Review: Heroes Season 3 Premiere

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heroes season 3 premiere Review: Heroes Season 3 Premiere

After a very long wait, and a somewhat disappointing second season, Heroes has finally returned for Season 3: Villains.

At the end of season 2, Sylar (Zachary Quinto) had just gotten his powers back, Noah Bennet aka “HRG” (Jack Coleman) had just gone back to work for “the company” in order to spare his family, and Nathan Petrelli (Adrian Pasdar) had been apparently fatally shot just as he was about to reveal his ability to fly to the world.

BTW, full-on spoilers in the review below.

Heroes is run by folks (led by series creator Tim Kring) who actually listen to the fans, take their complaints to heart, and use that information to improve the show. This season there will be no slow, dragged out story arcs, and Kring says there will not be any new characters introduced (although this episode seems to contradict that). This season will also be comprised of two “volumes.” The first half of the season will be called “Villains,” but there is no title for the second half yet.

Enough of that… on to the season opener!

The episode opens with Claire (Hayden Panettiere, looking all “Matrixed” out in black leather) trying to kill Peter (Milo Ventimiglia), four years after Nathan’s announcement of his powers. Peter goes back in time to change the past, since it seems that things became very bad for super-powered beings after Nathan’s revelation.

So yes, the assassin is Peter Petrelli from the future.

Cut to Japan, where Hiro (Masi Oka) now owns his father’s corporation. He’s quite bored by the whole thing and yearning for a new quest. Of course, the show is happy to oblige. He watches a video left behind by his father stating that he needs to guard the contents of a safe (without ever opening it), the contents of which could lead to the end of the world. It is half of some sort of chemical formula.

Of course, he opens it.

A blonde girl who moves as fast as The Flash promptly steals it. And here lies the first thing that bugged me about this episode: Why didn’t Hiro just go back in time 60 seconds and put that piece of paper back in the damned safe?

Instead he goes to the future, sees his best friend Ando (James Kyson Lee) who is now super-powered kill him, and the destruction of Tokyo.

Nathan was dead for all of five seconds, but came back to life somehow – and claims to have seen God. I’m curious how they develop this and how it comes across to fans as he comes across downright born-again. Linderman is also back despite the fact that he seemed definitively dead during last season. Turns out he healed Nathan and has big plans for him.

Sylar finds Claire, intent on once again trying to take her healing power. He does the skull slice trick on her, sucks her powers… but surprisingly, leaves her alive after a very creepy scene in which he talks to her while he has the top of her skull off. Sylar tells Claire that she is not like the others – she is special and she can never die. And now, neither can he.

Suresh (Sendhil Ramamurthy) is with Maya (Dania Ramirez, who unfortunately is still on the show) and she still wants to be cured. He flashes on the idea that the abilities are not based in the blood but in the adrenal gland. Suddenly he shifts his research (and ridiculously quickly creates a serum) from curing super-powers to being able to give them to anyone via an injection.

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heroes season 3 premiere Review: Heroes Season 3 Premiere

Actually, another thing that didn’t make sense was the utter and complete 180 degree turn by Suresh on the super-power thing. Now he’s excited as a kid on Christmas Eve about the prospect of giving people powers. I also didn’t get why he couldn’t “cure” Maya of her powers when his other serum was able to take away Nikki’s and Sylar’s powers.

Turns out, it seems that he’s been envious of all these super-powers. He ends up injecting himself while out on the nice, unsafe docks one night. He is awoken by a couple of muggers upon whom he demonstrates his newly found super-strength.

And all that was just within the first hour!

In the second hour Claire finds that while she can still heal, now she no longer feels pain. Turns out that Peter coming back from the future and his meddling kept Claire from leaving for Odessa – so she was home when Sylar came looking for her.

Peter’s mom is NOT pleased and keeps trying to get him to go back to the future.

Meanwhile Suresh not only has super-strength and agility, he also has Spider-Man-like powers, allowing him to scale walls – which seemed out of place to me (as much as something can seem out of place on a show like Heroes). Oh, and one of his new powers also seems to be that he is super-horny (with Maya).

Matt is still out in the middle of the desert, where future-Peter sent him during the first hour (rather cruelly).

Jessica (aka “bad Nikki” and now known as Tracy Strauss and played by Ali Larter) is now her own separate person, involved in politics. However she doesn’t remember that she was once the evil twin of Nikki Saunders – and THIS version has a different power: the ability to freeze people and objects. Terminally.

Sylar has invaded “Level 5″ at the company and is out to nab the powers of the most powerful super-folks yet, who are incarcerated there. When he tries to take Elle Bishop’s (Kristen Bell) electrical powers, she explodes (not fatally) with enough electric power to incapacitate him.

“Present” Peter Petrelli is trapped in the body of one of the prisoners, all of which have been freed by her power discharge.

And unfortunately for Suresh, at the end of this episode he begins to transform and look like Seth Brundle from The Fly as he starts getting huge sores that peel away on his back.

And that, as they say, was that. Seemed like more happened in these two episodes than in all of the previous abbreviated season. So far I’d say we’re off to a very good, action-packed start that should please fans big time.

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  1. Fadian,
    Great post! This could have been a very dark year for heroes, with some closeups on how powers can be abused and the thirst for power can corrupt. The issue with Peter’s power-rape of Sylar was an example. Also excellent irony: Peter already displayed “hunger” when he ripped this out of Sylar. (And in the ensuing episodes, did he use this power to “fix” time? Wasn’t that the premise of snagging the ability of “knowing how things work”?)

    The Peter-turned Sylar is something I imagined from season one, where I thought the twist was that Peter would absorb Sylar’s power (we did hear the “Sylar voice” out of him once or twice) and that it would in fact be Peter, not Sylar, who killed Isaac in Hiro’s future.

    Too bad the Dark Peter lasted shorter this year than it did in season 2. I’m assuming his “hunger” is gone into his dad. But because the road to obtain these powers again would be long, I’m sure that Kring’s favorite plot device–the Reset Button–will be called into play and Peter will be just as we knew him, minus The Hunger.

    >>Remember when Angela said Matt would be just like his father if he forced the name of that company woman out of her? What happened to him turning villain and abusing his ability?<<

    I agree, Fadian. This too would have been a great natural Hero-to-Villian change, but I think Kring is playing to the High School Musical fanbase that doesn’t want anything “really” bad to happen to anyone. Don’t “really” change Peter, don’t “really” change Mohinder. Don’t “really” kill Nikki.

  2. Thanks Ergo Proxy, jc. I’ve seen up to episode 7 and it looks like it’s going to continue screwing up the series. The way it’s going now it seems like they HAVE pumped it full of adrenaline. It’s gone hyper. It’s out of control. There’s just too much happening in each episode. In series 1 you would get a cliffhanger at the end of each episode; series 3 you’re getting cliffhangers every 15 minutes, new characters appearing and being killed off or ‘dealt’ with in the space of a single episode and regular trips to the future to see an event or timeline that has to be stopped. It’s like the show developed ADD and took a sugar overdose at Disneyland.

    I really wonder what people saw in the first series that they think they are now seeing in series 3.

    “This could have been a very dark year for heroes, with some closeups on how powers can be abused and the thirst for power can corrupt.”

    Agreed. Instead they gave us characters doing 180′s on themselves with no hesitation and constant whining about being indestructible and superpowered. Peter and Sylar should’ve slowly changed over the series, perhaps with the two of them facing off at the end, Peter turning villain and Sylar trying to stop him. A reversal of series 1.
    As it happens, Kring just needed Peter to lose his powers and the only way he could think of doing that, presumably, was by giving him Sylar’s so he would run headlong into Pinehearst and get vamp’d by his dad. Similarly the only way he could think of making Sylar turn good was by making his murderous tendencies a part of his ability that he could not control. Which is just a cop out, in my opinion.
    The show now seems to favour the people with the more flashy abilities. The ones that look good in action sequences. Micah had a really interesting ability which could’ve been used in some great storylines. Monica aswell. But the writers want people that can fly at light speed and shoot lasers out of their eyes. It’s all “INCREDIBLE POWER!!!” and “UNIMAGINABLE DESTRUCTION!!!” as HRG said.
    The action is much more exciting when there is something to lose and the main characters in series 3 are just too powerful.

    “I think Kring is playing to the High School Musical fanbase that doesn’t want anything “really” bad to happen to anyone. Don’t “really” change Peter, don’t “really” change Mohinder. Don’t “really” kill Nikki.”

    Again, I agree, unfortunately. Who honestly thought for a second that Hiro had killed Ando? Was Matt really stupid enough to not use his mind controlling ability on Knox and let him tear out his heart?
    Don’t “really” kill anyone. Don’t “really” do something unexpected. Don’t “really” think up an original storyline. Don’t “really” write an interesting script.


  3. I am looking forward to fourth season.

  4. Sorry guys, but i’m very dissapointed with season 3. Hope
    season 4 will be back with a vengeance!

  5. I was watching first two seasons breathlessly. I haven’t seen something so interesting for a while. I couldn’t wait for a next episode. But when the third season started I was so disappointing. I couldn’t believe that they can make such a big turn to worse. Pity.

  6. Honestly, i liked the 2nd season. Yeah it was slow, but then sometimes it will pick up speed and then go back to slow. Ask the actors and the actress on the show, as they all said that it was a season that was too slow, and that they wish it was more action in it for season 2. Hiro’s story is yes the worst of all in season 2, the two twins Maya and her brother were the most useless characters that they ever created, Sylar was different don’t like, Claire needs to mature, Angela was cool, Matt was a bit annoying, Mohinder was extremely annoying, Matt’s dad was awesome, and out of all the characters in season 2, Noah Bennet to me was the best of the entire season. Because his character was developing was a reason why i liked him the most. Peter to me was also useless, but it made more sense at the end. i just started watching season 3 on netfix, the first 2 episodes were good, until right now, it is starting to get lost on its way. I’ll keep on watching, even it might be terrible. it will just feel unsastifying if i stop in the middle of Heroes. so i want to finish it until the end of Heroes of all together.