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heroes season 3 premiere Review: Heroes Season 3 Premiere

After a very long wait, and a somewhat disappointing second season, Heroes has finally returned for Season 3: Villains.

At the end of season 2, Sylar (Zachary Quinto) had just gotten his powers back, Noah Bennet aka “HRG” (Jack Coleman) had just gone back to work for “the company” in order to spare his family, and Nathan Petrelli (Adrian Pasdar) had been apparently fatally shot just as he was about to reveal his ability to fly to the world.

BTW, full-on spoilers in the review below.

Heroes is run by folks (led by series creator Tim Kring) who actually listen to the fans, take their complaints to heart, and use that information to improve the show. This season there will be no slow, dragged out story arcs, and Kring says there will not be any new characters introduced (although this episode seems to contradict that). This season will also be comprised of two “volumes.” The first half of the season will be called “Villains,” but there is no title for the second half yet.

Enough of that… on to the season opener!

The episode opens with Claire (Hayden Panettiere, looking all “Matrixed” out in black leather) trying to kill Peter (Milo Ventimiglia), four years after Nathan’s announcement of his powers. Peter goes back in time to change the past, since it seems that things became very bad for super-powered beings after Nathan’s revelation.

So yes, the assassin is Peter Petrelli from the future.

Cut to Japan, where Hiro (Masi Oka) now owns his father’s corporation. He’s quite bored by the whole thing and yearning for a new quest. Of course, the show is happy to oblige. He watches a video left behind by his father stating that he needs to guard the contents of a safe (without ever opening it), the contents of which could lead to the end of the world. It is half of some sort of chemical formula.

Of course, he opens it.

A blonde girl who moves as fast as The Flash promptly steals it. And here lies the first thing that bugged me about this episode: Why didn’t Hiro just go back in time 60 seconds and put that piece of paper back in the damned safe?

Instead he goes to the future, sees his best friend Ando (James Kyson Lee) who is now super-powered kill him, and the destruction of Tokyo.

Nathan was dead for all of five seconds, but came back to life somehow – and claims to have seen God. I’m curious how they develop this and how it comes across to fans as he comes across downright born-again. Linderman is also back despite the fact that he seemed definitively dead during last season. Turns out he healed Nathan and has big plans for him.

Sylar finds Claire, intent on once again trying to take her healing power. He does the skull slice trick on her, sucks her powers… but surprisingly, leaves her alive after a very creepy scene in which he talks to her while he has the top of her skull off. Sylar tells Claire that she is not like the others – she is special and she can never die. And now, neither can he.

Suresh (Sendhil Ramamurthy) is with Maya (Dania Ramirez, who unfortunately is still on the show) and she still wants to be cured. He flashes on the idea that the abilities are not based in the blood but in the adrenal gland. Suddenly he shifts his research (and ridiculously quickly creates a serum) from curing super-powers to being able to give them to anyone via an injection.

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  1. Okay………
    I just watched the premier episodes and, after spending weeks anticipating a fresh new ( and hopefully better…) season 3, came away scratching my head a tad.
    Is it me, or did the writers not think anyone would catch on to the very lame and obvious Seresh channeling Jeff Goldblum in “The Fly”? Right down to the wall crawling, I’m super exited and horny yet falling apart with icky goo scenes. I mean…COME ON GUYS! Are you so lacking in the idea department that you have to blatantly swipe from other works? Rediculous!
    Make no mistake, I have high hopes that the show will return to the season one type of quality episodic puzzles, but what I saw tonight was a disjointed, uninteresting, unimaginative flop.
    Spank me if I’m being too judgemental, but when the first course is filet mignon, and it’s follwed by tofu burgers and then minestronie, I need to bark at the chef, y’know?

    keep the faith, y’all


  2. Spoilers. Lol.
    Wow great coverage Vic!
    I was watching Prison Break at the same time during the first hour so you filled in some blanks for me. ;-)

    I totally passed on the 1st hour NBC Heroes Pep Rally, and watched the Sarah Connor (desperate measure of the week) show instead… 8-)

    what I did see of the pep rally looked pretty bad. :-(
    (Pandering to the mtv gen level) lol
    Blocked it out. 8-)

    Peter and Hiro keep making the big mistakes. Lol…

    I thought the show was real good…!
    Sure there were some big plot holes, but its Heroes,,, 8-)
    (Watch the first 2 seasons, you’ll see a few plot holes)…

    The action,and pace were great,,, it reminded me of the first season in some ways.
    I was a little thrown buy Nikki at first, but then it all clicked with the reporter she later killed.
    Did anyone see the X men homage in that scene. There’s even a line where Nikki says,”its a mistake” and it sounded just like “Mystique”. Very cool, and then the same actor in Xmen dies almost the same way “he did” in X1,,,, lol.

    You said that there were no new characters but I did notice some in the 2nd hour. 8-) lol.

    So I’m thinking that Sylar and Clair NOW have the same powers, she just dosnt know it yet…
    I loved that HRG is back in action, he’s prob my favorite character because he’s totally normal, yet all the “outcasts” fear him.
    Great stuff, I like his direction. Speaking of direction,,, it seems this seasons arc is Time Travel,,,
    It was one thing when Hiro had his little fun, but now Peter’s taking all kinds of liberties with our humble timeline…

    Great direction!!!
    I love this,, as it allows all kinds of possibilities with the direction of the Heroes and Villians storyline…
    Also great to see Captain Sheridan in the show now!!!

    Also you KNOW Sheresh just impregnated (everyones favorite character)….. 8-)
    How’s that gonna play out???
    Reminds me a little of BSG,,,

    Last thing,,,
    Anyone notice how GOD is now a BIG part of 3, Sci-Fi shows…Battlestar Galactica, The Sarah Connor Cronicles, and now Heroes….

    Just something to note,,, 8-)

  3. The name of Volume 4 is called “Fugitives”…btw Season 3 premiere rocked!

  4. I thought it was good. However, I am getting a bit tired of the I-saw-the-future-and-it-sucked-so-now-I-have-to-change-it storylines. All three seasons have been based around this core idea.

    At some point, I think I would like a season where the ending was unknown. Where they were battling a current crisis, and then watch the consequences play out from there.

  5. “At some point, I think I would like a season where the ending was unknown. Where they were battling a current crisis, and then watch the consequences play out from there.”

    Before you can do that, though, you have to get rid of the time travelers. If you don’t, everyone will be saying “why don’t they jump forward and see what needs to be fixed.”

    Of course, the way things unfolded last night, the explanation that would be needed for that issue may well be forthcoming.

  6. COOL!

  7. I thought it was pretty good. Lotza powers & action and they cut way back on the lame romances.
    It was only the first episode , so to all you doubters , lets give this thing a chance.

  8. I thought this episode was awful personally.

    I’ll list a few of the many issues this premiere presented:

    Claire and Sylar scene: In this scene Sylar gets into Claire’s home to get her powers. For some reason, he plays little games with her…since when does he play around with victims he’s trying to steal powers from when he can just hold her in place and cut open her head right away with telekinesis..Claire is 100% defenceless against this. In this rediculous scene, Claire hides in a closet…ohhhhh…a closet, kinda like in horror films right? I get it. So she uses a chain to keep the door closed and this somehow stops Sylar who just manipulated every object in the house, closing doors, windows, lights going out, furniture being destroyed…so ya, Mr. Sylar who can flip an armoured truck is baffled by this mighty wooden closet door so he turns his attention to HRG’s files on villains out open on the table for him to read. During this time, Claire takes the chains off the closet, opens it and sneaks up behind Sylar…this makese sense right? Because Sylar’s superhuman hearing which can even sense heartbeats couldn’t hear the chains, door opening or her footsteps right? Anyways, Claire’s super silent power overwhelms Sylar and she manages to stab him in chest with her superhuman speed i guess?…hmmm…Sylar can slow bullets and stop Time-altering Hiro from getting him with a sword but can’t stop ordinary claire from using a kitchen knife on him….very creative on the writer’s part.

    Hiro, Ando and destiny scene: Here is a scene which is so over-the-top it doesn’t even fulfill its comedic purposes. In this stupid scene, we see Hiro bored as heck, playing with time. We see the arms on the clock moving back and forwards and when he stops, we see Ando walk in. What?! We just saw time go forward and we didnt see Ando come in or the next guy who brings a video for Hiro to watch. Oh geeze, what an uncreative way to introduce a new quest for Hiro.

    On the video, Hiro is warned to protect something and right away he disobeys out of curiousity which is a really cool idea (really really cool) and he gets this note with half the formula on a crappy piece of paper. Right away we’re introed to a new superfast character who nabs it from his hand. Wow, what great timing. Hiro immediately slows time (doesn’t stop it, just slows it) and follows her speed/sound trail. This scene only exists to use up alot of the way-too-high of a budget for this premiere. Why not pause time entirely…or hell just go back a few friggin seconds, you were JUST doing it HIRO!!! ahhh, this drive me nuts. The writers are so uncreative, and this is such a crappy way to introduce this plot line for Hiro and Ando.

    On top of this stupidness, Hiro decides to jump into the future to see what the consequences of this were, to see if the world were a mess. In doing so he conveniently lands in the exact spot and exact time where future Hiro and future Ando are arguing in a very weak scene over the EXACT crappy piece of paper….simply amazing!….then future Ando shoots red lightning at future Hiro (I guess future hiro can’t use time properly either). This whole stupid scene is there to now create angst between present Hiro and present Ando…wow this is gonna be awesome, nothing like a bit of tension between best friends over a future lightning bolt stemming from a fully contradictory scene.

    Intro 4 years into future: Future Peter is running like crazy for quite a while then turns into a warehouse. If I had a teleportation ability I would port there rather than run…oh wait…Peter can Teleport….wierd. Anyways, he turns into the warehouse and we have Claire conveniently waiting and pointing a gun at him. Obviously this rediculous plan of trying to shoot someone who can stop time fails, and Peter dodges the bullet, takes the gun and travels back in time to shoot his brother. I would have just gone back a few minutes earlier to talk to my younger self and brother Nathan, but hey, I guess bullets can work too. This is a little stupid considering when future Hiro came back in time to talk to Peter it worked fine, when saving the cheerleader to save the world…and since future Hiro and future Peter are both following “the string theory” why did he not just do that? why does he have to MURDER his own brother?

    It is said often that the Heroes writers listen to the fans. I wholeheartedly disagree. The problem with season 2 was not the lack of action or special effects, it was the lack of development, direction and misuse of characters and their abilities. This premiere for volume 3 takes all of these problems to the Nth degree and doesn’t fix a darn thing. I do not care about a show only offering special effects.

    The writers I think, have lost it, they tried so hard to present a fresh set of plotlines, but in such a cop-out uncreative way. Let’s see what we have: Another Ali Larter personality that doesn’t know about her other selves and her son Mika, Nathan’s sudden faith-crazed self and getting back into politics while having a dead character talk to him in his mind, Future peter putting present Peter INSIDE the mind of a criminal (what an amazing idea), Parkman in a dessert meeting someone who knows him and the future, Hiro and Ando chasing after the Speedster by putting a tracking device on the medal…what does that do, they already know where she lives, she doesn’t take the friggin medal with her everywhere she goes (what the heck is going on), we have Claire exactly the same and emotional, this time without feeling pain, and we have Sylar who can’t die now.

    I know this posts makes me sounds like the biggest hater, but I’m not. I just don’t get why so many people are saying this premiere is great and reboots the franchise in a way. I think the visuals are distracting alot of people’s memory of the full episode and story or something. Here are some examples of that, HRG and wife bring in Claire’s real mom to babysit…she walks to the front hold her hands out and starts a fire…wow, what a realistic and cool way to greet your daughter, with a serious face and hand full of fire? What are these writers thinking? I would of liked to be on set for that scene – shaking my head. Then at the gas-station scene where blue-pyro burns the innocent, he then talks to Peter-inside-big-baldy and talk to him while holding his right arm up right a fist full of fire again. What?! Who the heck would talk like that. I get it, Your special effects team has lots of money…thats really cool.

    All this premiere did was extend the visuals on all the powers, we saw a room full of blue lightning, Ando shoot red lightning, a speed trail with stopped time, bullet-time effects, brain examining, blue and orange fire and a Jeff-Goldbloom-spiderman combination demonstration. We saw some of the characters, completely out of character with Nathan, Maya, Nikki, Suresh and we saw all the logic in any scene completely not followed with regards to characters and their powers.

    Of all this stuff we were presented with in this episode, the only good thing is villains on the loose and that SHOULD be the focus, but that takes up about 4% of the show so what a waste. On the other side, there is no team or direction for the ‘heroes’ so what is the point, who is going to battle the baddies? Just HRG?

    Vic, in your post you mentioned no new characters, we have the new speedster and 4 new villains. I also here they casted the Petrelli father so he will make an appearance this season, and I hear they are killing off Monica’s character from season 2. Another thing I heard is that Seth Green and friend from Robot Chicken will be making some appearances in the show as two comic book geeks.

    Anways, I am a big fan of the show, but thought this premiere was not good. The main focus should be on the villains and we got to little of that and so much other crap. I think the writers and Kring should go back to their original idea of continuously killing off characters to make the danger and powers more effecive and realistic. I’m tired of the misuse of all the character we have, and why does the show have Time as such an important element when it is never used correctly, and instead used contradictory. I can go on and on and on, heh.

  9. What I would most definitely like to see is the FINAL END of this Sylar guy.
    I mean, get rid of hime for good. I’m getting bored of him always trying to steel everybodies powers. When they killed him in season 1 I was like “finally he’s gone” but no, they had to bring him back.
    Why oh Why ?

  10. The ratings were overall pretty low for Heroes.

    I can’t believe 20 million ppl watched “Dancing with the Stars”…
    Wow its clear that a lot of ppl (20mil), are seriously mentally disturbed…

  11. I’m done with this show. Just horrible.

  12. The writers seriously need to turn this show around. Season 2 was complete mess. And based on the first 2 episodes of season 3, it seems that nothing has changed. they completely changes the characters( nikki, nathan, maya, mohinder just to name a few). I can’t stand Peter Patreli. He was one of the most powerful characters on the show but he couldn’t beat sylar. When you think about it, both Peter and Hero could have easily killed Sylar. Chop him in several pieces with Hero’s sword and dropped them in different time lines and voila, no more Sylar. The writers needs to slow down a bit and focus on the characters. I don’t need to write all the stuff I hated with first 2 episode of this season since they have been mentioned already. Heroes has the potential to be one of the best shows on tv, but the bad acting, writing and story are taking this show down the hill

  13. Jury is still out for me. Didn’t we already do the whole bad future/time travel schtick? Tension has been lost because any time things go south, one of the characters will time travel and reset things.

    The relationships on the show are being changed nilly-willy for the sake of drama ie lets throw everyone into the character blender and see what we can come up with.

    I’m still watching a couple of more weeks but right now I’m fearing a Bobby Ewing stepping out of the shower – its all been a dream moment.

  14. Monday doesn’t look like a good day ratings wise for genre shows. Terminator is struggling as well even though it hasn’t had the dip in quality (yet) that Heroes experienced.

    Both I think are suffering because of Monday Night Football. Terminator comes on during the 2nd half of the game and Heroes just as its wrapping up. I bet both shows are heavily downloaded and on mnay tivo lists.

  15. Sylar will always be involved in heroes, because Angela Petrelli is Skylar’s mom.

  16. Gheesh I think Angela Petrelli’s my mommy too.

    Did she shapeshift at the end or was that the beer ?

  17. “Did she shapeshift at the end or was that the beer ?”


  18. I thought the premier stumbled a bit too. It seemed that the writers still had a hangover from lower second season ratings, so they didn’t know what to do. Something will have to be seriously screwed up with the time stream in order to stop Peter and Hiro from constantly moving back and forth in it uncontrolled. It does seem to be getting to the point of ‘oh we’re jumping through time again this season too?’ I just thought the power stealing serial killer was a simpler concept. Maybe Sylar needed to be kept mysterious for a while longer. Maybe everything did. In the first season, a lot of the appeal was the mystery of it all, with Suresh as the central character trying to figure it out. Now they’re just turning him into one of the freaks.(He did come up with that serum pretty fast, along with a sudden loss of conscience.)

  19. Rob, thank you for writing that. Now I don’t have to spend my time writing it. Wow, I thought you were gonna get some blowback from your review (Hey Vic, I’d like to have more review from you, and less summary. These shows were as sucky as Transformers, in many ways.)

    Rob, one thing I didn’t appreciate was you mentioning, with no warning, about a character death coming up. Have a heart, guy.

    I sure thought Tom was caught in a mindscape like his father did.

    Angela finally confirmed her core power: Dreams. Remember when Peter was in jail as a suspect of killing the cheerleader, and he had that vision (dream)? I thought he was manifesting someone’s power, and it was his mother’s. In fact he dreamed in the first episode–of himself flying.

  20. Rob, e-mail me? boundingsquirrel at yahoo dot com

  21. Did they have a stand-in for Mohinder’s upper body? :-) I have this image of what a geeky professor type looks like, and it’s NOT Mr. Ripped & Chiseled.

    What’s up with ‘Jessica’ being alive and having a different power? From promo shots during the summer I knew they were going to bring her back. Nathan as well–although I thought they were going to use Claire’s blood–which has already gotten too much play.

    A thought about Clair standing in front of trains…over and over? That’s really peachy keen for an indestructible gal, but too bad she never thought of the shock and grief of the engineer(s) on the train, not to mention the calamity that could happen if they slammed on their brakes and piled up the cars. (I saw it in Hancock)

  22. Just How many alternate timelines are we talking about ?
    is the timeline Hiro visited the same that peter came from?
    Sometimes its hard to tell .

  23. “perhaps the choice of one word over another can change the entire aspect of the future. The vision of time is broad, but when you pass through it, time becomes, a narrow door.” Loved the way Herbert wrote it..

  24. I think SkyNet has taken over because I just typed a lot of stuff and when I tried to post it, I got the “Page cannot be found” message. Where are you John Connor!? :-)

    I liked the episode but definately agree with a lot of what you all are saying (or should I use “yute’s” instead of “you all” 8-) ). The time-travelling thing is getting dated, so get away from it. I suppose Hiro doesn’t want to change the past anymore (like in “The Time Machine”) because of his conversation with his father but I’m sure going back and stopping himself from opening the vault wouldn’t have had bad effects.

    Someone mentioned Sylar should have used his advanced hearing; from what I saw, Sylar only got his original powers back (telekenesis). I suppose Angela Petrelli being his mom solves the “why they hadn’t killed him” question.

    The whole thing with Suresh is definately ripping off “The Fly”. I can see Suresh eventually using the gene to give normal people powers but it does seem too soon for him to come to this realization.

    It’s possible that the Ando Hiro saw in the future is actually Sylar, or some other shape-shifter.

    Someone mentioned Jessica; that wasn’t Jessica nor Nikki, but another incarnation. The new power even surprised her; it’s possible she always had it but it just now manifests itself.

    All in all, I enjoyed the show but think they need to stop the time travelling stuff.

  25. 1. Suresh’s Super Serum (TM) reminds me of the Super Sucky “The 4400.” I can hear the famous Fox movie trailer voice-over guy:

    “In a world where everyone has superhuman abilities…is anyone really special?”

    Suresh getting powers is simply pandering to the juvenile audience. What human characters are in the show? Tom’s wife is out of the picture. Everyone’s relative turns out to have powers. Even Claire’s classmate turned out to be a flying doofus.

    It stretches even comic book credulity to have the only non-powered people in the show be like the tabloid reporter or the gas station guys or the muggers (btw, hints of racism and CRASS “ebonics” stereotyping?)–simply showpieces for the villians’ destructive amusement.

  26. Ahh good points,,, Kahless. ;-)

    It should be fun to watch this year,,,
    I hope the fans don’t continue to pick apart every little bit this season…

  27. Yeah JC, its becoming apparent (pun intended), that our young Heroes are all linked by experiments done by the company.
    (Insest, yeah prob, in a lab senario)

    The show has huge untapped prequel material.

  28. STYLE,,,, nice work,, wow this is a Screen Rant Exclusive !!!!!!

    I’m gonna read this more closly when I get off work. 8-)

    I think this story is going to be huge!

  29. Thanks STYLE for letting us in on this !!!!!!!!!!


    This sure could suck for Tim Kring.

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