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supernatural season four c Review: Supernatural Season 4 Premiere

I’m just going to say upfront that this is nothing but a SPOILER filled recap/review of the season 4 premier of Supernatural. If you’ve DVR’d it, then as I always say, avert thine eyes and return once you’ve seen it for yourself. If you are of the inclination, then read on my trusty readers!

Supernatural: Lazarus Rising starts out the CW’s 4th season of the popular fantasy show.

We get dealt with a nice compilation of the brothers Winchester, Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles), demon fighting escapades from last season. It ends with the Hell Hound coming and taking Dean away and getting sent to Hell.

It’s four months later and Dean wakes up in his coffin. He crawls out of his grave and the camera pans back and we see that his grave is in the center of what looks like a meteor strike. All the trees pressed down and away from the grave. This starts Lazarus Rising.

I immediately notice the eerie silence to the scene. There’s an absence of background music that lends to the tension.

Dean does what, well Dean does. After crawling from the ground he walks down the road a bit to find a closed mini mart. He breaks in for supplies, snags a girlie magazine and steals a car.

A few things happen in the store. He checks a mirror and he has not scars from the Hell Hound, and he has one nasty red welt in the shape of a hand print on his left shoulder. For no reason, all the electronics in the store turn on and the windows all shatter inwards. Interesting, indeed.

Dean has a heck of a time convincing Bobby (Jim Beaver) it’s really him and Dean has to cut himself with a silver knife to prove it. While he’s trying to tell Bobby about himself, Bobby splashes holy water in his face saying he couldn’t help himself. A nice comedic moment in the tense scene.

They locate Sam (With a girl no less!) and he needs a little convincing too. The one notable issue for the moment is that Dean can’t answer any questions about Hell… he has no memory of it. (Yet) But at least Sam dissuades them from thinking he had anything to do with the raising, even if he wanted to bury Dean whole so he had a body to return to. (Hmm?)

To figure out who might have pulled Dean out, Bobby takes them to a psychic, Pamela Barnes, (Traci Dinwiddie) to see if they can locate the demon who raised Dean. She’s a bit of a horndog as she makes a suggestive offer Dean who starts grinning as if to say, check it out, barely back and I’m in the game. She then extends her “offer” to Sam too. Dean turned to say something to Sam but I was laughing so hard I missed it.

supernatural season four b Review: Supernatural Season 4 Premiere

Pamela tries to locate and summon the demon who pulled Dean out of Hell, but all she gets for her efforts is blood running out of her eyes and blindness.

It seems even the local demons won’t even touch Dean, out of fear of his benefactor. While Sam and Dean confront a few demons in a diner, Dean calls their bluff and slaps one of them a few times, and she does nothing. He feels vindicated that he is right… they’re afraid. The boy is brave on a nuts kind of level!

In their hotel, again, all the electronics turn on around Dean. His ears split from a sound and more windows break around him. This is driving me nuts. Not to mention he’s going to need a window repairman following him around everywhere.

Dean and Bobby are now contemplating summoning the demon while Sam is off on his own, looking for the demons from the diner. He’s on a serious mission to eradicate all demons it seems. But all he finds are bodies in the Diner, all their eyes burned out.

One is still alive, though blind. She attacks, but it seems she’s seen the “thing” and says it’s the end, but won’t tell Sam what he looks like. Sam dispatches her… by gesturing at her with his psychic powers. The same psychic powers that earlier, he told Dean he wasn’t using. There’s part of the rift that’s going to develop between the brothgers that’s been hinted at.

The girl that Sam was with earlier shows up at the diner saying good job and it turns out to be Ruby. Ruby in another body?? She says that what ever pulled Dean out is more than demon, like cosmic. Ruby?? Sorry, I’m fixating.

Bobby and Dean finally manage to summon the one who raised him. Despite every glyph known to them adorning the walls and floors, it doesn’t even phase him. Nothing fazes him, not rock salt, not the demon killing knife. He touches Bobby on the forehead and he goes to sleep. He tells Dean they need to talk, alone.

This is Castiel. He tells Dean he is an angel of the lord. Dean does not believe him. Castiel explains that the moments where the windows were shattering were times when he tied to speak, but now he’s tempered his voice through this vessel he found, so they can talk. He also explains that Pamela went blind because no human can stand seeing his true visage and that he tried to warn her.

Castiel says God commanded Deans resurrection and that they have something for him to do. Eesh. That’s heavy. The problem is the Dean does not believe that Castiel is an angel, and that nothing good happens to him. A conflict of beliefs, including one where he doesn’t believe in god.

Wow… good ending to keep me hooked for more of this new season of Supernatural.

My thoughts:

The episode had a dark intensity to it that was injected with humor here and there. There was a subtle sense of energy. The eerie stillness of no background theme or sounds in most scenes really lent itself to keeping me riveted.

What does tick me off is that while Ruby is in the story, she’s not played by Katie Cassidy – because they let her go due to budget issues. I think that’s either a really cheap stunt to pull, or Cassidy was asking for an awful lot. The only reason they can pull this off is because demons can possess who ever they want.

Regardless, if budget cuts force them to tighten their focus on characters and create the atmosphere of this episode, with this kind of intensity – this is going to be a whopping good season.

My thoughts are that if the longest running sci-fi show, Doctor Who, started out and survived on a shoe string budget, it is doable. But they have to be careful, make sure they stick to quality content and keep the character developments fresh and meaningful.

Then they just might have a real winner on their hands for this new season.

So now we have to wait to find out:

Will Sam tell Dean about his developed psychic powers? Is this Castiel really an angel from god? He seems to be immune to all the protective demon glyphs, so that lends itself to this new character. What’s Dean’s mission details?

My big concern is how big of a rift is going to be created between the brothers. We have Sam with his new ability to kill demons with his mind. We have Dean’s new mission. Not to mention we’ll be seeing Dean slowly but surely starting to remember or recall his time down below. How will that affect him?

Again, I see promise galore with this story thread.

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  1. I don’t think that the girl who was with Sam earlier is the same girl that showed up at the diner as Ruby. The first girl seemed tinier and – remember – completely unaware of Dean’s existance or relationship to Sam. Ruby would have just kept her mouth shut instead of freaking out with a “are you two … ‘together’?”. Funny moment, though. Anyway, all due respect to the new actress… but Ruby just isn’t the same! This one’s not as “snappy” as the old Ruby, which made her interesting lol cause you could really see her keeping the brothers in check.
    Ah well, hope they make her presence more interesting, cause I don’t think this first appearance had the impact it should have had.
    Glad to see the W bros are back, looking good as ever. Looks lika a dark, broody season. Hhmmmm…. don’t mind that at all… ;)

  2. I guess Ruby is really a demon bicht, she had have Sam the entire four months and she will try to turn him to teh dark side. Dean´s mission from god must be to stop his brother, if this is right, one hell of a season we are going to see.

  3. Alex, Ruby was probably trying to cover herself up so that Dean didn’t know that she was still alive and teaching Sam how to use his abilities. It was the same actress in the motel room and the diner. Remember when Sam and Dean were in the car and Dean asked what happened to Ruby. Sam told him that she was dead. Obviously Sam is trying to cover up Ruby because he knows that Dean would disapprove of Sam using his abilities. If Dean found out that Ruby was still alive and teaching Sam to use his abilities he would probably try to go after Ruby. Also Dean said his one dying wish was for Sam to not use his abilities. I think this is going to cause a lot of conflict between the brothers. I’m excited to see how this plays out on the show.

  4. I really enjoyed this episode and it was great to get an explanation (sort of!) of what pulled Dean from Hell. I wondered when they announced a fourth season if they could re hook me in and they have! looking forward to the rest!

  5. Alex, I get the confusion on Ruby. I had to inquire with my second set of eyes if that was the same girl.

    This definitely had a great start gang!

  6. lol ok, thanks for clearing that up Bruce; doesn’t make much sense to me but fair enough… still don’t like the new Ruby, though…

    …in spite of which, I cannot wait to see next episode!!

    I heard some talk about changing the actress for Ruby around, like the cross-roads demon.

  7. Ruby had to be in another body because the body that Ruby was occupying in Season 3 (Katie Cassidy)didn’t make it. Demons have to possess a living body. I really liked Katie Cassidy as Ruby too though. I hope this new girl turns out to be good, but we’ll just have to wait and see.

  8. Loved this episode. Bought a season pass from iTunes today just based on that one episode. Thank god the Impala was ok. ;)

  9. I was bummed to see a new Ruby. I really liked Katie Cassidy. I actually had a bad dream after seeing this episode (first time that happened). Knew they were going down a different road when the show started with such brightness.
    Sam appears to have been lifting weights big time. Like him better long, lean and cut without the bulk but what can you do?

  10. I trusting eric kirkpe. He said since day one, he had a plan a start, middle, and end and he’s said over and over 5 seasons and there done. I don’t mind that good show needs a start and a finish. But worried that story is going to big, like they setting it up for a Dean vs. Sam showdown which doesn’t make sense, these brothers would sell there souls to each other i can’t see it coming to that. I know a few extra spoilers that lend to this whole story and complicates it all more but i won’t get into it.

    Also why would an angels wings be black? unless not all angels are good. There is a bigger bad in this season coming or trying to come out. Which does make sense for angels to interfere since they know this big bad wouldn’t play by the rules either..

    but over all i think going to start getting confusing there enough stories from the past 3 seasons not answered let alone giving dean an angelic type mission which leads him to believe he has to smite his brother.

  11. i beggining to think that it isnt an angel it could be lucifer the major big after all it must end with a bang

  12. I’m guessing that Castiel is a fallen angel.

  13. That’s what I was thinking Eric.

  14. Ellis,

    I will be first to admit, that i do not think lucifer is castiel. (I have reasons for this i will explain if asked).
    Also Castiel if a fallen angel isn’t the angel you have to worry about (if he’s an angel at all). Character named Urieal (somthing like that be entering the show soon). He basically castiel partner.

  15. First off this my favorite show on television peroid. But my worry is just like the worry i have for my favrite online games. you kill somthing you need to fight somthing new somthing stronger.. kill it .. rinse and repeat and at one point the powers your fighting with and fighting agasint become way too much.

    First was YED.. then lillith but now sam immune to her.. so she searching for a stronger power. Then you got these comisc forces that can pull ppl from hell but seem to be immune to all weapons they know of. Sam can crush demons with his mind. So they need stronger demons that can resist it.

    Meaning this season will have massivly powerful demons stronger then lillith and anything we seen before. Thus boys need find a way to stop them. Or each other.

  16. So far all the strange folklore the writers have shown on the show is fairly accurately based on actual folklore lying around. There are some distortions but the essence is true to the source. Following that line, Uriel and Castiel are actual angels, not fallen or anything. Uriel is an archangel and therefore Castiel’s superior. He’s not too fond of humans – among several other things he’s the Angel of Repentment (makes humans repent for their sins lol seriously). He supposedly has the key that will open the gates of Hell at the apocalypse. Castiel isn’t written much about, apart from beiung the Angel of Thursday. Angels don’t act by human standards of morals, they use different laws, so it will be very interesting to see what happens with such characters around!

  17. Oh and BTW Bruce S., what Dean says to Sam – after Pam suggests to Sam that he too is invited – is “you are NOT invited!!”

  18. Hey Alex,

    i never read into there actual characters history (i know that must supernatural based off facts they research though). My commet based off episode information i learned. there a few conversation between Uriel and Castiel and uriel and others about disobeying orders.

    Also my comment about him not being lucifer in disguse because last season they mentioned most demons don’t beleive in him he’s a myth. But this will be brought up again in a major way regardless and might be the reason for angels interferance.

  19. Also ppl always ask if good guys angels so powerful why don’t they fix everything. Most say it’s because.. they are told not to interfere and humans are there own heros. But they might see the need to interfere if evil not playing by the rules. Same time Supernatural always been about shades of grey and never black and white.. i’m excited… i can say that much

  20. LOL: Thanks Alex. Yea, I started laughing so hard at that… And now it’s even funnier knowing what Dean said.

  21. well ryan its just a theorie i know its a bit far fetched but somthing tells me hes not on sam and deans side

  22. i mean the devil was a fallen angel so why not it could be pretty interesting

  23. Well,

    i have no doubt that they are in it for there own gain. But like eric and ppl say there is no good and evil only shades of grey. So assume they just using him as a part of there own personal type gain.

    Usually angels don’t interfere with human behaviour because god wants humans to have thre own choices. I will say this season does have somthing to do with satan. But from what i know it’s not castiel. But ppl do go looking for him.

    Excited about it all. I think by end of episode 9 we should have some answers.. from what i got from casting calls/info i seen :)

    so excited.

  24. I was looking forward to this season premiere with the usual trepidation that I have when awaiting the return of a favorite show – 9 times out of ten I am usually disappointed by the build-up, sitting through an hour of so-so scriptwriting, wondering if my time wasn’t better spent throwing a load into the washer. The remaining 1 time out of ten, I at least enjoy myself. This time was different. This time I was blown away!

    Okay, so there’s a lighter in Dean’s coffin (heck I was surprised there was any air left after 4 months to light the damn thing!)and no easy way out of the grave despite the flattened trees, I still bought it. Prior to Thursday, I heard the leak that Dean escaped hell. I thought – Ruby helps him out, maybe even Bela, never did I suspect the Kripster would turn to God, even though resurrection is quite appropriate when we are talking about the son of Mary, Winchester, that is.

    Then on Thursday, once I saw the flattened trees, I thought powerful demon at war with Lilith. Then at the mini-mart, when I saw the hand-print I began to wonder what kind of demon would do that, looked more like the hand of God at work. Finally, when the TV came on, followed by the radio and the shattering glass, I was reminded of that Mothman movie with Richard Gere and I knew it was an angel. There was a reason those shepherds in Bethlehem were quaking in their sandals when the angel of the lord came to them, angels aren’t pretty women in diaphanous robes with wings and harps – they are awesome forces of nature incarnate, or at least, sort of incarnate – “cosmic”, to quote Ruby, and angels don’t always have our best interests at heart – remember Sodom and Gomorrah?.

    The casting of the “holy tax accountant”, Misha Collins, is inspired. And the line that still haunts me: “You don’t believe you deserve to be saved!” – brilliant in its crystal, clear simplicity. I got the feeling from Castiel that he is usually detached, just doing God’s will, business as usual, holy tax accountant on April 14th and all, silly humans always sticking knives into me thinking it will actually do something, but when Castiel realizes that Dean’s lack of faith comes not from the usual human pride and feelings of self-importance, but from Dean’s feelings of being unworthy, Castiel begins to be drawn in by Dean. I loved this initial other-worldly detachment, followed by a brief glimpse of a very powerful angel beginning to care for the one who is entrusted to his keeping.

    I hope they can sustain this higher level of writing throughout the season, as well as the higher level of acting – am I imagining it or has Jensen Ackles really found his acting “voice” – I usually can’t take my eyes off him, because well, he is one nice piece of eye candy, this time, there was more to it than that. His acting was wonderful. The reunion scenes with Bobby & Dean and Sam & Dean were priceless. I too miss Katie Cassidy, but with a story-line and writing and acting like this, well, I think I’ll get over it – especially with Uriel coming into the picture soon.

    I can only blindly guess where they are going this season, but I do remember reading somewhere about how the Mormons believe that the Messiah (second coming) and the Antichrist would be brothers – well, move over Seti and Osiris, here come the Winchesters! Can Dean’s unselfish love save Sammy from Hell, again – or will one brother be forced to destroy the other? Enough of my ranting! Can’t wait for tomorrow’s episode!

  25. Love you insights Lisa, can’t wait to find out if all our theorising makes any sense ans the storyline moves along lol

    As you mentioned their mother (I had forgetten about her, shame on me), I was reminded of something else. The whole Mary dying to save Sam, out of love, the ultimate sacrifice… kind of reminds me of Harry Potter…lol you never know…

  26. eugh typos sorry… reposted!

    Love your insights Lisa, can’t wait to find out if all our theorising makes any sense as the storyline moves along lol

    As you mentioned their mother (I had forgotten about her, shame on me), I was reminded of something else. The whole Mary dying to save Sam, out of love, the ultimate sacrifice… kind of reminds me of Harry Potter…lol you never know…

  27. i also loved that insight lisa and since like season 2 they been edging between a dean and sam showdown. But i beleive in the end it would be resolved without violence.. there bond is too strong. 1 slef destructs without the other.

    Also i read the casting sides for episode 9 and can i say OMG i can’t wait..
    i’m not one for giving ppl spoilers but seems like a big episode and at this point in time a lot more things are out in the open :)

    I beleive they are going towards one being antichrist and one being the savoiur. But i don’t see it going to the final showdown. Nothing seems to be able to come between these 2 brothers.

  28. Thanks, Alex and Ryan. Glad you enjoyed my “rantings”.

    I see a bit of Lily Potter in Mary Winchester too, Alex. Hey, maybe that was why Lilith couldn’t kill Sam, same reason Voldemort couldn’t kill Harry. They say all great writers steal!

    And as for the final showdown, Winchester vs. Winchester, I agree with you Ryan, Sam and Dean can’t kill each other because they love each other too much, besides, there goes the series!

    My advice as to how two opposites, two brothers, keep from killing each other? Well Augustus Caesar and Marcus Agrippa somehow managed to rule Rome together for 10 years and they were close childhood friends and almost polar opposites. Augustus was of average Roman height, sleightly built, incredibly intelligent and “extremely handsome” – a “girly man”. Agrippa was at least a head taller than Augustus and a more “manly man” type, a natural leader and an excellent general and admiral. Even though Agrippa was known to have a volatile temper and a willful personality, he somehow managed to play second fiddle to a man, who at least by the physical standards of his day, was a lesser man. Maybe it was because Augustus had risked his entire political future to save Agrippa’s brother, Lucius. Julius Caesar had finally had his long awaited real son by the Queen of Egypt, possibly putting Augustus’ position as Caesar’s heir (Augustus was only Caesar’s favorite grand-nephew at this time) in jeopardy, and Julius Caesar had expressly forbidden anyone to ask him to pardon any prisoners from his battle with Cato, Agrippa’s brother was one of those prisoners – well, out of his love for his friend Agrippa, Augustus begged for Lucius’ life anyway. Dumb move to most politicians, but Julius Caesar was deeply moved by his grand-nephew’s spunk and Agrippa was now a friend for life – Augustus wasn’t even 16 at the time. So I guess it was the memory of Augustus’ willingness to risk it all that helped those two “brothers” from killing each other, kindof like Dean’s selling his soul to save Sam.

    On a more practical note, Augustus and Agrippa probably figured out that too much “togetherness” was not a good thing and didn’t see each other sometimes for more than six months at a time – one would be in Asia Minor, the other in Gaul, and so on. Maybe the Winchesters will need more alone time to sort things out.

    Can’t wait!