‘Revolution’ Season 1, Episode 11 Review – Raising the Stakes

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The cast of Revolution The Stand Revolution Season 1, Episode 11 Review – Raising the Stakes

After a four-month hiatus and several assurances by both series creator Eric Kripke and J.J. Abrams that the second half of would be superior to the first, Revolution has returned, leaving many to wonder if the time off allowed the writers the chance to fine-tune various elements of the show that needed some attention and excise the parts that were simply not working.

The first thing that comes to mind when watching ‘The Stand’ is the fact that the show seems to have done away with the rather unnecessary introduction that attempted to sum up the series in just a few sentences and then ended with “we’re hoping someone will come along and light the way.” Perhaps it was absent only because this was the big return from hiatus, but with any luck that segment won’t find its way back.

With the intro out of the way, Revolution picks up right where it left off at the end of ‘Nobody’s Fault But Mine,’ canceling any thought that there might have been some kind of jump to usher in some significant structural changes to the series. But in keeping with some of Kripke’s comments at PaleyFest, the episode manages to deliver an explosive moment early on as the helicopter that was facing down Miles and the rest of the core group chases them into an abandoned diner and promptly blows it up.

Tracy Spiridakos and Graham Rogers in Revolution The Stand Revolution Season 1, Episode 11 Review – Raising the Stakes

While that one instance doesn’t immediately signal positive change, there are some subtle examples of the creative team successfully shifting priorities by delivering more action and diverting some of the focus away from the teen characters like Charlie, Jason and Danny. It still feels as though Revolution has a way to go before the allocation of screen time is at a more appropriate level (Jason has been kicked out of the Neville family and that can only mean more of him and Charlie), but as indicated by the early scene with Miles and Rachel, there’s a nice chemistry between the two that was rarely present between any of the primary characters during the season’s first 10 episodes, and hints at an interesting dynamic yet to come.

Instead of just throwing out what didn’t work before and pretending it never happened (which probably would have been okay with many viewers), ‘The Stand’ acknowledges that the show had finally taken care of one of its biggest storytelling problems when the hunt for Danny concluded in the midseason finale. With Miles and Co. free from their seemingly endless pursuit of the hapless Matheson child, and Monroe flying his attack helicopters around, wiping out factions of the resistance, Revolution felt like it was finally headed in a more promising direction.

But the writers went a step further in that direction by taking Danny out of the show altogether. Moments after Danny asserts himself to Charlie and takes part in the defense of the resistance’s headquarters, he destroys the helicopter carrying the pendant and amplifier onboard with the rocket launcher Miles lifted from one of Rachel’s friends. The victory is short-lived, however, as he’s cut down by a hail of gunfire haphazardly sent by the other helicopter as it crashes.

Danny’s death will likely serve as motivation for Charlie and Miles to continue their fight against Monroe, but it also allows for a bizarre scene where his mother removes a mysterious electronic device from his corpse that will hopefully provide some answers to Rachel’s involvement in the blackout.

Elizabeth Mitchell in Revolution The Stand Revolution Season 1, Episode 11 Review – Raising the Stakes

Speaking of answers, there is still an annoying tendency for characters (i.e. Rachel) to keep valuable information away from the rest of the group for no other reason than a supposed lack of time. Purposely derailing the momentum like this was one of the primary problems with the first half of the season, and its certainly not doing any good here. ‘The Stand’ was heavy on action sequences, so it’s understandable why the answers weren’t immediately forthcoming, but here’s hoping the sense of forward momentum that carried over from the midseason finale leads to some much-needed clarity in the weeks to come.

On the other end, it’s encouraging to see the writers have paired Colm Feore’s Randall character with Monroe. Even if it’s just for the time being, putting another character with knowledge of the central mystery into the thick of things should help progress the action even further.

This is only the first episode back, so there’s no telling if any of the positive changes (aside from the removal of Danny) will stick, but now there’s at least some hope that things are capable of moving in the right direction.


Revolution continues next Monday with ‘Ghosts’ @10pm on NBC. Check out a preview below:

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  1. i almost forgot about this show until i saw a youtube promo. wasnt expecting danny to die

  2. Really glad they killed Danny now I hope they make Miles the lead of the show and reduce Charlie’s screen time to supporting character

  3. As I’ve commented in previous episodes, there is definitely some romantic connection between Mr. Twilight and Juliette. I think Charlie might even be their daughter which is why he is so protective of her.

    The Danny thing was a twist (feel sorry for that actor) and I wonder if that implant has something to do with the flashback when he was a kid and they were talking about an experimental procedure. Looks like it’s immune to whatever is dampening the power.

    Speaking of, sounds like it this “tower” that is responsible for the power loss. I’m still under the assumption that electricity is being dampened and those amulets nullify the effect rather than serve as batteries, but we’ll see.

    • Towers, amulets, a quest, rebels. All they need is a Cave Troll and some droids and they will have hit every plot point across the genre spectrum….

  4. I watched it and dear god it’s even worse, you would have thought they’d kill of the right sibling but alas we are stuck with an actress worse then a hand puppet.
    And it is still a rip-off from SM Stirling Dies the Fire books, just with bad acting.

  5. figure i would give this show another chance, still not that great, wish charlie wouldve gotten killed instead of danny (maybe they are saving that for the season finale! one can only hope). will check out the next couple weeks to see if there is any improvement.

  6. Well at least they did not disappoint me and shot down the helicopter that they so wisely put the amplifier in…..

  7. I have tried giving this show a chance with 11 episodes but I have to say the series is just getting worse. Charlie’s character doesn’t seem to intrigue me. The mom is almost as bad too. She shows no emotion and when she does it feels forced, like she doesn’t even want to be there(the show). The love interest between her and Mr. Twilight seems forced too and therefore makes it just awkward. The attention to details in the writing is just lazy at this point. This series proves my point that JJ Abrams is overrated and without Carlton Cuse his creation of shows are average at best. I would say Damon Lindelof but his debacle of Prometheus has left me thinking he was overrated as well

  8. My wife was watching a segment on the Today show and the actor who plays Miles said that there was a significant death scene in this episode. Then, they flashed the promo graphic and Danny wasn’t on it…but the mother along with everyone else was. I looked at my wife and said, “Danny dies.” She wasn’t happy with me that I spoiled the ending of the episode, but that fault lies solely on the Today show.

    I’m glad they killed Danny. Not because I didn’t like the actor, but because of what it represents. The entire first half of this season was about finding Danny, and they immediately killed him off once they returned from hiatus. As if they were killing their original story and plan on starting fresh. I’ve been a proponent of this show for quite a while even though it has issues, and I am hoping the talented creators behind don’t disappoint me with the rest of the season.

  9. Miles has got a thing for his brothers wife? Im sorry but thats just pretty damn low to me.

  10. Am I the only one that noticed that she threw a pendant needlessly on the rocket launcher? I thought the amplifier gave power to everything in a 5 mile radius. Or am I missing something?

    • You are right. I was thinking from the moment I saw the amplifier that it would clearly allow resistance weapons to power up their weapons.

      Additionally, there would be no sneaking up using a mobile amplifier because all the lights would power on even before you heard the helicopters. Surely SOME device in any building is going to have been left in the “on” setting when the power went out, especially things like cell-phones which would start beeping and lighting up as if you just put he battery in.

      I guess the amplifier on the rocket-launcher is just in case the helicopter’s land a short distance away and blanket the area with chain-gun fire. If she was planning for that situation, she’s a smart lady. Otherwise, her amulet was a redundant power-source and a risky thing to bring out into the open.