Vin Diesel & David Twohy Aiming For ‘Riddick’ 4 & 5

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Riddick Eyes Vin Diesel & David Twohy Aiming For Riddick 4 & 5

It took 10 years for a sequel to 2003′s Chronicles of Riddick to become a reality and the long journey to its theatrical release involved everything from licensing hurdles and scheduling conflicts to financial woes, but Vin Diesel and David Twohy’s passion for the character, and Diesel’s motivational social media fanbase helped make the project a reality.

In what Diesel himself describes as a “miracle,” Riddick is back and the star hopes it’s not just a one-shot and that it’s the beginning of a continuation of the film franchise.

In our full Riddick interview with David Twohy, the writer and director confirmed that he and Vin Diesel have it in their minds that the series needs two additional installments to complete the chronicles.

“I believe there are two more movies. And I think it’s good that we are looking at ending the series so it doesn’t feel like an open-ended thing, like we’re doing it just for monetary reasons and we’ve just got to keep rolling it over and rolling it over. I think there’s a real end to this and I know what that last movie looks like. The real question is: is it like a two-parter rather than a one-parter? So I think we’re both thinking the same thing, that there’s two more movies in the series.”

And as fans of the Riddick character know, the antihero learns of his home planet of Furya in Chronicles, and the mysterious location is part of the plan should the film succeed and further sequels eventually become a reality.

“That’s where we end up. I know what that movie looks like, I’ve talked it out. It has all the right notes, it’s a great movie. The real question is: what do you do before you get there? Is it a voyage through the Necromonger universe? Do you have to earn the right to return home by some trial of fire? That’s what we’re talking about doing. Perhaps.”

Karl Urban’s Vaako makes a brief appearance in Riddick after having a key role in Chronicles of Riddick, and Twohy says there’s more of that scene to be shown on the home video release. He also says there’s definitely a big part to play for Urban in Riddick 4 & 5.

Riddick Movie Official Photo Karl Urban Vaako 570x288 Vin Diesel & David Twohy Aiming For Riddick 4 & 5

Riddick is the most personal character Diesel has played in his career, and he’s so invested that he even mortgaged his own home to make the third installment happen and the reason it all came to be is thanks to his fans, some 46+ million on his Facebook page alone. It’s these fans who also helped guide Diesel towards working with Marvel Studios, a topic of a great many of headlines over the summer and one that’s resulting in him not only being in talks for a key role down the road in the series, but one that made Marvel want to give him a part to play immediately in Guardians of the Galaxy.

As for how soon the star could throw on the goggles again as the titular character in a potential Riddick 4, it wouldn’t be anytime soon he tells Maria Menounos during an interview about his career and future:

“I don’t want to mislead anybody with the recent success of Fast & Furious. I’m not going to be able to do Riddick at the same pace as Fast & Furious. It’s just… It’s just too dark.”

Earlier in that same interview, Diesel explained the process in which he had to gain the rights from the studio for the project, emphasizing that, “it’s a miracle that Riddick exists, it’s a miracle that we’re back on the boards, it’s a miracle that we just unlocked the key to the continuation of this franchise.”

While Diesel is excited about the potential of the future, he emphasized that he’d never be able to make Riddick installments at a rate anywhere near what Universal has been able to do for the Fast & Furious series. Part of it is the obvious scheduling issues, balancing multiple tentpole franchises, personal projects and slowly working away at his biggest passion project of all, Hannibal the Conqueror.

Riddick is written and directed by David Twohy and stars Vin Diesel, Katee Sackhoff, Matt Nable, Bokeem Woodbine, Dave Bautista and Karl Urban.


Riddick is out in theaters on September 6, 2013.

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  1. Riddick didn’t even KNOW of Furya till Chronicles. “I don’t care where I’m from, I just want this bounty off my head”

    He wouldn’t of gone after the Lord Marshall if they hadn’t taken Jack/Kira so why all of a sudden would he want to go home to see his mommy?

    Plus isn’t Furya a desolate wasteland. We’ve been told that all the Furyans are dead, or converted like the Purifier. The Necro’s would of used those Totem Pole thingies to wipe out the planet.

    Hey I’m not the writer so if Vin and David want Riddick to go to Furya guess that’s where he’s going.

    Personally, I’d prefer a prequel…. see who Riddick killed and why, how John’s caught him, maybe see a prison escape or two.

    • I agree with most of what you say here
      the last little bit is where my personal view is different

      Given that the riddick games cover some prison escapes and some of the prequel material – I’d rather they look forward with future films
      johns can be replaced with a new bounty hunter in my mind – but I would like something similiar with a new character/bounty hunter to be brought in

      • Does you know what….. I completely forgot about the game… escape from butcher bay or something wasn’t.

        Any good??? Is it available for PS3?

        • There’s escape from butcher bay and assault on dark Athena (neither is on ps3 I’m afraid but they are on pcs as well as xbox360)
          The butcher bay game actually covers the eye-shine event (the game starts with riddick normal vision) – and it has some more johns stuff
          The first game is pretty good – i haven’t got round to the second one yet

          • it´s in ps3 also available

            • Really, oh man I could never find it, figured it was a Microsoft exclusive
              although I didnt try to buy it when it was new so all the copies might have been picked up by people – gonna have to get dark Athena on ps3 – have heard good things

              • If you purchase the Assault on Dark Athena game for PS3, the game developers remastered the Butcher’s Bay game and included it with Assault on Dark Athena, so you’ll get both games.

        • DOES you know what? DOES?

    • Made a fix on that.

    • Escape from butcher bay

    • So I was right lol. Comment on other post before read this. I agree, a prequel is missing but who would play a younger Riddick?
      I definitely wanted a proper showdown with Vaako :)

    • The impression I got was that right after they took Jack/Kira and that woman put her hand on his chest or whatever the hell that was, the whole event got him thinking of Furya and his origins. The part in Riddick where’s he sitting on the throne and looking at naked chicks looked like he was in deep thought, since the only place to look when you’re sitting on a throne is where you’ve come from, even if it was destroyed. If someone told me my childhood home burnt down, I’d still want to go have a look.

      • “If someone told me my childhood home burnt down, I’d still want to go have a look.” I agree with you here. In reality a lot of people live in hell holes…and yet some do make it out…and in later years return to where they were born or lived. It’s just human nature.

        Even if your planet has been demolished; a Riddick may want to at least visit home, only if, to just touch it’s soil.

    • The only reason I believe Riddick would want to visit Furya I presume is to look for details as to what exactly happened there and possibly where other Furyans may have gone.

      According to everything I know thus far Furya is a wasteland, although you can read my above paragraph for my response on this issue.

      One thing I did discover though is that the Deleted scenes from TCOR holds some valuable information.

      For example here:

      The elemental explains to some of the council members from Helion-Prime that they may need help from a Furyan, and that she believes there are Furyan survivors in great numbers still alive.

      • Not to mention even tho Riddicks people are long gone he still has a spiritual connection to them so strong the can send him message even after death about who and what he is so visiting his home planet would kind of be like a poltergeist convention in a sense for riddick hopefully the questions he needs answered can be.

    • “Would of”? You mean “Would’ve”?

  2. I’m down for a huge climatic showdown between Urban and Diesel. I still do believe Vaako is the only ‘person’ that can defeat Riddick.

  3. I want this to happen. I watched Riddick last night and it does deserve a sequel. This is isn’t movie of the year material but I was still very impressed.

  4. I would’ve liked more Karl Urban in Riddick. I’ve always thought Vaako was a bad @$$ character, and would welcome seeing more of him.

  5. Well i hope the next two movies are better this “riddick” movie was ok but way off track it was basically pitch black all over again. And i thought riddicks home planet of furya waz blown up like some of the other plants.. a prequel would be nice about who found him as a baby in the dumpster and raised him.

  6. I saw the new one and I gotsta say I liked the whole human side of riddick in the begging, the dude just respects survivers and fighters who respect him, I want more of that ….on sevound thought no I dont I want the animal side of riddick back, I want a darker version of pitch black not some lighter bs, I wanta see riddick just get the breaking point and just snap kill everything when he finds furia and sees everything dead, like recently dead, and vakko killed everything on furia and have a big show down only have riddick die.. only have some big exploseive thing go off when he dies, like its connected to hid heart or something. good way to end it, riddick allways wins even when he loses

    • I thought this movie kinda suffered from the lack of Jack/Keria (who, to be fair, had a great and tragic exit in “Chronicles”). The thing about Riddck is there is generally one person in the entire universe that he actually cares about. He’s crazy, he’s a killer, but he does eventually come through. And with that cut off for this movie, all he has is … a dog. A CGI dog at that.

  7. How is he making these movies when he is suppose to be filming the movie epic Osama Bin Diesel? The movie which Vin Diesel is bitten by a radio active Osama Bin Laden(after tampering with a dirty bomb) and gets turned into Osama Bin Diesel?

    • “you sir just got yourself a 3 picture deal”- random hollywood exec.

  8. The beginning of Riddick was great; we saw him back to basics, his ass kicked and humbled. The problem with the movie started when the Mercs showed up and it became Pitch Black 2. I think it was a dumb idea to use John’s father – why not Tombs who Riddick left in a cage on Crematoria?

    Instead of him just flying off, they should have given him more of a mission; he is heading to the Underverse to find Jack/Kira or going after Vaako; set up a revenge/redemption plot for the next one.

    The problem with Riddick is that the whole story takes a huge step backwards and we learn nothing more about the Underverse, Furya, etc the mythology set up in Chronicles.

    If and it’s a big IF… Vin makes a Riddick 4, he needs to go to Underverse and get back on the continuity of Chronicles. Another re-hash of Pitch Black in 9 years will be pointless.

  9. I saw Riddick last night. I’m a die hard fan. While I agree that the third installment was very similar to Pitch Black, I also thought the new world was awesome. I was sad though because I knew the dog would die because everyone or thing that Riddick cares for does. I’m looking forward to him going for revenge on Vaaco for setting him up to be killed. In the book they say that he passed by Furyia (this is what prompted the vision/dream while in cryosleep) on his way to Hellion Prime which does kind of confuse me on why he could not find the planet now. I really hope they continue the movies.

  10. RIDDICK was excellent. Great to see them getting back to what worked. And yes i give it a 5 star because there just isn’t enough hardmen left in the world. RIDDICK 4 should follow a journey into furia and perhaps a trip to the underverse. where he learns who his true enemy is. and then A giant smackdown against vacco in 5. and i’m sure he wins by losin gin that one. the last laugh that sort of thing.

  11. vaako for lord marshal! Riddick must go and get Vaako and feed him to the psyker women in that funny room from Chronicles finds out where furya is and.. lives happily ever after? also, raise furyan Hyperchickens.

  12. It would be interesting to see the fact in Riddick 4 in that he flys to Furya and finds it destroyed by Necros with statues of Vaako all over the planet. There are not many Furyians left as the sought refuge elsewhere and Furya, well it is a wasteland because it was destroyed. Riddick bitter about the death of his home planet goes after Vaako to reclaim the Necro throne and those that protect him. In the 5th Riddick movie we see a prequel where it shows how Riddick was raised and how he was sent to Furya as as a convict.

  13. If they want to make me the happiest person on earth they better make another Riddick. Not knowing much about Furya is part of Riddick’s mystery but I think they will peel the layers back nice and slow. I went to see Riddick on opening day and pre-ordered the DVD making sure they make another one. I love this franchise and Furya was mentioned in Pitch Black .

    • Damn Idk how I missed that now I’m gonna have to watch it again lol

  14. The first 2 movies were excellent, watching the developers cut was even more a treat with added queen/princess/spirit of Furia showing a more historical and long standing hate (I don’t know why they not including this in the story line). The third installment returns Riddick to more his animal side, very similar to pitch black, except it focuses more on his survival and less on getting to know other characters (this was difficult balance, but think i get where they’re were going with it),what it missed were characters Tooms(This guy they have to bring back, he was fantastic and the only replacement for Johns!!!) and Johns (R.I.P an excellent character they shouldn’t of killed off). Maybe Johns father will return with vengeance/assistance though we didn’t see him as cut-throat, maybe because the focus is on the anti-hero, also my guess is that too many opposing forces will kill a fourth installment story line. Besides i would like Riddick taking the fight to the Necromongers. I think the third part was necessary in some bigger sense, we’ll wait and see. Please be 4th Installment

  15. I agree with them in saying there is atleast one more movie. Riddick 3 (actually 4) is too open-ended.. The Necros drop him off on some random planet and it’s like a mirror image of Pitch Black.. Same plot, similar creatures, even related characters.. To end on that would destroy the entire series. I could see 4 (5) being him getting back to the Necros, he sneaks on the ship and is about to attack then Tombs shows up and breaks his leg or something.. Falco kills the man who took lord commander from Riddick, and ends with riddick staying hidden on the ship to heal or something. The 5th (6th) would be him following them to the underverse, then destroying all Necros.

    Unless Vince Gilligan shows up on the writing process that’s a pretty typical storyline to finish the series.

  16. Personally I agree with the 2 sequel idea. I’d like to see the first as like Dark Athena where his ship is captured at the start but without Johns. And the next where he goes to Furya after dealing with Vaco returned from the underverse. But if you need a prequel then do a Butcher Bay where at the end Johns Jr recaptures him to transport him as in the start of Pitch Black. Failing all that just release a new game based on the chronicles and riddick. I had so much fun playing the updated version of butcher bay back to back with dark athena I think a two part game based on the last two movies would be fantastic.

  17. Watched Riddick 3 on Blu-Ray and enjoyed it. Thought it was going to be another rehash of Riddick 1, which was ok but the color was two tone. WELL, it was not.
    This Riddick 3 was in full color and the wild dog type he befriends was enjoyable and showed his better side. It did tie together the 1st and 2nd Riddick films. The 2-360/PC games of 1-Esacape from Butcher Bay and, 2-Assault on Dark Athena were also enjoyable playing again. In Escape, the prison part of game was a little boring and no map markers made it hard to figure out. But all in all the games were quite enjoyable. In Riddick 3, I was glad they brought John’s (Matt Nable) into it, who also ties into the video games, Katee Sackhoff (Battlestar Galactica)(for obvious reasons)and, Vaako (Karl Urban) which also tied into the film series. It had Good action and showed Riddick as Lord made him a bit lazy, fat and out of shape from being Lord and easy living and then he had to rebuild himself again and get into shape on another vicious planet after being left for dead and his come back to get even with those who left him there. Looking forward to the next Riddick 4 and we also hope he makes another game with alot of stealth and adventure.

  18. Luv all the Riddicks. Was very happy to see Katee Sackoff in the 3rd installment. I want Katee and Karl Urban to play major parts in #4.

    It was so cool, when Dahl said, “Let me ask you something…sweet like”

  19. I loved all the three Riddick films – the scenery creations were fantastic and Van Diesel was pretty good along with all the other actors. But, next time I hope that Van Diesel will spend more time getting into shape for his roll. He looked a little aged before his time -i.e. sagging chin and arms. He still has time to correct this.

  20. I loved all the three Riddick films – the scenery creations were fantastic and Vin Diesel was pretty good along with all the other actors. But, next time I hope that Vin Diesel will spend more time getting into shape for his roll. He looked a little aged before his time -i.e. sagging chin and arms. He still has time to correct this.

  21. Your all wrong! They need to make a prequel called “The Battle for Furya.” Which would naturally be action packed considering it’s a siege for a planet. The legendary battle for each life/soul, the genocide of an entire race of people. It may be a bit graphic considering the death of babies by birth cords but nevertheless it was said to have happened (at the end).. Can’t help to have real sympathy for the murderous Riddick then.

    As far what is planned next in 4.. It seems kinda selfish to go “in” after Vakko knowing he was not responsible for the attempts on his life. To pull him from his religious resting place seems almost cruel after his many (unknown to me) years of unwavering faith and to finally reach the under-verse. Makes Riddick sound like a whinny little B… to disturb the resting place of the devoted Necro’s if you ask me…

    Maybe at the beginning of 4 they can do the said story line as a 5 min skit. “Hey vakko! Um… I need the coords..” That’s all, then pass leadership to Vakko. To rule there since I he is a Necro. Then his trip back home would be a true memory lane of the planets history (maybe show some stragglers who made it out too. Now rebuilding and end movie, explain how the F a baby made it off a planet getting blown up?).

    • Exactly i dont understand why they reverted the story back to pitch blk when it really has little relevence with the whole storyline. Why use the weak merk plot when the whole universe was being decimated by a death cult? Why didnt they start off where he was succeeded? InsteAd we get this quick little flashback and a bunch of nonsense about his super old bounty. Obviously if he was the king why no issue until his sudden exile? Its kinda weak. Also he cldve sniped every merk and left with his dog i wldve been dwn with that all the way! We always see producers funding plotless movies like 2f2f but once a movie starts to actually have some kind of continuous storyline they drop the project . I feel so jipped

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    i recommend him/her to visit this webpage, Keep up the nice job.

  23. Really excited for more riddick! Keep up the good work.maybe you could have kate beckensale as a bounty hunter. Im just sayin

  24. Riddick wld have been more interesting if they had started from his succession to the throne with the deathmongers instead of treating it like pitch black2 obviously his bounty would have taken a huge backburner to entire planets being destroyed so why the sudden blood lust for his neck? They were not chasing him when he was king so it makes very little sense with the story line and i dont like the warm and fuzzy ending. Plus the beginnng was great and completely unecessary killing the dog do over!! Riddick4

  25. they should do the beginning of riddick called the escape from butcher bay

  26. Can’t wait for 4 and 5 !!!! Why?: Its an animal thing!!!

  27. Has anyone thought that maybe Vaako is also a Furyan?

  28. f*** it