‘Rise of the Planet of the Apes’ Spoilers Discussion

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Rise of the Planet of the Apes Spoilers Rise of the Planet of the Apes Spoilers Discussion

While our readers are already chatting away  in the comments section of our Rise of the Planet of the Apes review, this is the place where you can discuss SPOILERS about the movie without worrying about ruining it for people who haven’t seen it yet.

If you’re posting comments here, assume that anyone in the conversation has seen the movie – if you haven’t seen the movie, I would recommend you don’t read these comments here until you have.

Below you can rate Rise of the Planet of the Apes for yourself. After that, feel free to Discuss away!

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  1. I’m a pilot! How am I supposed to get to work now!?

      • I wouldn’t worry too much Dr. Francis. There is no such thing as “AZ117″. Now if it was “ALZ 112″ or “ALZ 113″, then there might be cause for alarm.

        Also note that your cash is worthless to me. Convert it to gold bullion and I may consider your offer (assuming Amanda declines).

  2. I think it missed one thing that would have made me really happy: that beach shell-horn battle call thing from the original film. I would have loved for one of the main Apes to find one and use it.

  3. I think one of the best parts of the movie was when Casear spoke for the first time. I literally $h!t myself when he said that!

    • agreed I didn’t see that coming at all. It was epic.

      • Thats what I liked most about the movie.. It didn’t hit you over the head with non stop action or sequences or occurrences. It built up to them- and when they did happen it had that much more an affect on you. I think they were very successful with that.

      • Oh I knew it was coming.. I kept telling my friend … Wait on it… Wait in it…. “NO”…. Dammit, I told you he was gonna talk!!!! I love it!!!!

        • Damn.. you would be really annoying to watch a movie with lol

          • Just watched it here in the UK,and thought it was great.
            When Casear spoke for the first time, did anyone else’s cinema go completely silent. The entire audience just stopped talking because most people were so shocked by the scene. Anyone else experience this?

    • I liked it conceptually, for sure. Though in reality, chimps are physically incapable of talking like us because of the make-up of their vocal organs. But for the universe of the films, I liked it too. Definitely didn’t see that coming.

      • I agree…it was very neat to see. Although it’s true that chimpanzees cannot actually form human words because of their vocal cord configuration, I find it perfectly plausible that Caesar could shout out “NO!” just as dogs and cats sometimes make sounds that sound A LOT like human language (baby calls, at least, but often slightly more complex words). A hyper-intelligent chimp might very well be able to form the relatively simple phoneme pattern involved in saying that particular word, as well as (by movie-logical extension) the word “home”. Saying “Caesar is…” would obviously be MUCH more of a stretch. For THAT, however, I just reasoned that other physiological changes occurred that we, the audience, and the humans in the film might simply not have realized as further side effects of the 112/113 drug…Remember, after all, that Caesar stood straight up much more often than chimpanzees naturally tend to do.

        I thought this was the best of the summer “blockbusters”, though I loved “Green Lantern”, HP7.2, and the first half of “Captain America”. This film was intense, fun, thought-provoking, and all-around enjoyable.

    • Agreed. I was at an eat-in diner and we were all eating and enjoying the movie and the minute he yelled ‘NO’, everyone stopped. No sound, no movement, and then the entire audience erupted in cheer and excitement. An amazing moment.

    • you clearly dont know the best movie of th summer when you see it

  4. Okay one thing I was wondering about.. Since this is a prequel right?- there was a news report about some astronauts going to Mars for the first mission to Mars. Is this in any ways connected to how Charleston Heston (forgot his characters name) gets diverted through another time period on earth? Maybe that was a little easter egg that many of us missed?

    Also wanted to mention I thought it was ingenious that to coincide with the rise of the apes there was a virus that infected human beings and started wiping them out. That makes a lot more sense than an all out war against humanity. Human beings are way to advanced already for the apes to be able to overcome them and dominate the planet. There had to be something else that coincided with it. Great idea by the writers. What do you guys think about that virus idea?

    • Maybe it will be part of the sequel. By the time they get back to earth from Mars, most of the humans are dead or de evolved and the Apes have taken over.

    • I remember the end of the 2001 movie where Mark Walberg is standing on the Ape-erham Lincolm memorial. I was so hoping to see Mark Walberg make a cameo with a reshoot of that scene at the end of the movie. It wouldve been the perfect ending.

      • same , I would of loved that to happen

        • This film has nothing to do with burton’s remake. the cameo wouldn’t have made sense.

          • I thought the depiction of the viral spread at the end was better than the concept itself.

            Awfully convenient in the timing plus it was awkward in its placement in the story. Originally, a lab assistant got infected, took a cab and the cab driver wound up infecting the nasty neighbor/pilot guy. Actually in reality, it’d be hard to wipe out an entire population with even an airborne virus. The more deadly a virus is, the more likely it is to be obsolete itself. It would have been better if the virus just gave people alzheimer’s or something similar. Rather than killed them. Less gory but I think a better plot development.

            But what would have been better is to depict how mankind just declined and apes evolved. More of a gradual progression.

    • His name was Taylor, or Bright Eyes as the female simian scientist called him. And the 4 astronauts didn’t travel through time, they were in cryogenic freeze (1 pod failed and the astronaut died). There were numerous easter eggs in the film: “Get your paws off me you damn dirty ape”, spraying with water, the first ape hunt, naming an ape Cornelia, etc… I just loved it!

    • Not only was the first mission to Mars mentioned, there was also the later headline of the Mars ship being lost just before the ape uprising. I think the next movie will be the Mars astronauts returning to earth far in the future to an Earth where apes are highly evolved and the human population is disseminated.

      Also the rise of the apes and the virus infecting human beings is more than a coincidence they are the result of the same engineered virus. I think the end of the movie showing the spread of the virus around the globe will infect both humans and primates having two effects, making humans sick and or killing them and increasing ape intelligence. The question is; what will long term effects of the ALZ 112 virus?

      • Interesting especially since it’s not proven that the virus affected other areas than the brain. Did it change the DNA enough to allow apes to pass it on to progeny because remember the gametes were created before the serum was administered.

        Yes, Caesar got his smarts from Bright Eyes but that’s from trans-amniotic contact not from the inheritance of DNA.

    • Hey Wepz that was a good catch on the astronauts going to Mars. That had to be an Easter Egg. It was so many for the true fans. Also I think it was a virus that wiped out the cats and dogs in Conquest of the Planet of the Apes so I thought they borrowed from that concept. It was brilliant!

  5. amazing simply amazing

  6. Great idea about the virus.
    By the way, isn’t this a reboot? Not a prequel?

    • I think it’s supposed to be a little of both. It’s a prequel in the sense that it does lead in to the events of the original film. But it’s also a reboot in the sense that they may remake the original.

      • They already remade the the Original.

        • I think we can forget that remake. :-)

          • They remade Conquest and combined it with Deep Blue Sea actually.

    • If a prequel, it must be to the book, not the original film’s backstory.

  7. In one of the pre-climatic scenes of Rise, they show a newspaper that reads “Lost in Space?” That’s the link to the original Planet of the Apes! The astronauts kind of get lost in a space/time contiuum and arrive on planet Earth thousands of years in the future.

  8. Lame. All the Ape movies have been lame. I think the message they originally tried to give out was RACISM IS BAD, and these days is it really relevant. America has a blaclk president for f##k sake.

    They all remind me of the Inspector Gadjet cartoon, you know the ones with the little message at the end on how to improve yourself…… BORING SNZZZZZZZZZ….

    • Well if you didn’t like the movie why are you posting a negative comment and also learn how to spell because your vocabulary is terrible

      • This movie was not about racism, it was about animal cruelty.

      • I completely Agree with you what he said was totally out of order

    • (Shakes head and walks away.)

      • (pats acslaterson on the back as we both walk out in shame (for humanity))

    • Dude don’t think cause the US has a black president that racism is over…far from it. It’s still here and always will be in some from. Thinking it’s over and a thing of the past is a big mistake.

    • What’s with you?
      By no means did this movie have anything to do with race…
      It’s about apes and humans. Point blank and simple.

      Take your ignorant anger somewhere else.

  9. I totally agree that the virus was a very smart idea to include, and it made the film over-all a lot more believable. I thought it was weird how quickly the black business guy who owned Genesis changed his mind about releasing the product in the scene when he and Franco were talking (when Franco mentioned that he had given the drug to his father). My friends and I were pulled in so many directions and I found it difficult to find a group to side with: the humans or apes. In fact, I wasn’t exactly sure who was the protagonist/antagonist, hahah. I felt sorry for the apes in that they were being contained and mistreated poorly by the humans. On the other hand, I was really uneasy about the idea of apes replacing humans on the food-chain and them being more “fit for survival”.

    Overall, I thought there were a LOT of great themes and special effects. Definitely worth the money!

    • I think Jacobs was a casualty of script rewrites to make Will seem less culpable in the spread of Virus 113 and thus the destruction of most or all of the human race.

    • Caesar didn’t let him plunge to his death… nor did he want to kill him (the CEO, Jacobs). But Jacobs was the guy in the helicopter the was shooting at him & that killed his friend, the gorilla. If i remember correctly, Caesar did motion to save the guy before turning. He knew it was up to the other chimp, his personal beef, Caesar turned around & nodded off screen, then we see the other chimp who wrote “Jacobs” on the screen in the lab (the crazy-eyed one) who then pushed the helicopter off.

      Untreated apes followed the rest since they broke them out…. Caesar got the gorilla under his command before giving him the virus.

      Makes sense??
      These were just my interpretations of the film. I could be wrong or i could be right. You can disagree or you can agree. :)

      • No man i think you totally right. :]

      • You might be right, but I interpreted it, at the time, as Caesar doing a “Bruce Wayne”, from “Batman Begins”: “I’m not going to kill you…but I don’t have to save you” (the quotation is that or something very close, said to Ra’s al Ghul right before Gotham City Monorail’s destruction…). Caesar was showing he could make the toughest of decisions but still show restraint.

        • Actually, while the scene was playing out, that’s what i thought. Then he turned & nodded off screen so i was sure that was it. Then stepped in Crazy Eyes & that’s when i realised i was wrong & Caesar left the guy alone so Crazy Eyes could do as he saw fit to the one experimenting on him.

      • I think Caesar knew that Kobas, the other ape would kill him and just let him do it. A turning point in his character in the film, which showed that he’d learned all too well from humans.

  10. The gorilla was a pimp.

    • Hell yes! I was kinda mad when Buck died

  11. everyone on the chopper had to die, because to the chimps, there was a chopper mindlessly killing chimps, Jacobs just happened to be on the chopper, wrong place wrong place, although i don’t know exactly how Ceaser knew that crazy eyes had a personal beef with Jacobs…needed explanation but wasn’t a biggie.

    There were eggs to find, (the female chimp cornelia)(the newspaper and tv reports of lost astronauts) they probably just threw those in there to tie it to the original but they wern’t needed.

    To me the movie was good, the story was believable, “NO” was aaawsssome

  12. This was one of my favorite movies of the summer. I dont know why people are saying the story sucked, i thought it was really decent. OUTSTANDING visual effects, i think this will win best visual effects at the upcoming Oscars. And might i add, the sound desgin was veryy impressive. I got chills when Caesar spoke for the 1st time, and when he was rallying the apes to escape, and when he was giving commands. GREAT MOVIE, great acting. AND I LOVEEEEED the ending. “Casear is home” i reallly hope they can get a franchise going here.
    And i swear Andy Serkis BETTER get some kind of award for his performance, what actor you know who can stand up to his cailbur to bring CGI creatures to life like that? Just pure amazing. I hope they will make a 2nd film to this.

    • Agreed. God forbid a movie have heart to it nowadays. I was really impressed with the sound as well and I’ve got to say that Patrick Doyle is definitely one of the better score composers working in films today.

  13. Loved the references to ther original. The one named Cornilius, I don’t think there was a Zira. Even the Charlton Heston movie playing in the background. Did anyone get any others?


      Statue of Liberty

      Get your paws off me you damn dirty ape!


      Fire hose scene.

      Icarus Space Shuttle.

      There really were a ton of them. Glad they paid homage to the originals. Such a rad movie.

  14. loved the movie, but I honestly think they shouldve kept the title “Rise of the Apes” instead of throwing in “the planet of” because this didnt really tell the story of how the apes took over, it just shows how they became humanities equals/superiors.

    • This.
      I sat in the theater while the credits started rolling trying to figure out how that title made sense. It really bugged me for a while…. i don’t know why though. I guess i found it to be a bit of “false advertising” if you will.

    • The virus scene during the credits should have explained that for you…

      • It did, but it still let me down in the sense that it should have played a larger roll in the film given it’s name and not just “Rise Of The Apes”
        I don’t know if you following me here. Maybe if the virus had started spreading earlier in the film & not just left as an after note (since the airport scene & the yellow lines indicating the spread was shown during the credits)
        That is my ONLY fault in the movie though, other than that i think it was a 4.5

    • I dont understand why people have problems with the title, it makes perfect sense. Rise of the Planet of the Apes = The Start of/ The Beginning of/The Dawn of the Planet of the Apes.. Get it? It’s THE BEGINNING of how the planet becomes the Planet of the Apes.. It’s the rise of the planet of the apes!

      • Agreed

  15. This was a really original movie, brilliantly written, and mostly from Ceasar’s POV. Andy Serkis deserves at least a Saturn awards nomination for his portrayal as Ceasar.

  16. Okay, this isn’t really a spoiler, but did anyone else notice footage missing from the final film that was included in trailer #3? Two things that stick out are:

    1) Will (James Franco) driving away from the lab as it’s exploding behind him. I’m pretty confident that this wasn’t in the film at all and I’d be interested to know why it was cut. Maybe the director decided the apes weren’t that destructive?

    2) Caesar embracing another ape (Cornelia?). I didn’t see this in the film either and it seemed to me like it was cut. At their initial escape he goes to what I assume is her cage (with the rocking horse) and gives this incensed look. I’m thinking they cut out Caesar’s love story.

    I still absolutely loved this movie and would love to see an extended version. Does anyone know if any other things were cut and why?

    • i was thinking the exact same thing when i got home! i really wanted to see the scene you talked about when Caesar embrasssed the other ape.

    • They also did not show Will telling Caesar “Don’t ever let them catch you” as they’re standing at the edge of the redwood forest, though it was prominent in the most recent trailer I saw last week. I thought THAT change worked as it seemed a lot more accepting and final of Will without it.

    • I noticed the missing scenes from the trailers as well. From what I’ve been told, it’s quite common to see scenes in the trailers that don’t make the final edit of the movie. I remember the same thing happening with the trailers for the film “Inglorious Bastards.” It is disorienting in some ways. At the end of Rise, I kept waiting for the moment when Will was going to say to Caesar, “Don’t let them ever catch you” since it appeared in one of the trailers. Overall, I really enjoyed the movie. I was definitely rooting for Caesar :-)

    • They cut out a lot of scenes, you could tell because the whole first part had a choppy narrative. There was a whole subplot involving Cornelia that got cut out plus you can tell the ending got changed, almost tacked on.

      Cornelia was the only female ape character and when scenes get cut, female characters are the first casualties when cuts are made in action films.

  17. i’m not a PotA fan yet i caught most the references (easter eggs and such). it was cool how the news paper article says that the mars astronauts went ‘missing’ b/c it links into the plot of the original ones. then the spreading of the virus which explains how the apes take over and such.

    the one thing i didn’t really get is how the apes in the park/zoo understood caesar when they didn’t receive the serum. one other thing, how did the number of larger apes (silverbacks and orang-utans) multiply when we only see one of each ?

  18. When I first saw the trailer I thought ” remake… its going to suck”. Man, was I wrong, First the Cesar’s eye, you know he was getting smarter, the wheels were turning. NO!, Holy cow the theater went silent (it was like I was really there). I really liked the idea of the apes taking over, had no problem siding with the apes. If it really happened I think a lot of indigenous people would side with the ape (but would die cause of the virus). I think that the human race is to arrogant right now anyways (that’s just my opinion). Malfoy… still being an @ssH0!E ha, ha, ha,. Was a great movie, now only if they put this much thought into all the other movies like Green Lantern, Wolverine, ect… Love the movie.
    P.S. We need to call the Troll Hunter for all the people talking crap about this movie.

  19. I just saw this film and wow did it under-deliever. Are we really to believe that the apes are rising? I mean all its gonna take is a quick military strike and boom those ‘evolved’ apes are dead and gone and life can go on.
    The music at times felt like x-men first class, and the Golden Gate Bridge moment felt like x-men 3. The apes evolving from the canister of spray was like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Draco Malfoy saying, “get your paws off me you damn dirty ape” was incredibly forced especially having that one guy watching the original Planet of the Apes just before.
    Sure yes, the graphics were good at times. But to be honest they weren’t that great while Caesar was a baby. Only the adult apes looked good.
    I mean the entire reason Caesar starts the riot is because…he doesn’t get to go home? Really? Thats lame.
    But then when all the apes are breaking out the apes from the zoos, how are they magically smart enough to fight with weapons and start killing people along side the evolved apes, doesn’t make sense.
    Very lame. And of course the king kong death was lame as well. The main gorilla had to die.
    The story, the drive, everything was lame. It was not rise of planet of the apes. In fact it shouldn’t be called that. It was Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles merging with x-men, king kong, and planet of the apes.

    But really. If we’re meant to believe that small insignificant amount of apes are going to ‘take over’ then we’re kidding ourselves. The solution is simple: Military.

    • Seems like the world will be pretty busy trying to figure out how to save itself from the virus. The only person who could possibly fix it will probably let humans die (or just become dumb and mute) because of how humans have acted over the millenia. We know from the original movie that there was a nuclear war and it probably happens because each country will blame the other for creating a biological weapon. Militarys will be on high alert and WW3 will start. The nuclear fallout will probably mutate the virus in such a way that human brains will degrade (de-evolve). The virus is the whole key to this working; without it, I can see your point.

      • Yeah, i get that too. But for me, the only dude really effected was killed. Yea he sneezed on that one guy making it look like its passed on. I mean it would have been better if more people were effected and instead of hacking up blood would have de-evolved. Thats what I was looking forward to seeing. So I just don’t find it believable that those two possible effected people would cause world panic and I don’t know concerned other countries would be with the escaped apes. It just seems to me that you could drops some bombs contain the virus and end it.

        • Luke

          Did you watch the entire thing including the additional scene shortly after the credits started where the neighbor was dressed as an airline pilot and heading out on a flight? Based on the incubation period of the virus in patient zero (the ape handler) I’d say the world will be quickly more worried about an outbreak then with escaped monkeys who surely will remain as hidden in the Redwoods, a place no one would let the military drop a bomb on, as well as they can and just wait for the human race to literally die off.

          I think you were looking for an ending along the lines of Tim Burtons 2000 remake.

          • Haha, Luke do you really think the armed forces would/could bomb the Redwood Forest because of this scenario? If you answer yes you are kidding yourself, and as it was already mentioned they have bigger things such as the virus to worry about pretty soon. I am going to guess that yes you didn’t stay for the after credits scene.

            • Has anything in human history shown that viruses are easily contained?

              • The deadliest viruses tend to contain themselves which is why there’s still people on the planet. It’s the less than lethal viruses that tend to ironically kill the most people. So I found the part about the virus not realistic at all. Also, it’s far more likely that it would have been more lethal to simians than humans based on its engineering.

                So while I liked the way they depicted the viruses spread, it wasn’t realistic, just awfully convenient.

                • Remember we’re talking fantasy here but also we don’t know how lethal the virus is. It only killed one person that we know of (who got a huge dose of the virus). All that we know at the end of the movie is that the virus spread. The virus spreading and causing some other sort of affliction would actually serve upcoming story lines better.

                  • Originally the ending used a mechanism that made it clear the virus pretty much wiped out everyone overtime but spread more slowly from San Francisco (even with the pilot getting sick). Maybe this time they left it open.

                    I read an interview with Franco and he did mention there was a lot of reshoots focusing more on action and less on the characters.

                    Including a serious dialing down of the violence committed by the apes against humans.

        • Luke,I thought the film was wonderful and well thought out. You fail to realize that this is sort of a re boot for the series not intended to match up with the original story line. The apes who escaped would probably have been left alone with a virus running rampant killing humans and at the same time spreading to apes and making them more intelligent. The apes moved so fast the limitations would not have had time to act. And once the apes escaped to the forest you d have many people acting to defend them because of animal rights and what not. Especially after it becomes known that their intelligence matches our own. You fail to realize how the real world would have handled the scenario.

    • Ok. For one thing, it would take the military a while to respond, especially while everything was already underway. You have to remember that the local police thought they had things under control, but underestimated the apes.

      The apes didn’t evolve from the canisters. The virus in the canister just increased their brain function.

      The zoo apes didn’t fight with Caesar. They were running through the streets randomly, which is why they got shot, and captured. The smarter apes were the ones with the spears on top of the buildings. There were a lot of “generic” apes in the film, so it was probably hard to tell the difference.

      The film wasn’t about them trying to conquer, it was about them gaining their freedom. They only fought when they needed to.

      • Yeah, I know it’s about them getting their freedom. And obviously it would take a while for the military to respond. But after the police failed to solve the problem the military would easily be able to come in and bomb the woods and kills the apes by the next day.
        But then again, if its just about their freedom and not conquering then theoretically their should be a new relationship between apes and humans and the two should try and pave a life together.
        i don’t know, i just didn’t really like the film and didn’t feel like there was much of a reason for the apes to attack…yes it was about them wanting freedom, but still I just did’t feel any real motivation from Caesar.

        • if i was to detain you and feed you crap, is that not enough motivation for you to get out of that hell hole?

          “didn’t feel like there was much of a reason for the apes to attack”

          caesar and the smart apes did not attack, they are not savage. caesar didn’t hurt malfoy until malfoy attacked him. and in case you didn’t notice, caesar was the first to reprimand any of the other apes that attack humans. any violence done by the smart apes were merely self-defense.

          “theoretically their should be a new relationship between apes and humans and the two should try and pave a life together.”

          it was a surprise to the humans that apes were getting smarter, they thought they just busted out of some zoo and needed to be put down. if anything, humans might feel threatened by another species getting smarter than them.

          • A non-violent chimpanzee intelligent or otherwise that’s an adult is what’s unrealistic. Caesar’s intelligence should have been more at war with his adult chimpanzee instincts, the film flirted with that but didn’t go very far with it. Kobas acted more like an adult chimpanzee even though he received a smart drug yet they made it look like he was the evil one.

            No, he was an adult chimpanzee with an enhanced IQ but in many ways, more realistic than Caesar.

            • I think the difference between Caesar and Kobas made perfect sense. Kobas was probably one of the wild caught apes like Caesar’s mother (living in the wild would also explain his scars). Caesar was raised for years as basically a member of a human family. His “chimpanzee instincts” were extremely supressed, only coming out when he was defending a member of his family and himself against a cruel human. But he had self control, just like most humans. Also, he was portrayed as more intelligent than the other chimps since he was born that way and not just “turned into” a smart chimp. Higher intelligence would mean better reasoning, and he probably knew if they killed everyone in their way that the response against them would be much more severe. His background and his intelligence seperated him from chimps like Kobas.

    • @luke: dude, i honestly feel like you didnt watch the movie. Its the VIRUS that kills off the main population, and the military diodnt know what they were dealing with and there is no possible way, knowing now that the virus is taking hold. and no you are wayyy wrong giving me more reason ro believe again that you did NOT WATCH THE film, Ceasar had a chance to go home, he didnt riot because he didnt get to go home, he HAD a chanceto go home, if u remeber or (watched the movie) when Will, paied the handler money and tried to rescue Ceasar, Ceasar closed the cage door and decided to stay. He riot because how cruel the apes were being treated and he saw what the world was really about, and he wanted to be on his own. So military was out of the question, the virus kills most of the humans. So just sounds like to me you didnt watch the movie really jus tryied to go off what other ppl told you, and jus wanted to say something negative about the film, if u really believe that this film was bad, then u have horrible taste in film and that you are blind.

      • I don’t think criticizing it makes you blind or have horrible taste. I had issues with it too, because I thought it started out as much better and got watered down a bit for mass audiences like a lot of films do. Not that it wasn’t a good film but for me, a frustrating one to watch ultimately.

        I didn’t like the underplaying of female characters, including Cornelia who originally had a bigger role. I didn’t like how Jacobs was made to be an icon of corporate greed because at some point, the decision was clearly made to make Will less arrogant himself and more heroic. Originally, Jacobs was the voice of caution, so why would he radically change? Caroline was a more subtle voice of reason, most of her lines in the movie, you can tell were rewritten during filming.

        I disagreed that the viral infection was realistic. I think if you’re going to deal with the themes of human greed and violence then it would make more sense to have a clash between humans neutralize them and have the apes then move to the dominant position not for “Caesar phone home” (the altered ending, straight out of ET,the original? Much more powerful) or because he had a difficult childhood but because they had inherited the arrogance that so often is part of intelligence. They simply believed they were superior to their former masters.

        Besides a viral infection that hot would die out before it got too far. Natural selection favors viral agents that are less than fatal because once all the humans are gone, it dies out.

        The guy who played Caesar was excellent. The effects were great except a few places here or there where technology of CG effects just hasn’t evolved yet. The cinematography was pretty good.

        Incidentally I was in a betting pool to guess the first week’s gross and I said $60 million which the other folks thought was crazy. That was twice the projection but I won the pool because it made around $54 million. You know why? Because its age range was diverse and nearly half of the audience were women, which is very high for a movie of this genre.

    • Luke=TROLL! Did u get the movie at all?? The Apes didn’t “conquer” the Earth by force, jackass (they kind of showed that they didn’t), man was wiped out by the virus that makes apes smarter and kills people. And the military wouldn’t magically appear as soon as the apes attack, it happened so fast. Also, the apes only killed a few people, killing everyone wasn’t their intention (it was to get to the redwoods DUH!). I’m seriously starting to think u didn’t even watch (or pay any attention) to this movie. “Under deliver” pssh! Oh yeah and “Quick military strike and BOOM! (Obviously meaning an air strike)” Yeah in the middle of populated San Francisco, genius.

          • Well since there were 5 films based on the aftermath of humanities downfall, I’m sure they could have come up with some ideas. Besides that didn’t stop them in Conquest of the Planet of the Apes, why should it now?

            • I think the viral element of it was tacked on to explain how a few hundred thousand apes could conquer around eight billion people.

              There’s a reason too why Hemorrhagic fevers (which this was obviously based on) don’t venture too far out of their areas. It wasn’t clear whether it was airborne or spread through bodily fluids, i.e. the blood splattered.

              If they had to use a virus, it would have been better to have one that gave humans something akin to Alzheimer’s or a disease that impacted the brains, in reverse correlation to its effect on apes.

    • Mate seriously you thinking its lame ?? ok just to break it down here if u know about science you would know that apes are the closest creature to humans genetic wise, and there been lots of researches the proves that apes can understand us and have intelligence specially the kinds that u find in a zoo the bonobo and gorillas, so the first sign of intelligence even baby humans is copying whatever the adult is doing, so they used the same principle, maybe they dunno how to fight but they copying their leader, and the movie didnt say they were taking over the world, if u paid any attention u would notice that the ZA113 or whatever the virus was called, killed the guy from the lab, and the pilot was infected so they gave you the hint that humans are gonna die of the virus and apes will survive and the rebellions who been held off by ceasar will rise against humans, after his death or whatever, i am sorry but you didnt get the story right.

      • sorry, but i did get the story right. I know that by the dude hacking on the pilot meant it would spread. I understand that the monkey’s will mimic, but still the story did not really bring about a “this is the end” moment. It was a let down for me. It has nothing to do with my attention span or intelligence, it just wasn’t very good to me and it could have and should have been more dramatic at the end like Conquest of the Planet of the Apes was. That film was scary and creepy at the end and it really felt like crap this is it…where as this just felt like, TO ME, that the issue could be resolved easily.

        • where did it say it was an “end of the world movie” its about the apes “Rising” which they clearly did. Im pretty sure mankind would have not cared as much about a few dozen freed apes and concentrated on saving themselves, considering it only takes a few days to die. Going forward people would die off faster and faster and apes would get smarter and smarter. Apes get prgnant and deliver much faster than humans so in 10 years apes would be able to talk and think for them selves.

          Awesome movie

          • Actually no, the gestation periods for all great apes is roughly the same as humans.

        • You are completely entitled to your own opinion. However, before you go into the “end of the world matter”, you should do a little research on the original franchise. Caesar (who was not a main character until later on in the series)fights against his own kind for apes and humans to live together peacefully. As portrayed in one of the original films, the later generations of apes look on at a statue erected long before their time of Caesar. The statue has a tear coming out of his eye. That tear (according to the writer) signified that Caesar had lost his ongoing struggle to find peace between the apes and humans. The full on end of the world/apes owning the planet did not happen until many years after what was portrayed in this most recent film. Once again, you are entitled to your opinion, but at least Wikipedia these things…

          • You do realise I know that Caesar didn’t come in until later? What I am saying is that Conquest was more dramatic, more scary, and ended well. Yes I know Caesar is an idealist who wants freedom/peace but does not obtain it. But also you want to compare Conquest Caesar with Rise Caesar, which i am not. I’m just comparing the two, because, well the two are the same event just in different realities. So I don’t need Wikipedia.

          • My stepfather’s brother created that “tear”. :)

    • Luke, No offence, You are extremely arrogant because clearly didn’t even understand the movie at all.
      First of all, The apes didn’t take over the world. They knew they were being mistreated so the freed all the apes Gen-Sys and the made way to find refuge at the redwood forest. The only reason they fought any humans is because the the police blockade. And really? Military? Caesar’s plan was so perfect, and it happened so fast, that We didn’t have time to order a rational response against the apes. And They didn’t take over the world. They didn’t even kill a lot of people! All humans care about are the profits without considering the possible consequences. So while all the apes became smarter , they just sat back and watch humans die by their own creation. The virus.
      And in the original “Planet of the Apes” It was 2 thousand years in the future There were almost no humans left, and apes were even more intelligent.

          • Moreover please do not forget that Franco’s character developed the virus to be extremely fast acting and resistant to the immune system. To quarantine something like that, it would have to be a known entity, in a specific location. An unknown virus spread at an airport could be catastrophic if even one person became infected and got on a separate flight from the rest.

            • Good addittion Dmac.

        • virus spreads an dkills humans and makes apes smart over the entire world there for humans fall and apes RISE

    • Luke…… I’m not sure you realize this but if they wanted to bomb the Muir forrest Redwoods there would be people in SF that would chain themselves to the trees. Muir woods is looked upon as the one gem that is SF. They would never bomb it!!

      • Aaron…… I’m not sure you realise that if there were a crazy race of murderous mutant apes living in the Redwoods no one would be chaining themselves up to those trees. And they would bomb it to ensure the survival of the humans…not the monkeys. For example: any other crazy monster/alien attack film where they bomb a precious site for the safety of everyone.

        • Sorry Luke, you’re wrong on this one.

          • Sorry, I’m not.

              • Just think about what you said, do you really think in this situation the armed forces would load up some bobmers and obliterate a redwood forest as a first response?

                Boy I tell ya….

                • You’re right, they’d never hurt the precious redwoods, cause their response would never be an all out nuclear war that sends the world into chaos causing the downfall of humanity and the rise of the planet of the apes that sometime in the future a man will crash to his knees on a beach with the statue of liberty in front of him completely destroyed. Yes, you’re right, they’d never hurt the redwoods.

                  • Correct me if I’m wrong but wasn’t the nuclear war in the original POTA due to human beings nuking eachother, not in response to an ape outbreak?

                    • Well, its not made clear in the first apes film what caused it…however it is made clear in Battle for the Planet of the Apes, that it was in retaliation against the apes rising. So yes. you are wrong.

                    • Hhhhhmmmm, good to know, but RPOTA was a reboot/reimagining of POTA story so that says something. To each his own though, I loved this movie and can’t wait for the sequel and whatever else is to come of it.

                    • Actually in the original version, the military did go into the forest. The apes ripped them to bits.

            • Actually, luke, Timothy has a point. I respect your right to not like the movie but if we are talking about real-world situations, the US government would never give the military the go ahead to bomb a national treasure (especially a NATURAL treasure). Not this government, not in a million years.

            • The film just went over your head. Not everyone can understand this kind of film. Your focusing on the wrong things. The military government would not be able to handle a scientifically created virus and a species uprising at the same time. Unless EVERY genetically modified ape was bombed (which is extremely unlikely) The human race would still fall, then the few apes left would dominate. There is no logic in your thought process Luke

              • Dude, don’t attack my intelligence “not luke”-very childish name by the way. I understand the film completely. There is logic to my thought, logic that you clearly don’t understand. I’m not focusing on the wrong things, I’m focusing on the things that were handled poorly in the film.
                The virus simply didn’t seem that menacing, the scientist were idiots for not realising the drugs were seriously THAT harmful to humans. They were stupid for NOT realising ‘bright eyes’ was pregnant and killing all the other apes for her attack because of said pregnancy, and the dude infected was stupid for NOT getting medical attention when he was so incredibly sick, but also stupid for not getting checked out after inhaling the gas.
                Now had this virus out break seemed a bit more serious and been a dominate aspect of the film and done properly, sure I would have liked it. But the fact that the virus comes about simply because the scientist were morons who don’t pay attention to anything was just pathetic.
                Clearly screen rant has changed from a site where people can express there opinions to a site where people have to try and drag someone through the mud just because they didn’t enjoy a film. Bottom line. FOR ME: which no one seems to read, I did not enjoy the film. I understood it perfectly fine. I just didn’t like it or think the story was that gripping.

                • I wouldn’t say SR has changed just because a few posters disagree with you. And he should not have attacked your intelligence.

                  • He wasn’t insulting your intelligence but just your logic on the scenario.

                • It’s just a film and has no bearing on real life. That wasn’t even San Francisco, it looked like somewhere in Vancouver. I think I saw one of my brother in law’s murals in the background and some locals crewed. :)

                  If we’re going to talk about realism, here are a few points to consider.

                  I understand military protocol to know why the military wouldn’t bomb the forest. Though there was originally plans to gas it with some chemical and Will said, um no, I’ll go in and see if I can talk them into surrendering. He tried that and some commandos wanted to kill them anyway. Apes killed them. Not sure what happened to that story arc.

                  I find it difficult to understand why the man exposed to the virus, a known event, wasn’t quarantined immediately. No unknown viral agent (and was this one even rated due to virulence?) would be treated as benign in a bio-hazard exposure. Yes, Will is clearly reckless and would have been fired a long time ago as a serious liability risk to the company but still, it just defies logic. Not to mention the lax security of viral specimens in that laboratory where Will’s allowed to store them in his refrigerator right next to the beer (assuming the viral that’s in frozen statis could survive in mere refrigeration). I laughed when I saw it in his home though that lies with the script. But knowing people who work in the research of potentially hazardous germs, it was hard for me to move past those implausibilities. I’m not blind (and I don’t care much for blind equating stupid as someone who’s worked with blind people)and ignorant nor did I hate the movie. I found it entertaining but not as good as it could have been.

                  Injecting his own father with a non-approved drug, won’t even go there. A viral agent that immediately cures Alzheimer’s and enhances not only a primate’s cranial capacity (as if more brain tissue even translates to intelligence and cognitive abilities which it doesn’t) but changes the DNA in primate gametes to pass along that enhanced intelligence. Having it be transmitted en utero makes a lot of sense if pregnant primates were able to pass it to young that way rather than through reproduction.

                  It’s not too hard not to get wrapped up in the implausible parts of the film because it’s just entertainment. Though being more character driven by nature than plot driven, I felt that it could have been better.

                  It was good to see that they didn’t buy too much into the stereotype that gorillas are violent and chimpanzees pacifists. So far away from the realities of both species, it’s not funny.

            • Well even if they didn’t bomb the forest, what’s stopping the milatary sending in 100 soldiers with M 16′s and shooting every last ape?

        • why would they care about apes in the rewoods if people are dying all over the world from the virus?

        • murderous mutant apes??
          The only ones with intent to murder in this movie were the humans. Wanted to mention that the virus is airborne, and unknown of. Apparently, also has the side effect of a person sneezing up their blood. People don’t cover their mouths much when they sneeze…if you can’t contain a sneeze, and you definitely can’t contain all of the air that is affected by this virus, and no one even knows that that is exactly what is causing the deaths, which by the way only take about 3 days to lead to fatality…how can this not lead to the end of most of mankind? By the time they figure out what caused it…(by the way, no one knew that the scientist passed it on to the neighbor except for us as the audience) It would have spread all over and to find a cure would mean they would have to actively find a person who has been affected, study how the virus is breaking down their body, and then come up with an anticdote, all of which would have to happen in 3 days. Meanwhile, the airborne virus is continuing to affect people AND apes….

            • Luke……your supposed to paddle downstream.

          • But they did know when they found the guy dead with blood around him, signifying that at the very least he had some type of hemorrhagic fever…after he goes home after an accident. That’s an automatic quarantine.

            In reality, “hot” viruses die out quickly or they die down and then arise again some time later, they don’t do a unilateral sweep wiping out an entire planet.

            Or most often they wipe out sizable populations and then naturally select to less lethal but still highly communicable forms over time.

    • If you watched closely you would see that the alz 113 gene was starting to kill the humans,first the lab assistant than he spread it to that neighbor. the humans will die off

    • You obviously did not see the end of the film. Humans are infected by the chemical spray and die. The pilot at the end of the film has been infected and he is now travelling – thus helping to spread the virus around the globe. That is why in the end credits you see the yellow lines tracking the earth, showing the contamination. It’s pretty clear that with a reduced human population and now smarter apes – they could take over the world.

      Military Strike only works if there ae humans to deploy

      • there are people to deploy a military strike. not every person is infected. Not ever nation is infected. There is plenty of time. but idk why people are throwing a fit about me saying there should be a military strike, when inevitably if they make a sequel it WILL BE about the human trying to eradicate the apes and will turn into a nuke war thus destroying everything we know. That is, if they are going to keep it faithful to the first film, and with all the hints and nots of the ‘space ship being lost in space” it would seem they are.
        I mean really, do you think any government would just sit back while these two major things are happening or pick on over the other? please.

    • u clearly did not see the scene during the credits. the apes dont take over the world. Most humans die out from the virus and then the apes (who only get smarter from it) will eventualy, over time, evolve and take over the planet.

    • I’m amused at how many times you used the word ‘lame’. Everyone I’d entitled to their own opinion however as far as the reason for the ape’s rebellion? That’s pretty realistic. Domestic animals and human toddlers do the same thing. I believe that there was a lot of thought put into the movie personally. The use of Muir Woods was a nice touch (if you’ve ever been, those trees are extremely tall).

      I agree the film was a bit superhero-ish but I believe that was done on purpose to keep the viewers attention and it worked. You obviously haven’t seen the series or the previous 2 movies…I truly enjoyed it. One of the best this summer if you ask me. I’m ready for part 2.

      • Ha if you read the rest of my comments then you would have seen my talking about the original series. I have the original series, i love the original. And I’ve seen Tim Burton ones.
        Yes, I do use the world Lame a lot, bad habit, ha!
        I don’t care if people like it, I just didn’t like it. I’m not opposed to a sequel, I was just hoping for a more dramatic turn in society at the end. Just felt like everything was still too ‘easy’ to solve.
        I mean sure the film was probably one of the best this summer, but then again the summer didn’t have much to offer that was super amazing in my opinion ha!

  20. Definitely a highlight to the summer blockbusters for me. The only problem I had with the film was the scientist not knowing that the chimp was pregnant. I looked passed it at first but then he knew to make his bathroom more humid for Caesar, so then I was wondering how he couldn’t know Caesar’s mother was pregnant. Just a small gripe.

    • Yeah, they should’ve known she was pregnant.

      But as far as the humid/mist-bathroom thing goes, that’s a technique used to calm down babies, it’s not exclusive to Caesar or this movie. People have been doing that for years.

      • Really?! I didn’t know that. Well, anyway, one would assume a scientist would have taken blood samples to confirm a drug is working as expected, and if he did take a blood sample, seems like he would have known she was pregnant.

        • you have to specifically test for pregnancy, i believe. good point, tho!

  21. Movie was badass can’t wait for sequel! Btw is it a reboot or prequel?

    • It was a prequel .

      • reboot

  22. If I remember correctly, a virus was mentioned in the original movies that wiped out most other mammals except apes. Humans logically shifted to using apes as pets and later as slaves. The original movies don’t really show the apes conquering the planet. It’s only referred to during various parts of dialogue. It’s implied but not specifically stated that nuclear radiation caused the apes to mutate and gain intelligence. The movie is more of a reboot than a prequel because they dropped the time loop element from the original films. In them Caesar’s parents recover Taylor’s space ship and are caught in a time warp that sends them backward in time. If I remember correctly, the virus is brought with them. This leads to the cause of the events in the original film as well as Caesar being born and leading the ape insurrection. Caesar’s parents are questioned about knowing Taylor since they are recovered in his ship. This implies that the space mission was sent out during that time period which would also lead to the events of this movie. The original movies were wired together in a big cause and effect time loop thread much like the terminator movies. Rise of the Planet of the Apes more or less writes these elements off. The cure/virus is the root cause of everything instead. So I don’t see this movie as being connected to the others story-wise. It does give them room to go in new directions with sequels. The original movies were a big circle with each film leading to the other and then back again. It made them interesting, but it would limit what the writers could do moving forward. That’s why I don’t see this movie as a prequel even though it’s been called that.

    • It is a prequel in a way (to a new franchise) because at the end credits, the map with the yellow lines is the virus spreading around the planet. It kills humans and (obviously) makes apes smarter. Also the space shuttle Icarus on the news that gets “lost in space” is the ship from the 1968 movie. It was interesting when I found that out.

  23. After writing my book report, I just wanted to say I really enjoyed the movie. I have seen all the movies and the tv show. I never read the original novel, but I heard that it only slightly resembled the movies in the basic story and characters.

  24. Anyone catch in the movie the space shuttle going to Mars on TV? Then on the kids’ paper route the paper read “Lost in space”? Obviously a reference to the first movie.

  25. best movie of the the summer!

  26. The Caesar ape performance was uneven and inconsistent. Too often he felt like an old tired ape about the age of Serkis rather than a young ape. The film breaks a lot of its own rules that it sets thus breaking the suspension of disbelief. Fox Studios once again sets another one of its films in San Francisco and on the Golden Gate bridge. Gets old fast. Not a great setting. They get some kind of tax break shooting in the Bay.

    Caesar’s character design was poor. His face is often times menacing and unsympathetic. Other times he is sympathetic. Again the performance is uneven and inconsistent.

    I recommend waiting for dvd rental if you absolutely must see it in your lifetime. Another forgettable Planet of the Apes film. Time to put this franchise to rest.

    • TM,

      Could you elaborate on:
      “The film breaks a lot of its own rules that it sets thus breaking the suspension of disbelief.”

      “His face is often times menacing and unsympathetic. Other times he is sympathetic.”
      Yes because on one hand he is sympathetic as he was raised as a human and wants no harm to befall them. On the other hand he sees how his race(?) is treated. He does not see Apes or humans better than one or the other. He sees them able to coexist.

      Why is San Fran not a great setting?

      Anyho I disagree (as do most others) with you. Go see it dont wait.

    • careful dude, if you don’t like the film and have an opposite view people will rip you apart! but for the record. i agree with you. not my favourite film by far.

      • It’s fine if you didn’t like it but your reasoning was pretty lame.

      • Why not?

        People dont really get ripped apart around here unless they can not articulate their reasoning. and its not really a ripping apart.

        I want to know why people dont like it especially if I did. To say “The film breaks a lot of its own rules that it sets thus breaking the suspension of disbelief” makes my head hurt… :D

      • Luke, I get what your saying. You don’t have to keep over explaining yourself. Conquest of the Planet of the Apes is a really hard to top classic I must agree. As a die hard fan I must say that Rise of the Planet of the Apes is a great link in the chain of and also it’s own self contained entity in a great franchise. I do respect and understand other opinions however.

    • Why does this post look so familiar? Oh yes, I just read THE EXACT SAME POST on another thread.

    • They couldn’t afford to shoot in San Francisco. Most of the film was actually shot in Vancouver.