‘Riddick 3′ Titled ‘Riddick’; New Set Photos & Synopsis Revealed

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Riddick 3 secures new funding production resumes Riddick 3 Titled Riddick; New Set Photos & Synopsis Revealed

Following a temporary production shutdown in 2011, the third installment in the Chronicles of Riddick series – which Universal is now officially referring to as simply Riddick – has begun filming once again. Vin Diesel is back in black (goggles) as the titular ex-convict with augmented vision, and has been treating fans with set photos that feature the actor in costume, on the sci-fi action/thriller threequel’s set.

Today, we have two additional images of Diesel, striking poses on the Riddick set – along with the film’s official plot synopsis and complete cast list (via Universal Pictures’ press release).

Read on for the studio-sanctioned description of the Riddick storyline:

The infamous Riddick has been left for dead on a sun-scorched planet that appears to be lifeless. Soon, however, he finds himself fighting for survival against alien predators more lethal than any human he’s encountered. The only way off is for Riddick to activate an emergency beacon and alert mercenaries who rapidly descend to the planet in search of their bounty. The first ship to arrive carries a new breed of merc, more lethal and violent, while the second is captained by a man whose pursuit of Riddick is more personal. With time running out and a storm on the horizon that no one could survive, his hunters won’t leave the planet without Riddick’s head as their trophy.

Now, check out two new photos of Diesel on the Riddick set, below:



Jordi Mollà (Colombiana) plays the aforementioned “arrogant” merc ship captain, while stars such as Katee Sackhoff (Battlestar Galactica) and Bokeem Woodbine (Devil) portray, respectively, a mercenary and bounty hunter, who both butt heads with Disel’s onscreen counterpart. Karl Urban reprises his roles as Necromonger Commander Vaako from Chronicles of Riddick, while the remainder of the cast includes burly types such as WWE/WWF vet Dave Bautista and Raoul Trujillo (Apocalypto, True Blood) as the “lethal and violent” warriors who are all vying to take Riddick out.

Pitch Black and Chronicles of Riddick writer/director David Twohy – who also wrote the story for the video short Chronicles of Riddick: Dark Fury – is once again the main creative force behind Riddick 3. The threequel is reportedly being fashioned as a gritty sci-fi action ride that is both leaner and meaner (re: R-Rated) than the costly Chronicles of Riddick, as well as more of an adrenaline-fueled romp than the original Pitch Black.

It sounds as though Riddick should deliver on that promise, while also managing to please the loyal fanbase – and maybe even widening interest in this franchise, similar to what Fast & Furious managed to do for the other major film series headlined by Diesel.

Look for Riddick to hit theaters sometime in 2013.

Source: Universal Pictures, Vin Diesel

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  1. I’m looking forward to this, but what’s weird is my Mom is more excited about this movie.

    • No Toomes??

      • I hope he ends up in it, they didn’t kill him off

    • How funny. My mother loves these films as well and I just think of them as so-so. But maybe this third one will be better than the last two. We shall see.

  2. you mean, Fast Five, not Fast & Furious

    • Well, let me clarify what I mean: Fast Five (as I see it) built off the success of Fast & Furious, which was the film that initially (re-)widened interest in that franchise – after the huge box office drop-off from 2 Fast 2 Furious to F&TF: Tokyo Drift.

      Hence my comparing Riddick to F&F, rather than Fast Five.

  3. Wasn’t Riddick like the new boss of does aliens at the end of part two?

    • I was thinking the same thing Jose, not sure what happened there…

      • yeah are they just not going forward with that storyline?

        i thought it was going to be an interesting story with him as the reluctant leader of that race of necromongers.

        is karl urban not going to be in this one?

        maybe they are hoping that since they waited 8 years to make the sequel that people would forget about the story development they gave so much time to in the second chronicle….

        • Think about it: did you really see Riddick willingly staying on to rule the necromongers? Dude is the intergalactic hulk with a brain: just wants to be left alone. Probably handed over the throne to Vaako and left forcing the poor fella to come back after him to prove himself worthy of the throne.

          • good storyline i like that haha

          • I’m guessing that Vaako betrayed Riddick and escaped to the planet with the monsters and now Vaako is after him to show him he is better than Riddick but Riddick kills him.

        • i dont think that riddicks role suites being in that position personally, from the films and games and the interesting supernatural moments, its natural for riddick to be on his own but help usually comes his way aswell as brutal opponents.

        • I’m guessing he either left them or was betrayed from Vaako but escaped then is hunted again and he comes after him to finish him off to prove he better than riddick but Riddick kills him anyway because he got stronger.

    • I was really hoping to see the Underverse, and where that storyline was going.

    • Riddick would never have accepted leadership of the Necromongers. I am pretty sure he would have handed the crown over to Vaako, since he appeared to be the most honorable. Anyway, I am happy that Karl Urban is back. I am also hoping for Thandy Newtin’s return as Dame Vaako.

  4. That synopsis almost sounded like it should be the plot for a sequel to ‘Predators’.

    • It IS the plot to “Predators.”

      These Riddick movies are nothing but rip offs of other sci movies.

      A little “Serenity” here, a little “Alien” there. How about a dash of “Star Wars” and a splash of “Predator?” Sure that’ll work. Add another thick coat of “Star Trek: TNG….”

      And on and on.

      Unoriginal and unimaginative junk.

      These Riddick things are just like the “Species” movies.

      • You can say that about any movie. It’s just easier to do with ones you do not like.

        • Not only movies, Patrick. It also works with family members you don’t like.

          • Hahahaha

      • You may have a point with the others, but Serenity? That movie came out in 2005. Both Riddick movies came out before it (unless you’re actually referring to the TV show, Firefly).

        I agree that the Riddick movies are very much in the vein of stuff like Alien and Aliens. I suppose there might be some Star Wars inspiration in there as well. But these movies set the standard for space sci-fi/fantasy/horror. I’m not at all surprised that their influence is felt in the Riddick movies.

        In spite of that, though, I think that they’re sufficiently original and imaginative. The first one actually has a pretty strong story and good character development. Needless to say, I’m pretty excited about this one. And I wish they’d do more of the games. They were both awesome.

        • I agree. Pitch Black felt like a fresh take on alien survival films. It had creative and interesting ideas that intrigued the viewer about the universe it was set in. I still haven’t seen the second one (I will tho. I’m traveling South America atm and slow internet is limiting) but I’m definitely keen for the third.

          • Watch nothing but the Director’s Cut. It’s vastly superior to the theatrical cut, which removes some stuff that’s absolutely essential to the plot.

  5. I’m such a huge Riddick fan! Seeing how Vaako was ready to turn on the Necro Leader, its only obvious that he’d quickly go after Riddick.
    Back to the brutal grittiness that best fits this awesome character!

  6. So Vinny finally scrapped up enough money to pay his film crew. What about the rest of the cast? Certainly Karl Urban should be getting paid. I wouldn’t have expected Urban to act in anything beneath him. Eh?
    Well, that blonde from Battle Star Galactica ( Ms Starbuck ) will be in this.
    What a waste of crap this will be. Maybe Vin will just do the “Mel Gibson” thing and just send it straight to cable.

    • Did you see the first two?

      • The first one. I was at a friend’s place and he had the DVD. That was enough! You know how it is when you hang out and you don’t have control of the player. It’s like being at the dentist!

        And the funny thing is that he thought there were THREE Riddick movies!!!
        I had to explain to him it was an ANIMATED Riddick ! And he didn’t believe me!!!

    • I agree. I was happy to see Karl Urban mentioned in the article so at least I know that they didn’t completely drop the Necromonger story.

  7. This keeps sounding better and better. Awesome supporting cast, I have no problem picturing any of them within the Riddick Universe.

  8. I really don’t understand: how could this possibly lose money? Sure, Riddick 2 was somewhat overblown, but it wasn’t a bad movie. Even if Riddick 3 is a complete rip off, it should still be profitable, so why is it such a hard sell?

  9. I can’t wait! I love the Riddick movies!

  10. So am I the only one who actually liked Chronicles more than pitch black?

    • I liked the second one a lot (the DC anyway). Overall I think the first movie is slightly better, in that it had a more grounded, character-driven story. I actually watched the sequel before the first one, and I really did enjoy it. It’s a bit more of a fantasy film, more over-the-top, and lacks some of the edge and believable character development of the first film. But it’s still a great movie. I think a new Riddick movie ought to try to bring together the impressive visuals, style, action, and mythology with the more mature elements and sci-fi horror elements from the first film. That’s roughly the approach the games took. So far, the new movie seems to be headed in the same direction.

    • Nop i liked chronicles alot more then pitch black and cant wait for this one!!

      • Yeah, I’ve seen quite a number of fans stating their preference for the second film, and seemingly just as many who prefer the first film.

    • Nope – I thought the storyline in Chronicles was richer than in Pitch Black (as well as the characters – gotta love Toomes and Vaako)

  11. I’m relieved that Riddick 3 seems to be throwing out the continuity from Chronicles out the window. Alas, this is mainly because I felt Chronicles tried too hard to spin Riddick as a character that needed an “epic” story. I always found Pitch Black Riddick a more interesting character than his Chronicles version: sure, he’s badass, but he’s not superhuman, nor is he a “chosen one”. He’s a criminal that only had simple needs: to survive. Because of his history, he was hardened into the man his was in Pitch Black, but he isn’t without remorse or guilt in the end. Chronicles seemed to only serve as fan service of how much “badassery” Riddick can dish out in two hours, and any additional character development we get from Riddick is that he is somehow some “chosen warrior” to bring an end to an evil empire? Sorry, now you’re diving into sci-fi camp better suited for a different IP, not Riddick. But I digress. :/

    • I don’t think they’re throwing out continuity entirely. From what I’ve heard of the plot, it sounds like they’re fitting it in reasonably well with what happened in the previous film. But it certainly does seem to be making an attempt to steer things back toward the approach to the character that Pitch Black took, which is a good thing, I think.

    • I agree with you 100% Ninja…. the storyline in the CoR with him having super-power or super human was not necessary at all…. the basic fact that Furyans are stronger/faster than humanoids together with 99.9% of furyans are dead makes RIDDICK UNIQUE OR SUPERHUMAN anyway… throw in the nightvision and thats all the Superpowers the Riddick franchise required..

  12. I’m a fan of Pitch Black (original ideas spun in the sci-fi genre) & Chronicles of Riddick (not as original, but very good sci-fi action). I think they should have stayed with the Necro angle. “You keep what you kill.” Riddick has the most powerful army in the galaxy at his command. He does he go from that to running from mercs again? Vaako would have to kill Riddick to oust him from power. Or does Riddick just say “Hey I’ll pass on the whole leader of the unstoppable army thing.” Seems to me that Riddick would settling old scores, grabbing power and make sure he does have run any more. Guess that is harder to write than a Predator – Aliens rehash.

    • Well, there are spoilers out there that explain it, if you go looking for them.

    • Supposedly, he’s stranded on a planet with no means of communication. Even if he is still the leader of the Necromongers, an army isn’t going to help him.

  13. I like this character, cant wait !

  14. Very much looking forward to this movie, ive been a riddick fan since the first movie came out, just wish it didnt take them so long to finally get this thing off the ground. I really dont understand why “Chronicles of Riddick” was considered to be so terrible? I mean sure it had a few issues but doesnt every movie? In my opinion the movie had a great supporting cast and the action scenes were much better than the first. Maybe the movie took place on a bigger scale which gave it a slightly different feel but Riddick was Riddick his character was ALL there and he was fun to watch even more so than in “Pitch Black”. For me the only issues were that they miss cast the main villain. Colm Feore is a great actor but he just didnt look tough enough to kick the crap out of Riddick. And the other thing for me was the story line with jacks, i dont think enough time had past since the first movie for there to be any kind of love story between the two characters, just seemed a bit weird. Other than that though the movie was great and i couldnt be happier about this sequel. Cant wait for the return of Richard B. Riddick!!!!

    • I thought that it was supposed to be more of a big brother/little sister type relationship.

    • That’s exactly what I’m saying. Yeah , a lot of Conan influences with Riddick.

      Also a lot of ” Dune” impressions.

      Don’t mean to be harsh on you Riddick fans. I take a lot of heat for being a huge fan of “The Watchmen!”

  15. The PC game “Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay” has better storytelling and better characterization than either of the existing Riddick movies. I can only hope this new flick takes inspiration from the game. Since Diesel did Riddick’s voice in the game, we at least know that he’s aware of it.

    • I do love those games. Did you play Assault on Dark Athena?

  16. I thought the bad guy in this movie was supposed to be three-legged giant spiders???? now it’s Batista?

  17. I’m a little disappointed that this will not continue the “Chronicles” story, but nevertheless I’m a huge fan of the franchise. Chronicles is one of my all time favorite movies. It’s a sci-fi movie that was big budget and good – That’s very rare these days. So much of Hollywood is re-hashing old films and unoriginal material.

    Twohy apparently knew he would be doing Chronicles when doing Pitch Black. Remember Diesel saying something like “I absolutely believe in god holy man. A child thrown in a liqueur store dumpster with an umbilical cord wrapped around neck”. This goes along with Lord Marshall strangling Furyan boys with their birth cord. Oh well, I’m just excited that one of my favorite franchises will get some new life. I’m sure it will not be critically acclaimed, but man good sci-fi films are in short these days. Remember the 80′s and 90′s – Great sci-fi and action films with great actors. Not so much these days…

  18. Shame about johns after butcher bay getting ripped apart on another seemingly lifeless but deadly planet lol, Riddick kicks ar*e but im sure if riddicks ghostly brutal nature continues his fans will continue to watch, bring it on, loving it.

  19. I wish Jack/Kyra would be in it. I really liked her. It would be cool to bring her back somehow.

    and I’m a fan of both movies, can’t get enough!

  20. sunny, I didnt much care for kyra but I accepted her. I hated jacks with a passion…I was actually wishing she had gotten torn up by the whirlwind of creatures over that frelling hot farscape girl. ; )

    I agree having just watched both of these, the first one I liked more becuase it was a universe I could belive was possible. The second one not so much…or maybe they are better stand alone like an alternete universe with the same riddick or something.

    Some one else mentioned the “dune”ish elements. I agree if your talking about lynches visual idea of dune. The necros where straight lynch dune rip offs with the metallic gothic stuff. Which I loved in dune because that was millions of years in the future with an advanced midevil society…not so much here though. It was to much of a jarring clash I think…at least for me visually.

  21. I gotta add though the second one did have really good elements. Tooms rocked, the intro planet chase rocked, and crematoria rocked. The rest felt out of place and didnt fit. They should have just done escape from crematoria as the basis, I think that would have worked way better.

  22. I love how much Kryptonic is roasting in this series yet keeps commenting.

  23. this sounds disgustingly similar to the other two

  24. Something about the words “gritty scifi action ride that is leaner and meaner, etc” that elicits great fear that all of the former intelligence and compelling story has been eliminated for the current consumer movie audience, in favor of non-stop gun violence with absolutely no substance. And I will be pissed. Because I really enjoyed the previous Riddik adventures. All I can say is this one better be good, or my faith will be lost forever.

  25. Krypton, your negativity is pukable. Riddick flicks and their storyline are far infuturized and detailed out as what you’ve compared them to. How about not comparing them to anything and just enjoy the dam movie? Seems to me, I haven’t seen anything so likable put out from you. We could spend days, weeks arguing over whats better but give Riddick his due. I am very impressed at the new converts on such a well unpublicized movie. All those you mentioned, a lot of PR has been put into them. Commercializing them. Making me feel a bit ashamed and naked, used and exploited.

  26. Stop Hating!! Those of us who are fans of Riddick likw what we like. Those of you who don’t, are not entitled to an opinion. Spend you time watching and raving about what you like, and leave us alone.

  27. I have been waiting for a while and each time the Riddick movies come on I sit until they are over. Bring it on Riddick 3 long overdue. Vin D. is one actor who does just that act and really gets paid to do the job that the script is set to do. Do the dang gone thing. I am a fan and really hope that he would do a sequel to Babalon AD sorry

    • I thought he was left sitting on the throne,the necromongers bowing as he was made leader(or new king)so why a hunt after the last scene I think all sci fi movies are a little of this one and that one.i loved the predator movies but not the last one. My fab one was when they found the hunting temple and the girl fought side by side with the alien. Anyone know what they were called?