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Short version: Prince Caspian is much better than the first Narnia film.

prince caspian review Review: The Chronicles Of Narnia: Prince Caspian

Let’s get straight to the point: If you liked the first Chronicles of Narnia movie, you’ll like this one even better. For some reason I never wrote a review of the first one, but if I had I probably would have given it about , a full point lower than Prince Caspian.

On the other hand, if you’re a big fan of the book upon which this film is based, you’re going to be torn because it deviates heavily from that story. I wouldn’t have known that myself, but my daughter re-read the book just recently and found herself pulled in two directions regarding the movie. On its own she thought it was very good, but she was perturbed over the inclusion of entire sequences that never appeared in the book while parts of the original story were completely absent from the film.

Prince Caspian starts right off with a much darker feel than the last film, actually reminding me of a Harry Potter film with the dark castle environment. We witness (in PG fashion) the birth of a child and the announcement to the father (who appears to be in a king, but isn’t quite) that he has a son.

The nature of this lord (not a king) becomes immediately apparent when he orders the execution of prince Caspian, who is only saved with the help of his long time professor. Caspian is sent into the woods which legend (and superstition) says is populated by all kinds of scary creatures. Eventually Caspian runs into some denizens of Nania, long thought extinct and calls upon “the kings of old” for help.

Of course the kings of old turn out not to be very old at all but are out intrepid young ‘uns from the first film. Peter, the oldest is not happy that they’ve been away from Narnia for a year and has not adjusted well to life here in the real world. If you recall they lived an entire lifetime in Narnia during the first film and returned at their original ages. Meanwhile Susan, next oldest, is just trying to come to terms with the fact that they’ll never return to Narnia and get on with her life.

Once they return they slowly discover that over 1,000 years have passed since they left and things have (obviously) changed dramatically. Unknown to them it will be their task to bring Narnia out of hiding and back to a flourishing civilization.

I thought that Ben Barnes as Prince Caspian did an OK job in the role… adequate, but nothing to write home about. I think the star of the group of four heroes is 12 year old (but much younger looking) Georgie Henley as Lucy. For me the weak point is the most important character, Peter. I feel like there’s just something a bit to “vanilla” about William Moseley’s performance which takes away from the film. I will say I thought he was more believable and engaging than he was in the last movie, however.

There’s a great cast of supporting characters, topped by Peter Dinklage as the diminutive Trumpkin. He’s a little guy with a very commanding presence and that’s tough to pull off. I also thought Predrag Bjelac played a great villian as Lord Donnon.

For some folks the film may move a bit slow at times, but I thought it was fine – really a lot of character development/growth in this one, and the final battle sequence is really damned cool. On a side note, as I’ve seen expressed on other sites I was surprised that this received a PG rating. I think it pushed it pretty hard for PG, but despite all the sword fights and battles not a drop of blood (OK, maybe a small cut here and there) was to be seen.

All in all I thought it was quite good, but not stellar. A big improvement over the first and well worth checking out if you’re a fan of the first one and/or a parent looking for a grand adventure film you can bring the kids to.

We’ll have to see if it does well enough to guarantee another film based on the book series by C.S. Lewis.

Our Rating:

4 out of 5

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  1. Uhhh…Surma,

    please don’t post stupid crap like that. Not only is it terrible and not funny, it looks like some 6 year old made it in 10 minutes.

    As for the more important stuff: Goldan Compass was terrible and I aint paying to see any more of them if there are sequels (not even to rent). As for Harry Potter, these books and films are not even that well-written, it was just luck of the draw that some book club for kids picked it up out of the 200 kids fantasy novels and now look – we have these overrated films that the sheep keep supporting. Not only that, these sheep are so blind that they will pay twice as much to see the last and final book on screen in two separate parts… **claps hands like a retarded seal**

  2. Hey Rob I agree 100.000% on Golden Compass and Potter crap.
    But don’t be raggin on Surma!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Don’t be hatin man. I’m not gonna say anything back because frankly I respect this website. Only thing is that you know its your freedom to not click on links.

  4. Well, I guess I can be counted among the so-called retarded because I like the Harry Potter movies. I didn’t like The Golden Compass, so does that make me a semi-blind sheep?

    People have their likes and dislikes, but I find it very strange that people will resort to name-calling because a person likes something you don’t like.

  5. 790, why is it that you don’t like the fantasy genre? Did “The Wizard of Oz” give you nightmares as a child or something?? :P I’m curious, because you seem to love the scifi/comic movies and they’re very closely related to fantasy. Admittedly, I am not a big Harry Potter fan (never read any of the books or saw the films), but I wouldn’t say people who read them are retarded. Hey, at least the kids are READING!

    As for “The Golden Compass,” I don’t know why everyone is hating on that film. Then again, I was watching it on a plane and it was either that or stare out the window. Believe me, I was surprised I enjoyed it because I can’t really stand Nicole Kidman for some reason.

  6. Well I’ve never liked the Midevil timeline. LOTR, changed that for me.
    Everything I’ve ragged on since has been because its a dirivitive of the LOTR franchise.
    Harry Potter, (IMO) looks like a horrible video game.

    Golden Compass was bad in every way. The cast to be specific.
    But hey what do I know?

  7. narnia keren bgt!

  8. the makers of Prince Caspian kept to the original story better than i would have expected… i had heard they were going to make it into a silly pure-action flick, but thankfully this was not the case

  9. Well my daughter read the book the week before seeing the movie and she was disappointed by how much they changed it on screen. She said it was a double-whammy: not only did they leave stuff out that was critical in the book, they also ADDED a lot that WASN’T in the original.

    She was bummed because while she thought the movie was good, she couldn’t stop thinking about the differences while watching it.


  10. I thought that the first narnia film was amazing & was not sure if prince caspian was going to live upto the standard that the first one had set, but I am happy to say in my opinion it defiantely did. the special & visual effects were great & I could follow the story easily. I liked how the the fauns & centaurs from the first film came back into it. one thing that did it for me was Ben Barnes! he played his character of prince caspian very well & I enjoyed looking at him for 2 hours. the director has chosen to show fight scenes but they were not gory or bloody. i have not read any of the following books & was wondering if peter & susan ever come back to narnia. if you enjoyed the first film I would defiantely reccomend this one.

  11. Wow…this was a great movie…I loved it…I don’t know why other people didn’t like it. t was an amazing movie. Prince Caspian played a great role.The whole film revolved around him.This was an excellent film.Good job Adamson

  12. am totally agreeing with you kiran rai said ,it was an awesome movie,so much to say about other people,we as fans of narnia must stan together to over come this challence.

  13. The most recent film only made half of what the first one earned both in the US and overseas, so there’s no guarantee that Disney will want to do a third one, although it’s not completely out of the question.


  14. Vic

    I was under the impression that the third film has been greenlit…

  15. at least we will be held up to date ,but i really do hope and pray that there will be many more of narnia to be seen on the big screen.