Ridley Scott’s ‘Prometheus’ Will Feature Space Jockey From ‘Alien’

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alien movie still Ridley Scotts Prometheus Will Feature Space Jockey From Alien

Ridley Scott’s return to sci-fi lore gradually morphed over time from a two-movie prequel to Alien, into a spin-off titled Prometheus that contains “strands of Alien’s DNA,” according to the filmmaker himself.

Michael Fassbender recently lent further credence to that claim, indicating that Scott’s upcoming venture takes place within the Alien universe and will retain stylistic hallmarks of the original 1979 release.

It’s also long been rumored that the Space Jockey glimpsed briefly in Alien would play a pivotal role in Scott’s new film, and now it seems that the creature will indeed be appearing in Prometheus after all. An insider for Sky Movies says that the Jockey will be brought to life as an eight foot tall animatronic, with sculptor/set designer H.R. Giger overseeing its structure.

The website’s source went on to briefly mention another one of the strange (and frankly, surreal) creatures that will appear in the film is that of “an enormous semi-human head piloting a spaceship” – although that particular creation is likely to be brought to life via CGI and not practical F/X.

Prior to screenwriter Damon Lindelof’s joining the project, Scott implied that his latest sci-fi flick would explore the origins and history of the Space Jockey, so it’s not surprising that the creature hasn’t been totally excised from Prometheus. As for the enormous human head pilot – in the hands of H.R. Giger, expect something nightmarishly bizarre that harkens more to the aliens in David Lynch’s Dune, less like the giant head of Zordon (see below) from Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers (sadly, that image comes to mind a bit easily).

Zordon from Might Morphin Power Rangers Ridley Scotts Prometheus Will Feature Space Jockey From Alien

A number of fans were skeptical about the idea of an Alien prequel from the beginning, but the project is arguably more interesting in its current form. Prometheus could explore the nature and mechanics of its futuristic setting in a manner that none of the previous Alien movies (good and bad) ever really did.

Scott has spoken in the past about touching on matters like terra-forming and the technological requirements of space flight in his new film and that’s the kind of fascinating subject matter worth seeing examined with greater depth in any medium. While he was talking that idea up back when the project was still believed to be a straightforward Alien prequel, there’s little reason to doubt that Prometheus won’t address that same material to some degree.

When Fassbender spoke before about Prometheus, he also indicated that the film would be atmospheric and building an increasing sense of dread, much like Scott’s original Alien. The pic will certainly have its share of action, and – with the likes of Swedish actress Noomi Rapace (The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo) and Oscar-winner Charlize Theron starring as well – potentially some engaging female characters to rival that of Sigourney Weaver’s Ellen Ripley even.

Prometheus is slated for release on June 8th, 2012.

Source: Sky Movies HD

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  1. So this is an Alien prequel after all? Haha

  2. Just because there is a character (spacejockey) from Alien doesn’t mean it’s a prequel. If you’re going by that wisdom, then Predator 2 is part of the Alien movies too, since there was an Alien’s skull in the Predator’s trophy case. I’m very interested to see what kind of antagonist will appear in Prometheus though.

    • True,it’s more of a shared universe. or could be considered a prequel to AVP

      • Lol im really confused by guys. I figured the AVP films would still be considered canon due to whats seen in Predator 2 & Predators could of taken place after the events of both those crossover films while serving as a 2nd sequel in the Predator franchise at the sametime. I wish i knew what order to be watchin these films in lol.

        • So far it would be Predator, Predator 2, AVP, AVP-R, Predators, (Prometheus), Alien, Aliens, Alien 3, Alien Resurrection

          • @ foopher

            So they’re canon still in a way, good. My friends still tell me they’re canon for one reason Predator 2′s events weren’t mentioned in Predators just as the crossover films so its easy for the Predator franchise to pick again with a 2nd sequel when the AVP films were intended as spin-offs mostly while still serving as sequels to Predator franchise & Partly Prequels to the Alien franchise. All lead me to be confused,lol.

            • They only reference the first Predator in Predators, and they don’t mention either Predator movie in the AVPs.

              • @ foopher

                Yes, Point i was my friends & i had was Predators for sure follows Predator & Predator 2 nothin was never referanced just as the AVP films wernt. Imo id still considered them canon like some people since they were mostly intended to be cross-over films than sequels & didn’t prevent more films from etheir franchise to be made.

  3. p.s. paragraph 5: “excised” or “exorcised”… not “exercised”, unless they intended to have the space jockey doing calisthenics until it decided to leave the production of its own accord?


    • Well, the Jockey’s gotta do something to maintain that build of his. ;-)

      Seriously though, thanks for catching that.

  4. you know that would be sweet if he threw in the predator if somone could do it right its scott. but im guessing this isnt a prequel or anything like they said just a standalone that takes place in that universe..

    • So does that mean we will see a certain Doctor traveling around changing things? :-)

  5. It appears the structure of the the Alien as we know it is based off the DNA of the space jockey.

    So the space jockey (being as large as he is) had a parasite of sorts on him that compared to us would be large size.

    Meaning if the Aliens as we know them had only humans to feed off of would they eventually take a more human appearance?

    Yes i made all of this up before my second cup of joe.

    • I’d say that’s a very good way of looking at it, but in my mind, the fact that the Alien was able to incubate in the Jockey makes viewers understand that the Alien can infest ANY species (be it alien or human or otherwise). Just think of Ian Holm’s dialogue describing the Alien as extremely resilient and adaptable. Makes the creature just that more deadly and creepy.

      • And on that note, I’d HATE to see the alien series turn into Splice. IMO.

        • Didn’t Alien Resurrection do that? :-)

    • I thought that the aliens took on characteristics of the creatures they incubated in.
      That being the case, the main alien we’ve seen over the years came primarily from humans. The first alien we ever see is the one that popped outta John hurt.
      As yet we have no idea what an alien that has incubated in a space jockey would look like because we haven’t ever seen one.

  6. Sounds cool. Hope this isn’t a subtle attempt at trying to make another Avatar though.

    • This is Ridley Scott and not Cameron, I’m pretty sure there is no chance of that.

  7. Eight feet tall? Look at the size of the human figures in the photo above: that thing’s got to be at least eighteen feet tall when it gets off the couch, surely? Good to hear Giger’s involved, anyway.

  8. Stoked for this. Geiger, Ridley and giant head

    I hope Zardoz is the giant head

    • That’d be Brutal…

  9. I came to understand the idea two years ago that a Ridley Scott Alien sequel would have to be made independently of the Alien franchise in the manner that the movie Soldier is related to the world of Blade Runner, and that script was written to be definitely so by one of the Blade Runner script writers.

  10. The onion layers of mystery surrounding this script are giving me serious goosebump heebie jeebies.

    Which is good. I haven’t had that feeling since i first saw Alien !

  11. This movie just keeps getting better! Animatronics = “JOY!” That was my worst fear of all…. laid to rest today… CGI Space Jockeys.

    What is my second worst fear, you ask?

    Ghostbusters 3.

  12. I’m not gonna lie the only reason I even clicked on this article was the giant picture of Zordon to the left of it lol. I was so confused why his picture was there lol. Not at all a fan of Alien or Aliens, but Zordon is a bad a$$ lol

    • @ Daniel F

      Same here lol. Had to check it out after seeing that picture. I can’t remember how i got into becoming a big fan of MMPR. I think it was the Green Ranger mini-series for some reason & i watched it from there on, atleast till after Dino Thunder but i only watched that cause of Jason david Frank being back not only as a mentor like teacher but ranger aswell.

      • WallyWest: One reason you got into it?



        • @ Steve

          Im pretty sure it was the Green Ranger mimi-series that got me into the series which i was pointing out. Tommy would probly be my favorite male ranger with Jason coming in 2nd & Billy coming 3rd. I think it was because i was watching Green Ranger taking on all the other rangers by himself no problem in part one. I thought about buying a multi-regional dvd player & buying all the seasons i liked. Right now it seems like Disney will never release the show on Region one dvd box sets.

  13. So it’s a new horror story within the “Alien” films’ universe, rather than a new Xenomorph film?

    Cool ;)

  14. Aliens vs Avatar NOW that movie I would see. lol. Not a fan of Avator, which might label me a pariah, but oh well.

  15. @ Chris O

    Aliens Vs Avatar??? Are you serious? Id like to see Rambo in the Predator franchise since (He likes playing in the jungle) lol. Not to mention he’s heck of a survivor & prove to the Predators what a hunter he can be.

  16. All of you that are talking about continuity in the movies…thanks for not bringing up the comics…especially Batman Vs. Aliens, Batman Vs. Predator, Superman Vs. Aliens, Batman and Superman Vs. Aliens Vs Predator, and all the rest of of the DCU/Aliens/Predator crossovers.

  17. @ Crimsonrain

    No Problem. I doubt even Nolan/Scott oould bring a good movie like Batman Vs. Predator or Batman/Superman Vs. Aliens Vs. Predator etc. It would feel too unrealistic imo, enough that it shouldn’t be done in any type of animation form aswell.

  18. MMMMMM Boy!

    Big-giant-heads with freakin’ lasers…

    Alien was (is) the only movie that ever gave me sweaty nightmares. As for all of the sequels and spin-offs, I say “meh”.

    I just hope Mr. Scott creates something that is complimentary to the original, and not just another addition to the ‘franchise’.

    And just a note;
    The whole alien -vs- predator was a marketing ploy. If you thought Weyland/Yutani was an evil corporate conglomerate, try 20th Century/Hasbro.

  19. I liked Alien aswell, it didn’t scare me but was still great sci-fi alien film. I think i liked Aliens alittle more though. But Alien 3 & Alien Ressurection,wished only two Alien films were made. Like James Cameron i agreed that the first AVP film is the 3rd good Alien film.