First Trailer for Jon Favreau & J.J. Abrams’ Sci-Fi Show ‘Revolution’

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With more than a billion dollars in box office success between them, Jon Favreau and J.J. Abrams are undoubtedly two of the biggest directors in Hollywood today. Now the pair are working together on bringing their unique talents to the small screen for Revolution, an interesting new sci-fi show on NBC.

The show, which also features Eric Kripke (Supernatural) and Bryan Burk (Lost) as Executive Producers, offers an intriguing premise. For an unexplained reason, all technology in the world stops. No TVs, no computers, no cars. Nothing. 15 years later (which is when the series takes place), society has fallen apart and is now run by warring groups and militias. As the first trailer for the show reveals, however, there may be hope in the form of a special flash drive held by the Matheson family.

With its mix of mystery, action, and family drama, the show sounds like it could be the kind of high-concept hit that NBC hasn’t been successful with in the past. (The fact that Jon Favreau is also directing the pilot episode doesn’t hurt, either.)

There’s a lot to like about the trailer for Revolution. Besides the basic premise – which is simple, yet effective – both the effects and action look strong. I was particularly impressed by how well-realized the post-apocalyptic world is fifteen years after technology turns off.  Sure, there are some quibbles (like the fact that everyone’s clothes have remained remarkably clean and stylish) but it’s pretty cool seeing a major city like Chicago taken over by nature.

NBC Revolution First Trailer for Jon Favreau & J.J. Abrams Sci Fi Show Revolution

Also, the cast looks promising, particularly Giancarlo Esposito‘s grimacing villain – Captain Tom Neville. Esposito has already endeared himself to TV watchers through his strong work on AMC’s Breaking Bad, and is also busy with the ABC show Once Upon a Time. Hopefully he can continue his hot streak with Revolution.

Revolution raises a lot of interesting questions. What would society be like without technology? How would you adapt? I’m man enough to admit that I probably wouldn’t get too far. Maybe I should spend some more time in the woods working on my survivor skills. You know, just in case.

What do you think of Revolution? Will you be tuning into the show this fall?

Revolution will air on Monday nights this fall.

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  1. There’s some definite talent attached to this behind the scenes. Also, I always enjoy the roles Giancarlo Esposito and Tim Guinee take on. But, I don’t have much confidence in NBC recognizing a hit or giving a show with potential the time to become a hit before they scrap it due to costs.

  2. This looks really good, but I agree with Jason on the confidence level with NBC. In fact, I have no confidence in NBC, CBS, ABC or FOX. These kinds of shows need to be on cable were they are given time to get their feet wet and attract their audience. Here’s hoping however.

  3. It will start slowly, then start getting better and better, really drawing you in, just before it is cancelled.

    • Ha ha! Indeed, and the networks have created a loop situation: They cancel new shows before they get a chance to find an audience and the audience won’t tune in because they don’t want to get into a new show only to have it canceled prematurely.


      • Exactly, nothing gets a chance these days to find its audience, regardless of how good something might be, Terra Nova, Awake, Alcatraz, all needed time. But now we’ll never know.

        • I’m convinced the execs at NBC are in competition with Fox to see who can kill more shows.

          • I think they are about tied at the moment lol

          • Haha…NBC has a lot of ground to cover then.

          • Fox gets points in favor for keeping Fringe alive for a 5th season! Can’t say the same lately for NBC…

    • Pretty much …. Still angry over Awake…

    • You stole my post! I couldn’t agree more. ‘Without Tech’? So where does all the ‘SciFi’ fit in? Pass. ~ Stark (And I love JF too! Man…)

    • You missed the show being pre-empted five times and having it’s time slot changed twice…..

      • Yeah, that will come in time I’m sure:)

  4. I like that it started out like Visionaries.. :)

  5. To watch or not to watch, that is the question. Do I get sucked into this and then have it cancelled after a season or a half of one? I got lucky with Fringe. Not so lucky with many more. And NBC doesn’t have the risky cajones that FOX does with its TV shows.

    This looks promising and intriguing and so, I will probably give it a shot. It really looks like it has the potential to be epic in scope with multiple storylines and locations. Whether or not it will be or can hold up under that kind of story structure stress will have to be determined.

    I like the cast tho. Almost didn’t recognize Esposito. I love Once Upon A Time (yeah, I said it!) and his character really filled out satisfyingly as the season progressed. I think he’ll do well here, too. And it looks like they did a great job with the set design as well. Kind of a green Jericho.

    Waitaminnit…green…NBC…a post-powered world (aka Al Gore’s wet dream)…

    This could get preachy!

  6. While the trailer DOES look interesting, I’m a bit leery of these long drawn-out “mystery” series with a single driving plot that never really gets answered.

    They are also almost always bad news for a network, since people need to get sucked into the story at the very start. It worked with “Lost”, but will lightening strike a second time?

  7. This looks interesting! However, as stated above, I also thought Terra Nova and Awake were “interesting”…

  8. I think this looks very interesting. But I thought the River and Terra Nova did as well. It has potential but will it catch on or get cancelled. Seems to be everyones opinion that as usual the networks wont give it a chance. Maybe we will have another “Lost” on our hands and it will play out for a few seasons.

  9. If this show makes it to a second season, I’ll start watching season one then. I’ve been burned so many times by the big networks pulling the plug prematurely that now I don’t even bother getting into their new shows while still in their first season anymore. (And I refuse to watch “reboots” of old shows and reality TV.)

    • If it looks interesting, watch it. Tv shows need viewers to stay on the air. Too many people wait for season 2, it won’t even finish season 1.

  10. I agree that the “big networks” do not give shows a chance. However do not underestimate the power of Kripkes Supernatural fan base.

    • Good point. And Supernatural is Awesome.

    • for sure!

  11. i like how after 15 years of no power, everyone is still amazingly beautiful…perfect teeth, perfect hair, tan…haha

    • sooo realistic…

    • perfect teeth – a toothbrush isn’t that highly technical.
      perfect hair – neither is a brush
      tan – sun still shining … however …
      I get your point.

  12. I think my first reaction was “oh great, another one”.
    Back in the 80s it was all the rage to make a film or television sci fi show based in a post civilization world mainly because if you turned over a few cars and dresses everyone in rags you could save a ton of money and still look appropriate. Thanks to films like The Road Warrior, Waterworld and The Postman I have become bored if not outright annoyed by such concepts.
    However I am willing to give new shows a chance to see where they might go and with the caliber of producers involved I believe there is a chance that Revolution could prove to be worth investing time in.

  13. The show looks interesting. And I’m a sucker…I’ll end up watching it and the network executives will cancel it…most likely because the show can’t have cell phone or cars as product placement.

  14. This looks good. I really want to watch it but like so many of you have said NBC has a terrible track record with new shows. I may have to see if this show makes it to a season 2 before I BEGIN to watch it.

  15. Looks really good but either there is going to be a serious drop in quality after the pilot or it’s going to cancelled do to the budget. Though I am hoping it makes it. Reminds me of the web series “Afterworld”.

  16. As so many have said, shows looks good.. to bad its on NBC- cause, it wont last after 1 season..

  17. After Breaking Bad, anything with Giancarlo gets my vote.

    That is all.

  18. I’m going to give it a shot because the action looks intriguing and as far as NBC canceling shows goes they have renewed Grimm for a second season, just saying maybe they’ve had a regime change and got somebody who knows what they’re doing

  19. This is a blatant ripoff of SM Stirling’s “Dies the Fire” and his Change/Emberverse series. If I was Stirling (or Penguin/RoC Publishing) I would sue JJ Abrams (Bad Robot) until he had nothing left. It’s astonishing that someone with all of Abram’s resources can’t get his act together enough to come up with an original idea, and instead has to resort to blatant theft.

    • Except in the change series the very laws of physics were altered, gunpowder does not work and chicago is a death zone. my only real problem with this series is that if it fail. any similar premised show won’t be picked up, Though it is odd that I heard a few years ago the SM Stirling’s Series was optioned for TV and now this show shows up.

    • You are right on. Exactly what I was thinking.

  20. Did anyone see the brief bit of “probable improbability” when the people traveling to Chicago arrived in Chicago? It’s a small piece on a large building for a second or two in the preview. I roared with laughter when I saw it.

    • I thought is was a great input by Favreau & Abrams. Sort of what they are both known for – putting little phrases or scene-implants to keep people’s attention sharp.

      • it looks like it could work, just like i said with awake, and i thought that show was doing good, but alas, like all nbc si-fi/fantasy type shows (the cape, the event, awake, and the worst of all, heroes (a waste of 4 seasons, to end with no real ending)) it gets canned while it’s getting good. the most recent exception would be grimm (why is there no grimm discussion page on here???) i will give it a watch, maybe if i don’t like it at first, i’ll give up on it, then it might stick around for more than 3 seasons, and after everyone tellm me what a good show it is, i’ll start watching it.
        maybe netflix will try to pick up awake. doesnt seem like it would have a titanic budget.
        @skylordric, i also love OUAT.

  21. Although the trailer does look interesting I am already worried about this show with the involvement of JJ Abrams, and fear that this will be another Lost.

    The problem being that they don’t have a clear idea of story, some elements are dragged out over far too many episodes and if it is like parts of Lost will just get very interesting.

    This is going to need to get good reviews for me to start watching, and like others I might wait until season 2 just to make sure it isn’t too directionless.

  22. Reminds me of another tv show done around ten years ago but forgot the name :( the same guy who did Babylon 5 was involved.

  23. Im giving it one Season, maybe one and a half before its cancelled.

    • Oh i forgot…it will, like many other shows before it, suffer from plotlines being fragged over too many episodes and a general lack of exciting moments. In other words “too much blah blah, too few bang bang” just like Lost, V, Terra Nova, Jericho, SG:U, etc pp…

  24. So I’m going to join the throng of people who have already stated that the show looks great, but that by the time it starts looking even better that will be the time the network cancels it.
    I hope NBC and FOX are reading these posts. There’s a reason I only watch the BBC stuff now, and that’s because they respect their audience.

  25. Looks good but dont think itll last long since nbc always cancels their good shows

  26. @2:24 i think that was the same quarry they shot at in “Walking Dead” season one.

    Who gives a s***… lol

  27. These guys are genius. Can’t wait to see what happens.

  28. This concept + NBC = pretty much DOA, but I’d love to be proved wrong.*

    *Assuming the show doesn’t completely suck.