Ridley Scott’s New ‘Blade Runner’ Project Update

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Blade Runner Harrison Ford1 Ridley Scotts New Blade Runner Project Update

Yesterday the online sci-fi fan community just about exploded when news broke that Sir Ridley Scott would be helming a new movie that takes place in the Blade Runner universe.

While the project will NOT be a remake, there’s still no official yet on whether it’ll be a prequel, sequel, or be merely “related” to Scott’s original 1982 film the same way that his upcoming Prometheus is connected to Alien (essentially, a spinoff).

Alcon Entertainment heads Broderick Johnson and Andrew Kosove spoke to 24 Frames about the behind-closed-doors maneuvering that eventually led to Scott being brought back for another trip to the Blade Runner world of renegade replicants and futuristic metropolitan landscapes.

The short of it: Johnson and Kosove knew they needed Scott (or someone of similar stature) to sign on, in order to overcome the rampant cynicism – and protests decrying Hollywood’s lack of originality – that greeted their announced plans to develop additional Blade Runner films.

As they (or, rather, Kosove) put it:

“We had a few Plan Bs. But we were really focusing on Plan A, which was Ridley… When we made the first announcement there was a lot of skepticism, understandably. And now with Ridley coming back there’s a greater level of comfort. And once we have the writer, I think fans will feel even more comfortable… We want people to know that we’re very serious about doing this in an artistic way. This isn’t just commercial fodder.”

blade runner city 01 Ridley Scotts New Blade Runner Project Update
Downtown LA in ‘Blade Runner’

The work on a new Blade Runner movie has only just begun, with Scott and his fellow producers having outlined a plan for how the project will pay homage (stylistically and thematically) to the original, while also bringing something new to the table – and not merely aping the design of the many sci-fi flicks that were either inspired or heavily influenced by Blade Runner over the past 29 years. However, fans will have to be patient to find out exactly what that plan entails.

To put it in perspective: there was official confirmation about an Alien prequel (which eventually morphed into Prometheus) all the way back in May 2009. Considering that just over three years will have passed by the time that project finally comes to fruition, it seems safe to say that we won’t get to return to the Blade Runner realm until 2014, at the earliest.

However, one thing is certain about the new film: it won’t feature Harrison Ford as an older version of Rick Deckard. As Kosove put it:

“In no way do I speak for Ridley Scott. But if you’re asking me will this movie have anything to do with Harrison Ford, the answer is no. This is a total reinvention, and in my mind that means doing everything fresh, including casting.”

Ridley Scott directing new Blade Runner movie Ridley Scotts New Blade Runner Project Update

So far everything the producers behind the new Blade Runner project seem to be saying and doing all the right things. They’re not going to simply rush the movie into production and they’ve gotten Scott to handle the project, who will bring all his years of experience as an auteur on big-budget spectacle to the table – not to mention, his recently-gained knowledge of 3D filmmaking.

Let there be no doubt: It’s all but guaranteed that the new Blade Runner pic is going to be shot in the third dimension – and, let’s be honest, doesn’t the idea of revisiting that film’s imaginative sci-fi world in 3D sound enticing?

We’ll continue to keep you posted on the status of Scott’s new Blade Runner project as more information is released.

Source: LA Times

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  1. These guys sound like thy really want to make a good movie, they truly care about the original film and it’s fans. These are he kind o guys who should be running Hollywood. Thy had re right idea that Scott is first and foremost the man for this job. They are not trying to bank off a great film but continuing on an excellent universe. Respect

  2. I hope they don’t recast Deckard. I would rather they create new characters in the same emviornment. It doesn’t even have to be about Blade Runners. Soldier (with Kurt Russell) was set in the same universe.

    • Are you refering to the Tannhauser Gate reference? I watched both of them recently, back to back, by pure coincidence and noticed the reference and also that they were both written for the screen by David Webb Peoples. Are they actually set in the same universe?
      I’ve noticed Tannhause Gate mentioned in a number of sci-fi films and just thought it was a movie in-joke?

      • @rhinofan5000:
        Yea both were written by David Peoples so he considered it a sidequel/companion piece to Blade Runner. Besides the Tannhauser Gate reference, you can also see that hover cop car in the wreckage on Junk World. But it also shows a M41A Pulse Rifle and USMC Smartgun as the weapons Todd is proficient with suggesting a link to the Alien franchise. These all could be homage to other films but I like to think they are all loosely connected in one universe.

        • Oh my word, a universe that has replicants and xenomorphs in? (and Predators…) The fanboy in me just drooled at the notion.
          Just an aside though, isn’t the thought of doing “sidequels” a far more appealing idea than remakes or reboots? Maybe Prometheus will start a trend that may be welcomed?

          • A very dope idea indeed. I think a “sidequel” is an awesome literary tool. For example, instead of another Avatar on Avatar have it about a group of soldiers fighting a war in the same universe. Sam Worthington would have a smaller part where he would lose his ability to walk.

  3. Now if someone can just confirm that Vangelis will score the film please?

    • Vangelis must do the score!

  4. This is the best FILM News in a long long time.
    Soon we will have four films by Ridley Scott in that EXTRAORDINARY Universe.
    Blade Runner is why I’m a filmmaker.


    • couldnt quite hear you man…i think you need to CAPLOCKS louder. :)

      • ha ha ha ha haaa…

  6. Blade Runner 2: The Edge of Human

    is already a thing. As is Blade Runner 3 and 4. They’re books, though. The fourth one in particular has nothing to do with Deckard, so it wouldn’t need Harrison Ford.

  7. They made a game back in the 90’s that actually ran parallel to the events of the movie with another Blade Runner detective. It had the whole alternate endings with the character either being human or a Replicant as part of the story. They can go with another character somewhere else if they wanted to without any problem I would think.

    • I played that game all the way through back in the day. It was a nice revisit to the Blade Runner universe. Looking back it does illustrate how close you could get to the original work without the original main characters. I just wonder what a large number of fans and other prospective consumers really want to see in a new film? From the tone of the response here it seems people want something that closely revolves around the original story.

    • I personally take that game as a true sequel to the original. Parallel timeline was an amazing idea to go for and it works so well with a completely different characters. Not only a great story but a very well done game that gives the whole atmosphere successfully. I played the game many times never to get bored. The new Blade Runner movie could definitely go with the same direction.

  8. I for one would actually like to see an older Deckard played by Harrison Ford. A Rick Deckard barely able to finish the job. That way it could potentially avoid a “Hollywood ending” but perhaps still be satisfying. Also, it would finally prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that spoiler spoiler spoiler. (People who have seen it should be able to fill in the “spoilers”) Actually getting Harrison Ford to agree to it would be the real hurdle though – from what I understand he was less than thrilled with how the production of the first one went down.

  9. I’d put Harrison Ford in as an old Psychiatrist – a human, and Tyrell’s “friend” so to speak, who was not only the moral compass of the original Nexus 6, but most of all the template for the first Nexus 7 – The Deckard Model..

  10. Well, IDK about 3D… Doesn’t 3D kind of gut the aesthetics of any noir work? The noir city in 3D seems like it could befoul concepts like conflict or absence of perspective and emotional flatness or apathy of the modern city that are better suited to 2D depictions. But maybe that’s just my faulty reasoning. However happy I am to hear that Scott is on board, I really still worry about Hollywood trying to force meaningless spectacle into the franchise.

  11. Peter Weyland sends David – who hasnt worked out all his bugs, to find Deckard and Rachel, Weyland is trying to take over the Tyrell corp and wants to learn the secrets to Rachel life span in order to make the perfect replicant, Weyland uses Deckard to break into Tyrell corp to find info and along with David they discover some alarming news… they discover the true orgins of replicants , how a replicant is made who are replicants, future Weyland projects and alien technology and more …. we finally find out is Deckard a replicant part of Tyrell pet project called Adam and Eve ….

  12. please have the naration by ford anyway it took me 3 years to find a copy of that film with the right ending and full narration. thanks.

  13. my the force of REGIS TOOMEY AND PAUL TOOMEY HELP YOU MAKE A GOOD MOVIE. I wanted to be a actor but VIETNAM got in my way.

  14. I can by all means respect a fresh cast but c’mon Rutger Hauer is iconic and at least deserves a cameo.