Ridley Scott Talks ‘Monopoly’ Movie

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Monopoly movie Ridley Scott Ridley Scott Talks Monopoly Movie

As strange as it is to say, Ridley Scott’s movie adaptation of Monopoly actually sounds like a well-rounded movie. The director of the upcoming Robin Hood sat down with Coming Soon and shared some thoughts on the film he is attached to direct, bringing one of the most beloved Hasbro board games to life. The big question is how will they do it?

Both Scott and producer Frank Beddor have unique visions for the story, even as Pamela Pettler writes it. Considering the economic situation, it would appear the film may be taking a satirical focus if Scott gets his way. When asked if Monopoly will delve into the real estate market as we know it, the Gladiator director gave an answer that may leave people who want an objective and isolated story cringing:

“Completely. It’s a blood bath. It was really bad behavior. It’s [going to be] a comedy.”

monopoly header Ridley Scott Talks Monopoly Movie

According to his response, Monopoly will be funny, but not in the way producer Frank Beddor’s There’s Something About Mary made us laugh. His comments don’t quite blend in the interview, but that may have more to do with them being in the development stage. Considering it is a Hasbro game, the more important concern should be just how much of the game will be in it.

“It’s a Hasbro film and they have the game. That was a tough thing to crack in terms of the screenplay because first off, many would want to integrate literally the shaking of the dice and the throwing of the dice into the board. I couldn’t really get past that. I wanted to just make a movie about the idea of greed. I told them you know your game can turn your sweetest, dearest aunt into a demon – a nightmare of greed. So that’s what we’re going to do.”

So far we’ve got greed, blood and comedy. This is sounding more like an Oliver Stone adaptation than Ridley Scott at this point. They had better step back and wait to see how the public reacts to Wall Street 2: Money Never Sleeps before going that route.

Alice In Wonderland Monopoly Ridley Scott Talks Monopoly Movie

Now Beddor’s story comes in play. When you look at his ideas, it starts to sound more like Alice in Wonderland. We discussed his initial plans in November, but he has since slightly tightened  the concept of presenting a man living inside Monopoly City; a real-world version of the board game. This story is how the production nailed Ridley Scott, piquing his interest in an otherwise eyebrow-raising idea:

“[A comedic, lovable loser] is all groggy and he goes down to buy some coffee and he reaches into his pocket and all he has is Monopoly money. All this Monopoly money pours out. He’s confused and embarrassed and the girl reaches across the counter and says, ‘That’s OK.’ And she gives him change in Monopoly money. He walks outside and he’s in this very vibrant place, Monopoly City, and he’s just come out of a Chance Shop. As it goes on, he takes on the evil Parker Brothers in the game of Monopoly.”

The movie ideas just keep piling in and the possibilities are endless. But if Ridley Scott and Co. turn it into an anti-political agenda film, there will be plenty of message board material. Combining family-friendly board games and “bloodbath” economics will be quite the task for Sir Ridley Scott.

The writer, Pamela Pettler, has a resume which brings even more credibility to a film already led by one of the industry’s most beloved filmmakers. She wrote 9, The Corpse Bride and Monster House. Considering all three are animated features, it will be nice to see her dark humor work in the real world, and what better place than the financial marketplace.

Frankly, I’d just like them to make this film a spin-off of the Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls scene featuring the “Monopoly guy.”

As the script continues to take form, more information will be revealed. But for now, let the speculation begin as to exactly what the filmmakers hope to tell with a comedy about greed, stemming from the Monopoly board game.

Is the film getting you more involved or do you just want it to end already? Share your thoughts on the Hasbro crossover film in the comments below.

Monopoly goes directly to theaters in 2012 or 2013.

Source: Coming Soon

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  1. I always thought they make a movie that captures the glamour of B&W 1930s movies.. top hats, tuxedos.. have Uncle Pennybags be this eccentric old man who decides to retire, invites all his real estate/socialite friends over for a “game night”, gives them all gold pins in Tiffanys' boxes (a thimble, a racehorse, etc), and tells them whoever makes the most money at the end of the year is worthy enough to inherit his entire empire.. then the movie becomes Dynasty meets It's a Mad, Mad, Mad World.. characters (J.R. and Alexis types) do whatever they can to drive each other into bankruptcy.. plot points from Chance cards.. some one goes to jail, etc. The one honest character trades all his holdings for other characters' pins.. which of course end up being worth millions of dollars!

  2. I can imagine it being a little like DeVito's “Other People's Money.” In fact getting DeVito to play in it might not be a bad idea. The Monopoly game might be just a metaphorical framework for the story DeVito would tell about his adventures in the recent real estate meltdown as he's playing his wise ass nephew a game of Monopoly in which DeVito is losing obviously.

    The description in the article reminds me of “Synecdoche New York” or perhaps a little like “The Truman Show.” I didn't particularly enjoy either of those movies bring on a wacky but intelligent story like “O.P.M.”

  3. Problem with the contributors idea- there's only ONE Jim Carrey. This movie will tank faster then you could imagine if they go that route. And that kind of comedy is a hit or miss. Mostly miss. Comedy of that sort is the most difficult to execute. It takes a special person to be able to knock it out the park.

    Situational comedy is alil easier to get through. I like Ridley Scotts idea. I don't think he is planning on making it a “Let there be blood” story. I think he is making a clear cut spoof of what is REALLY going on today. Making the Monopoly men look like idiots. It is not going to be like “Wall Street”, but a spoof of it. I am liking the concept, cause not only would you enjoy the comedy but appreciate the concepts behind it so you'll understand its significance at the same time.

    For me, who hardly ever plays monopoly, I saw no reason or justification at all for making a monopoly movie. Wasting big budget money on a BOARD game? But Ridley Scotts idea gives it significance.

    The idea of a guy waking up in a monopoly world would probably play out like he had a nervous breakdown or something and he finds himself having a scandalous dream or just totally hallucinating. Maybe he is in the real world but is experiencing it as if he is in a monopoly movie. Freeking people out around him who dont know what he is talking about.

    I think this movie is coming along pretty well so far actually, and if it has a theme to it, I think it would make it that much more interesting. Giving it an extra layer that only Ridley Scott can give.

  4. Does anybody recall announcement of the Sims adaptation for the big screen? How's that holding up, people?

  5. Personally I think Hollywood is lame right now and full of mindless idiots who can’t think up clever and original ideas anymore, instead they have to resort to the lame concoctions of movies based on video games, board games, books, and what not. it’s sad that Hollywood is taken this pathetic turn. I wished I can travel back to the 80’s when real movies were being made.

    • “Personally I think Hollywood is lame right now and full of mindless idiots who can’t think up clever and original ideas anymore, instead they have to resort to the lame concoctions of movies based on video games, board games, books, and what not. it’s sad that Hollywood is taken this pathetic turn. I wished I can travel back to the 80′s when real movies were being made.”

      – Really? You include books in your argument and you call yourself mr movie guy? Lame.

  6. SAD SAD SAD to see the once promising and inspired Scott cluelessly
    feeding predictive programming for the eugenics R us New World Order…

  7. It’s the Hasbro’s Packer Brothers game meets the 1973 movie The Sting with Scott Joplin’s musics.

  8. Sir Ridley has decided he is an Important Man and wants a soapbox for his politics, and he found a way to do it on the studio’s dime. Yawn… another political message from Hollywood, featuring rich people complaining about other rich people.