‘Rise of the Guardians’ Trailer #2: Childhood Myths Will Save the World

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The second DreamWorks 3D animated title that’ll hit theaters in 2012 (after last month’s Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted) is Rise of the Guardians, based on the children’s fantasy-adventure novel by William Joyce. Guardians boasts vocal contributions from several celebrities – as is customary for DreamWorks’ computer-animated fare – including, Chris Pine, Hugh Jackman, Alec Baldwin, Jude Law, Isla Fisher, and Tom Kenny (the voice of SpongeBob SquarePants).

Here’s the twist with Rise of the Guardians: those people are voicing childhood myths (“guardians,” if you will) such as Jack Frost, Santa Claus, Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy, and Sandman (Pine, Baldwin, Jackman, Fisher and Kenny) – who join forces to prevent a malicious boogeyman (Law) from taking over the world.

It sounds like a goofy concept, but the first Rise of the Guardians trailer teased the film as a visually-extravagant adventure that offers imaginative takes on those childhood icons (for example: Easter Bunny is a boomerang-slinging tough guy from Down Under, while Tooth Fairy is equal parts pixie and hummingbird).

The second theatrical promo is equally full to the brim with eye candy; moreover, it starts to flesh out the personalities of the Guardians – including Jack Frost as the protagonist – and hints at the subtext of the film (wicked forces threaten the future of our world by destroying the dreams and imagination of our children – get it?).

rise guardians trailer Rise of the Guardians Trailer #2: Childhood Myths Will Save the World

The Guardians in 'Rise of the Guardians'

Peter Ramsey is making his debut as a theatrical feature-length director with Rise of the Guardians, having previously helmed the made-for-TV animated sequel Monsters vs Aliens: Mutant Pumpkins from Outer Space. Joyce collaborated on the script with David Lindsay-Abaire, whose previous kid-friendly writing credits include Robots and Inkheart (along with the upcoming Oz the Great and Powerful).

Based on early footage from Rise of the Guardians, it appears as though those three should deliver some solid (if not ground-breaking) storytelling to go along with the enchanting visuals. The voice casting seems pretty good too, with Baldwin pulling off a non-distracting accent (not quite sure what it’s meant to be, but moving on…) and Jackman actually getting to use his native accent for once.

Overall, Rise of the Guardians looks like it could have entertainment value for moviegoers of all ages – though, children who still believe these childhood myths are real might end up a tad bit confused afterwards (parents, you might want to consider that).

Rise of the Guardians opens in U.S. theaters (2D and 3D) on November 21st, 2012.

Source: iTunes Movie Trailers

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  1. Actually, this looks to be a wonderfully fun romp…I’m looking forward to it.

    As for Baldwin, remember that Europe has many stories (featuring MANY variations) of Santa, so voicing him with a nondescript European accent makes perfect sense to me…

  2. There’s a difference between animated films and cartoons. And this movie looks FANTASTIC.

  3. I agree with BOTH of Barbara’s points.

    Oh, and have you actually READ some of the articles and comments on this site, hungergamesgal? PLENTY of people on this site LOVE cartoons…of various kinds (anime series, superhero animated films, t.v. series, Disney/Pixar, Dreamworks, etc.).

    • Damn straight Archaeon!

      • Thank you, Ryan…The odd thing is that both I and Barbara were originally responding to someone else. I thought that person made a dumb comment…but not actually offensive or inappropriate. I wonder if they got deleted and/or banned for some reason…? :O

  4. This movie is one I am very excited to see. All the characters look very well put together, no two dimensional sloppiness, rich characters each bringing themselves to life on screen in their own ways.

  5. Looks good but it’s taking a back seat to Life of Pi which opens the same weekend

    • Hardly. I don’t think Ang Lee knows how to make a decent film anymore… and who really cares about tobey maguire either?

      Not this guy!

  6. This looks like all around good fun and I can’t wait to see it

  7. This is like THE AVENGERS…they come together to save the World !
    WOW…looking forward to it !

  8. From an animation industry story artist (Storyboards to the rest of the general public)…

    This is an industry reaction from an industry (25 years and counting in this business) artist and is not directed at those who have commented above or o slam their opinions. indeed, I’m glad there are those this film will reach and reach agreeably, and that you are looking forward to its release.

    No, this comment is in direct reply to the the film being made at all and released on the public; from the standpoint of how I and many of the artist would probably admit to feeling about it if they were honestly asked.

    And I hope (and suspect) that this will be read by the producers at Dreamworks. Otherwise known as the non-creative hack-suits making s***-tons of money for little more effort than approving this that and the other with their custom made rubber stamps, and patting themselves on the back like they’re Captain freaking Kirk for their ingenuity.

    So here’s the deal. This is , among a long list of comparable fodder, yet another piece of crappy pap from DW, capitalizing on the numb minds of the “target audience” (IE parents who think plopping their uncontrollable brats down in a theater in front of ANYTHING animated exists as the equivalent of exposure to high art, and an important childhood experience)and produced at apparently their usual hack and slash, limited budgetary requirements.

    Most notably the probable use of Mo-cap (oh, excuse me, “Emotion” capture) for a good majority of the character base and acting (with a thinly veiled layer of raw animation as a quick-mask to give the characters only just enough of that ” slightly Less than dead” look. so prominent in recent films such as Tin Tin and that hideous abomination known as “Polar Express” (Why Robert, WHY? Do you remember back to the Future? We do.).

    The visuals are a cluttered mess (Density does not equal a reason to make a movie folks), the color scheme is atrocious, and the animation, well, we’ve covered that. Pretty cut-rate. Now, that is not to slag the hundreds of grueling man/woman hours these artists put into their work. It’s to be highly commended. Hell, I’ve been there. Working on absolute s*** to make a buck…at least it’s art by any other name.

    The character designs are abysmal (especially jack- yes- he’s emo, we get it-and I could just go on and on.) But from a non- technical standpoint, I have to also add my two cents.

    Let’s go down the list via bullet as to why this film currently, and will continue to suck…

    This film, like so many of it’s ilk, is just brimming with over inflated self importance. Let’s start with the title.

    1. Title

    Rise of the…Notice how I did not continue the effort typing there? That’s because it would be a wast of energy. Wasted because it’s been typed dozen times on a dozen different keyboards and actually tagged on the titles of at least now (as of the time of this writing) half a dozen films as either the primary or secondary main title.

    Enough studio slags. We know you want to engender a certain (to the occasion) fell for your little art piece. But it;’s the first sign and red flag of a weak minded production. IE- You couldn’t have come up with anything better. It’s also wayyyyy to serious (there’s inflating that self appreciating ego again. You have a movie with some twisted one liners and a bit of dark humor with a central emotional theme you’re trying to convey all topped off with the age old Arthurian legend angle of “The One” who was meant to save the world, etc.

    Here… ” Jack Frost and the avengers of the abstract concept club”. Or even better…”Jack”. Or, ” Frost”. All right, maybe not all winners, but you should be able to see my point. Your title sucks, Forgetting the fact that it almost immediately makes one think it’s a sequel to that insipidly syrupy-cute “Guardians of Gahool”, it just plain lacks connective tissue to the film concept itself, and has no fun or mystery whatsoever.

    Rise of the Guardians…Oooohhhhhhh. I’m sooooo mystified I just have to see it. The fact is, Rise of anything is now the fallback position to “I can’t think of a title”.

    So the team is assembling to put away some do-badders and happens to be made from various childhood concepts. So what? Make it interesting. Better title. It won’t mask the stench of what else I
    m about to get into, but it would make it a bit more palatable.

    2.) story

    Too abstract folks. Neat concept, but just poorly executed. And yes, seasoned types like me, who also happen to be versed in just about all forms of film making by their sheer exposure to it long term, like the proverbial radiation victim succumbing to his perverted love of the cancer ridden material he must produce at the risk of having any life whatsoever, can tell from a 2 minute trailer.

    It’s just not thought out and could have taken any number of more likable routes. We don’t need Luke Skywalker again. We have Luke Skywalker. We like him very much thank you. Yu guys read way to much Joseph Campbell.

    3. Writing

    Modestly connected to point 2, (see above) your wring is also self important and inflated. The film is not great. But even if it were, it’s a bit like one bragging about his own junk. If you had good junk, you wouldn’t need to advertize it so blatantly. In this case, the magnanimous line (just to make sure because we don’t know about subtext here, so sayeth the hack-slash suits), ” You are the only one who can, blah blah blah.

    Please. Don’t say it. Just depict it. Ifyour movie sis good and well written, the audience will get it and your film will have something to say. Did you ever hear Jack Par (Mr’ Incredible) being told he was the one, etc., before he went to reclaim his former glory? No, He was told something entirely different in that he could simply be great again, and in the process learned what true greatness was and really meant to him. It was a vehicle. Here in this , um, “film”, it’s played out…Boy of destiny (yes, yes… happens to be Jack frost), probably has some hidden history he didn’t know about, something special about/within him (Harry potter anyone? and no, I don’t by into that series either for similar over inflated importance of its own.), barf barf barf,

    For 15 bucks plus concessions? No, I think I’ll pass. Get an original idea folks, or at the very least, write it sub-textually and, if you absolutely play the dummy card and write it in big bold crayon,/or textually, pen it better to make it something worthy of the concept.

    4. SCORE (MUSIC)

    I know… trailers usually have temp tracks, but if this really your musical selection, let me wash my finger off and rinse with mouth wash so I can be nice and clean before I re-insert that finger to induce vomiting round two. Ugh. What a terse piece of orchestral shortcomings. Also, again, you are trying wayyyy too hard to engender feelings of triumph and destiny. Really? You don’t even see that you are confusing the themes of your own movie you are trying to convey in your trailer. Is it funny, or is it super serious. You don’t even know and , yes, you can be both. you being “one”. Not you specifically, because I do not think this trailer means what you think it means.

    You don’t know what you re doing and have way too much money to do it with.

    5. Topic

    We don’t care. You use the one thing that resonates with us. Our childhood memories of the abstract concepts of our early years. Okay- THAT’s great! Go with THAT!. The b-story is what you got lost in. If you want to have them come together as a team, okay good. That will work. But instead of using the whole, evil will destroy the world if these guys don’t come together with the “ONE” to save it” scenario ( I get tired even just typing that it’s been so done), why not try something a little more attached to your original concept. Put them in a weird situation, have them come together quite by matter of circumstance and not realizing it until the die has been cast, and THEN have them overcome some obstacle without having ever seen it coming throughout the entire movie. I mean, you might as well have had them spend the entire time walking to a volcano or something (Yes, I hate Kevin Smith, Yes, I love the Clerks movies despite the fact that the guy is an idiot, low-brow blow-hard windbag- and only a relatively passable filmmaker).

    We the audience want to figure stuff like this out for our heroes before they do. To root them on. If there is an implicit implication of destiny spelled out for us as the focal point, in bold text, form the first frames of the film (unless your film is Excalibur and I don’t think that it is), it won’t work, and will come off as weak. Uninspired, and obvious.

    Like Prometheus.

    In any event, I grow weary of this reply. I’ll leave by saying this is the state of the industry. Even the once perfect Pixar is now a shell of what it used to be. Of course, I predicted this when Moushwitz bought them out years ago, and that’s what happened. No more Incredibles (perfect film), No more finding Nemo. Now we have “The capitalization of the Pixar franchise” mentality. Cars 2 (as if Cars 1 weren’t bad enough) and Larry the idiot making a fortune for making my body wince at the very sound of his name.

    Sad. But there are movies out there that come up that have that spark at least of what Pixar used to exemplify. So I’m not totally jaded. I’m just not totally sold yet either.


    Tony Potts.


    You’re character designs (aside from the Easter Bunny) have no thematic inter-flow and are just the worst.

    • P.P.S. My keyboard is full of cigarette ashes and the key’s stick and are quite mucked up. Yes I can spell and punctuate.

      • …And yes, I know its Bob Par. My bad.

    • @Tony – Can you elaborate a bit more on your thoughts of the trailer? I didn’t fully grasp what you were trying to say in under 1000 words. lol


    • Ummm, speaking of an EXTREMELY inflated sense of self-importance…


      One of those people commenting who, from what he’s seen so far, firmly believes this film will be quite enjoyable ;)

      • As I said, and was adamant to point out I was not out to single out those who have commented prior and their perceived enjoyment of the movie, that’s nice for you.

        But as you saw fit to throw a jab directly, I’ll close with this…work in the industry first hand for a quarter of a century, then comment on m

        So enjoy it. I have no beef with you. And for the record, to demonstrate an inflation of ego, technically, I’d have had to compare said movie directly to something of my own creation or which I was involved with in order to elevate myself above the movie I was comparing. I did none of the above.

        Lastly, really, it’s just my opinion. Just like you have yours. I respect it but don’t agree with it. No harm no foul. I’m sure you DO think this will be quite enjoyable. There are many people who find many types of movies enjoyable. Take for instance anything from Tyler highest form. That doesn’t necessarily make it so.

        But, as I said, I respect their enjoyment of Tyler Perry in Drag. Just as I respect your enjoyment of a crappy pap animated movie with a lame title and poor production quality and story application.

        Look at it objectively though…Let’s say, you are in real life a plumber.

        Don’t laugh, I
        m sure it takes years of training. I wouldn’t know how to plumb. So when i call a plumber, and he tells me the workmanship of the previous plumber is shoddy and his opinion seems to make some sense, I don’t tell him he has an over inflated sense of ego…or my pipes may explode. He’s an experienced craftsman in that field and knows a thing or two, and I would probably be wise to maybe listen and learn from him.

        So that I had a somewhat more educated view of the process. It may lead me to appreciate new forms of better plumbing I never knew about (oh the thin blue line here) and say to myself, “How on Earth did I ever enjoy the old plumbing?”

        • Tony…

          Okay…I’ll apologize for turning my ire toward you; it should have remained squarely pointed at your comments. Fine…you have more professional expertise in the field of moviemaking than I. I’ll grant you that. It does NOT mean, however, that you are a better judge of what is actually interesting or worthwhile for film-watchers. Technical aspects ARE important, but they are NOT exclusively necessary for quality productions.

          Also, your plumber example simply does not work in this case. Why? The new plumber might indeed show how the previous plumber’s work was inferior. He would NOT, if he possesses ANY business (or common) sense, tell the clients they are obviously too clueless, too simple, to understand that they were taken advantage of. Your entire rant was not as innocent as you claim: Although you said nothing to the public DIRECTLY, every major point you made, whether intentionally spoken as such or not, was said paternally…you’re speaking down to the “hacks”, sure, BUT you dig SO deep with your verbal claws that you scratch (again, I doubt intentionally) at the heads of the potential audience.

          Your follow-up response to me was actually even more direct (to be fair, I realize you were responding to MY slight, but your response attacked ALL of us: “Just as I respect your enjoyment of a crappy pap animated movie with a lame title and poor production quality and story application”…preceded by the Tyler Perry commentary and followed by plumber example). The entirety of your comments bespeaks of arrogance (I KNOW THIS BETTER THAN YOU, SO JUST SHUT UP AND LISTEN AND LEARN being the literal translation of what you wrote above).

          I defer to your knowledge about film production. YES, you know much more than I probably will ever even WANT to know about making movies. That’s great. In terms of things like the TOPIC of this film, “we [do] care about the “A”, “B”, AND “C” story points…hence, our expressions of interest in the trailer and in seeing the film. Please, do NOT presume to speak for any of those around you. The three example replacement titles you provided to help the hacks were even more derivative than the one against which you railed. The mention of Joseph Campbell as a derogatory statement was just…odd. Legends and myths of the past form the bedrock of virtually EVERY modern adventure, action, suspense, superhero, and even romance movie. Dear Lord, I HOPE the hacks DO read a lot of Joseph Campbell…it can only help.

          You are correct, though, that we do not need ORIGINAL takes on the subjects for our movies, not mere reboots, reimaginings, redos. The idea of conceptual entities (both including AND not including Santa Clause) has been done many times, but this looks to be an interesting take precisely because they DO add the element of Jack Frost being the “One”.

          If you don’t wish to see this movie (your very legitimate right), then DON’T. For my part, so far, this looks like something I want to see. Maybe, by the time it’s released, I’ll have changed my mind. I will have made that decision based on more than two trailers…

          • Sigh…

            Sometimes, I REEEEALLY hate typing.

            I forgot to close a quotation earlier in my above response to your response. I leave it to you to find it if you even care.

            Of course, the first sentence of my penultimate paragraph should say: “You are correct, though, that we DO need…”


    • Ok tony, I’ll play into your ranting troll for a sec. 25 years? Storyboard artist? There is no way that makes you a professional lighter, sound designer and animator too!? Comment on what your skill set is. It’s easy to sound credible with 25 years, but the truth is you probably didn’t use a computer for most of it, except for drawing on a Wacom. That’s not an opinion, thats a fact. So at best, you can accurately comment on composition & staging and possibly “some” of the story, (depending on the studio and what the director wants you to draw) but the rest is truly out of your skill set.

      • Current skill set and relevant experience and a few companies as example

        Storyboard Pro 3d
        Photoshop Cs5
        Adobe After Effects
        Autodesk Maya 2012- Generalist with certification but pursuing lighting as mainstay
        Final Cut

        Some relevant positions-

        Animator/assistant animator/Layout Artist- Don Bluth, Chuck Jones, and Disney among others
        Storyboards- Just what I’ve always done to make a living- TV/ Feature

        Other film experience(live action/animation)/general-

        Production Assistant- New Line
        Assistant Editor-New Line
        Screenwriter- Ongoing
        Art Director- Discovery Channel-Digital post and on-location

        Director- Animated productions/various/ Commercial product productions/various

        Assistant Director- Animated television series (various)
        Storyboard Supervisor- Animated television series (various)

        So there are some examples. I just wear allot of hats.

        For the record, I predict a 63% on Rotten tomatoes. And that’s generous.

    • Ok tony, I’ll play into your ranting troll for a sec. 25 years? Storyboard artist? There is no way that makes you a professional lighter, sound designer and animator too!? Comment on what your skill set is. It’s easy to sound credible with 25 years, but the truth is you probably didn’t use a computer for most of it, except for drawing on a Wacom. That’s not an opinion, thats a fact.
      So at best, you can accurately comment on composition & staging and possibly “some” of the story, (depending on the studio and what the director wants you to draw) but the rest is truly out of you

    • You know that this is Dreamworks. not pixar right?

    • Tony, I’m a bit late to the party but, man, your analysis is spot on. Props to you for nailing it before the movie even released. I tried to watch this garbage and couldn’t make it 1/3 through. Boring, tired, spoon-fed plot…terrible character design/art direction…just blech.

      • You didn’t like it; I did. Different people, different opinions…

  9. uh…movie look pretty.

  10. i have a great idea if they ever make rise of the guardians 2 they sshould have a girl and jack falls in love with her then she gets trapped by pitch and jack saves her and then the rest by the way if they eveer make that iu should play the girl cause its fair because i thought of it
    that would be awesome

  11. or in 3rd rise of the guaedians jck meets a girl and likes her and she works for santa and more idea’s but for the girl i could play i always wanted to be an actor