Riddick Fight Movie Monsters 5 Movie Monsters We Want To See Riddick Fight

He’s mean, he’s deadly, he can see in the dark; and in Riddick, Vin Diesel once again dons the goggles of the titular antihero to battle with alien creatures of the night (and a few humans along the way).

While that may be the exact same plot of the film that first introduced the character of Richard B. Riddick, Pitch Black (2000), you won’t hear fans complaining. There are few things Dick Riddick is better at than killing monsters – and that’s got us thinking.

Although he’s beaten every enemy yet faced, here are 5 Movie Monsters We Want to See Riddick Fight. Win or lose, we know they’d be worth watching…

Riddick Movie Monster Fight Xenomorphs 5 Movie Monsters We Want To See Riddick Fight

Seen in: Alien series

Strengths: Gifted in stealth, with razor-sharp claws, a piercing tail, acidic blood and an oral appendage capable of punching through a human skull.

Weaknesses: Susceptible to fire, blades and bullets as much as any living creature.

Seeing how the Xenomorphs bear a strong resemblance to the creatures Riddick has faced in the past, and that the star of the Alien series usually relies on fear and panic to give it the upper hand, we think Riddick could come out on top. Though it was never clear how Xenomorphs see, Riddick’s night vision would likely remove any advantage. His usual blades could pose a problem given the creatures’ acidic blood, but that’s not going to save them.

Riddick Movie Monster Graboid Tremors 5 Movie Monsters We Want To See Riddick Fight

Seen in: Tremors series

Strengths: Able to track prey by sound alone, three tongues (each possessing a mouth); spawned Shriekers are gifted pack hunters who track by temperature.

Weaknesses: Lack of vision makes tricking or trapping Graboids possible; Shriekers suffer from a lack of hearing.

As terrifying as the Graboid Shriekers are, we have no doubt that their limited senses would make them easy pickings for Riddick; the fully grown Graboids are another story. Since Riddick usually prefers to let his fists do the talking, he would require a different approach with the massive, prehistoric sandworms. Night vision or no, these creatures are bigger, stronger, and faster than any human – Riddick would need to outsmart, not outhunt them. We never granted the antihero an abundance of brains, but seeing him pull off the feat would be a welcome change.

Riddick Movie Monster Fight Predator 5 Movie Monsters We Want To See Riddick Fight

Seen in: Predator series

Strengths: Advanced technology, active camouflage, mastery of blades and energy weapons; well-versed in all elements of stalking and killing dangerous prey. Heightened endurance, strength and durability.

Weaknesses: Natural infrared vision has been fooled before, camouflaging body heat to become invisible to the Predator.

Since the Yautja – known to humans as ‘Predators’ – are skilled with every conceivable weapon, masters of all knowledge in hunting the universe’s most dangerous creatures, and able to see in the dark, these trained killers are more than a match for Riddick. If Riddick managed to up his game, he might just live; but considering how many average human beings have posed a challenge to Predators in the past, we’d bet the fight would be worth watching whatever the outcome.

Riddick Movie Monster Fight Stay Puft Marshmallow 5 Movie Monsters We Want To See Riddick Fight

Seen in: Ghostbusters (1984)

Strengths: At over 100 ft. tall, sheer size is the only real strength here – and the mental trauma inflicted by seeing a lovable corporate mascot turn a city block into dust.

Weaknesses: An extreme vulnerability to fire or crossed streams.

The Stay Puft Marshmallow Man – technically an ‘ectoplasmically-animated gateway homunculus’ – may seem squishy, but as the physical manifestation of the extra-dimensional being Gozer, it’s not to be trifled with. Let’s be honest: Riddick would have no trouble taking him out (with a few clever quips at the expense of his neckerchief). While blades or bullets might be ineffective, expose this monster to an open flame, and Riddick’s one massive graham cracker and chocolate bare away from the world’s biggest s’more. But we still want to see Mr. Stay Puft get what’s coming to him.

Riddick Movie Monster Fight Godzilla 5 Movie Monsters We Want To See Riddick Fight

Seen in: Godzilla series

Strengths: Massive size, nearly invincible, capable of rapid regeneration, and possessing a deadly atomic breath ray.

Weaknesses: Impaired maneuverability given its size, cadmium missiles, high doses of electricity (sometimes), the Oxygen Destroyer (possibly).

If the name of ‘Godzilla: King of the Monsters’ wasn’t enough of a hint, the only thing that ever really posed a threat to Godzilla was another monumental monster. The only way a single person could pose a threat to the atomically-mutated creature is through scientific breakthrough – not Riddick’s strong suit. Since Godzilla has remained undefeated for more than 50 years, there’s no way Riddick could manage the task. Still, if Vin Diesel is looking to end the series on a high note, a Godzilla fight would do the trick.

Riddick Fight Movie Monsters 5 Movie Monsters We Want To See Riddick Fight

Those are just a handful of the fights that come to mind whenever the prospect of another Riddick adventure is mentioned. We already know that there are plans for even more Riddick sequels, so who knows: maybe some of these fights aren’t so far-fetched after all (don’t bet on it).

Do you think we’ve overlooked some truly brilliant monsters who would give Riddick a run for his money? Name them in the comments.

Riddick hits theaters today.

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