First ‘Riddick 3′ Image & Casting Update

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Riddick 3 Production Start First Riddick 3 Image & Casting Update

A third flick featuring Vin Diesel in his original breakout role, as the “shining-eyed” Richard B. Riddick has always been a questionable prospect, ever since the costly second installment (2004′s The Chronicles of Riddick) failed to become a sizable hit at the box office. In fact, Riddick 3 came close to collapsing in 2011, when a shortage of funding forced production on the project to be temporarily shut down.

Since then, the threequel has managed to secure the necessary funding to continue moving forward – and today, we have both the first set pic of Diesel and another official casting update, to prove it.

The untitled third Riddick flick is expected to be more of a lean, mean, survival sci-fi/thriller in the vein of the original Pitch Black, where a stranded Riddick (Diesel) battles both vicious alien predators and bounty hunters on a desolate planet. Katee Sackhoff is expected to portray one of the mercenaries who looks to make a nice profit by capturing Riddick, while a former candidate to become the main baddie in Star Trek 2, Jordi Mollà, is up to play the central antagonist.

You can check out Diesel, wearing Riddle’s trademark goggles and dressed for action, in the first picture from the Riddick 3 set, below:



In addition, Variety has learned that the Riddick 3 cast now officially includes Nolan Gerard Funk, a 25-year-old Canadian-born actor whose resume includes recurring roles on TV series like Warehouse 13 and Aliens in America, along with single-episode stints on shows such as Supernatural and Smallville. In other words, he’s basically an unknown, as far as the majority of U.S. moviegoers will be concerned.

There’s no word yet on who… er, Funk will play in the Riddick threequel, but it’s certainly possible that he could portray a young comrade of the eponymous ex-convict – or, if not that, another pivotal role that could help put the actor on more viewers’ radar. By many accounts, he’s already proven himself to be fairly talented, having worked part-time as a recording artist and starring in a 2009 Broadway version of Bye Bye Birdie; not to mention, Funk will appear in the pilot for the new ABC show, Intercept. So, it’s possible he could be a bigger name by the time the new Riddick adventure hits theaters.

Pitch Black and Chronicles of Riddick writer/director David Twohy is calling the shots on the franchise’s third installment; so, chances are good, if you found the previous chapters to be mindless-but-fun sci-fi action romps, you’ll also dig the latest entry in the series. Plus, Diesel clearly has a soft spot for both the Riddick character and the violent world(s) he inhabits, so the final product shouldn’t feel like a phoned-in cash grab that plays off the adoration of longtime fans. Who knows, it might even revitalize this franchise, similar to how Fast and Furious did for Diesel’s other iconic blockbuster film series.

Riddick 3 has yet to be given either an official title or release date. We’ll be sure to let you know when both happen.

Source: Vin Diesel (via Facebook), Variety

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  1. This doesn’t really say anything about whether he will follow up with the last movie in which he basically becomes the leader of… Whoever they were much less if he’s going to go after that “Underverse”…

    Doesn’t really seem to mention anything really except that he’s stranded…


    • I am pretty there are previous articles on Screen Rant that discuss this, I would like to have seen more in depth information though. Most likely it is not fully available or confirmed at this time.

    • Yeah, unfortunately, in part due to the the mid-production halt, there aren’t too many up-to-date confirmed plot details right now – other than the film is supposed to be more like Pitch Black, in terms of both scope and storyline.

    • The militant cult was known as the “Necromongers”

    • The Necromongers. Riddick became the new Lord Marshal when he killed the leader of the Necromongers. I know these films are expensive to make; I wish they didn’t wait so long.

  2. Looking forward to this pitch black was awesome.

  3. are my eyes playing tricks on me or is he wearing a CAPE??? Why a cape is he Super Riddick? Captain Goggles? WTH? I like this franchise but a cape? COME ON!

    • The outfit/armor he is wearing reminds me of the Necromongers armor, that might be something he is wearing near the beginning of the movie. I sure hope not, it looks goofy.

      • It most likely is. Remember, he became their leader after the last film, and all of their leaders probably wear a cape.

    • I’m pretty sure he wore a cape/robe type of thing in 2

  4. Dont bring his guy funk hes going to mess it up plus u wont make a lot of money if u bring vin diesel back u will make 100 times the money please

    • Why do you think Vin won’t be in it? The article says nothing to indicate that? Funk will just be in a supporting role it seems.

  5. If anyone ever have’s trouble sleeping watch Chronicles Of Riddick,you’ll be out less than 20 minutes.

    • I thought Pitch Black was more boring (although I still liked it) than Chronicles.

      • Kahless – I agree. Pitch Black was more boring, the Riddick character kept my interest in that movie. But Chronicles, kept me intrigued for the entire movie for many reasons…the prison planet that gets lit up by the sun was awesome, Riddick taking out the bounty hunters at the beginning…it was an an action packed sci-fi adventure.

      • While I didn’t find Pitch Black boring, it was a bit straight forward and your standard horror flick in space. Riddick was the character that helped add enough dimension and uniqueness to make it really enjoyable.

        I honestly don’t know why Chronicles didn’t do better because I felt it was an excellent tale that brought Riddick into the larger universe he existed in. Only thing I didn’t like was the discontinuity with the female Kyra who was supposedly Jack/Jackie in Pitch Black.

        Every time it shows up on TV I usually watch it.

        • Have you seen the director’s cut of Chronicles? That’s the only version I’ve seen, and I think it’s a great film. But the theatrical cut is kind of a ruined version of the film. I’ve never seen it, but it’s rather shocking to hear about what got cut out for that version. I’m not surprised that people disliked it. I still think that the first one is a slightly better film, but the second one is immensely enjoyable for what it is.

          • And the video games are great as well. I think they do a good job of combining what was great about the first film with what was great about the second film. I hope Starbreeze does more of them after the third film comes out.

            • Also, I agree about Kyra/Jack. I think it would have helped if they’d kept the original actress.

  6. I near fell asleep during Pitch Black and couldn’t finish it. What a bore.

  7. He probably plays a young Furyan (Riddick’s lost son?).

  8. hmm, sounds like they’re getting back to the ‘pitch black’ mood. idk i really like the grand scale of chronicles – i think they should continue with that story

    • I agree. Pitch Black wasn’t bad but I liked the mood of Chronicles more

    • If Riddic 3 dose good BO then maybe they will go back to the chronicles story line its not like they have a strict path to follow just ‘the further adventures of Riddic’ this one could be in between 1 and 2 lets say

  9. Diesel looks bad ass :)

  10. Don’t know if I’d call the first Riddick movie “mindless”. The second one was definitely more of a spectacle-driven fantasy/action/thriller (though I still enjoyed it quite a bit), but the first one actually had really well-crafted characters and a compelling story. I’m hoping, for this one, that they can combine the great action and spectacle from the second one with the good storytelling of the first one.

    I like the casting of Katee Sackhoff quite a bit, but I’m not sure what to think of Funk. He doesn’t seem very fitting for this type of film, but I guess it will depend on the role.

  11. When the Chronicles of Riddick ended, I yearned for more. But that was in 2004 and blockbuster science fiction movies have steadily improved with all the different material being adapted into films. I think this Riddick sequel might have missed its window…but I’m sucker and will watch it.

  12. Please, please hard R rating. PLEASE

  13. Is that his Necromonger armor?

  14. Adding Funk to the cast is a stroke of genius. His comic turn in Warehouse 13 and his intensity in Bereavement show his versatility. Let’s hope the role will be a juicy one!

  15. Vin seems in top form in that picture, looks like he didn’t slack on the break…

  16. I would prefer he play Bane, but I could see him playing Bishop. Just strap a wig on him and he would be good to go.

    • Haha people complain about tom hardy being to small for bane. Vin deisel is so short. People would go insane. I prefer hardy he is a far suppior actor. Let diesel stick to riddick and fast and the furious

  17. Vin looks like he accepted his role as leader of the Necros with that outfit. Wonder what will cause him to lose it all and become stranded. You keep what you kill, but nobody’s killing Riddick.
    Chronicles plot bounced around too much at the beginning, but its still one of my guilty pleasures.
    Am I the only one that thinks the entire Riddick story is just a scifi version of Conan?

  18. The Riddick series is cool as an action spin-off but I hope they make this more in tone with Pitch Black.

  19. Nah- Riddick is more Elric than Conan. Destroys anything he touches and none of his comrades live to tell his stories ‘chronicles’ very long. Shoold bring David Keith’s daighter into the story line. Maybe that’s who Keri Hilson is playing? Hmmmmmm? Would be cool if Riddick lured the Necromonger army to the planet where Pitch Black took place and let the creatures destroy them. That would be very Micheal Moorcock Anti-hero like.

    • I agree I hope they bring kyra back as well.

      • The little girl ziza was also one he was intigued by also

    • I agree I hope they bring kyra back as well