Ridley Scott Talks ‘Prometheus 2′, ‘Blade Runner 2′, ‘Exodus’ and ‘The Forever War’

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ridley scott prometheus blade runner forever war Ridley Scott Talks Prometheus 2, Blade Runner 2, Exodus and The Forever War

Sir Ridley Scott has made eight theatrically-released features over the past decade – in addition to producing multiple other films and television mini-series – and is a month short of turning 76, but if he’s started to lean towards retirement, you wouldn’t know it from his upcoming production slate.

The director and author/screenwriter Cormac McCarthy’s cinematic “experiment,” The Counselor, is now playing in theaters, which means the press have been given a chance to pick Scott’s brain and try to figure out exactly which project is going to happen sooner, rather than later.

Scott’s next film is Exodus, a re-examination of the Moses story that has already been scheduled for a December 2014 debut in theaters and features a cast that includes Christian Bale, Joel Edgerton, Aaron Paul, John Turturro and Ellen Ripley herself, Sigourney Weaver. Little is known about the most recent script draft by Steve Zaillian (The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo), but Scott has teased before that what he’s most interested in “isn’t the big stuff that everybody knows” about the famous prophet.

However, in a more recent interview with Empire, he also says that the film’s scale will be “F**king huge” and will include the parting of the Red Sea (brought to life via modern visual effects). Expect something on a par with Gladiator and Kingdom of Heaven, as far as the production values and set pieces are concerned (hopefully, the script will be equally up to scratch).

forever war ridley scott Ridley Scott Talks Prometheus 2, Blade Runner 2, Exodus and The Forever War

In that same interview with Empire, Scott revealed that “I have already got the next two films ready to go,” with Exodus in 2014 and “this science-fiction thing” in 2015. Problem is, Scott’s latter comment doesn’t exactly narrow the field of contenders, given that he has three sci-fi projects – the Prometheus sequel, the Blade Runner sequel and the adaptation of The Forever War – that’ve entered the writing stage of development this past year. And, judging by his comment, Scott could even be referring to another sci-fi film.

Forever War is based on author Joe Haldeman’s award-winning 1976 novel – revolving around a soldier who travels a greater distance from Earth in order to join the war between humanity and an extraterrestrial threat – and is a project that Scott’s been wanting to make for decades (literally), as he had to wait 25 years to gain the screen rights. (There’s something appropriately meta about all that, considering the story in question but, moving on…)

Dante Harper (Edge of Tomorrow) was hired to adapt The Forever War into a screenplay last year and Scott informed Empire that “we’ve finally got a very good draft of that” – but will that project take priority over the sequels that the director has in the works right now? (Short answer: who knows.)

Logan Marshall Green Noomi Rapace Michael Fassbender Prometheus Movie Ridley Scott Talks Prometheus 2, Blade Runner 2, Exodus and The Forever War

While talking to Empire, Scott reaffirmed that a script draft for the Prometheus sequel is either being or has already been written; in addition, he later mentioned that the second Blade Runner movie “will happen sooner or later.” The lead cast members from the last/first installment in both of those separate sci-fi franchises – Noomi Rapace and Harrison Ford – have confirmed previous meetings with Scott about the respective sequels; which, again, makes it hard to determine which is more likely to happen next.

However, it sounds as though Scott is leaning towards making the Prometheus sequel first (after Exodus?), based on this comment he made in the Empire interview:

“I thought I’d left science-fiction for too long, that I had better climb back in. Prometheus was a great experience for me. Chasing number two, we can start evolving the grand idea…”

Whatever your feelings are towards Prometheus (love, hate, etc.), the fact that people are still debating the merits of that sci-fi feature are a testament to it being a worthwhile work of art on some level. Similarly, with Scott coming off The Counselor – another film that is too audacious in style and form for people to react with simply apathy – he’s in a good place to continue making visually and thematically interesting sci-fi fare. That bodes well for his next exploration of the genre… whatever form that might take.

Which sci-fi film do you want to see Ridley Scott make next? Let us know in the comments section!


The Counselor is now playing in theaters.

Exodus opens in theaters on December 12th, 2014.

Source: Empire

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  1. You are the king of sci-fi Ridley. Keep strong!

  2. After ‘Exodus’ in 2014, I’m betting on ‘Prometheus 2′ (many think it will be called ‘Paradise’) in 2015, then on to ‘Blade Runner 2′, then ‘Forever War’. The only iffy part is will BR2 and FW be switched around because Scott has wanted to make FW forever, like stated in the article above.

  3. I heard he has already written the 3rd installment for Prometheus?

    • Yeah, I’ve been struggling to understand EXACTLY what Scott meant when he said this to Empire…

      “Prometheus 2 is written. I have already got the next two films ready to go. That will be 2014, 2015…”

      Does he mean the next two ‘Prometheus’ films or next two films in general, meaning ‘Exodus’ in 2014 and ‘Prometheus 2′ in 2015. After all, he and Lindelof mentioned a trilogy before tying back into ‘Alien’.

      • Maybe Prometheus will be so long that the studio will cut it into two parts
        God helps us if that’s the case

        • Yeah, the wait to see part 2 would kill me. It’s already bad enough having to wait for a Prometheus sequel.

      • I initially read it as we have two more Prometheus films, I hope this is the case but at 75 with Exodus, Prometheus and Blade Runner that’s got to tie him up for a while?

  4. 76 and still hard at work realizing his visions, this man is amazing.

  5. Prometheus all the way! Although I’m really interested in every other title mentioned in this article.

  6. each of the alien films occurred decades or centuries apart, prometheus 2 has no obligation to pick up directly after the events of prometheus 1. i hope i get surprised

  7. Unlike other directors floating about with so many speculated film, Ridley gets most of his films made.

  8. Man, Scott has a bunch of cool projects lined up. I hope that Noomi returns for the Prometheus sequel.

  9. I am really looking forward to a Prometheus sequel. I would like to see him remake The Creature from the black lagoon he could really give it a creepy tone.

    Prometheus is the only film I have EVER bought on Blu-Ray/DVD.
    I need the sequel! although Forever War sounds very very interesting. Long live Ridley Scott

  11. I really hope he doesn’t connect Alien to the Prometheus sequel. Just let it stand out as it’s own sci-fi thriller. The first Prometheus has no relevance to the Alien movies. It’s not even in the same genre. I went into the theater believing this would be a Sci-fi HORROR Alien prequel, but instead, I got a half-ass ‘Ancient Aliens’ Space Jesus flick with philosophical crap. Ridley fooled me.. he fooled me good. Well, I won’t be fooled a second time.

    • It had tons of relevance. The xenomorph at the end, the Engineers.

      It answered some questions from the original Alien and provided us with more that I hope get answered soon.

      I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again. Prometheus is in the Top 3 of 2012, right alongside Dredd and Life Of Pi.

      • You must be smoking crack if you believe that. Blind fanboy love, or no taste in sci-fi at all. Stick to comic books.

        And no, it’s not a Alien prequel. Ridley used the Alien franchise to hype this ‘Prometheus’. It’s half-assed, like I said. That’s why he couldn’t give us a straight answer on whether or not this is indeed a Alien’s prequel a year before the release.

    • Prometheus clearly links to Alien that was made obvious before the film was released. Why do you care as you indicate you hated prometheus anyway?

      I would suggest you don’t watch any more of his films or complain about what turned out to be a great film. The hype was overblown and can’t wait to see the trilogy completed.

      • Oh, please, this is a free country. I could complain as much as I like about his crappy ‘new direction’. Let’s be honest here, he’s not the man we once knew. If you don’t like my opinion, then go hang yourself for all I care.

    • Justin, you are obviously trolling bro.

      As Dazz said the Xenomorph is related to the Alien franchise. Also, the worm alien things that came out of the pods and took over the human host to cause him to evolve. And when the worm was cut it was acidic.

      Either way, I don’t feel Prometheus was a straight up pre-qual. But a story set on its own that also dives into Alien mythos.

      • Yeah, I’m pretty sure he’s trolling too. This has already been debated a lot, and it’s obvious that while it’s not a straight prequel, it is in the same universe and leads up to the events in Alien.

        Don’t forget the space jockey and the engineer ship that appeared in Prometheus and were straight from the original alien movies also.

        • In Prometheus you see the Aliens we know and love on the walls in the cavern before the proverbial hits the fan. There is no reason at all why they then had to begin evolving again throughout the film, as if they didn’t look as they do in the Quadrilogy prior to these idiots in Prometheus being exposed to them. It is absolutely stupid.

          There is so much wrong with Prometheus. I’m just totally disgusted in it.

  12. Forever War is an anazing book, hope he does it justice, willbe interesting to see how he handles the whole future where everyone is gay!

  13. I vote for Prometheus.

  14. Scott needs to scout the European indie scene to discover another talent or maybe he doesn’t. YMMV

  15. I’d love to see him do an adaptation of The Once and Future King.

  16. Blade runner 2 and black rain 2 as well with Michael Douglas and ken takakura again after the 1989 original. If Ridley Scott can do another alien and blade runner, he sure as heck can direct another sequel to an underrated cult classic like Black Rain that he directed 25 years ago. The batman trilogy was originally inspired by black rain and blade runner and plus Hans zimmer who composed the batman trilogy composed for Black Rain. I would like to see Ridley direct great movies again.

  17. I loved Prometheus; it’s only shortcoming was that it felt unfinished. Like it ended half way through it. I wanted more :) I look forward to the sequel and more of a fascinating explanation of the alien…that Scott is so good at.

  18. translate Google….
    Good day .. alien 1 spacecraft and Prometheus spacecraft in the same. such as the horseshoe …

  19. Re. Blade Runner 2 casting. Has anyone noticed the similarity between Rutger Hauer and Travis Fimmel of Viking series. Could be a possible casting coup for a young Roy Batty.

  20. Prometheus was terrible. Terribly edited stolen story, too many useless characters doing useless things. So many plot holes and completely useless subplots. The movie, while pretty, was a total wreck from start to finish. I dread to see what story has been concocted for a new Bladerunner movie. After Prometheus, I have zero confidence in Ridley. His days are long gone, he should retire. It wasn’t just a bad movie…it is a disgrace. Mark my words, the sequal to Bladerunner is going to be awful.

  21. Has to be Blade Runner II … A 32 year wait since the best SF film of all time is long enough !!