The Death Of Batman? Seriously?

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batman rip1 The Death Of Batman? Seriously?

If you can believe it, there is currently an in-progress comic book story arc involving Batman which will end in the death of… Bruce Wayne.

Written by Grant Morrison and penciled by Tony Daniel and Alex Ross, the series is a cheap response to Marvel’s recent killing off of Captain America.

According to Grant Morrison, “the end of Bruce Wayne as Batman” is “a fate worse than death, things that no one would expect to happen to these guys at all.” It is rumored that Batman will emphatically die tomorrow, November 26, at comic book news stands everywhere.

Unknown though, is who is behind the character’s demise. Some say it will be at the hands of Robin (Tim Drake) when he makes a play for the dark side. Others insist it will be at the hands of the mysteriously unknown villain “The Black Glove.” Still others speculate that Wayne will simply retire from the bat-mantle. All I ask is that it be for a proper reason.

That fateful day when Captain America was hit by a sniper’s bullet will resonate in comic book history with the same weight that accompanied Superman’s death at the hands Doomsday. Captain America was on his way to a trial, having opposed the Registration Act that he believed put so many more lives in danger than it proposed to protect. His death, at the end of the Civil War, shook the foundations of the comic book universe – characters have died before, but none so beloved as the Sentinel of Liberty.

His death was more than the death of a character many loved, it was a political statement. Though the story hasn’t come to an end, I don’t see anything worth dying for in the Batman story arc.

To his credit, Morrison is responsible for some of the greatest stories and re-interpretations of characters I’ve had a chance to read, but he’s quickly becoming a victim of his own twists. Arkham Asylum is one of my favorite Batman stories and 52 was revolutionary work, but Batman RIP is stepping out of bounds. When fans of The Dark Knight film flock to their local comic book stores, the last thing they should see is Batman on his deathbed.

Killing a hero is by no means a way of redefining him, it merely ends his story. What reason Morrison could be using to justify his actions is as mysterious as the “Black Glove” himself.  For Batman’s sake, I hope it isn’t to further the story of Robin or another sub-character inside the DC Universe.

batman battle for the cowl The Death Of Batman? Seriously?

It should be noted that Bruce Wayne has given up the cape and cowl before.  The Knightfall storyline resulted in Bane breaking the Dark Knight‘s back.  Bound to a wheelchair, Wayne recruits Jean-Paul Valley to replace him. As we all know, eventually Bruce Wayne resumes his role as Bats.

Also, I should mention a follow-up series is planned.  It is tentatively titled Battle for the Cowl, in which the question of who will continue as The Caped Crusader shall be answered.

Does Grant Morrison deserve another Eisner Award or an Arkham Asylum sentence?


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  1. @michael

    Oh, sorry, bro… didn’t mean to jump on you like that. Couldn’t tell. That’s why i use smileys extensively. :-)


  2. @michael

    Yeah, I knew about it as well. It’s been a great opportunity to express my thoughts on this story arc, and I wanted to see what the public’s sentiments were as well.

  3. Ok any moron who thinks marvel cornered the market on killing off comic book heroes is a total moron! Actually marvel is more ripping off of DC when it comes to killing off comic characthers. For DC this is old hat, ie Superman, Green Lantern, Green Arrow, The Flash and blah blah blah.

    Grant Morrison didn’t make Batmans death meaningful because that would be to easy to him. If he killed him off in a similar way to Captain America it would be nice and clean and simple. Hero dies a grand and meaningful death. I’ve read how he did it and the story on line and it pretty stinks from what I’ve read.

    I started reading and collecting comic books because of Batman back in about 1977 at the age of 5 and August of this year over 31 years later after having not missed a single issue of Batman or Detective Comics I stopped buying them, why? I’ll tell you why, because I seen this coming from a mile away, thats why. I mean comeon, Batman RIP. Plus many of the things I’ve read that Morrison has said haven’t really been trying to hide it

  4. @Ronnie

    There’s no reason to be calling people morons.

    If you want to continue commenting here you’d better trim that sort of thing.


  5. he’s not dead. he’s just lying low.

  6. @D

    I certainly hope so. I hope DC isn’t idiotic enough to kill off one of the foundational characters of its universe.

    I still believe Steve Rogers will return to the Marvel Universe at some point…


  7. I agree with D.
    Bought the comic, do’nt think Bat’s is dead I’m also betting the Cap’s death is either a skrull imposter or Cap’s healing factor is working and S.H.E.I.L.D. has Cap’s in a coma somewhere. Marvel and DC will bring back these huge icons when both Bat’s and Cap’s franchises start dying down agian.

  8. @Vic, @Adrian

    Yeah, I want Captain America back too but I don’t really see that coming anytime soon. When they gathered the guys in that room and decided Captain America was going to die, they did it deliberately. The collected Fallen Son series has an interview with Jeph Loeb, he says The Cap. died for a reason and we have to move on; the Fallen Son series, based on the five stages of grief, was to help us with that.

    He’s dead, and he’s not coming back anytime soon.

  9. @Carl Lee
    I absolutely agree with you, but I don’t believe either character death will be long thank 10 years. Deep down in my gut, I don’t believe either company will keep these characters dead like the original the original Flash or orginial Captian Mar-vel. IMHO, the comic companies are trying out new bodies in Bat’s and Cap’s names to get new reads and more complex storylines.

    FYI: Rumor has it that the BIG three (Superman, Batman, Worder Woman)will all be replace in the DC primary Universe to make room for new character growth.

  10. This storyarc has been pretty good, even if a little confusing at times. No one can replace Bruce Wayne as Batman tho. I hope they stop with this legacy crap sometime REAL soon. First they did it with The Flash (thank God Barry Allen’s back!!!!), then they tried it with Green Lantern (Hal Jordan) and Green Arrow (Ollie Queen), then they did it with the Atom, Captain Marvel, even the frikkin’ Question!!! And, most recently and egregiously, Marvel did it with CAPTAIN AMERICA! When’s it going to end??? The sidekicks and also-rans aren’t EVER going to replace the real superheroes, ever! Least not in my mind anyway. ;) Anyhoo, I hope Bruce makes it thru OK. And here’s hoping Billy Batson, Vic Sage, and Steve Rogers return very soon. :-)

    @Carl Lee

    Altho I may be mistaken, I don’t think I’ve seen your posts here before. Good to have another clever and pensive writer here at screenrant. :-)

  11. Yes, I agree. The human element of Bruce Wayne is so identifyable by Batman fans , that it almost seems useless to kill off Batman. Maybe create alternate universe senarios , but not kill off Batman. He has to be the most original superhero ever created.

  12. I’ll wait for the TPB and then read this in one sitting. I’m absolutely sure that Bruce Wayne will be back.


  13. @Kel

    Thanks for the comment on my writing, buddy! I appreciate it.

    I feel like when Marvel did it to Captain America it was something entirely different than other heroes, and it comes down to what he stood for. Then they had a little memorial for him so it finally meant something.

    Killing Green Lantern and Green Arrow, and now Batman, comes off as just spin wheels for me. They’re not reinventing anything and that’s the hardest part to take.

  14. Death should be more common in Comics. People say too much that it a stunt or something else ridicules. Death happens, if it makes a good story go for it. If a resurrection does the same all good. But remember the first death and resurrection in comics is Wonder Man. Bat in the ’60 so this is nothing new. Get over it.

  15. @Carl lee

    You’re welcome, bud. :-D

    Well, at this point, it’s still a little early to determine exactly how everything plays out, as long as there are good stories to be told they can do anything I guess, but I’d dislike it if it were just ______ dressed up like Batman, like they did with The Flash. Really pisses me off when they pull crap like that, even when they tuck their tails between their legs and turn around comparatively early (like they did with GA and to a much lesser extent even GL), the damage is still done. And Steve’s still Captain America to me, no matter what. :-P Marvel has done to Cap what DC did to Flash all those years ago. But I agree, the Bucky Cap (Cucky?)(and even The Flash thing which was handeled similarly, still hated it tho) thing has been handeled better than most of the other “deaths”.


    I’m sure BW will be back too. Everyone comes back eventually. In comics, if a character’s been pegged “dead” they’re really just sitting on the sidelines. Now when the company loses the ability to publish said characters anymore, then you’ve got something to really worry about.

    Not to change the subject, but I’m happy that THE Flash is back from the dead FINALLY!!!! I love Final Crisis. :-D Barry Allen aka THE Flash is the superhero (currently) who has stayed “dead” the longest; 23 years. Glad he’s back, and I hope to God it won’t be that long before Steve Rogers and Bruce Wayne are back. :-D

  16. Has anyone read Final Crisis #6? The one where Superman is holding Batman’s lifeless corpse ?

  17. I have. I can’t wait for number 7.

  18. DC is living up to it’s reputation as confusing. It’s very frustrating since R.I.P. was supposed to kill Batman and the run was in Batman. On top of that the downloadable R.I.P. checklist didn’t even LIST Final Crisis…if you can even follow half of Final Crisis. I’m glad I saw the DCAU for it helped explain some of the situations such as the Anti-Life Equation. Whew. D.C. Is in BAD shape.

  19. we all know the dark knight will return to us soon, but the real question is ‘what does batman do when he is not batman’

  20. Calling DC frustrating is practically praise. Frankly, what I just read in F.C. 7, just p155es me off.

    Yes, there was a LOT of build-up, to Batman (or specifically Bruce Wayne’s) death. But then, in F.C. 6, what happens? Darkseid hits him with the Omega beams. The “Death that is life” as he called it. Say WHAT?

    And at the end of F.C. 7, lo & behold. Bruce Wayne, sent far back in time, leaving clues for the future to find.. and presumably, one day, rescue him.

    Meanwhile, I’m guessing Bruce will stay shelved for a while, much like Barry Allen did, while someone else takes up the mantle of the Batman character.

    This, of course, is a curious situation, because his body, was burnt & nearly mummified, in his present, but in the past, he’s fit & healthy. So it’s not just his spirit (apparently) that was sent back thru time.

    Further, in the present, all time has been, yet once again, reset, and the DCU is going to be vastly changed.

    DC is beyond frustrating. It seems, ever decade or so, they just decide to blow up the multi-verse, wipe it out and reboot existence.

    It’s gotten old.

  21. Yes, it SUCKS that DC is doing this, it SUCKS that THE BATMAN is “dead”, BUT he went out like a champ. Some people even think his death was better than THE Flash’s, although I disagee, THE FLASH/Barry Allen had the greatest death in all of comics. Period. And he stayed dead longer than anyone, even tho he should never have been killed in the first place and they should have brought him back years ago. Barry Allen is awesome and I’m glad he’s back. :D


    But I doubt they will keep Batman gone for even two years. Who’s to say he’s even dead anyway? Batman is HUGE. He won’t be staying dead for 20 plus years like THE FLASH did, believe me. DC will probably even issue a statement saying that he will be in comics again by a certain date, much like they did when Superman died. He won’t be gone long, believe me.

  22. DC is probably doing this to get some other gotham heroes in the limelight, Huntress comes to mind.

  23. What the heck ever happened to Captain Marvel? Are they gonna do it or not? If they do get around to it I hope they do it right. No new frills or dumb twists as they do with so many comic book heroes when they make a film. They should go back to the first time Captain Marvel appeared in Whiz comics and start from there. Of course they must have Dr. Sivana, Captain Marvel’s Lex Luthor.

  24. well in my opinion they could some how tie it in with the batman beyond series or something i mean batman is one of those kind of super heroes that kan be reproduced and and live on for a pretty long while. i remember i saw that one spiderman comic about spiderman like in 2099 or sumthin like that. it was really kool. i was thinking it would be nice to have something to lead up to something like that. The DC heroes are getting a bit outdated anyways they need younger replacements maybe they could do a whole series on the replacements of the older DC heroes. marvel could do the same…

  25. Actually in the 70s or late 60s there was a story line the death of batman killed by the Joker after being poisoned by penguin given to him in a drink to batman by catwoman, the idea was to pass the torch to robin, to avenge batman and become a real superhero in his own right and not just a side kick. The idea flopped for Bruce Wayne is far too smart and to cautious to drink anything given to him.

    There was another rumor of superman killing batman after superman has gone mad with rage due to the murder of lois lane and batman tried to calm him but in his rage he kills the bat. sometimes in the 70s if I recall properly.

    There was another rumor of batman retiring and robin dick tracy taking over the bat costume for Bruce was to old, and in a fight agains some new vilian bruce puts on a bat costume and gets himself killed as to save the new batman (dick) so that Gotham can continue to have a batman.

    the last in the 80s was batman faking his death as to refind himself as Bruce Wayne for this split personality and dual life was getting to him. Of course in all instances Batman came back.

    Now lets look at this Batman and Superman were created in the 1930s and became popular in 1940s that makes these superheros almost a 100 years old well for their age they look great I wish I could age like that…

    I havent bought a comic book since the death of robin, even though the original robin becomes nighthawk, it is not a coincidence that this character has become more and more developped in the last 15 -20 years, and suttle hints pass the torch came up regularly in episodes.

    In my opinion no Bruce Wayne no more Batman that will be a major loss for DC Comics, he is the only superhero with no super powers but a normal man doing extraordinary things an influence to many generations, would be a pity to lose this icon.

  26. Batman #683 reveals that Batman survives the explosion and returns to the Batcave to examine the gathered evidence on the Black Glove. However, the events of Final Crisis draw his attention elsewhere. The events between R.I.P. and Final Crisis are covered in greater detail in Batman #701 and #702, which are presented as a missing chapter of R.I.P.