Time For Another Catwoman/Batman 3 Rumor

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Besides the Terrence Howard/Iron Man 2 story, it’s kind of a slow news day, so you know what that means… Time for another Catwoman casting rumor for Batman 3!

Batman-On-Film has run a story about Rhona Mitra being potentially, Catwoman. “In the mix” is the term they used, citing legitimate sources “that some ‘people’ were impressed by her turn in Doomsday.”

Now let’s not get all crazy on the venerable Batman-On-Film – they are the FIRST to say this is PURELY a rumor, thin as dental floss.

Remember, there is no script for Batman 3 but people tend to throw names and plots around. I can’t imagine who wouldn’t want to be a part of Batman, but the parties involved have not released any official information. Catwoman is a big character in the Batman mythology so there’s a decent possibility that she may be included in the next film. At this point, Selina Kyle in the next film is just a rumor.

Mitra doesn’t strike me immediately as Catwoman, but then again who would’ve guessed Aaron Eckhart as Harvey “Two Face” Dent or Heath Ledger as The Joker?  While digesting this story, I took the liberty to find out more about her. This British actress is 32, Christian Bale is 34, so the writers could go for a making-of or year one Catwoman. Also note, Michelle Pfeiffer was 34 when she took the role in Batman Returns.  Years removed from Mitra’s love interest role in Party of Five, she’s done Hollow Man, Boston Legal/The Practice, and Nip/Tuck.  She’s been pretty kick-ass so far with Doomsday and as a live-action Lara Croft. She’s earned merits for the job, but I’m not sold on her just yet.

If there is to be a Catwoman, there’s a certain sass that the role requires. Halle Berry didn’t have it and Warner Bros. found that out the hard way. Often penned as Batman’s one true love, she has a long history with The Bat.  This contemporary, confident woman is what Bruce Wayne needs to keep his interest.  She can take care of herself and always lets Batman know she’s no pushover. She enjoys the hunt but feeds on being hunted, thus the high-stakes theft that is her trademark. They usually run in the same social circles, which makes their story particularly interesting.

It takes more than clever banter, cat-like reflexes and uncanny flexibility to be Catwoman. I don’t think Mitra is ready to live up to the 60 years of history.

Just for fun, regular Screen Rant reader “PhotoShopLifter Dan” did a little manip and combined the two images above:

mitra as catwoman Time For Another Catwoman/Batman 3 Rumor
Rhona Mitra as Catwoman

Do you think she could pull off being the next Catwoman?

Mitra will be next seen in The Boy In The Box and Underworld: Rise of the Lycans.

Source: Batman-On-Film

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  1. There is a scene in Niptuck where Rhona Mitra plays a detective investigating the crimes of a serial rapist known as The Carver – who cuts glasgow smiles into his victim’s faces ala the Black Dahlia Murder – and her character even utters the phrase “it’s always darkest before the dawn.”

    Who knows if she’ll get it, but I think she’d be a fine choice.

  2. She is probably a good a choice as Charlize theron, but Charlize does have the “sass” to play catwoman. Charlize could probably pull of the witty attitude of catwoman. Aeon Flux was a blow, you would have to be drunk to watch that movie. Maybe Charlize could quell some demons by playing cat woman, but I have doubts about her acting ability, as well as her commitment to the role.

  3. Kate beckinsale would proably be better than mitra or theron. Don’t know about the sass, but has the experience of a good actress. Great resume as well, especially in underworld, and has got a suttle cuteness about here, which could help her as cat woman, so please disregard the fact that I even mentioned theron.

  4. If Nolan does cat woman, then he better make her a straight up human, not that goofy nine lives power. Catwoman would work in the third film, because Batman is already a criminal just like her, so he could form an alliance with her and make her an informant to him . And from this alliance , one thing could lead to another, LOL.

  5. It won’t surprise you to hear that I’d much rather see Tricia Helfer play Catwoman. Especially in the fine talented hands of Mr. Nolan.

  6. @FRED

    Knowing Nolan’s approach, IF Catwoman is in the next film I’m sure she’d be completely “human.”


  7. Well to be honest everyone pretty much said “wtf” when Bale was announced as the new batman. Big movies like this (especially ones that lead into a franchise) always have a better chance at making more movies in the series for less if they start with lesser known talent ($50 million Spiderman anyone?).
    With that said she impressed me in Doomsday and played up the anti heroine in that role. She could pull it off in my opinion but a large part of that would have to do with the script and how they intended to portray Catwoman on screen.
    That’s the main reason the Catwoman feature flopped. The script was… well for lack of a better term “lame” It fell completely outside of the character laid down by DC and MIGHT have been decent if it wasn’t supposed to represent an established character with several decades of history.

  8. i think we are all recovering from the last catwoman…oh wait…yep, still recovering. Anyway didn’t Nolan say he wouldn’t put Penguin nor Catwoman in the next film?

  9. I like the interesting side-by-side images of Catwoman & Mitra…almost as if Mitra posed for the same image/angle.

    A little PhotoShoppy blend of the 2 would greater enhance the potential…

  10. She was really good on The Practice. She was not only hot but could act. In Doomsday she was hot but the part was really an internal one and the director never let her open up her personality. I liked that film but her characters personality was a little frustrating. She would be good but I don’t want to see Catwomen in Nolans world!

  11. The only piece of sass that the Berry Catwoman had, was the “ass” that it sucked – I think the only worse comic book movie I’ve ever seen was Electra, which – woof, it was a trying time for the force back then.

    This lady has the look – lets hope they write the story that joins the two into something VITAL, rather than just a couple of super ships passing in the night.

  12. I agree with Cali, it depends on how the script will be. If she fits the part then i say all for her. I thought she did a great job in doomsday and if we all havent figured it out yet, if Nolan does end up throwing in Catwoman then it wont be someone we expect.

  13. Hey gang, just for fun PhotoShopLifter Dan did a little manip and sent in an image of Rhona Mitra as Catwoman. Check out the update post above. :-)


  14. I like the Kate Beckinsale idea. Eva Mendes would also do well. Watch her in Once Upon A Time In Mexico. She’s got what it takes.

  15. This brings up an interesting question of who should play Catwoman… I’ll have to get back to my Batcave to solve this mystery.

  16. Whoever plays Catwoman needs three things in my opinion. One-bad girl. Gotta be able to play the kind of gal momma warned you about, but you can’t resist anyways. I mean, after all, she is more often than not on the wrong side of the law, which increases her tension with Batman. 2-right build. She needs to be lean and agile, a top-class cat burglar. At the same time, she needs to be proportioned to still be sexy. Can’t stand these grown women who are built like they’re twelve. 3-eyes. They’ve gotta have that cat-eye green. Almost glowing. I mean, contacts or CGI are possible, but isn’t it also possible to find someone who fits the bill already. Its annoying watching people try to completely change their appearance unconvincingly(Downey is the exception, as it was hilarious). And her hair is supposed to be dark. Pfieffer was nothing like comic Catwoman. Just as Michael Keaton was nothing like Bruce Wayne. Thank God they were both good enough actors for it not to matter. But Bale fits the bill, the Joker has been completely revamped, taken back to his roots. I say bring back Catwoman as she’s meant to be. Sultry, dark-haired, green eyed vixen, that is Batman’s one true love. Based on all that, my number one pick is Jolie. She’s a good actress, and with her and Bale on-screen, if you ain’t getting hot, you’re probably dead.

  17. My only thing with someone like Angelina as Catwoman is the price tag. Again I do think that the time is right and with the successes of Iron Man, TDK, Hulk, X-men, Spider Man, etc. to let your story move the screenplay as opposed to garnering super star attraction. There’s enough mainstream exposure and acclaims at this point for the comic book adaptations to be considered “legit” adult entertainment.

  18. I rather Angelina dosent do Catwoman for three things. One- no time. she is turning into the modern Brady Bunch family and I think she dosent have the time for a movie of this intesity. My second reason- is we dont need another superstar to steal the show. I like how Nolan uses a lot of less known actors and its done him well so far so why fix what isnt broken? And three- everyone just wants her to play the part because everyone thinks she is so hot. Who cares! we need someone that fits the part and not the hot meter.

  19. I think Angelina would make a great Catwoman but I don’t think Nolan would use her because she is soo popular, which equals bucks.

  20. Whoever it will be, Michelle Pfeiffer is an extremely hard act to follow (see poor Halle Berry) – this better be reeeeal good!

  21. We can only hope

  22. By the way, I meant to say cheesy, not chessy when describing the plot.

  23. I agree if they do use her however I hope they just use her the right way

  24. No doubt that Nolan would find a way to make Catwoman make sense in this Batman series. It’s just a matter of whether he wants to or not. I still say it’s too early for her to make an appearance and I wouldn’t be surprised if Nolan goes to a different character.

  25. I don’t think Hush should be adapted to film without any previous portrayals of the characters in this canon. However, I would love to see some of the aspects of the Hush storyline used. I mean, half of the Dark Knight was taken directly from the Long Halloween, and the rest was Nolan filling in the blanks to make it “real.” Why not try the same with Hush. It is one of my favorite story arcs, and has a lot of interesting twists.