effort to return Caesar to a more natural life early on. I understand the movie is a fantasy, but so is Lord of the Rings, and the character development and logic in those stories are superb. So, all hail Caesar, but wish the writers had gone beyond the tired cast of stock characters to tell their tale.

    • I finally took my girlfriend to this movie, we both enjoyed it. The first trailer made her think it’s an animal breakout movie so she didn’t like it, and I started to lose interest when some of the CGI shown wasn’t too realistic (ie Caeser shouting on the bridge in the trailer scene), but then then they showed some emotional scenes in the new trailers, so I decided to watch it on DVD, but then rottenT gave it 80% and Screen Rant gave it 4 stars, plus a friend of ours enjoyed it, and there happened to be a new cinema in town with special discounts in its first wk, so we went in and it actually had more action and tension then I thought it’s gonna have, the Apes escape gave me an uneasy feeling because I kept on imagining how humans would destroy them with bombs etc.

      Hope they do a sequel with crazy eyes having the ideal of destroying humans and build his own army, and Caesar sides with co-exisistence with the remaining humans and maybe get exiled and join the human resistence…

      • You didn’t get the movie at all, did you?
        btw did you watch the after-credits?

  25. There is a scene where an ape wrote “Jacobs” on a white board.. Do u all think the Jacobs is referring to the biscuit it likes to eat or the name of the black guy?

  26. This movie sucked the life out of me. Other than the cgi, I saw not one thing that wasn’t absolutely projected twenty minutes out. How did the primate manage to hide her pregnancy while being the star of the tests? That was the leap that I couldn’t make and it bumped me for the rest of the film. Lithgow was great, but that was the only redeeming quality of the movie. It was too long, it pandered to too many politically correct ideas. Save your eight bucks and watch the original.