‘Rise of the Apes’ Switches to Summer Release Date

Published 4 years ago by , Updated March 9th, 2013 at 1:48 pm,

Tim Burton Planet of the Apes 570x256 Rise of the Apes Switches to Summer Release Date

Fox has moved Rise of the Apes from a Thanksgiving release date to the end of the summer.

Is the switch a sign that the prequel isn’t good enough to go up against tougher box office competition?

According to VarietyRise of the Apes will now hit theaters on August 5th. It replaced David Gordon Green’s comedy The Sitter, which stars Jonah Hill and Sam Rockwell. That film will now hit theaters on December 9th. This is the second time Fox has changed the release date for Rise of the Apes, which was originally scheduled for June 24th.

It’s not uncommon for studios to shift release dates to maximize possible box office returns, and Fox’s strategy may pay off for the Planet of the Apes prequel. While late summer is not traditionally the strongest time of year to debut a new movie, Variety writes that August has been a decent month for the box office in the last few years.

Rise of the Apes Movie Poster Rise of the Apes Switches to Summer Release Date

Still, compared to the Thanksgiving weekend, the August release date is definitely much lower profile. Of course, that doesn’t mean Fox has no faith in Rise of the Apes or that it will be a bad movie. It’s simply a business decision, which, in Hollywood, is what 99% of decisions boil down to.

For what it’s worth, I think Rise of the Apes could be a surprise hit this summer. On the surface, it has everything you’d want in a film: a young Academy Award-nominated star in James Franco, a strong supporting cast including Brian Cox, and the world-class motion-capture talents of the one and only Andy Serkis (who I still think was robbed for not getting a supporting actor nomination for his work in Lord of the Rings).

With so many great films coming out this year, Rise of the Apes fell just short of making the cut for our list of the Most Anticipated Movies of 2011. Is it on your personal must-watch list?

Source: Variety

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  1. What else is due out around Thanksgiving? What kind of competition would this be “dodging”?

    • Stephen,

      Ah…. good point. I just checked November releases and there’s nothing that I can see that’s really a direct competitor to this film. Maybe they just figure it’s more of a “Summer” movie and will do better there.


      • Probably a trailer would give some early indication on how this movie will be performing?

    • I assume its the entire month since its filled with more potential blockbusters than August, like in its Thanksgiving weekend it would ‘ve gone against Martin Scorses’s Hugo caberet, The new Muppet movie (which I am DYING to see) and holdovers from the previous weeks, like the second to last Twilight movie(those audience members can get crazy), and Happy Feet 2 for the families.

      • Let’s not forget that Breaking Dawn comes out in Mid-November. Actually, let’s forget that.

        • If Rise of the Apes was still to be released in november then it would’ve been the week after Twilight.

  2. No…it is not on my watch list.


  3. I think it will be great, just going by fitting all the talent into the jigsaw puzzle.

    But the move of release dates, maybe it has more to do with Marky Mark staining the brand and the studio doesnt believe they can market another installment of this effectively enough (so soon) to overcome that.

  4. I didn’t know that there was a new PLANET OF THE APES sequel made,for I surely hope it’s a lot better than Tim Burton’s celluloid abomination.

  5. Exucse me—it’s actually a prequel.

  6. That one ape in the first photo looks like he needs to shave. And well he wisely might, for as an old ad sang: “There’s something about an Aqua Velva Man!” (Of course, I use “Old Spice” myself…)!

  7. This film will suck.

    • I’m sorry, this type of comment really raises my hackles.

      Would you mind enlightening us? Why exactly, will this film “suck”? What information do you have regarding it that others lack?

      • Well, I don’t know if it will suck or not, but I’m not looking forward to it. The film is basically a remake of CONQUEST OF THE PLANET OF THE APES, but will serve as a prequel. CGI apes over prosthetics is lame, and the track record for prequels already sucks. May be it will be good, but I wont’ pay to see it.

  8. This movie is on my watch list, mainley because i loved the original planets of the apes movie series(Even though the budget went down for every followup) and because i really cant recall how bad the first remake was(i remember it to bad though), but its still a scifi movie so im putting my hard earned cash for a ticket.

    Speaking of scifi, it still botheres me that defying gravity was taken of the air… …i know its a Long time ago, but i still want to kick whoever decided this, verry hard… …how can it be that the event (which is just a really lame show) continues, and defying gravity ends? And dont get me started on sg Atlantis cancellation, worst cancellation since enterprise was janked of the air and silently strangled in the back of the studio lot… …oh yeah did i say that i like scifi yet…

    • The remake had Marky Mark in it and was directed by Tim Burton who is notorious for adding his own weird twist to things. It works great for original projects but tends to kill remakes.

      And I’m with you on Defying Gravity. The fact is ABC killed the project off even before it aired. They never gave the show any press so no one knew about it and started airing it during LATE SUMMER of all times. I happened upon it channel surfing like the majority of viewers.

      There are about 10 shows over the last decade or so I really liked and thought got a similar shaft for no good reason (Brimstone is still my #1 pet peeve though). TV Execs I’m convinced are all idiots. The lot of them need to be taken out back behind the shed and brained with a pick axe.

  9. Personally I am really looking forward to the reboot / sequel / prequel / remake (of Conquest)or whatever its classed as. I consider the 1968 original one of the best scifi movies made, albeit diluted by the subsequent sequels and TB version. It is my hope that this will indeed be a surprise hit and spawn a new series of POTA films. Though if I’m being honest I dont think it will. I believe it is too soon after the TB version which rests uneasily in peoples minds. But heres hoping……

  10. I don’t know, i jus dnt know. It might be decent, but personally i would chane the release date to next year. I mean you got captin america, thor, transformers, x men: first class, all coming out this year, can they compete with that with an movie about big monkeys, maybe but not likely.

  11. I’ve nvr seen Planet Of the Apes except the 2001 version which was a crap, i believe this 1 will improve since it’s a reboot, much like ST, plus CGI apes will be awesome….we’ll see…..

    • Arnold,

      Dude… go rent the original version with Charlton Heston. It’s awesome.


      • Agree with Vic the first two movies are worth a watch, but make sure you get the DVD and dont watch it on AMC or any channel that edits it.

        “Take your sticking paws off me you damn dirty apes!!!!”

        • “Stinking”

          • You maniacs! You blew it up!

            what a great ending. :D

            The original, even though it deviated heavily from the book it was adapted from for financial reasons, is 10x better than the re-make and all it’s flashy FX and CGI crap.

            I thought Beneath the Planet of the Apes was also a pretty good flick.

            • Oh mongoose, if you only had put in that the book is really lame(Even though it was praised when released), i would salute you

              • To be honest I never read the book. I heard it wasn’t all that great so why read something that would be worse than a movie adaption?

                Since I didn’t read it though I don’t feel I can, in good conscious, comment about it either way.

  12. i thought they weren’t going to make another one sense it’s no longer sience fiction. You see the Apes have taking over Washington DC already now.

  13. “With so many great films coming out this year…”


  14. I’ve watched the Original Planet of the Apes, and in my opinion it by FAR superior to Tim Burton’s rehash. As for Rise of the Apes, I’ll wait until I see a trailer before judging it. Right now though it’s not on my MUST WATCH list. Who know’s that could change. James Franco is a good actor and yes Andy Serkis was robbed of an OSCAR as Gollum.

  15. @Arnold – most reboots are nowhere new as good as the originals, something widely believed by most people. I had to laugh at your ST example. Im guessing you’re very young and didn’t grow up on the classics these remakes are trying to milk for cash.

    @Fred – Your comments only prove that racism goes hand in hand with lack of intelligence. Learn to spell and use proper grammar if you’re going to try to insult someone.

    • Please don’t encourage him to even respond Brandon…but you’re absolutely right that the character is lacking gray matter.

    • Oh what BS! I grew up on the over the top acting of Capt. Kirk. Star Trek was not even billed as true scifi but as a space western. It was great when I was 5-8 and didn’t realize how bad the acting was, but the originals are hard to watch now. STNG was much better and DS9 even better than that. The Reboot of ST is one of the best ST movies ever. The ONLY reason some people don’t like it is because it messes with the orginal timeline. SO WHAT? It is better than the first Star Trek movie what with Vger and more bad James Tiberus Kirk.

  16. No…that’s classless…

    • nowhereman,

      It’s been handled.


      • Thank you Vic…with all that’s going on in the world, such sentiments are so uncalled for.

  17. Wow, thought member of the Manson family wasnt allowed access to the net?
    Or could it be… …is that you mr.Sheen..?

    • Wow!! What a stupid statement… Now maybe if you moved into D.C. I could understand your point about apes taking over D.C. cause only an ape would say things like that…

      It’s crazy there are still people out there that think like that… Some people!

  18. Man…is it just me or did this particular thread draw some of the really nasty net-trolls out from under the rock?
    Guess its only your opinion JAY…but calling someone a massive tool basically demonstrates that you better fit the description.

    Just MY opinion…
    By the way, Rob happens to be a very good writer and probably won’t lower himself to your level by responding, much to his credit.

    • Your right. I should not have called him a tool. If I know how to delete a post I would.

      But I would like to make myself clear, how does that particular comment make any sense? So I should pay money to see a movie as long as Franco, Cox, and Serkis are involved?

      • Furthermore, this type of hyperbole in film press really is not necessary. Unless the sole purpose is to generate hype. In which case the chances of failure remakes like The Invasion being released increase.

        • Well, its a pretty big industry…and what hypes one guy might seem really ridiculous to another. I agree that the purpose of any studio, or movie related website is primarily aimed at attracting attention to one or another product, and sure, sometimes its a tad over the top, but thats in direct proportion to the access provided by the internet medium.
          Like it or not (and sometimes it does bug…), the studios will continue to take advantage of the net to ramp up interest in their products, regardless of quality.

          Of course, the choice to invest your time and money in going to check out will always be up to you. :)

          • *check THEM out* sorry

  19. Yeah, what could go wrong wich such cast? (that was the exact same thing somebody said when The Hulk was made, the Eric Banna Hulk)

  20. I remember 8 solid years Bush looked like Curious George, a chimp, a baboon, etc. The jokes, the cartoons, all pretty funny stuff actually.

    Strange how those same jokes emit a shocking wide eyed gasp from the very people who laughed before.

    Then again, I say make all the Apes look like past and present political “leaders”, might make for a great comedy.

  21. Another 29 mil opening weekend flick.


  22. I consider the original Planet of the Apes with heston my #1 sci-fi film. I also avidly followd the next 4 films when they came out, and also watched the tv series and the remake. Other than one of the main ape’s make-up jobs and the line, “I was just about to make my move!”, which I stole for my own impromptu “comedy monologues”, there is absolutely nothing to recommend the remake. I am afraid this reboot will just rehash (poorly) the Caesar movies later in the original franchise, which while exciting when they first came out to a teenage kid, really were not all that great (forgive me if I speak iniquity and heresy). James Franciscus was a good Brent, despite some movie shortcomings, and Heston was a marvelous Taylor, a part no-one could have done better. Of course I will watch this new movie, but I must confess to being pretty apprehensive about it. I hope the finished product proves me wrong, and I will gladly eat the banana inscribed with my mistaken words.