‘Riddick’ Full Trailer: Riddick Gets Unchained (Plus New Images)

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Seven years is a long wait between movies in a franchise, but after The Chronicles of Riddick failed to light up the box office in 2006, it’s something of a miracle that a third film about Vin Diesel’s “shined” space mercenary received a green light at all. Simply titled Riddick, David Twohy’s picture only received its first teaser about a month ago; today, the full trailer has landed online and expanded on the promise of the previous clip.

Riddick sees the anti-hero of the title in a situation that calls to mind the events of Pitch Black more than a decade ago. This time around, Riddick is left to the mercies of a harsh alien world before running into two groups of bounty hunters out for his blood; the trailer makes the film sound like a return to the character’s roots as well as a continuation on some of the ideas introduced in Chronicles. Check out the full synopsis below:

The infamous Riddick has been left for dead on a sun-scorched planet that appears to be lifeless. Soon, however, he finds himself fighting for survival against alien predators more lethal than any human he’s encountered. The only way off is for Riddick to activate an emergency beacon and alert mercenaries who rapidly descend to the planet in search of their bounty. The first ship to arrive carries a new breed of merc, more lethal and violent, while the second is captained by a man whose pursuit of Riddick is more personal. With time running out and a storm on the horizon that no one could survive, his hunters won’t leave the planet without Riddick’s head as their trophy.

So Riddick pits Diesel against legions of dangerous alien monsters as well as human predators who want him dead. At first blush, the movie bears much more of a resemblance to Pitch Black than Chronicles, which should bode very well for its chances at the box office and could be taken as a strong sign of its quality. Either way, Riddick is back, and he looks meaner than ever, so fans of the series should be getting pretty excited right about now- and if not, the gallery of images above ought to help.

What do you think, Screen Ranters? Are you read for Riddick to tear his way across the big screen again?


Riddick starts its theatrical run September 6th, 2013.

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  1. Love Riddick… Love the character. Nothing better than the “anti-hero”. ie Vegeta.

  2. The CGI in that trailer looks out-dated, but that’s my only complaint thus far. I’m curious to see why he was abandoned and if Jack (Kyra) will make an appearance.

    • Kyra was killed by the Necromonger King at the end of Chronicles, so unless this one is pitted prior to that, probably not. She was hot, though.

      • Wow, I haven’t seen the movie in so long that I forgot she died.

    • I felt he same. I loved the first movie but the scope of the second one was incredible. So far this looks like the story won’t receive that much kindness. I personally really enjoyed chronicals. Great movie. This one looks intense, but contained.
      So…we’ll see.

  3. Looks like some good B-movie fun!

  4. Looks great! back to what made the original good. This and Fast and the Furious are the only films I really like Vin Diesel in so i hope it does well.

  5. Yes… back to basics.

    Chronicles tried too hard with the Necromancer storyline, Riddick is better prey turned predator anti-hero.

  6. I wonder what happened to keep what you kill?!?!? Guess he was too much for them to keep. haha go Riddick!!!

    • He never was much for rules. ;)

      • True. He was never much for anything or anybody really… except maybe Jack aka Kyra and Iman.

  7. Think I’ve just added this to my list of film to see in the cinema, looks like a proper riddick film finally should be fun
    Pitch black was great, chronicles was not as good, this seems more like pitch black which can only be a good thing for the character
    Was there a glimpse of a necromonger from the last film in there somewhere? Hope they deal with that plot point early and let riddick get back to what he does best, killing bounty hunters and odd looking monsters in the dark

    • Are you just new to movie trailers? Because that’s what they basically do, show you the movie.

      • I think it was more that the trailer seems to give up the entire story. The Man of Steel three minute trailer basically shows that Clark struggles with his powers growing up, grows a beard of sorrow and flies into people and Zod pops up too. We still have questions – does Krypton actually get destroyed? How vulnerable is Supes in this adaption? How will this tie-in to a possible Justice League film? What does Zod want with Earth? How will people ‘forget’ Clark’s superhuman abilities as a child? There’s a sizable list, but that should get you started.

        Compare that to the Carrie trailer, which shows a girl that is bullied and just when she thinks its getting better, she gets humiliated in front of everyone, so she uses her psychic powers to seek vengeance. That’s basically the entire movie laid out. The trailer for Riddick shows (what appears to be) a Necromonger attacking Riddick, suggesting that he gets thrown out of their group, bounty hunters chasing Riddick and Riddick fighting aliens. And Katee Sackhoff. There doesn’t seem to be much more to this film.

        The only plot point that I didn’t notice is that we know Karl Urban is back… I imagine that’ll be the last five seconds of the next trailer, though.

  8. The greenscreen/studio shots that are supposed to be outside on an alien planet have a bit of a Star Trek vibe going on. I’m talking 1966 Star Trek The Original Series here… but otherwise it looks good. Like a mashup of Pitch Black and Chronicles of Riddick, which is exactly what I want from this sequel.

  9. Not sure why chronicles of Riddick got such low scores by reviewers it was the most original SciFi movie that had come along in a while, its own universe with an anti hero, more Riddick can only be a good thing.

    • I agree. I loved CoR.

    • so true!!! People just hatting b/c they can…

      • Chronicles of Riddick was just not that good, in my opinion. The first thing is that it was nothing like the first film, including the portrayal of the title character, but ultimately, Chronicles was just trying too hard to be epic like Lord of the Rings in space or something. However the acting, script and story weren’t solid enough to back those ambitions up. Incredible visual design, but kind of a mess. That’s just me.

  10. oh HELL YEAH!! Can’t WAIT to see THIS one B-)

  11. looks like fun, and Katie Sakoff, too! But I kind of would like to know what happened with the Necromancers. Did he keep what he killed?

  12. I really want to see this, I just wish that they didn’t have to bow down to the people who only want a copy of the first film! Everyone gets on here bitching about remakes and what not, bantering on about how there’s no originality in hollywood, Until an original idea comes along and then they b**** and moan complaining that Chronicles wasn’t like the first one. WTF people.

    • Hehe… they should change the title to “The Amazing Pitch Black”.

  13. Looks like the first one mixed with some Babylon AD and a touch of Priest throne in for good measure, I liked the epic scale of the second one, don’t understand the step back, let me guess, Riddick kills everything and ends up on his own at the end!

  14. yay!!!! back to basics.

  15. Hey Andrew,

    I love the article, but you’re wrong about the time frame between films. “Chronicles of Riddick” came out in 2004, not 2006. So in all actuality you’re looking at nine years total since the last Riddick film was made.

  16. I personally loved both Pitch Black and Chronicles. I just really like his character, so whether he’s kicking alien butt or necromancer butt it’s all good for me. I also loved the video game, Escape from Butcher Bay. I hope they have a really good tie-in game for this one as well. Not just the typical crappy movie tie-in games like they usually do. I would like another at the same caliber of Butcher Bay…

  17. Looks pretty darn cool. I’m not sure if it really needed to be made, but if it’s as solid and tightly written as Pitch Black, could be a great watch. Assorted other thoughts: Katee Sackhoff, Alien xenomorph mouth resemblence, swoop bikes are awesome.

    Some of the Star Wars spinoff films really should focus on bounty hunters, fugitives and the underworld.

    • That doesn’t sound very “Disney-ish”. Although all of us fans would like to see that done. I don’t see it being done.

  18. Well, this trailer didn’t spoil the whole movie for me or anything.

  19. Direct to dvd release

  20. So… this is a remake of Pitch Black, then? :)

  21. So i guess he refused his thrown and was banished to this planet?

  22. Pitch Black was awesome, Chronicles of Riddick was alright, this looks like a Pitch Black remake, almost a re-boot.

    Deserted planet with aggressive beasties, Riddick in chains, running around with torches in the dark. If there’s a rain sequence I may cry.

    Going back to what made the series popular is sensible but a carbon copy, well lets just say it didn’t work for Superman Returns, I might not work for Riddick, could a be a bad case of de-ja-vu.

    Please just no 3D with beasties popping out the dark and the screeen as that would drop this straight from fun B-movie to Piranha 3DD Z movie garbage.

    Be interesting to see if they actually payoff Riddick’s evolution over the previous movies and whether the loss of the only two people he’s allowed himself to care about has reverted him to badass killer Riddick that had everyone PETRIFIED of him in Pitch Black instead of pussy anti-hero Riddick from Chronicles.

    If not then a prequal is in order…. lets see Riddick before Pitch Black and what got the bounty on his head in the first place.

  23. Im really glad Vin got the money to make this movie. The original was a fantastic sci fi adventure and the sequel was great as well. I can see a lot of people didn’t enjoy it as much but I did equally enjoy it. Its different than the first. This 3rd theatrical installment is almost the same as the first. So to me, its nothing new. But as the saying goes, don’t fix what isn’t broken.

  24. Um… this doesn’t look like it’s in the vein of Pitch Black. It looks EXACTLY LIKE Pitch Black.

    Which isn’t to say I didn’t enjoy that movie… but why rehash a storyline to (hopefully) end it differently?

  25. Looks like a student film (with rich parents). – Kacey

  26. I gotta say… LOOKS AWESOME!