Ridley Scott Teases ‘Prometheus’ Sequel; Says ‘Blade Runner 2′ Is Happening

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ridley scott prometheus blade runner sequels Ridley Scott Teases Prometheus Sequel; Says Blade Runner 2 Is Happening

The next project from director Ridley Scott is The Counselor, which marries his poetic mise-en-scène with Pulitzer Prize-winning author Cormac McCarthy’s (No Country for Old Men) masculine prose. However, once the post-production process has been complete on that prestigious crime-thriller, Scott is turning his attention to new installments in the Alien franchise (with a sequel to the sorta-prequel Prometheus) and Blade Runner series.

Momentum is on the Prometheus sequel’s side, thanks to the combination of this week’s Blu-ray release and ongoing debates about the sci-fi film’s qualities (which have been re-invigorated by new details about earlier script drafts). Scott recently confirmed that Blade Runner 2 is happening, but refrained from offering an update on the status of the Prometheus followup.

Scott did provide Metro with the following intriguing, but elusive, food-for-thought about the state of things in the aftermath of the conclusion to Prometheus:

“… You’ve got a person [Noomi Rapace as Elizabeth Shaw] with a head in a bag [Michael Fassbender as the android David] that functions and has an IQ of 350. It can explain to her how to put the head back on the body and she’s gonna think about that long and hard because, once the head is back on his body, he’s dangerous… They’re going off to paradise but it could be the most savage, horrible place. Who are the Engineers?”

When Screen Rant‘s Roth Cornet spoke with Scott this past summer, he went into greater detail about his tentative storyline for the Prometheus sequel. Moreover, Fox President of Production Emma Watts announced a couple months back that Scott is “incredibly excited’ about the project and indicated it could arriving as soon as 2014 or 2015; that could very well still be the case, for all we know.

Blade Runner 2 Female Protagonist Ridley Scott Teases Prometheus Sequel; Says Blade Runner 2 Is Happening

Meanwhile, development of the Blade Runner sequel has pushed forward in the past year, thanks to information about the film having a female protagonist and Scott even offering a possible description of the opening scene. Scott assured Metro that the project is indeed moving forward, after which he playfully broached the idea of Harrison Ford’s return (though, such rumors were shot down several months ago):

“[The 'Blade Runner' sequel is] happening. With Harrison Ford? I don’t know yet. Is he too old? Well, he was a Nexus-6 so we don’t know how long he can live [laughs]. And that’s all I’m going to say at this stage.”

Prometheus left the door so wide open that, in my opinion, the film almost feels more like the first volume in a two-part (three-part?) saga rather than just a standalone picture. Blade Runner, on the other hand, has sustained its popularity over the years in no small part due to the unanswered questions it raises. That is to say, if I had to choose, a Prometheus sequel sounds like the movie that Scott should tackle next. We’ll just have to wait and see if that actually happens, of course.

Which are you more interested in, the Prometheus or Blade Runner sequel? Or would you prefer Scott continue to work on a non-sci-fi sequel after he wraps The Counselor?


Source: Metro [via Super Hero Hype]

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  1. Forget both of them and do The Forever War.

    • That is a sound idea!:-)

      • I thought so too, ever since I heard he was going to do it all I ever hear is all the other crap he wants to do.

        I’ve been waiting for so long for someone to do a really good adaptation of TFW. Blade Runner doesn’t require a sequel, a fully self contained film all on it’s own, and Prometheus, well with all due respect to those who liked it, but really it was crap for the most part. Did have some good points but quite frankly I don’t care to get the answers to all the questions he left hanging.

        So please, go and do TFW, but do it properly will you Ridley!

  2. Tha fact that he let Lideldouche’s crap script s*** all over Prometheus does not really encourage me Blade Runner sequel will be any good.

    You might have to retire now, Mr Scott.

  3. Quick question to all who wrote comments, since Ridley had Peter Weyland say of David that he is the closest thing to a son he will ever have and the fact he killed Vickers his daughter, doesnt the lack of Peter Weyland’s progeny prevent charles Weyland from exsisting? Totally destroying weyland Yutani industries and the alien sequels?

    • Who’s to say Charles wasn’t already born during the events of Prometheus?

    • But very good point, one I haven’t seen brought up yet.

    • One… He didn’t kill vickers. The ship did… all wicked witch style.

      Two… David could still be “the son” who continues the Weyland name. He is still functional AND would make sense why androids play such a HUGE role in the alien movies in their future.

      Third… He could EASILY have a secret hidden son… Especially since vickers was supposed to be his “secret” daughter.

      Fourth… It’s a space movie. Anything is possible in space movies.

      • He meant Ridley Scott killed Vickers off. And Charles could be be Vicker’s son. I’m curious as to why Scott gave the role of Peter Weyland to Guy Pearce and why he didn’t just have an elderly actor portry him. Also, in the deleted scene where they talk to the engineer, Peter tells him he made David in his image. Why then didn’t Scott just under Michael Fassbender under all that makeup? Future plans in store, maybe?

        • I would say there is no doubt that there are future plans for the Peter Weyland char…. And thus for Guy Pearce too. Given his obvious old make up job, he will either be brought up in the next Prometheus as a flashback OR brought back to life (which is always a possibility when messing with DNA).

          The other option is that the Pearce char will appear in the Blade Runner sequel.

          • My money is on the blade runner 2 film,..I also think the beginning of the film will feature the original opening sequence they cut out of blade runner. And the replicant that gets killed will probably be a weyland product because in the storyboard it had a detachable jaw with a serial number (see Ridley’s commentary on Final cut to see what im talking about.)

  4. Don’t know about blade runner 2,could well ruin a classic. I would much rather see him do another Philip K Dick story

    • Oh lets please stop raping PKD’S tortured corpse.

      How many terrible PKD movie adaptions do we need?!

      His books are still in print.

      Kids need to be exposed to more good writing and fewer bad movies.

  5. Prometheus sequels yes please, But leave Blade runner well alone, it’s been too long, that film is a stand alone Sci-Fi masterpiece, doesn’t need it, think of something else.

  6. Make part two want answers

  7. By all means make the Prometheus sequel. George Norry and his Coast to Coast listeners wouldn’t want it any other way.

  8. Prometheus’ disappointment could only be saved by a spectacular sequel. Blade Runner however, doesn’t need a sequel.

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  10. I’d rather see Blade Runner continued. Prometheus was pretty lame.

    • The lameness of Prometheus has been a topic of much debate in my office and among friends. I cannot understand how anyone would view it as a great movie. With Blade Runner, it’s almost too late to do a continuation, but if the film was about Tyrell before Decker & the Nexus 6 program, I think it could work.

    • “I’d rather see Blade Runner continued. Prometheus was pretty lame.”

      Unfortunately, do you really think that the guy who made prometheus is going to suddenly become a good director again?!

      The ridley who made Alien and BR is LONG GONE!

  11. “…Says ‘Blade Runner 2′ Is Happening.”

    Worst news ever!

    I’m praying every hour that either this turns out to just be another rambling vapor project half dreamt up by a confused old man,
    or that he retires first one way or another.

    The terrible ideas that he’s already been spouting off about in the media make it plain as day that it would be just as terrible as prometheus if not even worse.

    ridley scott has become a very bad director.

    Probably has been since the 80′s, but it wasn’t so horribly apparent to me until prometheus.

  12. Prometheus was a dud.

    Alien was great because it had atmosphere.

    No film since has managed to create “atmosphere” like the original Alien.

    Al the sequels were dreadful IMO.

  13. Scott has never been THAT great as a director, considering what made him so good was the ideas and philosophies he played with, which weren’t even HIS most of the time, Blade Runners depth came from PKD’s obsesion with the human condition and the books he wrote are so deep that they put a lot of people of reading them today.
    As for the alien films and Prometheus ?? Come on reused ideas and character stereotypes… Nothing he has done is original, the idea that BR2 will be any good is laughable, and Prometheus 2 will be just plain disappointing !!! It’s because if the writers…. You can polish a turd but it’s still a turd…