R.I.P. Journeyman

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kevin mckidd R.I.P. JourneymanPeople really disappoint me. How in the heck could a show as great as Journeyman have ratings so low that it gets canceled?

It seems the deadline for NBC to renew the show was yesterday, Dec. 11th, and they let it come and go without doing a thing. On their side is the fact that this week’s episode, without a Heroes lead-in, had the least number of people who tuned in to watch the show so far.

And no, this wasn’t due to the writers strike… it was just low ratings.

At least the producers gave the series final episode (which has yet to air) a sense of closure instead of just having it end abruptly as Jericho did last season. And I will be consoled if Bionic Woman also ends up getting dropped from the schedule, but that’s still up in the air.

Plus, since that show isn’t as good as Journeyman that probably means more people are watching it. Yeesh.

I wouldn’t waste my time with any “save this show” sort of campaign as I doubt it will do any good, unfortunately.

Here’s what I want to know: When the heck are the networks going to start to take DVR data into consideration when it comes to weekly rankings? I know I don’t watch TV shows live any more and my understanding is that rankings are based only on live viewing. In a way that makes sense I suppose, since when I watch recorded shows I skip through most of the commercials and that’s what they really care about.

I mean if you go to the Tivo website you’ll see that Journeyman ranks 13 in the top 25 recorded shows. That’s pretty damned good as far as I’m concerned.

On the other hand, going back to my “people disappoint me” comment: Survivor: China is ranked number 3.

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  1. I swear thats just b*******. Journeyman is by far the best show on TV at the moment and course that means nobody will watch it. When did it become the rule that if a show is utter rubbish people watch, and if its great people wont bother? Did I miss a memo or something?

  2. I hear ya. In general, people like brainless crap for entertainment IMHO.


  3. Vic, that’s exactly the conclusion I came to years ago. Most of the intelligently written shows don’t last long because people have to pay attention to them and think about what they’re watching in order to enjoy it. What they really want is entertainment that doesn’t require them to have to pay attention to it, something with out any sort of intelligence behind it, so they don’t have to work to be entertained.

    Personally, I don’t, and won’t, watch shows like that, but those are usually the ones that tend to survive. I’m expecting that within the next few years, I won’t be watching any television because there won’t be anything worth my time. I don’t yet know whether I’m actually looking forward to that or not.

    In any case, I’m going to miss Journeyman, and I’m already planning to buy the DVDs when they come out.

  4. Yup. That could be why Screen Rant isn’t “bigger.” I don’t fall down and worship every crappy movie and TV show that’s coming down the pike.


  5. Which is why I keep coming back here.

  6. Hey Vic!

    If you think about it, it’s the same folks that the advertising actually works on that generates the ratings … Sadly.

    I came across an article out there that said NBC did not drop the show yet, but they have not actively canceled it. Whatever that means in nbc-speak.

  7. Bruce, NBC-speak means, they know if they say they’ve pulled the plug, Pam whats-her-fave will get e-mails from fans. I excoriated her for saying “We really care about the show” and then during Heroes’ season finale, they didn’t air a single ad or a “crawl” about Journeyman’s next airing. The showing of Life implied that the show had already gotten the axe.

  8. After this week’s show, I wondered if I could maintain my suspension of disbelief. The epic (Christian) story about father-son reconciliation is heart-wrenching (see Star Wars, Frequency). But Dan, who supposedly carries the “wound” of his father’s departure, shifts back and tells his father matter-of-factly about some arbitrary father exit. Where was the passion? Dan should have broken down begging him, or maybe grabbed him by the family jewels (talk about changing the timeline.)

    Each episode, I look at various characters and ask myself, “Is he in on the secret?” or “Is she a time shifter too?” (As in, Dan’s boss…) Here there’s this unfolding backstory, and episodes go by without advancing it.

    Flame me, but at least Smallville throws “lore morsels” out each week. I’m not a Supes comic fan, but I keep watching the show for that.

  9. Jim, Uncanny timing you have with your questions. Far be it for me to spoil anything, but I think your desire for some “morsels” by come to be!

  10. Thanks–I don’t want spoilers. If it’s not on ScreenRant, I don’t know it ’til it airs!

  11. Loved this show, watched em all. Sure the whole time travel and all that had holes in it and it wasn’t very scientific in the way it worked, but it was a great story with great actors.

  12. While it wasn’t very scientific, I like how Dan tried to look into how it could be possible. I thought that really added to the credibility of the show.

  13. One of the best scenes was when Jack saw Livia in the elevator, and broke down and said something like, “What are you guys trying to do to me? Is this some kind of sick joke?” Authentic! Much better than the usual sci fi “Oh sure you’re time travelers!”

    OK, Conjecture of the Week. When Jack’s girlfriend got caught snooping, she said something like “It’s much more than that” and that she was pregnant. Why do I doubt that second part? Is she watching Jack and/or Dan?

  14. Wouldn’t it be cool if Moon Bloodgood’s last mission is to save Taye Diggs from ABC’s never-ending unresolved plot?

  15. I watch both shows, Life and Journeyman, and I like both of them. I was more afraid that Life would get cancelled than Journeyman because the show is about cops. JOurneyman is a great show and it deserves better than just being ignored by a lot of people. I wait anxiously for every Monday just for this show. I no longer care about Heroes since Journeyman started. It’s just brilliant.

  16. Journeyman has become the one must see show in our house this season. Everyone I know watches it and can’t wait to talk about it on Tuesday mornings. It seems that all the intelligent shows are quickly replaced with another CSI or reality/game show. Just who are these Nielsen families and why can’t they enjoy good TV. Maybe the networks need to realize that those of us that have money to spend with the advertisers are too busy to do Nielsen ratings. When shows like Journeyman get canceled you have to believe that there is a flaw in the system somewhere.

  17. Unfortunity more shows like this are going to fall if the strike dosnt end within a few months.
    From what I hear The drama show “the Unit” could be permanatly effected “canceled”.

  18. Who cares? What about Lost and 24? :-)

  19. Yea I’m not a fan of “The Unit” but I thought I would pass that on.
    24 will endure Fox will pay the bills and keep that one up.
    Lost’ ?? Never gave a crap about that show….

  20. What do you mean Fox will pay the bills? Are they hiring non-union writers? I doubt they are allowed to cut a special deal with one portion of the bargaining unit.

  21. What I mean is that some of Fox’s shows are produced off the lot.
    They spend lots of money on literaly floors of office space this includes editing, voice and data rentals.

    The Unit for example is one show that takes up an entire floor in a expensive building.
    The Producers budget is on borrowed time. They have empty office space and nobodys there.
    So to save money shows like this are in jepordy of loosing there production offices.

    If this happens the startup delays and costs will force some shows to not get picked BACK up post strike.

  22. Yeesh, I still haven’t seen this week’s episode. I’ll try to get to it tonight.


  23. only upto episode 5 here in the uk. but already it is the most watched show in our house. gutted now to hear its been axed! sell it to the bbc. get a uk version out! anything so that we dont lose such a great show.

  24. I hope NBC executives rot in the fiery pits of hell for canceling this show. I hope their children are stolen in the night and castrated with a spork in an aquarium of leeches, and then salt is poured on their wounds. Without my weekly fix of Kevin McKidd, I won’t smile anymore.

  25. Love your passion for good tv Beth!

    By the way nbc is located in Burbank Ca. On Olive Blvd.. Just fyi.

  26. I’m with ya, Beth.

    BUT…for a series finale, this was pretty good. This resolves a whole lot more than the mere hint at some answers, that was predicted. If the show was going to end, this tied a bow on the series. I can see the story advancing from here, but if this would have been a mini-series, this would be a fine conclusion.

    The elevator revelations, the parting conversation and final scene combined for a nice farewell kiss to all the fans.

  27. I’m rather upset with NBC for not better advertising that the series finale was going to be on Wednesday. If I’d known, I’d have had a tape in the VCR. As it is, I’m going to have to wait until the DVD release.

    Fortunately, I’ve read there will be one, so it should only be a few months.