‘Riddick’ Gets a Final Trailer and Two New International TV Spots

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Vin Diesel seems to be going from strength to strength at the moment; he recently starred in the second highest-grossing movie of 2013 so far and is also strongly rumored to be joining James Gunn’s upcoming space hero team-up Guardians of the Galaxy as the voice of Groot. The next time we see Diesel on screen will be in the sci-fi action sequel Riddick, in which he returns once again as the anti-hero with excellent night vision.

With the release of Riddick only a couple of weeks away, a final trailer for the movie has been released. It’s basically a more family-friendly version of the very gruesome red-band trailer that debuted at Comic-Con and contains spoilers for the deaths of two minor characters, though it’s kind of a given that most of the minor characters in Riddick are going to be killed off in gruesome ways.

Latino Review also has two new TV spots for Riddick that show a few intriguing new clips. Though they’re obviously shorter, these TV spots are, if anything, a better sell than the final trailer, keeping things simple with a quick succession of action shots and a growling voice-over from Diesel.

As these new videos suggest, the plot of Riddick will in many ways revisit the same grounds as Pitch Black, with Riddick stuck on a sun-scorched planet with a collection of monster-fodder, trying to find some means of escape.

Diesel has said that the next two films in the series (provided they ever get made) will be about Riddick’s journey through the Underverse and eventual return to his homeworld of Furya. Though it’s officially a sequel, Riddick may well serve as a kind of reboot of the franchise: an opening film with plenty of action, followed by sequels that delve more into the Chronicles of Riddick mythos.

Riddick fans, what keeps you coming back for these movies – the action and gore, or the sci-fi mythos? Or is it Vin Diesel himself?


Riddick is out in theaters on September 6, 2013.

Source: Latino Review

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  1. Cant wait

  2. Yeah… This is what i’m talking about..

  3. It’s the sci fi. Diesel is kind of a negative. But, I love monster movies and I love sci fi. So, count me in.

  4. The premise and the monsters are far too similar to the first film. Should have done something different. Looks cool though.

    • Yes…I have never seen a movie rebooted before using the same actor.

      Didn’t anyone say, during the penning or production of this, “Isn’t this basically the same thing as the first movie?”

      • Yes…I have never seen a movie rebooted before using the same actor.

        - Evil Dead & Evil Dead 2 (Bruce Campbell)
        - James Bond: Thunderball & James Bond: Never Say Never Again (Sean Connery)

        There are probably others.

        • Ah, wasn’t Evil Dead 2 a sequel, not a reboot. Hence, the “2″.

          Anyway, the third Riddick movie is obviously not supposed to be a “reboot” of the first, but because it looks soooo similar, I employed the word to convey my feelings about it. I’m seriously surprised no one stopped the idea in its tracks and insisted upon something new.

          • Nah, it was a reboot. Why else would Ash bring his girlfriend to that cabin in the woods after what happened in The Evil Dead and then find the Necronomicon again? It’s as if the first movie never happened = reboot.

  5. Riddick fans, what keeps you coming back for these movies – the action and gore, or the sci-fi mythos? Or is it Vin Diesel himself?
    1. Riddick
    2. Vin Diesel
    3. action
    4. Gore – maybe not so much.

    • For me, it’s just that fact that the character Rickard B. Riddick is one of the most bad @$$ characters ever put on screen, and I love watching him kill stuff. And that I love me some Sci-Fi. So, put ‘em together and it’s just a tsunami of awesomesauce.

      • Richard B. Riddick, of course. Not what I wrote, because I can’t type.

    • what`s abot the lore? I want to see Riddick brawling through Underverse and Furia. so in order to get that I have to support this one too ;)

  6. So this is the original Pitch Black beat for beat? Update the effects, replace civilians with military/merc types and the flyers from the original with raptor/scorpion aliens. Gotcha.

  7. Yep I will be there

  8. What brings me back? Riddick. Riddick again, because he’s just such an awesome character. The mythos. And definitely VIN!

  9. Well the “sequels” sound interesting, but “PitchBlack 2.0″ doesn’t… It feels like were kinda being held hostage. “Go see this retread or we won’t make these other cool movies with an actual engaging story.”

    Yeah, I won’t be seeing this in the theater that’s for sure.

    • Why do you think this is PITCH BLACK 2.0? Just because the same key elements are the same that doesn’t mean its indetical. The same core parts that made most of the james bind films sucessful can be found in each film. The vilians and locations change as do the women and gadgets but the core elements are the same and thats why the Bondverse has been sucesfully arond for so long.

      In RIDDDICK we see a a Ridick after the events of Chronicles which means hes dealt with the Neucromancers. The monsters on this plannet aren’t the same as on PItch Black. One of the key elements to PITCH BLACK was that the planet was in total light for x days straight and there would be absolute night for many days. From what I’ve seen in the RIDDICK trailer theres no indication that this planet is the same plaent or even that its go the same day/night cycle.

      In Ridddick you have Riddick hunted and captured by a team of profesional bounty hunters where as in PITCH BLACK it was but one guy and everyone else were passengers.

      RIDDICK is ceratinly not a PITCH BLACK 2.0 .

  10. What can I say? The character Riddick and the whole sci-fi world of his. THIS is real sci fi, better than anything out there!

  11. Pitch Black is the reason I love Vin Diesel in the first place, so yeah, I’m definitely seeing this in the theater the second it’s released.

  12. Who cares if it’s like Pitch Black? Did you like Pitch Black? I did. So I will watch this too.

    I like that they went back to basics instead of that convoluted Underverse/Furya storyline.

    Reintroduce the fans to why Riddick was awesome in the first place, then go clean up the storylines from Chronicles for everyone else. Smart move.

    • Exactly. As much as I liked the Chronicles of Riddick story I prefer the visceral space horror of Pitch Black (movies like Alien/Aliens, Prometheus, The Thing, Pandorum, Leviathan, Event Horizon etc. are among my all time favourites). I’m sure I will love Riddick.

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  14. I watch this move here http://online-content.ru/index/riddik/0-6
    It’s awesome!