Ridley Scott’s ‘Exodus’ Casts Aaron Paul, Sigourney Weaver, Ben Kingsley and John Turturro

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ridley scott prometheus blade runner sequels Ridley Scotts Exodus Casts Aaron Paul, Sigourney Weaver, Ben Kingsley and John Turturro

Ridley Scott’s planned followups to Prometheus and Blade Runner are both sitting on a block of ice (…for now); hence, Scott will move from directing the drug crime tale The Counselor – opening this fall – to Exodus, a Biblical epic based on the life and times of Moses. Oscar-winner/former Batman Christian Bale will be headlining Scott’s film as the well-known prophet (featured in the Book of Exodus); meanwhile, Joe Edgerton has been cast as Moses’ adopted brother-turned bitter rival, the Egyptian ruler Ramses.

20th Century Fox has scheduled Exodus to reach theaters just a couple weeks before Christmas Day 2014. It’s a logical move, seeing how movies with overt religious content and/or symbolism has either managed to flourish (see: Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe) or turned a profit at the box office (see: The Nativity Story) during previous Winter Holiday seasons. Of course, that means Scott will need to begin principal photography on Exodus in a matter of months, in order to make that premiere date.

Casting for Exodus has certainly begun to pick up speed, as Deadline is reporting that several new actors and actresses are closing out deals to appear in the film. This news comes just two weeks after Edgerton was reported to be onboard; by comparison, five months passed between reports about Bale and Edgerton showing interest in Scott’s project (translation: everything is coming together at a healthy pace). As it stands, the supporting cast for Exodus now looks to include Aaron Paul (Breaking Bad) playing the Hebrew slave Joshua, Sigourney Weaver (Avatar) as Ramses’ mother Tuya, Oscar-winner Ben Kingsley (Ender’s Game) as an as-yet nameless Hebrew scholar, and John Turturro (Fading Gigolo) playing Ramses’ father Seti.

Aaron Paul Interested in Dark Tower Ridley Scotts Exodus Casts Aaron Paul, Sigourney Weaver, Ben Kingsley and John Turturro

Aaron Paul will play Joshua in Ridley Scott’s film ‘Exodus’

Scott has managed to assemble an impressive acting roster for Exodus, though a number of his choices – where it concerns the members of Egyptian royalty and heritage – are bound to open up the can of worms that is the Ancient Egyptians race controversy. Not to mention, the casting of Australian Edgerton as Ramses has already stirred up the longtime debate about when Hollywood casting decisions amount to white-washing history – and how far should filmmakers go, when it comes to balancing the need to be culturally-sensitive with a desire to draw from the strongest acting talent available to them.

For my money, I’ll just point out that all of the people onboard for Exodus are capable of being acting forces to reckon with (when the script/direction is strong). Moreover, with Scott bringing his legendary visual sensibilities to the proceedings – working from a revised script draft that was written by Oscar-winner Steve Zaillian (Moneyball) based on the pitch from Adam Cooper and Bill Collage (Tower Heist) – there’s little to no reason to doubt that Exodus will be a respectful attempt to do right by the Biblical source material – in the hopes of producing a majestic piece of ancient world cinema.

Feel free to weigh in with your own thoughts/feelings about the casting for Exodus – be it about the race issues mentioned above or Scott reuniting with Alien star Weaver - in the comments section.


Exodus opens in U.S. theaters on December 12th, 2014.

Source: Deadline

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  1. Aaron Paul in a big budget film? HELL YES!!

    • Don’t you mean “YEAH b****!”? :)

      • +1

  2. I want to care about a Ridley Scott film that isn’t Prometheus 2….. But I just don’t!

    • Exactly.

    • I feel u. The Counselor has a great cast and this one too…. but I want a Prometheus sequel, and he’s waiting too long.

      By the time he starts working on it, it will be like 5 years or so since the first :/ Time will tell, tho

      • Agreed. I want a Prometheus sequel. I’m not really interested in this film.

      • Alien and Aliens were 7 years apart. It’s really not that big a deal.

  3. Ahh, that’s why I had to search the article to see who Aaron Paul is and why his name is the headline because I’d never heard of him before.

    Now I have though. Is he a good actor though?

    • He’s an incredible actor on Breaking Bad.

      That being said, he’ll definitely be doing something different for this film (let’s just say there’s no way the type of character he plays on Breaking Bad will be in this movie). This is his opportunity to show how much range he has as an actor.

    • He’s won 2 Emmys for best supporting actor in a drama, so that’s saying something. ;)

      • Yeah but saying an actor or actress has won an award and using that as a reason to think they have talent isn’t really a very good or factual basis.

        Otherwise we’d be talking about how super talented people like Justin Bieber is because he’s won a mountain of Grammys.

        That’s why if someone says “well, Kathryn Bigelow is a great director, she won several Oscars if you need proof”, I shrug and walk away from the conversation because every awards ceremony has undeserving flavour of the month winners rather than recognising true talent and ability.

        • Funny, I feel the exact same way about Ben Affleck.

        • Fair enough. I personally disagree with you and I think the awards can be a pretty good, though not perfect, barometer for talent. I also think that Grammys are very different from Oscars and Emmys.

          But anyways, even if you don’t like the awards circles, Aaron Paul is a very good actor, in my opinion. He is one of the highlights in Breaking Bad, and his relationship with Bryan Cranston is fantastic. I have yet to see if he can play anything other than his character in BB, but his character has developed tremendously over the past few seasons, so I believe he’s a talented enough actor to pull off a range of emotions, and that the awards are well-deserved.

          • seriously he’s not that good of an actor. he’s always over-acting and when his character is trying to cry…lol its obviously cgi’d

            • Wait, you think they use CGI for him crying? Do you even know what CGI is?

        • FACT: Justin Bieber has never won a Grammy. Ever. So that argument is quite invalid.

          • Just in Beaver deserves a graham cracker, not a Grammy, and that’s about it. Little punk needs to go back to school and pick up a history book and make something of himself.

        • Exactly! Leo Dicaprio is a perfect example. One of the best actors of his generation and never won an Oscar. Does that mean he isn’t an amazing actor? NO

          • And if anyone was actually making the argument that someone needs an award to be a good actor your counterexample might actually be pertinent to this discussion.

          • Or maybe the fact that he isn’t all that great?

        • Like I said, on Breaking Bad, Aaron Paul is an incredible actor. However, I’m not sure how much range he has, especially since his role in this will be so different from what we’re used to seeing him do. He really does have talent, we just don’t know how much range he actually has. This film will show that.

  4. B**CH!!!

  5. I’m just hoping Ridley Scott can finally make a great movie for once, not a so-so or a disappointment.

    • The only non-great movies Ridley’s done (in my opinion) are Robin Hood and Gladiator, the rest have all been pretty fantastic.

      • Ummm… Alien and Blade Runner?

      • Let me guest: you’re a fan of ‘A Good Year’ as well aren’t you?

        • Black Hawk Down, Kingdom of Heaven???

          • After calling Alien a “non great movie” you really expect people to take you seriously?

            • I hope you’re not replying to me, Robert. I consider Alien one the greatest science fiction films of all time. My response was to the OP of this thread: “Whatever”.

              • I really love ‘Alien’ don’t give me wrong. I’m just referring to Ridley’s recent films lately. @Cyborn

              • Sorry about that, misread your comment.

    • Look at Alien, a great film, and then slap yourself silly until it sounds like you are playing a Tom-Tom!

      • I’m not referring to Ridley Scott’s past work. I’m referring to his recent work like A Good Year, Robin Hood & Prometheus. That’s all.

  6. Damn, this cast is getting better and better. Glad to see Aaron Paul getting a role in a big-budget movie, and Weaver and Kinglsey are always awesome. Turturro can be hit or miss, depending on the movie, but I’m sure he’ll be great with Ridley.

    I understand, financially, why they would release it during the Holiday season, but if they REALLY wanted to make the release date significant they would release it around the time of the anniversary of the Exodus, AKA the holiday of Passover, which is typically around April. Not gonna happen, but that would be pretty cool if it did.

    • It doesn’t seem authentic. Casting was an epic fail. The Ten Commandments is unbeatable, so I thought they would’ve opted for a cast more true to Egyptians. This is a mess. The Ten Commandments gets a pass because it was done during Jim Crow. This mess is unacceptable.

      Noah is out, too. Russell Crowe will be Noah…but his black son, Ham, father of black races and nations, will be portrayed by 2 white actors. Just disrespectful. And totally a robbery on history.

      • The Ten Commandments is a classic, but not unbeatable.

        Have you seen The Prince of Egypt? Ok, it’s animated, but it really is fantastic film.

        Personally (even being a Christian) I really don’t care if the actor matches the biblical character 100 percent or not, it’s all about the performance. I absolutely welcome an all star cast for Noah and Exodus, as long as the films don’t stray TOO far away from the Bible.

        I’m not saying there aren’t actors that are more historically accurate that can do a good job for the roles, but I would definitely prefer a good actor over a bad actor that’s more accurate.

        • I actually liked The Prince of Egypt. It’s sad this man’s cast doesn’t even measure up to a cartoon. I’m a Christian and as a Christian I do believe in truth. It would’ve been nice to see a film with a touch of truth in it. It’s misleading.

        • @Robert W

          “I’m not saying there aren’t actors that are more historically accurate that can do a good job for the roles, but I would definitely prefer a good actor over a bad actor that’s more accurate.”

          Exactly. I’m an Orthodox Jew and I agree completely with you. I don’t really care if the actor matches the role 100%. As long as they have a great performance, that’s fine with me.

          Also, I don’t even care if the story takes it liberties. If I want to read the Bible, I’ll read the Bible. I understand if movies want to embellish and make the story more interesting. Honestly, I’d rather watch a good movie based off of Biblical characters that may not be so accurate to the Bible, than a bad movie that follows the storyline of the Bible 100%. Just my personal opinion.

          • Good point. I don’t mind artistic license, just not TOO much.

            The Prince of Egypt was the fine line going with the Bible and going against it. But, the final film (in my opinion) is amazing.

          • Seeing that Dustin Hoffman is a great actor based on your logic “as long as they have a great performance, that’s fine with me”, when they make another film about Martin Luther King Jr. he should really be considered for the role as King.

      • History?

      • I like Ham. With pineapple and brown sugar. Ummm, tasty! Knife and fork a-clinkin’, there! Think I’ll go raid the fridge….

      • Not trying to sound ignorant, but I agree to an extent. For the sake of authenticity get some brown folks in this picture…

      • Jennifer Connelly’s mother is Jewish and Logan Lerman is 100% Jewish. Surely they can play Old Testament characters.

      • Ham’s race/skin color is never mentioned in the Bible, and that interpretation is a stretch. “The Curse of Ham” was one of those stupid justifications for slavery that got dredged up in the 17th/18th centuries. Read up on it.

        That being said, it is absolutely disrespectful to cast a bunch of white people in a movie set in Egypt and about the Jewish people. Obviously the characters should be pretty much exclusively Egyptian or Jewish, but no, let’s cast Aaron Paul because he’s popular right now.

    • How do you know Ham was black? He had the same two parents as his siblings, so why would he be of a different race? Ham is being played by Jewish actor Logan Lerman, which is perfect for a Torah / Old Testament movie.

      • I don’t want to get all teachy…but trying to make it short. When old Jacob died and there was a funeral and his son Joseph and everyone in Egypt was in the procession, a Canaanite said they couldn’t tell the difference between the Hebrews and the Egyptians. Who we know as Jewish/Hebrew now, aren’t the same as the Hebrews of the ancient world. The Jewish people now are European, and besides there are many tribes, not just one. I don’t expect certain people to get behind what I’m saying. When there’s a large group and they get together, whatever they say is “right” or they “win” and everything’s “ok”, but I know the truth and that’s all that counts.

      • Read your table of Nations in the bible. He’s black.

      • +1

        It says in the Bible that Ham was the ancestor to many nations in Africa, so it’s likely that his descendants were Black. But as far as I know, there’s nothing in the text of the Bible that says that Ham himself was Black.

        • Well, his folks had to come from somewhere. And so much has been manipulated and tinkered with anyway…look at what they’re doing with this movie. I’m very surprised that we even know Ham is the father of black races/nations. I don’t know why they didn’t take it out all together. I guess they’re working on that now. They have to start somewhere. Ham should’ve been shown as black, but they dropped the ball, so how would anyone know or believe he begat Africans and other blacks in other nations, because it wasn’t even just in Africa. Who cares. They’ll keep their lies coming out on an assembly line. And we’ll just eat them up!

          • Let me get this straight: all the black people in the world are descended from a pair of Jews who gave birth to the world’s first black baby who may or may not have had red hair. I’m sure glad you cleared that up. All this time I was thinking that homo sapiens originated in Africa and spread outward to the other continents consistent with the findings of modern science. Thanks for setting me on the right path.

            • I’m a Christian, so I’m not 100% on board with what you’ve written. And Jews appeared differently in ancient times. Plus, not every single Jew looks the same. We’ve been conditioned to think they have a certain look. And the person who mentioned red hair on Ramses doesn’t actually know if his hair was naturally red or not. Whatever the case, it is not exclusive to whites. We’ve been trained to think so, and when casts like the one for this Exodus movie keep showing up, it makes us that much more “stuck” in our stereotypes. It aids in trying to establish credibility to some who try to say Ancient Egypt was not black. Ultimately, it doesn’t matter, because they are, always have been, always will be, an Australian actor and a film director won’t change that. But in hopes of finding a big lie and repeating it over and over again, it may bring forth fruit! I don’t follow that noise though. I just tell the truth. No shame in that.

              • Just to clarify one thing – Noah was not Jewish. He and his family lived in the time before Jews existed.

                • Good point. Isn’t Abraham considered the founder of the Jewish religion/culture? That argument about Noah and Ham being dark skinned because they fathered the “black nations” doesn’t really work either. Since Noah fathered EVERY race there’s no real reason to think he looked more like modern blacks than he looked like modern Chinese people or modern Caucasians. I don’t see where the “lies” are in Aronofsky’s film.

                  • It isn’t accurate. And they are looking for African types with dark skin to be slaves, they could’ve just as easily looked for African types with dark skin to be actual African royals. It’s not accurate, but it won’t matter. Like I said, when there’s a large group of people and they do or don’t care about something, whether it’s fact or fiction, it doesn’t matter. Everything they say or do tends to fly or be “right”. And Ham has been the father of the black races and nations for many years, nothing will change that. Other than people repeating a lie and conditioning folks to “new” views and actors who don’t depict the actual descriptions given them about these figures. By the way, Ham had sons and grandsons and great grandsons and one of them, Sin is the founder of some of the Asia groups…it’s believed that’s why there are groups who use the name, for example, Sino-Japanese. Blacks don’t look just like one type. I think that’s in lots of people’s minds, but even in their own immediate families, they tend to look different. You might have a light mom or dark dad or vice versa…there are different types of blacks, none were chosen for this film.

  7. To everyone who is demanding Prometheus 2.. You do realize it’s hardly been a year since the film was released?????????

    • Yeah, they already have writers working on it. I think three years is just the right amount of time between sequels. Ridley works pretty fast on his films, even if they have a huge budget so 2015 is a possibility for Prometheus 2. But 2016 is more likely if Ridley directs it himself.

  8. Aaron paul, dont know he is. and i think weaver and edgerton as
    egyptians is as ridiculous as it gets. call this american/australian
    exodus. this is a straight to dvd or redbox movie now.

    • rod22 you are so right!

  9. So let it be written, so let it be done…


  10. Aaron Paul is a poor mans Ben Foster

    • Wait, are we talking about the 2-time Emmy award winner Aaron Paul?

  11. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO to the whole thing!

  12. Since when was the actors nationality so important for biblical movies? I guess performance is the second most important thing now.

    I’m just saying, Charlton Heston, the most famous actor to ever portray Moses, was white, and no one cares!

    Don’t get me wrong, actors that fit the time period better would be cool and all, but everyone seems to be forgetting that the actors that have been cast are all incredible.

    • The director should answer that question. He’s 75 years old and he knows better. There are black actors that turn out excellent performances, but they keep getting passed over, even for African roles like Pharaohs and queens in African countries like Egypt, and yes, ancient Egypt is black. But they’re doing a bang up job trying to rewrite that. This film will lend or try to lend credibility to all the people out there right now saying that Ancient Egyptians were everything and anything but black people. Guess there weren’t any. I’m not going to watch this thing, but I’d be willing to bet the blacks cast in this film (if there are any) will be servants, bodyguards (the Medjy), or carrying Sigourney Weaver around on a litter. It just doesn’t look real. 130 degree heat and these types of folks are just walking around…Ha! Bottom line, this director had to think long and hard about casting these actors and he deliberately went away from Egypt and ran to Europe for the players. Brilliant!

      • Isn’t funny when a white actor/actress is cast for non-white parts,there are no complaints,but a black actor for Nick Fury & etc (watch the &^&* hits the fan) SMH!!! :/

        • I can’t wait to see Jane Fonda as Harriet Tubman. …Viola Davis as Kate Middleton. Cicely Tyson as Queen Elizabeth. Cuba Gooding, Jr. as Prince William. Prince Phillip could either be Bill Cosby or Sidney Poitier. The next Princess Diana movie, maybe Halle Berry? It’s that silly.

      • Ramses had red hair. How do you explain that?

        • Black people don’t just have black hair. Besides, if you’ve been dead for thousands of years you don’t know how your hair might look. If they started digging up everyone listed as blacks or negros on the U.S. Census lists, you’d be surprised! There are different hair textures, colors, etc. It isn’t just one type of nose, skin, or hair. Red hair is not just for whites. On top of that the ancients used henna and sometimes the mummification process can change things, they did use chemicals. People always grasp for straws when trying their best to distant ancient Egyptians, especially from being black. Not working.

          • Beautiful reply, V. Thank you!

  13. The Ten Commandments was great! One of my favorites. It was done during Jim Crow, so they get a pass. Who had time to care during such a nasty time in our country’s history?!? It’s almost 2014! They couldn’t find anyone of color to play a Pharaoh???????? Idris Elba would’ve been great! James Earl Jones would’ve made for a great Seti. They should’ve gotten someone who could’ve passed for an Egyptian under old Pharaoh’s nose, like a Colin Kaepernick type. It’s important and I care and I will not go see this crazy lying mess. They could’ve done soooooooo much better, but failed before the first take. Noah’s another disaster. Russell Crowe will be Noah and his black son, Ham, father of the black nations and races will be played by 2 white actors. Ham????? Now that’s a BIG stretch. They’re confusing people who don’t know any better and it’s disrespectful to Christians. You sit there in church/Sunday school and you learn the truth and then you want to see your Biblical stories on the big screen, you’re all excited and then it’s a let down before the movie’s even made. Well, The Ten Commandments was made in about 1956, guess we’ll have to wait another 50 something years for someone to do it right. I’ll wait. Passing on this junk.

  14. Looks like he is trying to get decent actors/actresses. I am looking forward to Exodus, Noah, Moses, 10 Commandments, or Martin Luther rocks the Wittenburg gates, whatever! Sounds like movies worth a watch.

    • Same old soup just warmed over.

  15. I guess whoever is writing Prometheus and Blade runner still haven’t finished writing yet, but this project,Exodus, I don’t care too much for.

  16. Trevor(I couldn’t resist)

  17. Not the first for Ben Kingsley… He played the role of Moses in a 1995 made for TV movie titled (bet you can’t guess) “Moses.” A well acted video in a series of Bible story adaptations.

  18. Sadly, some people do not care about the biblical. That’s their decision. In the name of God judge everyone by hearts. It is very important to me to get everlasting life reward according to Jesus requirement. The churches taught falsely. The bible explain very clear. Anyway, I am so curious about this movie. I know it is 50% faithful to the bible and 50% make up so that’s alright. I just want to see the magical technology in it thats all. :D

  19. Hell yeah! This cast is primo, I could care less if they are historically accurate on race. Ben Kingsley turned out one of the most amazing and honorable performances as Gandhi and I’m sure all these actors will be take their roles seriously for this one. Bale will be great as usual, but I wish he was splitting time with the Superman movie instead of splitting the Red Sea.

    • I don’t think anything’s wrong with the actors. Look, with costuming, dramatic music, makeup, scenery and the actual talent of the actors, I’m sure it’ll go off without a hitch. I’m just saying, they could’ve stepped out of Jim Crow times and did something more accurate given that it’s 2013. They’re still in the mindset of African/Arab dark skinned slaves. Dark skin = slaves. That’s what the casting call said in Spain. I’m just surprised that dark skin didn’t equal African royals, too?!? It isn’t automatic, that thought doesn’t come to mind when they’re casting for people who aren’t always bowing and serving. You have to admit, it’s foul. “This cast is primo, I could care less if they are historically accurate on race.” It starts with not caring.

      • V, I give you so much credit for trying to make people understand. But most white people will never get it. As a child, raised to be a Christian, I grew up seeing all white faces in depictions of images from the Bible. I saw a white Jesus Christ, a white Moses, a white Noah…heck, even Adam and Eve were portrayed as being white people. When a child grows up seeing that, and then looks in the mirror, seeing that she looks nothing like those images, then she feels the words of the Bible do not pertain to her. Because, according to the Bible, she was not made in God’s image. Only white people were.

        Yes, I grew up during the Jim Crow days. People that are not old enough to remember those days, have no idea what it was really like. And with the casting of Ridley’s Scott’s “Exodus”, I see we have an old man, still stuck in that era. I mean, it would never occur to him to cast people that truly represent the way people of Eygpt, and the Middle East looked in those days.

        What saddens me the most is that in 2013, once again young children of color will see a film, depicting stories from the Bible, were everyone is white. Once again, they have to learn that the message is that they were not made in God’s image. V, you cannot make people understand how tragic that is. They just will never get it.

    • Ben Kingsley’s father was Indian (from India, not America) He was born Krishna Pandit Bhanji. So he was an Indian playing… an Indian!

      I think if it intends to be taken seriously, there should be an attempt to represent the characters’ appearance somewhat truthfully. But this is pretty standard American whitewashing. Disappointing, but not unexpected.

  20. Blood typing and DNA sampling on ancient Egyptian mummies is scant; however, blood typing of dynastic mummies found ABO frequencies to be most similar to modern Egyptians[ Scholars believe that Modern Egyptians are largely representative of the ancient population, and the DNA evidence appears to support this view.
    In general, various DNA studies have found that the gene frequencies of modern North African populations are intermediate between those of the Near East, the Horn of Africa, southern Europe and Sub Saharan Africa, though NRY frequency distributions of the modern Egyptian population appear to be much more similar to those of the Middle East than to any sub-Saharan African population, suggesting a much larger Eurasian genetic component.
    Look at Egyptians today…are they black, middle eastern or caucasian looking? A mixture, I’d say.

    • Not true. Pharaoh Ramses III is E1B1A. That was supposed to be a Sub-Saharan DNA, but he came first, so apparently, it is Eastern African. They are the original founding fathers of the Africans who migrated a West. Just like when people from England moved to America, they still took their DNA with them. Egyptians are Africans. Period. It is not in Sweden. And The Middle East is a relatively new term…not all blacks are from African, many are indigenous to regions in “The Middle East”. We have been “brainwashed” and taught wrong, so many truths omitted, etc. it’s difficult for some to take it all in. People watch too many Hollywood movies that have fooled them into actually believing Ancient Egypt’s a white country. Just because a European actor dons a costume and reads the line, your imagination becomes solid in equating that type as an actual Egyptian royal. It is not so. Ramses should’ve been an Idris Elba type.

  21. ok, people… you are all forgetting one thing. This movie is NOT a history lesson, nor a documentary. It’s being made purely for entertainment.

    Perhaps more than what the actors look like is the personality they can project for the part intended.

    Why not just wait and see how it all comes out in the end?

    Seems to me that there aren’t any wimps cast in the roles so far. Each actor has their own unique range of emotions that they can portray. And we all know when an actor does a good job, you won’t see the actor on the screen but the character in the movie..

  22. An all white cast to represent the land of Egypt!? How rediculous. I hate the secular world. Cant stand America. They can’t handle the bible unless they make everyone white. But what do you expect when Evil Hollywood decides to mess with the Bible. They wont get the story right either. Things like this make me excited for the day Jesus comes back and destroys the world. I cant wait till God sinks LA and destorys hollywood. Urrrrrrrrg. Exodus is one of my favorite events and they are destorying it!

  23. This is seems like another Noah. Another film set in the Middle East & North Africa but an all-white cast. No thank you.

  24. Most of these posts look like phonies.

    Scott delivering his usual over produced TV spectacle in panavision.

    Scripture, of course, DEFIES molten image ‘film’.

    Scott might have better spent his time attempting to deliver
    the much needed epic treatment of the now 21st century DEFINING
    ————————-KOREAN WAR————————–