NBC Renews ‘Revolution’ For Season 2, ‘Grimm’ For Season 3

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revolution renewal billy burke NBC Renews Revolution For Season 2, Grimm For Season 3

NBC has decided to spare fans a bit of un-due agony by announcing the renewal of five dramas – Revolution, GrimmChicago Fire, Parenthood, and Law and Order: SVU – weeks ahead of the announcement of their full fall schedule. Each show will return next season with a full 22 episode run.

Though never really assured of a renewal before, none of these shows seemed to really be “on the bubble” or otherwise in danger of cancellation, especially on NBC, a network in need of consistent performers, and in particular, freshman success stories.

One of those success stories, Revolution, is the top rated new drama among the key demos, and the show’s youthful audience surely helps to maintain good buzz, something that doubtlessly helped keep the serialized series alive after a long mid-season hiatus, a break that arguably helped kill ABC’s serialized drama Flash Forward a few years ago.

Speaking of FlashForward, that show, and countless others like The Event, The River, and V, have all failed to catch and hold audiences’ attention like Revolution has, earning it a place as one of the few so-called “Lost clones” (serialized shows with a central mystery that seem vaguely reminiscent of Lost) to find any kind of sustained success. Though “sustained” may not be adequate just yet.

revolution renewal grimm NBC Renews Revolution For Season 2, Grimm For Season 3

It would be fair to say that Grimm‘s success is veering toward the land of “sustained” with its consistent dominance on Friday nights, dominance that has surely been aided by the absence of Fringe, which departed at mid-season. Overall, Grimm is up 12% since last year, and while it is not known if Grimm could find the kind of success that ABC’s Once Upon a Time has on a night other than the Friday graveyard, I wonder if NBC might want to take it for a spin to find out when they announce their full schedule.

Like Grimm, Parenthood is another NBC show that has grown, up-ticking 8% among both the key demo and in total viewers. Produced by Friday Night Lights alum Jason Katims, the show will enter its 5th season in the fall, which means that it will – somewhat surprisingly – be NBC’s 2nd most senior drama series, behind only its renewal buddy, Law and Order: SVU, which will enter its 15th season in the fall.

SVU wasn’t producer Dick Wolf’s only bright spot with today’s announcement, though, he is also the force behind Chicago Fire, NBC’s other freshman success story. That show doesn’t get the same attention as Revolution, but it has performed well on Wednesday nights, narrowly beating fellow freshman series Nashville on a pretty regular basis while besting its own series premiere rating eight times.

revolution renewal hannibal NBC Renews Revolution For Season 2, Grimm For Season 3

What will join these shows on NBC’s schedule is the big question, though. While the network got out in front of things by announcing these renewals, they are curiously silent with regard to bubble comedies like Community, Parks and Rec, and Go On, which is surprisingly NBC’s top rated sitcom.

More curious, though, is the absence of a decision on the heavily promoted mid-season drama Hannibal, a show that debuted strong only to falter as of late.

With that said, NBC Entertainment President Jennifer Salke did say in today’s press release that:

There will be more returning series announcements made in the next couple of weeks.

And as I said, NBC needs consistency and success stories, particularly to undermine the assumption that they are a network adrift and that they are unable to develop successful scripted programming. What better way to undermine that assumption than by nurturing even the slightest embers of success and bring back shows with a less than obvious case for renewal in the hopes that they continue to grow? It’s a strategy that has clearly worked with Grimm and Parenthood, so maybe the bubble won’t burst for NBC’s other shows. Or maybe I’m giving them way too much credit.

Revolution, Grimm, and the rest of NBC’s returning line-up will premiere in the fall 2013.

Source: NBC

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  1. thats a big surprise. This coming from nbc who cancels most of their shows after 1 season

  2. Grimm is the best show NBC has going for it right now imo. I love Grimm and they are moving it from the Friday night death slot. After tonight’s episode the next episode comes on Tuesday night at 10 and will be on Tuesday nights for the rest of the season at least. So there is a small spin.

  3. Good news

  4. Where will they take Revolution??..hopefully more Mark Pellegrino

    • that guy is in everything!

    • Did they kill his character in Revolution?

      • yeah they didd. He tried to kill the general but failed and got himself killed…

  5. Great news about parenthood! Love that show. Definelty a guilty pleasure hehe

    Question. Any news on if Nikita will be picked up. The way season 3 is ending it’s like their setting up for another?

  6. I have been following Revolution since it started and I am sorry to say the story line is utter bullsh*t! I was just watching their latest episode and the entire plot and character construction is so weak…. It is again, proven, that a show doesn’t have to be intelligent or even good to be renewed for a second season!

    • Your comment is utter bulls***. Have you even watched the show? I don’t think you have.

      • I LOVE Revoulution! Ive been watching it since season 1 episode 1. This show keeps me on edge and you can expect the unexpected. I am happy NBC has decided to to renew the show. Yayyyyyyyy♥

      • I don’t know what what kind of fruit punch your drinking but if you honestly think this show is good your killing my hope for humanity, the show is utter bulls***, I mean really the list goes on and on, where do i begin? Maybe the fact that everyone looks so freaking clean, or just the washers were the only thing to be spared this magical unscientific resion steam power, soler power and combustion power(but Guns work) does not seem to work, the female protagonist seems to be working hard to get her self captured, raped by bandits or working extra hard to get the rest of her group killed and succeeding, i guess when you cant write a good story you need someone you can rely on to keep everything interesting by F-ing everything up.
        why ppl willingly watch something so amazingly stupid is beyond me, and then hear some one defend it is like hearing some one advocate for some one smashing their hand with a hammer was a good idea. How hard is it to F up the Apocalypse, obviously Revolution proves this, and proves this quit well, why couldn’t the go off of a more realistic idea like a EMP, sun flair, virus, computer virus or good old Nuclear war witch trying to fallow Jerico is hard enuf, but they acuity did what Revilution fell so hard on their faces doing. Bottom line the show sucks… nuf said

        • @dan – If you want realism, watch the Walking Dead, Breaking Bad, Supernatural, Sons of Anarchy, Person of Interest, Grimm, Once Upon a Time, The Following, etc.
          Oh wait…these are all fictional shows too.

          If you’re looking for realism, turn on the news. That’s realistic. If you want a fictional story, watch a show like Revolution. If you don’t like that particular story, tune into something else. That’s the beauty of free will, you can do what you like and people, like myself, can keep tuning into a show that I like. Keeping Revolution on the air is only harming the reality TV craze. If scripted shows like Revolution leave the airwaves, then we’ll all be forced to watch 3 hours of the Voice every night along with American Idol, the dance shows, fat loss shows, Kardashians, shows about single people spreading their diseases among each other…wait, I already said the Kardashians. How many singing and talent competitions do you want on the air? If all you want is a night full of reality TV, then keep up your campaign against Revolution. If that is not your intention, then why not stop ranting about shows that you have no interest in.

          • On the contrary I hate and despise reality TV (queue snare drum for your bad Kardashian joke), did you even read all my comment or just what you wanted? You must have because you obesely missed the part where I competed the (not so reality) TV show Jericho to the hep of crap you defend so diligently, you see what I want to watch is something that pulls me in and make me want to come back to the world/univers the creators made.
            you know movies that at the end you’ve forgot all about the fact that you’ve been watching a movie, actors and fantasy, you lost your self in that world and at the end you remember the ppl that you’ve been watching for over an hour are just playing parts and no one really died but you felt something for them all, love, hate, sadness that is the makings of a good movie/TV show, now what is the making of a bad movie or TV show you may ask? Well it would be the compleat opposite, bad writing, plot holes, bad acting, bad directing, set peaces and props that are either unrealistic or don’t belong. These TV shows like Revolution are PAID to make stuff that can be believable, no it’s not reality but if I’m to busy picking it apart instead of enjoying. Let me putt it to you this way, if you love pizzas and are a pizza Connoisseur and you go and eat a pizza that tastes like crap your going to call it what it is… Crap! Now that doesn’t mean you hate all pizzas, just bad ones because you have standards or at lest we hope you do, and that’s why I care, ppl need to have standards Especially with the apocalypse genre I like like so much, and seeing it done like this when its done so little is upsetting, how many police/law, teen, M.D. dramas are out their? My cup of tea is served so rarely that I will have something to say about it when it’s done wrong and with out standards.
            The show sucks… Nuf said

            • Using your pizza analogy, if you don’t like the pizza. Don’t eat there. Tell your friends not to eat there. Maybe leave a nasty note in their comment box or on their website. And then, let it go. Move on. There is no reason to continue blasting it on every website/article that you find.

              Now, if you hated this show so much, you should have stopped watching after the pilot or a couple episodes in. So, if that is the case, let it go. You don’t know what has happened since you started tuning out…favorite genre or not. Since the mid-season break, they’ve tried to improve on it and perhaps the second season will make further developments.

              But, if you continued watching the show the entire season, then you are the type of person who will continue eating pizza that you yourself has called crap.

              Everyone has opinions and obviously ours differ. I’m just an advocate for scripted television and there is a lot worse things than Revolution out there that could be on the air.

              • I think your still missing the point, it’s not about preference or scripted TV, it’s about standards if you just say its better then nothing then your just settling for crap, and yes I didn’t just watch one episode, I suffered threw all of the brain numbing episodes just to see if by some chance things got any better, I wanted this show to be good from the first time I seen the trailer, but I’m calling it… It’s crap and ill give it season 3 to die, and knowing NBC’s track record the show is living on borrowed time.

                • @Dan – Sorry for the delay. I get what you are saying about standards, but this is a show available for free on broadcast television. You don’t have to pay a dime to see it. Compared to other shows on broadcast networks, it’s pretty great. And it’s not another medical drama or a police procedural…so it has that going for it.

                  We obviously both are fans of the genre, but we’re looking at this show from different perspectives. My standards may be lower, but it’s because of the venue. I don’t go to a free concert in the park and expect to see Pearl Jam.

                  • No prob.Yah I understand and I admit I’m hard one shows and movies of the genre, I just expect them to look at movies like the Road, The postman and 28 days later and shows like jericho, BBC’s Survivors and the First season of Lost, they have good material they just need to use it.
                    I understand also I’m getting something for free and all but NBC gets paid to do a job and they’ve been doing this for a long time I just expect more out of a carpenter that’s been working for 20+ years.
                    I don’t have much to say about Cop dramas or Med dramas or even fantasy like Once upon a time, their not my cup of tea but apocalypse or zombies and its game on, I just expected more from revolution, kind of like a kid losing his mother and having to move on and learn to live with out her with character development, not, drink this magic position and get her back(the kid is us and the mother is the electric power).
                    If you’ve never read ‘One second after’ then revolution doesn’t seem so bad but I’v read things that can’t be unread Lol.
                    I think we all want the same thing, this genre to get better and see shows we can fall in love with so thx

              • I think your still missing the point, it’s not about preference or scripted TV, it’s about standards if you just say its better then nothing then your just settling for crap, and yes I didn’t just watch one episode, I suffered threw all of the brain numbing episodes just to see if by some chance things got any better, I wanted this show to be good from the first time I seen the trailer, but I’m calling it… It’s crap and ill give it season 3 to kick the bucket, and knowing NBC’s track record the show is living on borrowed time.

            • Learn how to spell and actually what makes it likable is the fact that it could be true

        • Wow really? It sounds like you only watched the first couple of episodes! This show is incredibly well written. Yes the main girl is a stupid annoying b**** and not to mention INCREDIBLY ugly. The deeper you get into the season, the more you learn about the world and why nothing works. I would not say its the best show on TV right now but its definitely in the top 10. Try watching more of the show and you won’t sound so stupid. I bet you watch the walking dead and think its the greatest thing ever.

          • Well sad to say sir yes, yes I did watch them, and the only thing that kept it bearable was Billy Burkes character, everyone else was annoying(I agree with you 100% present on the crazy b**** protagonist) useless or pointless.
            The story still seems like they where just trying to make it more complicated and mysterious like they did Lost, good story’s don’t need these traits, don’t get me wrong I like depth but this was making a easy job hard, I mean is it really that hard to make these ppl look like they are living in a apocalypse? For crying out loud rub some dirt on your face, shirt and pants.
            And on the subject of the walking dead, it’s a load of horse s*** show with the only thing carrying its sorry ass is
            .1 the bandwagon zombie craz fans that are just riding the wave of zombie stuff and will drop it for the next sparkling vampire or maybe a romantic Frankenstein.
            .2 the die hard zombie fans that can’t see how s***** the actors are or how bad the righting is and are distracted by any zombie that stumbles on screen.
            yes the set peaces, the seens and the zombies all look better then revolutions but that does not give it a pass to write bad story lines and acting, the characters put them selfs in dangers position after dangers position, it’s not that I don’t want things to happen to ppl it’s I want the characters to be capable enuf to react, not be so whiny, stupid a. pathetic that they them selfs have to create the bad situations for themselves, it’s like did you get a flat because of the bad road or your bad driving? And then after you got the flat what did you do blame God, the universe and the ppl in the car for your misfortune or did you do your best to overcome the situation you’re in.
            In the end I have Standards for what i see in a TV show and movie and I can’t ignore bad acting, bad writing and bad directing.

        • Revolution is a brilliant series with a brilliant ending, cant wait till S2 comes out, love it <3

        • Dan does your TV have an “off” button by any chance?

  7. Good for Parenthood. Most underated show on TV right now. Definitely deserves the renewal.

    I dont watch Chicago Fire, but I know people who do, so I am happy for them.

    Grimm has been much better this season. The further the show can get into the mythology the better it will be, so I am glad it will be given that opportunity.

    Good for SVU. It could have (and maybe should have) ended years ago and I think most people would have been ok with that. In the last couple of seasons before Chris Meloni left the show it was getting stale, it became the Benson and Stabler show. When Meloni didnt come back, it forced the show to change and I must say it has been a change for the better (and this is coming form a huge Stabler fan). Once the show figured out how to use the new characters (in my opinion, by the end of season 13) SVU has been really good and Im glad that it is coming back.

    And then there is Revolution. Ohh Revolution, I know it is terrible, yet I continue to watch. I can’t explain it, but something keeps drawing me back in…

  8. I like Grimm. Good to know that it continues.

  9. I gave up on Grimm after the first season, it just got too predictable. Find monster, chase monster. So, has it gotten better?

    • Yeah, they added a bit of meta plot with a shadowy Wesen group that has its base in Vienna and there is also in interesting story going on between Nick and his girlfriend Juliette.

  10. .

    • Darren you made a mistake… show got really good. A slough of interesting things happening. Also watching Nick become a bada$$ killing machine has been rather fun as well.

  11. Nice, I like Revolution (although we only had episode 6 air last night). I wouldn’t say it’s like Lost though because unlike Lost, I haven’t given up on Revolution after the first three episodes.

    I loved The River though, damn shame that got canceled.

  12. It’s a damn shamed you’re allowed I front of a keyboard. Lost was and still is the one of the greatest achievements in television history. Revolution can thank its existence to Lost. Revolution is tolerable at best, I watch it because it has potential. The acting is brutal, the story predictable, and the character building has got to be some of the worst I’ve scene in any form of media. That being said… I’ll still continue to watch because i feel this genre needs support, which is why i normally On-demand Castle on a later night to give revolution the ratings. It dors seem to be getting better/more interesting… its gaining ground. Grimm is awesome, that is all.

    • So….you’re gonna insult me for having an opinion? I also hated Heroes, got another trolling, immature comment for that too?

      Who cares if Revolution “owes it to Lost”? I don’t even think that’s the case due to them being completely different stories (and if you try to claim it does owe to Lost then Lost owes it to the decades of film and TV that came before it and did the exact same mysterious plotline thing).

      I swear, some people in this world seem to think everyone has to love and hate the same things. It’s pathetic really.

      • I think Lost paved the way for a lot of shows/series. As far as overall consistency I would have to say that Spartacus imho, just set a whole new level of opening a series to ending a series in which nothing is held back even though the networks might have an issue with it. I loved Lost but the last couple of seasons felt weak and the series finale was just disappointing.

      • No your right everyone doesn’t have to like the samething, but you should have standers, TV networks get paid to make shows just like Hollywood is paid to make movies, but if a movie is crap it’s called carp and told not to wast your $10 but if its on TV we can skimp on the plot, writing, story and acting… I think not sir.

  13. The only draw for me for Revolution is Billy Burke’s Miles character.
    The show’s concept is preposterous and I am not sure if even
    the writers know where they are going with this but Miles
    grounds the proceedings as if it all does make sense.

    • I dunno, the concept only seems preposterous if you haven’t seen the end of Escape From LA or the History Channel show “Life After People” that both reference or talk about what the world would be like if all the electricity went out permanently.

      The acting is just fine so far (remember, I’m only up to episode 6 in the UK) but I never really expect great acting anyway from a lot of TV shows. The acting in Arrow is terrible and “teen drama”-esque but I still love the hell out of that show (can’t wait for it to return on monday).

      The only silly thing about it so far is that necklaces can bring the power back.

      • It is how they turned off electricity that is preposterous.
        Not the idea of the loss of power which is valid Sci-Fi theme.
        Billy Burke gives great performance, a very compelling anti-hero.

      • I just realized that with you being just up to episode six the
        explanation of how the power was turned off was in a later
        recent episode and a disappointment to say the very least.

  14. 22 comments. and ruined.

  15. There’s so many series that are worth watching before this. Good for the fans but Grimm got incredibly predictive and boring. Revolution even though it’s a nice concept, the acting and characters are terrible.

  16. Grimm, Revolution, and Parenthood all renewed…NICE. Now NBC, be sure to renew 1600 Penn, Go On, Community, and Parks and Recreation and I’ll be a happy man!

  17. revoliution should down like terra nova

  18. Most of you guys are wrong!!! revolution is by far on the best shows on nbc in a while ever since lost!

  19. So glad they’re giving Revolution a second go! The premise isn’t anything new. I’ve seen and read a few stories about the power turning off, but that doesn’t mean the show itself is bad. Most stories (if not all) are not entirely new ideas, but ideas built upon the ideas of so many other great thinkers, philosophers, artists, etc.

    The character development is horrible. The writers take their time to show why the characters are the way they are and who they were, what they are now, and foreshadow what they will become.

    If anything, Revolution spends more time on character development and backstory than most mystery/action TV shows do. I feel like I understand the characters (their past and present). Their actions make sense based upon their backgrounds, beliefs, and life experiences.

    The necklace idea itself isn’t silly. This is fiction. In fiction, there are infinite ways to express the theme of power. For Tolkien, it was a simple ring that held so much power–enough to corrupt the entire world.

    Revolution isn’t perfect, but no show is. The main thing I think Revolution will need to improve on is making the most of each fight scene and not lingering too long on fights. I have loved watching Revolution thus far and am so glad that NBC isn’t canceling it after 1 season like they’ve done for so many other shows.

    • *correction

      The character development ISN’T horrible.

  20. Dan, does your TV have an “off” button by any chance?