Time For Another Catwoman/Batman 3 Rumor

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Besides the Terrence Howard/Iron Man 2 story, it’s kind of a slow news day, so you know what that means… Time for another Catwoman casting rumor for Batman 3!

Batman-On-Film has run a story about Rhona Mitra being potentially, Catwoman. “In the mix” is the term they used, citing legitimate sources “that some ‘people’ were impressed by her turn in Doomsday.”

Now let’s not get all crazy on the venerable Batman-On-Film – they are the FIRST to say this is PURELY a rumor, thin as dental floss.

Remember, there is no script for Batman 3 but people tend to throw names and plots around. I can’t imagine who wouldn’t want to be a part of Batman, but the parties involved have not released any official information. Catwoman is a big character in the Batman mythology so there’s a decent possibility that she may be included in the next film. At this point, Selina Kyle in the next film is just a rumor.

Mitra doesn’t strike me immediately as Catwoman, but then again who would’ve guessed Aaron Eckhart as Harvey “Two Face” Dent or Heath Ledger as The Joker?  While digesting this story, I took the liberty to find out more about her. This British actress is 32, Christian Bale is 34, so the writers could go for a making-of or year one Catwoman. Also note, Michelle Pfeiffer was 34 when she took the role in Batman Returns.  Years removed from Mitra’s love interest role in Party of Five, she’s done Hollow Man, Boston Legal/The Practice, and Nip/Tuck.  She’s been pretty kick-ass so far with Doomsday and as a live-action Lara Croft. She’s earned merits for the job, but I’m not sold on her just yet.

If there is to be a Catwoman, there’s a certain sass that the role requires. Halle Berry didn’t have it and Warner Bros. found that out the hard way. Often penned as Batman’s one true love, she has a long history with The Bat.  This contemporary, confident woman is what Bruce Wayne needs to keep his interest.  She can take care of herself and always lets Batman know she’s no pushover. She enjoys the hunt but feeds on being hunted, thus the high-stakes theft that is her trademark. They usually run in the same social circles, which makes their story particularly interesting.

It takes more than clever banter, cat-like reflexes and uncanny flexibility to be Catwoman. I don’t think Mitra is ready to live up to the 60 years of history.

Just for fun, regular Screen Rant reader “PhotoShopLifter Dan” did a little manip and combined the two images above:

mitra as catwoman Time For Another Catwoman/Batman 3 Rumor
Rhona Mitra as Catwoman

Do you think she could pull off being the next Catwoman?

Mitra will be next seen in The Boy In The Box and Underworld: Rise of the Lycans.

Source: Batman-On-Film

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  1. I think the only reason that TDK didnt get the R rating because their was no swearing and no blood which is odd considering the tone that Nolan was creating but it was still good

  2. Warner bros. also wants a popular batman movie. The R rating would make it earn a much smaller budget since there would be a smaller group of viewers. There are some adults that do not like blood and swearing.

  3. That is true I dont find it a big deal but that is just me

  4. This is all kinds of wrong. If they do Catwoman (which is highly doubtful) in Batman 3 (which isn’t even definite), they need to go down a completely unexpected, but cerebrial, dark road, like they went with The Joker. Mitra doesn’t fit into this vision, but it’s my vision, so who cares!

  5. After watching Casino Royale again this week, Eva Green would be my pick. She’s got the screen presence and could definitely pull off a smart, classy, and deadly Selina Kyle.

  6. I think the next batman movie should have the riddler and catwomen in it. sounds like a wierd pair but i would have jonny depp as the riddler he would do an awesome job i just know it. Catwomen i would have Elisha Cuthbert play catwomen she looks perfect for the part. I think scarecrow should be back in this one as well and i think if they do make a fourth it should be based on Mr. Freeze in which i would love to see Edward Norton play.

  7. “If there is to be a Catwoman, there’s a certain sass that the role requires. Halle Berry didn’t have it and Warner Bros. found that out the hard way.”

    This is what I have to say about the whole situation, people are act fast at jumping to conclusion about the an individuals ability to act. I do agree the writing of the Catwoman movie was beyond poor. Compaired to Catwomans role in the Batman series the plot sucked.

    You really can’t concluded that Halle didn’t have that zing. She had the body, she did all of her stunts, and she had the cat like movement down packed. To say that she didn’t have it is ludicrous. I have been reading up on the current rumors about who is going to play the part for a movie that hasn’t been written yet and I would rather see Halle play that part over Cher and Angie!!

  8. Hmmmm….What about our last character in the movie? You know Maggie Dylenhaal (sorry i can’t spell her name)? No one’s mentioned her. Now I for sure don’t see her in a tight suit doing flips with a whip, but wouldn’t that be something. You know Rachel coming back from the “dead” and being catwoman? haha there’s something. it would be just like what Gordon did in the movie. And who wouldn’t say that Two-face isn’t coming back. I mean he really should. But that’s another matter. This is catwoman. I’m not good with actresses but I think Katie from Batman Begins should be Rachel (IF) she randomly came back as catwoman. That would be totally expected though by viewers, but Christopher Nolan is jam packed with movie directing right now. I’m sure Batman 3 is kind of 3rd in line. But just think about it. Its not impossible. Not that I would want it.

  9. @ Glitter:
    1., It’s Maggie Gyllenhaal, so you were only off by 2 letters.

    2., Unless Nolan has totally reversed his stand on this, Two-Face is worm buffet.

    3., You’ve offered up 2 different actresses, both playing the same role in different chapters of the Nolan-ized Batfilms; that said, I can’t see either one doing justice to Catwoman.

    And 4. If you wouldn’t want it, why suggest it?

  10. Haha, Dan you’re my hero. Rachel=dead. Don’t mention her in future installments. Sadly, Nolan has declared Harvey=dead. Also not participating in the third movie. Gyllenhaal is a much better actress than Holmes, but I think in Dark Knight they could’ve stuck with the less talented more attractive one. Congrats to Heath on the Golden Globe, cuz God knows the best acting this year was when he had to call Gyllenhaal beautiful with a straight face. I mean, Rachael had like 3 lines and just had to stand there and be pretty, which is pretty much the only thing Katie Holmes is good for(did anyone actually watch Mad Money btw? You know the piece that Holmes decided on as an “artist” over one of the biggest-hits-ever?) All this being said, I”m all for Catwoman and Riddler in the new movie, wouldn’t mind Penguin as a mob boss as long as they stay far from Burton’s take on him, because then you have the classic Batman villian trifecta. And I want to see Nolan bring them to life. As far as Hush, wouldn’t want to see him on screen. Not a very interesting character. The best thing the Hush story arc did was make Batman start acting human again.

  11. I’m in favor of Penguin, so long as we don’t see Penguin as he was in the last Batman cartoon series…where he had these two bodyguards that were a combo of a kabuki dancer and Wolverine; and where Penguin was this fat, impossibly-agile martial arts dude?

  12. I agree wtih a previous post – Tricia Helfer would be perfect for the role. She can kick ass, do vulnerable, is Christian Bale’s age, is not (currently) an overpriced A-lister but can act the pants off of any of the previous suggestions, and yes, she looks great in or out of a leather catsuit. As for how/when to bring in Catwoman, no, she should not be the “villain”, especially not the main villain, in the 3rd movie. Selina Kyle should be introduced in the 3rd movie, as the new love interest of Bruce Wayne. The anti-Rachel who helps heal his broken heart, but she’s not Catwoman yet. Until the end, when she’s either mauled by her kittens or whatever ingenious method is used to make her become Catwoman. Batman couldn’t save Harvey Dent, but he tries his darnedest to save Selina in the 4th movie. Like with Rachel, you can’t just throw her character in and expect the chemistry and history to automatically be there. It has to matter to Bruce. Especially with all he’s lost in Dark Knight.

  13. rosario dawson is puuurfect for the role she is stunning, sexy, smart, lithe, dark, feminine and feline, a little twisted and yet still completely relateable if there is to be a catwomen, which i hope there is, rosario dawson get’s my vote….cause it’s worth so much.
    catwomen is a different type of villan which is what the next movie will need she has alterior motives for the things she does, she is multi facited, she has a balance of good and evil that is in stark contrast to her completely irrational and unbalanced actions as both selena and catwomen.
    Nolan would be crazy not to revive, evolve, twist and expand on this celebrated icon

  14. angelina jolie, the right age, sexy enough for the roll, to me the right person to pull it off, plus I love those lips, don’t you?

  15. I think charlize theron would make a nice catwomanin batman 3 and she makes a very nice couple with cristean bale and their the same age and she is a great actress and she has a exotic look

  16. I think the one who should be catwoman in batman 3 is charlize theron she has that cat vibe and the personality.

  17. Anyone, but Megan Fox that’s for sure. Catwoman is too agile, intelligent, sophisticated, elegant, and crafty of a woman that I fear Ms. Fox would just tarnish and cheapen the character with her bad acting abilities… and don’t give me the “it’s the directors and writers fault”, because that’s just bull. The directors and writers do direct and write for the actors, but it’s up to the actors to enhance and perfect what they were directed and written to do, so far I’m not impressed with Ms. Fox abilities.

    As for Rosario Dawson, now that’s an actor. :) She enhances and makes a movie great (perfect if you will). I wouldn’t mind her being Catwoman

  18. Sienna Miller as catwoman would be purrrrrrfect.

  19. Riddle me this….. riddle me that….. who’s up next to play the CAT????????????????????????????? Jennifer Garner as Catwoman!!!!!!!!!!!!!