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heroes season 3 premiere Review: Heroes Season 3 Premiere

After a very long wait, and a somewhat disappointing second season, Heroes has finally returned for Season 3: Villains.

At the end of season 2, Sylar (Zachary Quinto) had just gotten his powers back, Noah Bennet aka “HRG” (Jack Coleman) had just gone back to work for “the company” in order to spare his family, and Nathan Petrelli (Adrian Pasdar) had been apparently fatally shot just as he was about to reveal his ability to fly to the world.

BTW, full-on spoilers in the review below.

Heroes is run by folks (led by series creator Tim Kring) who actually listen to the fans, take their complaints to heart, and use that information to improve the show. This season there will be no slow, dragged out story arcs, and Kring says there will not be any new characters introduced (although this episode seems to contradict that). This season will also be comprised of two “volumes.” The first half of the season will be called “Villains,” but there is no title for the second half yet.

Enough of that… on to the season opener!

The episode opens with Claire (Hayden Panettiere, looking all “Matrixed” out in black leather) trying to kill Peter (Milo Ventimiglia), four years after Nathan’s announcement of his powers. Peter goes back in time to change the past, since it seems that things became very bad for super-powered beings after Nathan’s revelation.

So yes, the assassin is Peter Petrelli from the future.

Cut to Japan, where Hiro (Masi Oka) now owns his father’s corporation. He’s quite bored by the whole thing and yearning for a new quest. Of course, the show is happy to oblige. He watches a video left behind by his father stating that he needs to guard the contents of a safe (without ever opening it), the contents of which could lead to the end of the world. It is half of some sort of chemical formula.

Of course, he opens it.

A blonde girl who moves as fast as The Flash promptly steals it. And here lies the first thing that bugged me about this episode: Why didn’t Hiro just go back in time 60 seconds and put that piece of paper back in the damned safe?

Instead he goes to the future, sees his best friend Ando (James Kyson Lee) who is now super-powered kill him, and the destruction of Tokyo.

Nathan was dead for all of five seconds, but came back to life somehow – and claims to have seen God. I’m curious how they develop this and how it comes across to fans as he comes across downright born-again. Linderman is also back despite the fact that he seemed definitively dead during last season. Turns out he healed Nathan and has big plans for him.

Sylar finds Claire, intent on once again trying to take her healing power. He does the skull slice trick on her, sucks her powers… but surprisingly, leaves her alive after a very creepy scene in which he talks to her while he has the top of her skull off. Sylar tells Claire that she is not like the others – she is special and she can never die. And now, neither can he.

Suresh (Sendhil Ramamurthy) is with Maya (Dania Ramirez, who unfortunately is still on the show) and she still wants to be cured. He flashes on the idea that the abilities are not based in the blood but in the adrenal gland. Suddenly he shifts his research (and ridiculously quickly creates a serum) from curing super-powers to being able to give them to anyone via an injection.

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  1. Ya didn’t read the story did ya?

  2. Old Man, I read the entire story, what am I missing?

  3. Veggie Tales needs to sue Yahoo because VT had the floating hands next to the veggie, before Yahoo had the new animated smileys with floating hands next to the happy face.

    It’s a travesty of justice, I tell you.

  4. Sorry 790 I think my answer got gobbled up by the internet. The short version is this. Once your privey to the trick behind the magic one wonders what the fuss was about. Read “Surely Your Joking Mr. Feynman!” for more insight.

  5. Old Man, I think your gonna have to explain it to me like I’m a 10 year old. ;-)
    I still don’t see what the Manhatten Project has to do with anything here.

  6. @ 790,

    That’s because The Old Man ISSSS The Manhatten Project!!!!


    Sorry “The Old Man”… I know less about the situation than 790… so treat me as a 5 year old… ;)

  7. I think I understand Old Man’s reasoning; the Cartmill story was considered a prescient story to the Manhattan Project.

    Why do I feel like I just got out of a class in The Paper Chase? :-)

  8. Mr. Taylor is correct… Unlike some of you, I have no doubts about his success in my class.
    Now that were done with “The Paper Chase.” :)

    No really I typed up a pretty complete explaination but it got eaten, so… I lost some interest after that.. :(

  9. Did anybody hear something??

  10. Come on guys… and girl….(???)

    Let’s all calm down here… THIS is supposed to be a FUN place, not a place where we attack each others intelligence. After all, some of us LIKED Transformers! ;) And some didn’t. Isn’t it just about making us appreciate movies and TV series in a whole?

    Also, remember that on this site we share what we have of information. Sometimes we might be wrong and sometimes we might be right. The point is to have a discussion and not to attack each other. Remember at the end of the day, once you leave this site, you should leave with it with a smile on your face, or a “Ohh I see” or “How interesting”. Never any ill emotions on the part of someone’s comments.

    So… Style, don’t leave, we’ll have tons of heated discussions and tons of stuff to talk about… It would be a shame to loose future conversations with anyone here…

    And to those who’ve been actively having a discussion with Style, let’s all put this behind us and watch this Heroes situation unfold naturally and on it’s own. When news breaks we can talk about the facts presented. But mostly, talk about the shows direction and story. It’s what’s most fun anyway.

    Trust me if you want dirt to talk about, talk about Harvey Weinstein’s dark side and how he’s making life hell for certain people involved in the shooting of The Reader. Now THERE’S some juicy content to talk about.

    Vic, if you have time to cover the mess with the Harvey Weinstein situation, let me know and I’ll mail you the appropriate links… It’s gotten a bit to the point where Harvey Weinstein is best off exiting the movie industry if he can’t get his act together…

    So… Play nice kids… we’re all friends here… and we all love movies… and we all love to hate Lucas for his twists in Star Wars etc… but I’m sure we can all share a good laugh and a beer at the end of the day talking about all kinds of crazy stuff…

    I’m hungry and I have to go… Some kind of processed chicken sandwich is calling my name in the kitchen…
    And it sounds like a drunken old b****!


  11. Well, I am more than glad to begin discussing the show again. The other stuff, while potentially interesting, really is only going to be so as things progress with it.

    I am actually about to sit down and watch last nights episode on the DVR, so off I go!

  12. I’ve had it with “STYLE.” I’ve deleted his last 3 comments and if he comes back and is insulting I’ll just delete them again.

    If he wants a platform he can start his own website.


  13. BTW, I like where they’re taking the Sylar character (teaming him up with HRG… woah). But honestly I’m getting sick of how idiotic Hiro is acting on the show.

    After what he’s been through he should have matured some.


  14. Yes, he should have. In season 1, his future self was mature; so when does it happen? I liked the episode (lots of action) but I have a problem; wasn’t Nathan Petrelli able to fly even with the Haitian around him? Also, what’s up with the cop and the African future reader? Can the cop read the future just by putting on headphones? Inquiring minds want to know.

    Looks like Tracy isn’t another part of Nikki after all.

    I also like where their going with Sylar. He still needs to figure out how to control his urge to steal powers but I like how he handled himself with the cops.

  15. @Ergo Proxy,,,
    (“Remember at the end of the day, once you leave this site, you should leave with it with a smile on your face, or a “Ohh I see” or “How interesting”)

    Or like me, when I leave the site I usually learn how to spell better.
    Just last week I learned how to spell Hilarious…
    All this time I was spelling it Halarious… 8-)

    Thanks Screen Rant!

  16. 790,

    Did you hear about James Cameron? Did you hear how he actually DENIES ever having blessed the new Terminator movie by McG?

    Ouch!!!! I gotta say, that’s pretty bad! To be honest, coming out and saying that I have the blessing from such a respected director and then lying about it is just a low blow.

    James said, for all he knows it might be a big steaming pile of Donky Kong! But then he also said, it might also be very good, but he hasn’t read the script and as such, he cannot say anything about it…

    Ahh, by the way I’m back from a major spring cleaning of my 1TB HHD House… I managed to throw out old MBs and dust off some long forgotten ones as well…


  17. Sorry, I’m not being very professional…

    Here’s the link to back it up :

    Not quite what you want from the PR side of things huh?

  18. Thanks for the heads ups, Ergo Proxy. 8-)
    Yeah I have a feeling the films gonna be an epic failure… If the kill Connor its over for Mcg.
    Heroes !!!!
    Is it still Heroes and Villains ?
    Those were the dumbest villians I’ve ever seen.
    (I hate to say it but they reminded me of the villians in Ghost Rider). Yeah yeah yeah ,,,

    Vic, Hiro’s allways been kinda dopey.
    Since the future has been thrown in the blender, who knows if will ever see the future smart version of Hiro. ;-)
    And there’s 2 Peters now ??????

    I love all the Batman references.

    Sylar teaming up with HRG was classic! HRG is my favorite character!!

    There’s allways gonna be something wrong with the story but I love the show. Its just pure escapism. 8-)

  19. Personally, I think that one of the things that is really holding this show back are the writers insisting on not allowing any of the characters to grow emotionally, with the notable exceptions of Niki(RIP) and Peter.

    Claire in season two(and a little bit this season) is almost unbearable after all that she learned and showed by the end of season one, to turn back into some petulant high schooler is very awkward to me.

    Hiro almost appears to have regressed. He was always earnest about changing the future and making things better, and then he sees the moment with Andro and all of a sudden it is inevitable, and does not appear to be interested in finding the reasons or changing it?

    Finally, Mohinder. If you want him to develop a desire for a power, or for that matter, give him a level of jealousy for those who do have a power, at least develop it over time, not just off the basis of one moment. Or if you do, at least make it a life changing event, like killing off someone close to him, where if he had an ability he might have saved them…you know, the typical superhero influence :)

    Thanks guys for all of the information and I look forward to next week’s installment!

  20. Did anyone catch the Star Trek character reference?

  21. Worse than tired of Hiro. Tired, so tired, of goofy music during every Hiro & Ando Show.

    Yes, when does the Kick-Ass “Future Hiro” show up? I didn’t even know it was the same actor.

  22. Heroes continues to get worse with each episode. It’s really sad, this show had everything going for it, great concept, great show, great cast, and yet before the first season hit the half way point there were already noticeable differences in the quality of the writing. Now the show has become almost painful to watch and I don’t think I can hold out any longer. If I wanted to watch something stupid I would have just watched some reality TV.

  23. @ Pete,

    I couldn’t agree more… At this point the show is drowning, kicking and screaming for the last few breaths… and yes, it’s painful to see…

    It’s odd to see a show start off SO amazingly, to end up so horribly because of the obvious lack of imagination after whatever happened with the writers.

    The saddest thing about it is that it’s all going to hurt for all the people hired to do the show, when they will get the notice that they are out of job when they cancel the show.

    I barely made it through season 2, the quality and disappointments were unbearable. It was so bad I was almost blocking out the idiotic changes and bad writing… so I’m having a hard time to figure out just how they could have gone from this to that etc.

    The promise was to give Heroes ONE LAST chance… I thought about giving it till the end of season 3… but I change my mind… I’ll give it till mid season and if it’s still as unimaginative and uncreative, I’ll switch it off and close the door on Heroes for good. It’s simply not going anywhere creative or exciting.

    Episode one in Season 3, showed just how bad the state of writing for the show is, episode 2 in season 3 showed that it’s going to be a lot of the same regurgitated stuff from season 2 and in episode 3, it all just went down the drain….

    Sylar’s mom is now the same as the brothers… very dumb twist, not to mention a very poor way to introduce that part of the story after episode 2 and then just leave it that way. Then the “Men in Black” team up was simply a waste of my time to watch… They tried to see how Syaler or do we call him Gabriel now? The fallen one? Stupid… Now Nathan has become religious on the very loose and totally idiotic bases… Why idiotic? Well… Peter died I don’t know how many times and he’s not become a born again Christian… that was done just to draw in more viewers who probably thought the show was too anti christian or whatever…

    Now the black guy is painting in the same style as the other painter Mendez and to make matters worse… he didn’t even know about Mendez??? or visa versa? And now all it takes is take some juice and now Parkman or as the black dude calls him Packman (ok it just sounds like it but still), has the same powers just by doing that?!?!??!

    First of all Mendez became that way because the drugs were able to do that to him. Peter could because of his empathic powers… Parkman can because???? Yeah makes no sense..

    And the whole Nathan is the only one who can see Linderman… yeah that’s a rip off theme from Farscape and more recently BSG.

    It seems they might as well just either stop the show… or pause it and rehire people who can actually write!

    Too bad… I loved first season and I think I’ll just remember that show for that one season… the rest makes no sense… at alllllllllllll!

  24. Actually, I liked both episodes. Sure, season one was better and season 2 was kind of 90210-ish, but I like the way their going with Sylar. Also, Mendez was able to use his power without drugs after being trained; and Parkman couldn’t do the “soul walk” until he put on headphones, which does sound kinda lame. Peter didn’t die because he had already absorbed the blond cheerleaders power. The Nathan born-again thing…yeah, this requires some explanation.

  25. @ Master Kahless

    You know, I’m thinking the music Parkman is listening to, as well as that new painter guy, is…. none other than CELINE DION!!! ;p Ok I have no idea what it is they listen to… We’ll probably never know cause it’s SUCH a bad idea… ;)

    You’re right season 2 is very much like a 90210 season (though I never saw the show, I hear it’s sillier than a fly on crack). HOWEVER, I might have a poor memory when it comes to what happened in Season 2, I actually don’t remember what happened to Claire’s flyboy. That’s a bit odd that not only did they not mention him, but even the start of the show, Claire and family seemed pretty ok with the fact that the father was shot dead… I don’t get that… what am I missing?

    I like Sylar, I really do, but they are now tossing these characters left and right, making them loose their roots in the show. It’s good in a VERY well written show, but in this case, it’s a bit off. Actually a lot… Like Dr. Suresh.

    As an example, here’s what I miss and wish they could have expanded on and built on more in the past season and the current one.

    Alright… here’s my wish list that never came true :

    First and foremost, I loved the brothers theme and how they turned it into a sacrifice etc. that was very moving and worked well… I wanted the change that was shown at the very end of the first season to evolve into something more solid and make the brothers even more important and powerful. Nathan isn’t really using his powers at all… He’s pretty much useless… He’s done almost nothing in season 2 and season 3 (so far).

    Hiro and Ando… Oh man… I wanted something SO much more from the Hiro theme… I wanted him to become his own legend… instead, he’s just as silly and useless as he was in season 2. Whatever happened to the COOL Hiro? And what ever happened to the sword theme? Not to mention the Hiro and Dinosaur painting!!!
    Ando, was really screwed in season 2.. he was just so pointless… yet I just wanted him to have something much more interesting and more profound meaning in the overall Heroes story.

    Something that made me very angry and very disappointed was the breakup of Nikki, Micha and J.D (or something like that). The breaking up of the family was the worst thing they did. Why do they ALWAYS have to use the breakups of the family themes on TV???
    See I wanted them to remain strong, the super family that stood strong together… I wanted them to become stronger and make personal changes… but instead they killed off both mother and father… who otherwise had cool powers… but became pointless. Now it’s only Micha.. oh but wait… how he’s found another mother who looks like her? Oh and make matters worse, the writers have chosen to make the original Nikki, less special by saying they’ve had a number of them. Poor kid…

    I loved Dr. Suresh… he was the philosopher, the voice, the poet in the show… he kept it feeling very harmonious and honest. His purpose was to find the murderer who killed his father… he did and that was cool… but then another mystery was introduced with his sister… what WAS the mystery of his sister? A waste of time? Then they just made him a useless character who’s just tagging along and became vindictive… his personality was broken… he became pointless. And NOW? What is he? The Fly??? Weird…

    Parkman… well he’s been a very uninteresting character with a potential of becoming something special… but again, the writers have no idea where to throw him. So they’ve just put him randomly where he’s acting out his cop role. And his father was just again a silly thing to introduce, when he wasn’t even used that very well… what a lame showdown. And now, he’s back? What happened? How did he come back? Where’s the little girl? That was so unrealistic that he was allowed to keep that little girl.. I’d sooner believe that people in real life CAN fly.

    Slyar… wow, he was so awesome! The first YOUNG awesome cool, evil guy! His story for me ended in season 1, he was in the back seat in season 2 and was useless and annoying. Then we had the electricity chick who played that part so cartoony that it was painful to see.

    Mendez was over and done with in Season 1… so was Linderman… Though I had hoped that the white guy in Hiro’s ancient Japan WAS actually a young Linderman but I guess that was TOO much of a stretch for the writers to pull off… :(

    Claire… perfect in season 1, I wanted to see her suffer internally in season 2. But instead she, only weeks from experiencing the most horrific experience of her life, kicked off the second season with being a brat! Yeah, a brat! She wasn’t even respecting her family, father who she saw shot, etc.. she was just a brat… very badly written if you ask me… her character could and should have been so much better written.

    I’m tired.. I’m forgetting someone I’m sure…

    but you get my drift… ;)

  26. I just watched Episode 3 last night and I can go on another 5 page rant, but I’ll just try talking about a few of the things BRIEFLY, heh.

    Parkman seeing future is stupid,

    Again to my problem of the writers not using characters or abilities properly. Hey guys, he reads minds, why not let him read the painter’s mind while he’s in the future-seeing state? wow, there’s an idea. A little better then giving him paste to eat and music which allows him to see the future himself. So anyone can now?


    I agree with Vic. The only good part for me was seeing Sylar team with HRG, although the motivation for that and how Mrs. Petrelli is acting is rediculous.


    So it seems, although the series is called villians, of the 4 that escaped, only one is out there now, lol.


    Why is future Peter acting like such a fool? When he comes and takes present Peter out of Jesse-loudmouth’s body, he forces him to leave right away instead of helping HRG take out the villains. Are these super-powered villains not a problem or something? Why the heck would he not help take them out/put them away.

    My only explanation for that is that they must be heading to the past to re-correct the future again.


    Hiro storyline needs to be removed from the show. That character and his sidekick do not fit in, and although they are fan-favourite’s of many, it makes no sense with the rest of the story. If you can stop time/go back, there is no point to any of this crap going on. And since when did he become an 8 year old. Wasn’t it last season where he was stuck in the past saving the world and making big sacrifices?

    This new Daphne character is not very appealing to me either.


    Claire’s story is finally going somewhere and it looks like she’s on the hunt for villains – What is he going to do though? She needs a gun or some sort of weapon, healing won’t help her fight super-powered villains.


    Tracy Strauss needs to be removed, although I kinda like how this episode ended with her being ‘created’ like she’s a part of a batch of special clones all with powers…perhaps for the company?

    Nathan Petrelli…I am not excited about the political story arc or his involvement with Tracy.


    I think the show should stop going on with these needless and boring time-filler plot lines and should actually focus on good vs. bad.

    More villains vs. HRG and some of the good guys teaming up. It almost has to become the X-men, but with an impactful and sensible reason for them coming together against the common enemy.


    And last but not least, for the 3rd season straight the show begins and is based around a bunch of paintings about the future. The main theme being TIME and how convoluted its getting will be the undoing of the show. Its a dangerous plot device to work with and now there are uncorrectable problems scattered throughout the show :(

  27. *It’s* a dangerous plot device, not “its”

    I apologize Vic ;)

  28. @ Rob,

    you are spot on with what you say… I could add even more… like whatever happened to Peter’s love from Ireland? I know the future isn’t the same n’all but ehhh it happened in the present.

    And yes, while Hiro was a great story in the first season, it’s a waste of time and an obvious sign of bad writers with the silly and often pointless situations they bring these people in. Super powers, yet Nathan is useless, Peter who wad almost GOD like is useless and future Peter is just dumb…

    No sign of Future Hiro???? THAT IS ODD!!!!

    Ahh I could go on and on and on…

    But you’re right…

    The show is about to implode!!!!

    They can barely handle simple stories and yet they try with a complex time travel story that’s simply too complex and beyond the skills of their writers…

    Sad but that’s the fact… Heroes will become a n example of all the things that CAN go wrong in the TV industry…

  29. Heroes is getting so big, there’s not enough time to cover all the characters, and all their relationships properly… :-(

    Somebody here, should compile a Heroes character list from all 3 seasons so far…

    Also Rob, I’m predicting that Clair will develop the same powers as Sylar, and also the same personality with a female twist. 8-) (The Teen Angst is Strong With This One) 8-)