‘Revenge of the Sith 3D’ Bumped Up; ‘Independence Day 3D’ Canceled

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Star Wars Episodes 2 and 3 in 3D Next Year Revenge of the Sith 3D Bumped Up; Independence Day 3D Canceled

It’s easy to forget that the next Star Wars films to arrive in theaters are going to be the 3D versions of Episode II – Attack of the Clones and Episode III – Revenge of the Sith, what with all the excitement/dread over Disney acquiring Lucasfilm and initiating pre-production on Episodes VII-IX. 20th Century Fox has the rights to all three installments in George Lucas’ prequel trilogy and will release Episodes II & III 3D a matter of weeks apart late next year (in the hopes of replicating and/or improving on the box office returns for Episode I – The Phantom Menace 3D).

Fox has officially moved Revenge of the Sith 3D up slightly from its original 2013 release date. However, the studio has also abandoned its previous plans for a 3D re-release of another famous sci-fi blockbuster; namely, Roland Emmerich’s Independence Day.

The Phantom Menace 3D collected some $103 million in theaters around the globe, which allowed it to readily cover its post-conversion costs and turn a healthy profit; though, critical opinions on the effectiveness of the 3D treatment tended to fall on the mixed-to-weak side (read our review, for case in point). Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith do have the advantage over Phantom Menace from a 3D perspective, as the former Star Wars prequels were shot digitally – rather than on traditional film stock. Digital prints, in general, tend to convert more easily into the stereoscopic format (a.k.a. 3D), which in part accounts for how Pixar is able to effectively translate its older computer-animated catalog into 3D.

Attack of the Clones 3D, as it were, remains set to hit theaters on September 20th of next year, where it opens a week after the 3D re-release of Disney’s The Little Mermaid. Meanwhile, Revenge of the Sith 3D is now arriving just two weeks later on October 4th; there it will have competition for 3D screens during its opening weekend, from Robert Rodriguez’ long-gestating sequel Sin City: A Dame to Kill For.

Independence Day White House Explosion Scene Revenge of the Sith 3D Bumped Up; Independence Day 3D Canceled

Meanwhile, as mentioned before, Fox has (for now) pulled the plug on a 3D re-release of Independence Day, which would have arrived (when else?) during the Fourth of July Weekend next year. The 1996 film has never widely been regarded as a promising candidate for a 3D post-treatment, so it’s conceivable that early conversion results were not satisfactory; though, it’s also possible that studio executives just decided it wasn’t worth the time and investment from a financial perspective.

Over the past few months, reports have emerged suggesting that development is ongoing for a pair of 3D Independence Day sequels, so there’s also the chance that Fox is postponing ID4 3D until a date closer to those for the new installments (assuming they are actually made, that is). Then again, maybe this is just the first sign that the studio is giving up hope of turning Emmerich’s humans vs. aliens blockbuster into a franchise – but don’t count on that.

As mentioned before, Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones 3D opens in theaters on September 20th, 2013. Episode III – Revenge of the Sith 3D will follow two weeks later on October 4th.

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  1. They should have rebooted them. Or release a Special Edition where they don’t completely suck and contradict the mythology that the Originals established.

    • My thoughts exactly, Ignur dude, I’ve been saying for a while that Lucas should hire someone like Walter Murch to extensively re-edit the prequels, making them considerably tighter and more focused than the meandering and bloated run-times they are now, plus have the folks at Industrial Light & Magic go back and upgrade the visual effects to the same flawless standard across all three films… had he done this, and released them under the ‘3-D Special Edition’ banner, I would actually go see them again, alas, he’s not going to so neither will I… and you’re right about contradicting the original Trilogy, when Obi Wan says to Luke that his Uncle Owen wouldn’t want him to “follow Obi Wan on some damn fool idealistic crusade like you’re father did”, where was THAT in the prequels, or the fact that in Episode III the lightning bolts scarred Palpatine’s face but didn’t to Anakin in Episode II or Luke in ‘Return of the Jedi’, or how about… aw screw it, who care anymore?

      • Uncle Owens particular take on Obi Wan’s role in Anakin’s downfall may not be grounded in fact and may instead be grounded in the fact that he had no desire to raise Anakin’s son and that he distrusts spacers.

      • idealistic crusade-clone wars
        and I think thats how palpatine looked but he masked himself.
        I dont think they contradict as much as you want them too or at all really.

        • Akai Koru, that’s supposition on your part, Obi Wan clearly stated to Luke that Uncle Owen disapproved of him following or associating with the elderly Jedi because of what happened to Anakin, but judging by the prequels, Owen never knew nor associated with Anakin to any real degree, plus the implication there was virtually no contact between the Lars’ and Kenobi during Luke’s formative years… there just appears to be a disconnect between what Obi Wan said in the OT and what George Lucas wrote in the PT. If Owen had been Anakin’s blood brother, and was in Episode I clearly disapproving of Anakin leaving Tatooine to become a Jedi, that would have made complete sense in the greater narrative…

          Cody, I’ve thought of that idea myself, but nowhere is it even implied that is Palpatine’s actual face, I think George Lucas was using the change in facial features as a visual metaphor for the unmasking of Palpatine as he drops any pretense of being a democratic leader and instead reveals his true nature as a tyrannical and despotic Sith master, so in that respect, I totally understand the reasons for that change, and certainly one could argue neither Anakin nor Luke were hit square in the face with the lightning bolts like Palpatine was in that scene…

          • “That’s what your uncle told you. He
            didn’t hold with your father’s ideals.
            Thought he should have stayed here
            and not gotten involved.”

            Perhaps spoken after he returned to Tatooine and his mother died. Something like: If you hadn’t left she would still be alive. You shouldn’t be off fighting a war so far away from anything. You were born on this planet and you should stay with us and protect our family. And of course if he hadn’t left and went back to fight the rest of the battle perhaps he wouldn’t have also died.

            “I have something here for you. Your
            father wanted you to have this when
            you were old enough, but your uncle
            wouldn’t allow it. He feared you
            might follow old Obi-Wan on some
            damned-fool idealistic crusade like
            your father did.”

            Fighting the Separatists would have seemed idealistic in truth. It wasn’t absolutely known what would occur if they had won. For some people perhaps they thought it would have been better. Especially since no one really knew that the Droid army and the Separatists were both being manipulated by the Emperor other than Yoda, Obi-Wan, and possibly Senator Organa. Hell being a Jedi is idealistic in the first place regardless of the aims of whatever battle is being fought at the moment.

            You can say I am grasping at straws in my deduction of vague language but I think in doing so you should realize your decoding could be just as false and filled or unfilled with supposition.

            • And yes I know Anakin and Owen aren’t blood relatives but she was Owen’s mother and the thing that brought joy and strength to his father (who died shortly after Shmi died).

              Also if you watch the end of Ep 3, Owen doesn’t come down to receive Luke from Obi Wan. He instead keeps his back turned to him until Beru brings Luke to the mound he is standing on.

              • That was just Lucas borrowing from the Original Trilogy cause he can’t come up with any good original ideas. It was suppose to be symbolic or somehow help bring the prequel trilogy full circle but it fell short. Much like the entire Prequels Trilogy.

                • Disagree for the millionth time. ROTJ was the 2nd worst of all the films. Ep 3 the second best (After Empire). I still think most of the fanboi rage should actually be directed at the fact that you weren’t 6-12 years old again when the new movies started. If you were you would likely have loved them as much as you do the original trilogy. It’s now an unreachable element in our lives to feel that amazed by something like Star Wars. Especially with the massive number of “blockbuster” style films now trying to garner our attention. I loved Ep I except for Jar Jar, Ep 2 had a bad love story with no chemistry but had some good parts, and Ep 3 was amazing start to finish (although I think there are any number of actors who could have done a better job that Hayden Christiansen…).

                  So much misplaced anger for George.

                • Akai Koru, but none of that hypothetical exchange between Anakin and Owen is even implied in Episode II, if it was filmed and subsequently cut from the theatrical release, that would be something, but we have no indication any such scene was filmed, and Shmi was Owen’s step-mother not his biological one…

                  And Owen never even laid eyes on Obi Wan, not even when he delivered the infant Luke to him and Beru (you said it yourself), so how could he blame Obi Wan for any fate that befell Luke’s father… he had no knowledge of what specifically happened!?

                  I just think it was poor writing on Lucas’ part rather than implied narrative moments, he really needed to have plotted out those three movies in advance rather than writing them as he went along.

                  • And there’s absolutely no anger for George from me, although I do wish he would have firstly stopped tinkering with the OT in 1997 – gotten it right with the first ‘special edition’ releases – and had released nicely remastered and anamorphic presentations of the OT’s theatrical versions alongside the ‘special edition’s when they were released in a DVD box set a few years ago… other than that, I’m cool with Mr Lucas…

    • There you go again,non-Star Wars fan hater,with nothing EVER positive to say about Star Wars but seems to act like he was ever a fan.I suspect not.

  2. I thought the pod race in The Phantom Menace was pretty awesome in 3D. Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith both have great scenes that would look great also. I’ll see them both :)

  3. This represents so much of what is wrong with cinema all rolled into one.

    It would have been better to have as a straight to Blu Ray release. But then again, I guess people don’t have to invest in 3D hardware this way.

  4. I’m gonna go and watch both films. However I thought they would re-release the films each year, with The Phantom Menace this year, next year would be Attack of the Clones, and 2014 would be Revenge of the Sith. But hey this will be my first time watching Star Wars in theaters. I’m hoping they release the films on iTunes so I can buy those versions.

  5. Phantom Menace bombed at the box office here. It’s not like you’re getting a new story and 3D isn’t exactly new.

  6. My guess is its been pushed up because they want to try and get the original trilogy on 3d to coincide with the new movies by Disney…this would make sense as it would likely increase interest (and free advertising in a way i guess)…having said that however you look at it they are bound to make a ton of money from the original trilogy

  7. I can’t wait!! Episode III was the best prequel by far. The end battle scene will be freaking epic in 3D