Ridley Scott Confirms ‘Prometheus’ Sequel is Currently Being Written

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ridley scott prometheus sequel writer Ridley Scott Confirms Prometheus Sequel is Currently Being Written

The general critical response to Ridley Scott and Cormac McCarthy’s crime/thriller experiment, The Counselor (read our review), is even more polarizing than that for Scott’s last film, Prometheus. A sequel to the latter – a conventional Alien prequel that evolved into the start of a new branch for the sci-fi/horror franchise – has been slower to develop than originally anticipated, following Damon Lindelof’s departure as screenwriter (so he can concentrate his time and effort on Brad Bird’s upcoming Disney sci-fi feature, Tomorrowland).

A new writer for the Prometheus sequel was announced this past summer, but there’s been no update on the project’s development since then. Meanwhile, Scott has pressed ahead with casting for his retelling of the Moses story, Exodus, for a Winter 2014 release date.

During a press conference for The Counselor, Scott confirmed that the Prometheus sequel “is being written right now,” presumably by the same up-and-coming screenwriter who entered talks some fourth months ago, Jack Paglen. The project is expected to feature Scott back in the director’s chair (in addition to one of the producers’), as Prometheus lead Noomi Rapace has revealed that she’s already met with the filmmaker about the sequel.

The Prometheus followup is expected to follow Rapace’s character, Dr. Elizabeth Shaw, and the damaged, but still-functioning android David (Counselor star Michael Fassbender) – now freed from his responsibility to serve his creator, Peter Weyland (Guy Pearce) – on a new space odyssey to the home world of the mysterious Engineers, a planet known as Paradise (named in honor of John Milton’s epic poem, Paradise Lost).

ridley scott prometheus rating 3d effects Ridley Scott Confirms Prometheus Sequel is Currently Being Written

Rumor has it that youngster Rik Barnett (Rebels Without a Clue) has been approached by Scott to play a key supporting role in the sequel, which has fueled speculation about the time jump between the events in Prometheus and the next installment (among other things). One plausible theory is that the sequel will revolve around a different mission sponsored by Weyland Industries – or perhaps the newly-formed Weyland-Yutani Corporation featured in the previous Alien movies – to determine what happened to the Prometheus crew.

It seems highly unlikely right now that Scott won’t end up directing the Prometheus sequel, but that will also depend on whether or not Paglen completes a script draft that pleases Scott before Michael Green (Green Lantern) finishes putting together a screenplay for the Blade Runner sequel. Scott is also developing the latter as a potential directing vehicle for himself, having already met and begun early talks with Harrison Ford about having the acting veteran appear in the film.

Whatever your feelings about Scott’s last two films are, there’s no denying that he’s managed to re-energize his career with Prometheus and The Counselor, after years of making solid, if unremarkable fare that prompted far less passionate responses, good and bad. With a Biblical epic and potentially sequels to both his other famous sci-fi classic and his most divisive sci-fi film in the works, it’s a fair bet that cinephiles aren’t going to be done enthusiastically debating his movies anytime soon. What else can a seasoned artist (whose legacy has long been established) ask for?


We’ll let you know more about the Prometheus sequel when we do.

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  1. It’s slated for 2015 release, other sources report.

    • Fox previously suggested that a 2015 release date is possible, but there’s nothing new to report on that front, unfortunately.

      • Is this the official website ? I hope not.

          • Ha, nah, that’s a fan site.

  2. well if he screws up his legacy he can still sell the rights to Disney. I heard that`s a salable move for directors who got way too much credit for the success and quality of their early work…

    • Leave the Star Wars prequels alone :p

    • Yeah, Scott’s critically lionized Prometheus really screwed up the legacy of the prestigious Alien franchise… oh wait, I guess I should say the Alien/Predator franchise, right?

    • Except unlike George Lucas Ridley Scott doesn’t own the films he’s directed.

  3. Good. I want to see this story come full circle.

  4. I actually liked Prometheus. My guess is that the engineers discovered the xenomporhs and they figured with their intelligence. they could somehow domesticate it. Obviously something went wrong. They will have to fill in the timeline leading into the original “ALIEN” movie. They kind of screwed that up. I don’t understand why they did not approach one of the Dark Horse Comics writers or someone that has written one of the Alien novels to write the sequels. Sometimes the Hollywood folk do not have a clue.

    • totally agree !

    • I read that they didn’t want it to lead directly into Alien as then they couldn’t make a sequel? Could be wrong have been before and will be again!

  5. I really enjoyed Prometheus so I’m hoping the sequel comes through.

  6. Michael Green doing bladerunner 2? WHYYYYYYY. green lantern is one of the worst big budget movies i have ever seen. utter garbage.

    i hope a sequel to prometheus is decent. i quite enjoyed prometheus but it had plenty of flaws that stopped it being a great movie. lets hope they rectify this.

    • There were 3 writes for ‘Green Lantern’ so it’s difficult to know exactly what part(s) Michael Green was responsible for. It’s with that knowledge that I am hoping the script for ‘Blade Runner 2′ will be handled correctly.

      • hopefully. but considering GL was terrible throughout he must have written a bad bit.

        • Or he tried to save it as much as he could.

  7. And about time too. As long as Damien doesn’t get hold of it , I’m looking forward to it.

  8. Any news about this moving forward is great news. Alien resurrection’s an annoying loose end I’d love somebody to tie up in my lifetime also.

  9. Hope Prometheus sequel is better than first one. I bought the DVD, but was kind of “MEH” disappointed in it. Nothing that great or new there that rated being called spectacular. Anything following Alien and Aliens which both were should be as well, but after the first two, the spinoffs and sequels were pretty anti-climatic.

  10. The most underrated movie of 2012, imo. Bring on the sequel.

    • I’d say it ties with Dredd on that front but yeah, Prometheus was blasted hard by people for absolutely no reason at all. I completely understood the motivations of the crew, the goings on during the movie and thought it was a brilliant movie while also knowing beforehand that it wasn’t going to tie into the Alien movies at all as far as directly leading into them.

      I can’t wait for the sequel.

      • Many people seem to hate the Movie and critic every single detail that was not correct or portrayed stuff wrong.
        I, for example, LOVED the Movie and really enjoyed it.

  11. I loved Prometheus and hope the sequel will be just as ambitious an enterprise. I’d like to see it getting deeper into the plot now that the characters are established and just finish off the story arc with a satisfying twist here and there. Bladerunner 2 has been in andout of development so much I hope it comes to pass successfully but I think Prometheus should be completed first so Ridley has his head free of other sci-fi based distractions to concentrate on making it as good as the original if that’s possible.

    • Harrison’s not getting any younger. If he wants him in BR2, he might want to make this one first.

  12. I loved Prometheus and hope the sequel will be just as ambitious an enterprise. I’d like to see it getting deeper into the plot now that the characters are established and just finish off the story arc with a satisfying twist here and there. Bladerunner 2 has been in and out of development so much I hope it comes to pass successfully but I think Prometheus should be completed first so Ridley has his head free of other sci-fi based distractions to concentrate on making it as good as the original if that’s possible.

  13. am I the only one worried that Ridley’s gonna die? just me? I mean, the guy is 75. so. Just sayin.

    But anyways, my response to a Prometheus sequel is

  14. The 1st movie was very underrated . I watched it twice and appreciated it more the 2nd time around. Minus the bungling scientists of course . So yes to a sequel !

  15. Prometheus was the movie everybody loved to criticize. I saw it opening weekend and loved it. I want a sequel to tie up some loose ends. Bring it on.

    • WHY did the android poison Noomi’s husband with the alien? Why was one of the dummies who got left behind after first night dumb enough to stick his hand in the little alien snake’s face? Why were the last three guys on the spaceship so terribly happy to slam their ship into the alien craft? In that giant empty plain, how is it that the two women just happened to be under the falling ship, and why couldn’t they run sideways to avoid getting flattened? Why was the billionaire so sure that he could be cured of old age just by talking to one of the engineers?
      The list goes on and on. WANTED to like this movie. Could not for the life of me.

  16. ?? throwing more money at this crap!!??

    Where have all the good sci-fi directors gone?


    • dude screw you

  17. I very much prefer a Prometheus sequel than a Blade Runner film.

    Prometheus was good and I understand what Mr. Scott tried to achieve. I do hope the writer has a more rounded idea on how to develop the story so that we know what happened to the Deacon and how is that event going to connect Paradise, the engineers’ world.

    • “Prometheus was good.” Oh, and Blade Runner wasn’t?

      • Nope, it wasn’t. Highly overrated bore-fest.

        • Who made you the authority on that?

        • @THGhost: Go watch an Emmerich flick then, and leave good, original, tasteful sci-fi to cinephiles.

      • But you’d possibly agree that you’d rather have a prometheus sequel than a blade runner one?

  18. Huge fan of Alien and Alien 3. Alien 2 is a basic monster flick, as is 4. Gladiator was highly overrated, a very standard sword and sandal movie.
    Prometheus was a profound disappointment. Characters do ridiculous things that no thinking human would do. The old billionaire looks like a very young man in too much makeup. The falling spaceship that the two women are running away from … ouch. Run sideways!
    I thought the movie had the chance to be a classic, and instead was insultingly dumb. The sequel will have to try very hard to make up for a bad start.

    • He didn’t direct Aliens or Alien 3?

      Gladiator was was quite rightly credited for renewed interested in historical epics. Russell Crowe won an academy award for his immense performance that was backed up by an inform Joaquin Phoenix who excelled in his portrayal of a incestuous, twisted, power crazed coward, and who can forget Oliver Reed showing us how great he was one last time. It featured some of the greatest most brutal battle scenes of all time and bought Rome to life in a breath taking way.

      “are you not entertained” well maybe it was just a “very standard swords and sandals movie”???

      Don’t get me wrong there’s a lot of movies Ridley has done that I have no time for G.I Jane etc but to dismiss Gladiator like that is more than a little harsh.

      • Oh and the only “insulting dumb” thing about Prometheus were the droves of people critiquing the movie for not being Aliens!

    • Agree with everything, but calling Aliens a “basic monster flick”? You’re in a very small minority there.

    • Not only do you think Aliens is directed by Ridley Scott, but you call it Alien 2.

    • I agree with everything. The movie could’ve been great and I have no idea why they couldn’t just get an actual old actor to play Weyland instead of using Guy Pearce who’s probably in his mid 40’s. Ridiculous. He’s a great actor but come on. I’ve often tried to rationalize the android’s actions by thinking maybe he hated the male doctor for making fun of him earlier on in the film and wanted payback, but that’s also a ridiculous reason to poison someone.

      I was very disappointed in the way it turned out. The discovery in the cave and the opening sequence with the engineer by the waterfall gave great expectations of things to come, or so I though, but then the film quickly turns into a monster flick. To be fair, I personally had no idea about Prometheus having anything to do with the Alien franchise before viewing. Still, monster film or no, it could’ve been better. Personally, I think maybe our dear friend Sir Scott may be getting a little bit too old or perhaps simply out of practice to direct in a clever fashion such as he showed with the original Alien and Blade Runner, which is one of my favourite films.

      • I first believed like everyone else that it was just bad make-up but in retrospect, Pearce’s aging is a little too obviously fake compared to today’s standards. That’s why I suspect there’s more to it than just bad FX, especially considering the visual quality of the rest of the film. I guess we’ll know more about it when Paradise is released.

        It should be pretty obvious that David infected Holloway with the purpose of studying the liquid’s effects, maybe on a secret agenda programmed by Weyland. Androids in the Alienverse have no attachment to the value of human life unless they learn to (or are programmed to). David just needed a test subject. That he specifically picked Holloway for payback is not ridiculous one bit. Quoting Fassbender: “David’s views on the human crew are somewhat childlike. He is jealous and arrogant because he realizes that his knowledge is all-encompassing, and therefore he is superior to the humans. David wants to be acknowledged and praised for his brilliance”. A creature with a childlike ego wouldn’t be prone to revenge? Please!

        Also, your claim of having no idea that Prometheus was connected to Alien bears very little credibility, especially for a ScreenRant user. It’s been heavily debated basically everywhere and the movie was promoted as such, so for you not knowing, you must have been living under a rock for the whole duration of the promotional campaign. An internet-free rock, which doesn’t fit your SR user status. Therefore you come across as just another puerile basher who relishes on hating what he failed to understand.

        • And by the way, what’s wrong with monster flicks? That’s what the Alien movies are. Prometheus is that too, with the added bonus of a philosophical subtext.

  19. It seems you saw a film but didn’t watch the film. Watch it again to clear your doubts.

  20. I thought the Xenomorphs should of waited to be introduced in a sequal. They ruined the movie for me.

  21. besides the absurd incorrect science involved, prometheus was a good movie

  22. I absolutely loathed prometheus. so much promise undelivered. utterly stupid science. bizarre character motivations. rubbish plot. unnecessary plot twists. zero character development. space magic black goop that does whatever the script writer wants it to: zombies, worm to snake-face-hugger, alien seed, exploding head… zero dialogue at important times: “hello mr old dude who stashed away in his own ship”, “hello lady who has stomach staples, is half naked and isn’t dead, did you give birth yet? yes? then where is your lovely offspring”… i love the alien franchise (the predator can stay in its own movie thanks), so that is why this abhorrent creation hurts my sensibilities as much as it does.

  23. Scott is a cheeky chap…

    In Empire Magazine coming out this Thursday, Scott says these 3 interesting things:

    – “‘Prometheus 2′ is written. I have already got the next two films ready to go. That will be 2014, 2015…”
    – “Yeah, we’re working on ‘Blade Runner 2′ right now – that will happen sooner or later.”
    – “There is also this very well written piece, one of the last great science-fiction books called ‘The Forever War’ [the bureaucracy and space battle masterpiece by Joe Haldeman] – we’ve finally got a very good draft of that for Fox. I thought I’d left science-fiction for too long, that I had better climb back in. Prometheus was a great experience for me. Chasing number two, we can start evolving the grand idea…”

  24. *hump day camel voice* WHOOP WHOOOOOP!!

    lol I really enjoyed “Prometheus” and am definitely anticipating the sequel

  25. I never understand why someone who likes or dislikes a movie has to be a moron for it. It’s just a MOVIE. If you dig it, fantastic. If you hate it, fantastic. Just get on with your life instead of lumping everyone who disagrees with you into the same pool.

    That said, I disliked Prometheus immensely, all because the character’s actions made little, if any, sense. The reason is because Lindeloff was tasked with rewriting a great script that changed narrative flow, but saved a bunch of cool scenes that Ridley liked.

    My dislike has nothing whatsoever to do with how it tied to the Alien franchise. If you cut all ties to the series, I would still have disliked it.

  26. Take your time. He’ll probably be dead before it ever sees the light of day