Gory ‘Riddick’ Red-Band Trailer Debuts at Comic-Con 2013 Panel

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Riddick has been a long time coming, but now it is here and fans of the cult anti-hero played by Vin Diesel  certainly got an eye-full as the third film in the trilogy came to Comic-Con 2013 with a panel and a new, gory, red-band trailer. Watch it above.

The story of Riddick sees the titular Furion captured by a group of bounty hunters (whose ranks include BSG star Katie Sackhoff, Devil star Bokeem Woodbine and Guardians of the Galaxy star Dave Bautista), only to have the situation take a turn for the deadly when the hunters and Riddick find themselves as prey for a planet full of grotesque monsters. Basically a setup pretty much similar to Pitch Black.

Riddick Red band Trailer Comic Con 2013 Gory Riddick Red Band Trailer Debuts at Comic Con 2013 Panel

This new red-band trailer covers the same scene between the cocky Riddick and the naive bounty hunters (Bad Boys II star Jordi Mollá certainly learns the hard way not to underestimate his quarry) – a scene which transitions us away from the human vs. human drama and into the creature-feature this film will be, as the monsters come calling at that perfect (read: contrived) moment when Riddick is about to lose his head.

The trailer reveals that Riddick is indeed going to be a gory horror-movie-style sci-fi action flick; more importantly, it shows off some much-improved CGI effects than what we saw in the initial Riddick trailers. Diesel and his Pitch Black/Chronicles of Riddick director David Twohy didn’t want to reveal too much during the film’s panel – but between the crazy montage of action in the trailer and elements of Chronicles of Riddick that have been included in this film (like Karl Urban’s Necromonger character, Vaako), one can surmise that things won’t be as simple as a Pitch Black do-over.


Riddick will be in theaters on  September 6, 2013.

Stay Tuned for more Comic-Con Coverage.

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    • The problem is that it’s Super Hero Riddick…and not Realistically, Just Unwilling To Die Riddick. That’s what made the first movie so good. He was tough and smart…not, “balance a machete on my foot and cut a guy’s head off” amazing. Die Hard vs. Die Hard 5

      • What? Seriously? Riddick got in a fight with tombs and had his arm dislocated quite severely and just snapped it back into place like it was nothing. He had a seemingly endless supply of stamina and strength, he tore one of those aliens to pieces AND matched strength with that creature! A creature strong enough to fly and lift people up (no matter their weight) and tear them to bits as if they are mere fleas.

        What, exactly, about Riddick was so “John McClain” ish? John McClaine was an underdog. Riddick, right from the get-go, was pure alpha, Hannibal Lecter-Lobo-The Punisher all rolled into one. His speed and strength was depicted on a Captain America level and that was ALWAYS the intention. He is a Furyan and those guys are like Klingons or Romulans compared to us humans, 2-3-4x stronger, more durable, etc.

        Imagine Riddick vs Khan?

    • It’s a sequel to both. The necromongers ARE in there. Riddick apparently wouldn’t play ball as their leader, since they couldn’t kill him they betray him and leave him to die on a planet where, as he says “everything wants a piece of me”

      I promise yuo.

  1. sickkk

  2. Yes, let’s act as if that last one didn’t exist. This is more like it.

  3. best kill EVER in a trailer!

    • it really was…. i have never seen that done before… ever.


  4. The nerds will still hate it. Predicting much bitching will commence once the film comes out and the movie tanks. Studios are foolish to make R-rated films anymore.

    • Some adults still like a good R rated movie where there are NO KIDS IN THE THEATRE crying about popcorn, or literally crying about the noise is a GREAT NIGHT at the movies!
      I am very happy to see a movie that will have some real gore and blood and a little cursing, I get very tired of the childish humor and really corny jokes….. show me some boobies and blood and I will pay for that over The Pacifier ANYDAY.

  5. Cool stuff, are there any graphics engineers on this site?

    • Your first mistake is calling them engineers. They’ll hate you for it.

  6. Well this looks dumb. Good action maybe, great CG, but dumb.

  7. Cool universe, one great movie, one great animated short, two amazing games (one of them groundbreaking and trendsetting), one barely palatable sequel. Solid four out of five, things are looking up for this one.

  8. Nice, except for all that digicam motion blurring, which makes it look a bit cheap. Well, if you can’t get rid of stuff like that, shoot on film. Problem solved!

  9. that black guy from “devil” is in this flick smmfh!!!!!

  10. 1)The trailer quality was pretty awesome.

    2)I now have to stop watching all trailers for this movie,as they have showed way too much now.

    3)While I think this movie is going to be really good,I just really wish that they would have continued after Chronicles,instead of what “seems” to be another Pitch Black.I liked Pitch Black,but I was hoping for something more original.

  11. Riddick interesting character and story looks decent. But too violent for
    My taste so i will pass. Where iam from people are killed as violently, not by creatures but by other humans.

  12. i just hate the fact that they’re ripping off their own movie. it’s tasteless.

    • No, it’s a sequel. ;)

      • Call it what you will. It’s Pitch Black all over again, except everyone seems to be pretending like it’s not. Some would call that a rip off.

        • That’s what they USED TO call a rip off. Now it’s a Re-Imagining or a ReBoot. I agree. They hit every movie beat. WHo wants to bet that Starbuck survives til the end and then bites it? Anyone? Anyone?

          • What’s the wager?

        • No YOU can call it what you will, the people like you are pretending that it’s NOT a sequel and being incredible smug about it. Ignoring the FACT that the Necromongers are in this and that, surprisingly, the plot has been kept fairly tight-lipped. The trailers truly don’t reveal that much, so for you to sit here and tell us what exactly what it is when you haven’t the faintest clue is ridiculous.

          See, I read this thing called the “Official Synopsis” and looked at screen shoots. You see Riddick sitting on the Lord Commander’s (former) throne. I THINK Karl Urban has a cameo and will hopefully be in the sequel since the last movie was really building up to a fight between those two. Plus it would be fun to learn about Drago-Draco…forgot his name, Karl Urban’s past and why he is so formidable compared to Riddick who seems to be a mixture of Frank Castle, Lobo, and Hannibal Lecter, basically the badasses to end all badasses.

          So YOU can call it what you will but the reality is this: You really won’t know unless you’ve seen it. FACT

      • Exactly! Chronicles was pretty awesome and a LOT of fans agree! It opened up the doorway to the excelletn Butcher’s Bay and the fantastic anime. Why is it that every doofus out there thinks that they are ignoring the necromonger storyline? They’re not! You can see necromongers in the screenshots! You can see Riddick on his throne, depressed and pissed (over Kira and being stuck with a near-equal in Karl Urban who wants to kill him, hopefully he’ll return for the 4th movie….)

        The ending to Chronicles was fairly original and really sealed the anti-hero persona of Riddick. This man is like Hannibal Lecter-meets-Frank Castle or Conan the Barbarian, though I prefer my Frank comparrison, as Frank Castle has killed the entire Marvel Universe twice in an “elseworld/what if?” storyline and in it took the entire Avengers roster to bring him down in the canon universe! Something I could totally see Riddick doing. The man fights beings stronger and faster than him on a regular basis and he just seeps complete badassery from his pores! :P

        I figured you’d appreciate the Frank Castle comparison. He really does seem like a Hannibal Lecter/Frank Castle mix, with a touch of other “streets” like Batman, Daredevil, Black Panther, Huntress, etc.

  13. Yeah let’s just all forget that Riddick was king of the known universe for a moment and do a sequel to the other movie…

  14. Why do they mention Earth multiple times in Pitch Black and then it seems like it no longer exists in COR or I’m assuming this one either?? Always been my only gripe

  15. Riddick vs. Aliens??? Anyone… Still, looks entertaining

  16. hope they do make the fourth movie, will be sad if they don’t