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While our readers are already talking about this movie in the comments section of our Resident Evil: Retribution review, this is the place where you can discuss Resident Evil: Retribution spoilers without concerns about ruining the movie for people who haven’t seen it yet.

If you’re posting comments here, assume that anyone in the conversation has seen the movie – if you haven’t seen the movie, we would recommend you don’t read the comments here until you have.

For an in-depth discussion of the film by the Screen Rant team check out the Resident Evil: Retribution episode of the SR Underground podcast.

We’ve set up a poll below where you can rate Resident Evil: Retribution for yourself. Other than that, feel free to discuss the film and all its surprises!

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Resident Evil: Retribution is Rated R for sequences of strong violence throughout. Now playing in 2D, 3D, and IMAX 3D theaters.

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  1. So did anyone else see the link to RE: The Umbrella Chronicles with Alice destroying the Umbrella Russia facility? I wish Anderson had gave Leon and Ada a better introduction to the world. The end of the movie implies that they had a past but we know NOTHING of it… it’s like Paul is saying “If you know how it is in the games then… yeah.” I enjoyed Afterlife better… i can’t wait to see the Redfield’s back.

  2. So who was responsible for “resetting” all of the test cities/scenarios?…

    And when did the red queen exactly decide that the human race needed to be exterminated? During the last movie Wesker was working within Umbrella…

    • Wesker reset the cities/scenarios.

      The red queens only goal is for umbrella to succeed. And extermination of humans is the only way to fully assure umbrella controls the world :)

      Hope I helped!

  3. Garbage! A Remake is definitely needed with a better story that is actually creepy, and has a darker grittier feel to it. I think someone like chris nolan or even James Cameron would make this how it needs to be,more like the walking dead with other science experiment and show that the main characters are in danger around every corner.

  4. Nice Movie,,,,,,Must Watch

  5. what happens to the redfields, how violent is it and what about wesker, from what i’ve seen thus far he’s barely in it (not that he should be since he lost half his head in afterlife but magically reappeared in the aircraft).

  6. Wesker actually survived in the Afterlife movie. At the end you can clearly see the parachute (right before umbrella attacks Arcadia)

    • he got his head blown off them magically appears in the helicopter in the next scene… that’s not surviving, that’s both bad writing and a dead obvious plot hole which only a moron would over look.

    • he got his head blown off them magically appears in the helicopter in the next scene… that’s not surviving, that’s both bad writing and a dead obvious plot hole which only a joke would overlook.

      • he’s infected with a type of T-virus, so his body regenerates from damage extremely fast, now I’m not claiming that the t-virus would be able to regenerate your body from multiple gunshots to the head & a helicopter crash instantly,I always found that ridiculous myself, but that’s what they insinuate within resident evil, it’s not an obvious plot hole, it’s just you missing out on an obvious piece of information.

  7. Okay I love the resident evil movies and I loved this one however it could definitely have been better. there was hardly any story line and almost every action sequence ended too fast. Im not disappointed but I did have higher expectations for this fifth film and I am really hoping for a sixth film to make up for this one and would love love LOVE a return of the Redfields, supposedly they have been captured by umbrella but nothing is said of them in the movie. Paul W.S. Anderson is a great writer but fails to give that “on the edge” experience that you get from the previous films so he should still write it but bring in a different director. It doesn’t have to be someone great like Nolan or Cameron, maybe someone like Russel Mulcahy who did extinction.

  8. I was a very good movie! I was pissed the Redfields were never brought up in this movie! At the end of the movie as we see all the zombies around the white house the world is wreaked… If that’s the case why were the guys when trying to break Alice out using a BRAND NEW SONY TABLET!!! (subtlety of product placement; since SONY helps fund these movies) also at the end Wesker reinjects Alice with the T-virus… Didn’t that take her multiple shots to mutate and bond with it! That’s what I got out of it of RE2… Also I’m happy new characters were introduced; Ada, Leon, and Barry… But I felt like this was the wrong film to do so, to storylines to tie them there… And also WESKER IS ACTING GOOD? Okay so for the 6th movie how are you in 1hr 30ish minutes get the Redfields and kills the RED QUEEN and Wesker… I hope since its the finale they just make the film 2hrs long… Loved seeing the Las Plagas virus working so effectively with this film! Yet again, pissed Michelle died for the 2nd & 3rd time…. With all that said CAN’T WAIT for it to come out on DVD to add it to my collection

  9. Actially forgot on thing… In AFTERLIFE when Alice ripped off the spider mind control of Claire it took her a while to remember things… Yet after the spider mind control was ripped off Jill she remembered instantly it seemed like… That’s bothered me slightly

  10. So yeah… Where do we begin? Getting to see Michelle Rodriguez “die” twice was worth the price of admission.

    I’d like to be able to kill someone via heart punching, wow Barry’s double death sequence was amazing! He dies just to comeback to take out a few soldiers. I was waiting for him to mutate like in the first movie by a Licker’s bite.

    I would have written in the final confrontation that Alice & co would have said something about waiting a bit and Jill & her company would freeze to death.

    The most disappointing moment was not getting a chance to stop at Berlin-land before blowing up Pacific Playland. Especially since we got knock off Dead Snow Nazi Zombies Kremlin style. Alas I’ll be in line for the next one even though I know I’ll hate myself afterwards.

  11. Why wasn’t final destination and prison break in this? I seen their names in the credits but i don’t remember seeing them

  12. Li BingBing….nuff said and how do Alice and Jill move that way in those skin tight suits ermagherd.Hey the movie was fun and very video game like more than ever, there were actually levels lol.

    Did anyone else see an ad for Devil May Cry attached to the movie?

  13. the story was ok, the whole 3D shots sucked, i loved Leon, Ada, and mostly Barry. But they shouldn’t have killed him, he was to me the best character and Kevin Durand did a good job. They should have just killed the little girl she has really no purpose. I hope the film series will get rebooted and stay classic without the 3D

  14. words cannot describe how terrible that piece of s*** was, thank god i watched it online and didn’t have to pay for it (or waste my time watching it all).

    the only people that can stand this sort of BS are brain dead jokes that call this movie franchise ‘good old fun’, ‘guilty pleasure’ or ‘decent action’ (which this franchise is none of). a failure director/writer leading a bunch of amateur jokes in a movie that has no reason to exist, yet there will be another addition to the horrible franchise next yr and the yr after b/c d***s flock in to watch it as if it’s ground breaking cinema.

    • can u send me the link of resident evil retribution online

    • can u send me the link of resident evil retribution

    • @jwalka
      “the only people that can stand this sort of BS are brain dead jokes ..” Chances are good that more than a few others have mad the same claim about some POS film that you like Does that make a brain dead joke? I never ceases to amaze me how “me-centric” people can be, how they believe that their perception of the world is the only good one. The world is full of not-alike people and so there is a variety of flavors for all in everything from film to music to food. You should be glad that films like RE5 get made because it means there’s a chance that junk that only you like will still get made.

  15. it was supposed to be the longest of the series but it was still short. I don’t get it. But still good stuff and way better than Afterlife.

  16. another Resident Evil movie fail, sucked so bad I was glad I didn’t pay for it. Pay for this s***? NO THANK YOU

  17. Can someone clear this up for me? In Afterlife Wesker was apart of Umbrella but in Retribution he’s now suddenly gone rouge and the Red Queen completely comes out of nowhere, how did that happen? What made him lose control of everything? In Afterlife it was portrayed as he was the top dog and out of nowhere he goes to bottom b-tch because of the one fight that he survives from? Why has his outlook completely turned 180 aswell? He seemed to be completely against humans in Afterlife and would prefer everyone being infected with the virus. I thought he wasn’t even human, wouldn’t he be more inclined to work with the Red Queen?

    All of my favorite characters got their asses handed to them by the movie franchise characters, that completely ruined it for me. Barry has a moment of glory before getting blown away by characters who hold no value to me, Leon got his ass kicked throughout the movie, and Ada didn’t do enough.

    • well the red queen wants to wipe out the rest of humanity and wesker doesnt want that to happen so he went rogue because they are the last hope for humanity

      • He seemed to want that in Afterlife.

    • Groot two words for wesker… Food Supply. he knows if humans are wiped out he wont be able to eat he wants that renewable resource to grow mroe so he can eat with soo many zombies consuming so much his food will run out and he will eventualy die or become obsolete… he doesn’t want that.

      wish they hadn’t killed barry but oh well can’t be helped. though his death scene was epic.

      everyone talks about seeing Rodriguezs Rain die but what about Olivera??? you see him die twice in this movie as well.

      thought the movie was great honestly

      • But what about the endless supply of clones? Surely that would easily be enough to sustain him. Does he even need to eat people? It’s never mentioned anywhere that he must eat people to maintain his strength, I thought it had something to do with constant T-Virus injections or something more complicated than eating people. I know that’s how they did it in the game but I thought they had something similar in the movie aswell.

        Either way it doesn’t add up if he just needs people to sustain him when they have an endless supply of clones.

        Still doesn’t explain how the red queen came to power, how she even came back, and how did Wesker lose control of everything? Did the fight with Alice kick him out of his seat of power (even though he survived)?

  18. Laurence, the zombie were Russian! Not German. That chase scene with the trucks and motorbikes was takin out of the Resident Evil 5 game!

    • They are Russian zombies, however I was referring to to their garb being similar to that of the Dead Snow/nazi zombies. Specifically the uniform and it being more old school (which contradicts the spinner rim car Alice had later). That’s why I used the qualifier “Kremlin style”. Seeing as they called them the las plagas; I was expecting a bunch of Spaniard villagers with torches and pitchforks or the chainsaw sisters but then we got a Russian army. I know that’s more of a continuity issue. With this being a very loosely told story of the RE franchise and having Leon and Ada in this movie I was hoping we might have gotten more of a RE:4 vibe.


  19. Where to begin?

    To the film’s credit it’s sligthly better than “Afterlife”. But that’s not really sayin’ much. I saw the previous film with a buddy of mine, I played all the RE games up to 5, he never played RE4 and RE5, so half of the film was me explaining my buddy was exactly who and what was were those creatures.

    There was a huge deficit in the previous film, so they decided to fix that with this, by spending the first 15 minutes rewinding the shots from the last 15 minutes of the previous, going into massive exposition from previous movies (the first movie came out ten years ago, so I wouldn’t hold it against them), then the plot finally kicks in, with Alice playin’ the suburban mom in quite possibly the best and the only remotely scary portion of the film because it parodies Dawn of the Dead so well…After that it’s “Shoot-outs” the movie, interrupted by one character explaining what just happened and how everything ties in with the big picture.

    The shoot-outs are insane and take a while to end. But the thing that gets to me is that you have a ton of characters, antagonists on one side and the heroes on the other shooting at each other. They almost always never hit each other, but for the most part, the heroes always seem to to hit every single faceless Umbrella officer with pinpoint accuracy.

    Come to think about it, only two of the main characters actually died. Barry did because he surrendered and got shot in plain sight. And one of the nameless characters who were in Barry, Leon and West’s team, who was dumb enough to stay put while a chainsaw-weilding zombie got to him. Funny how even the characters, except for Alice, behave according to game’s rules.

    Other than that, there’s plenty of action, they certainly skimped on the biohazard monsters, only one huge ass licker this time. No zombie dogs or other freaks.

    I wasn’t bored with it, they threw in a lot of recognizable characters, but honestly, they were just cosplayers, the actor who played Leon S. Kennedy certainly tried his best to act like it, but considering that he’s one of the most beloved RE characters, you are in for a pretty big dissapointment.

    The plot for this? I don’t really know, to be honest, at first I though they were going to do something clever with it, almost Matrix-esque plot twist.
    Had everything in the last films been nothing more than a series of simulations done by the Red Queen AI? But then I realized I was giving waaaay too much credit to Paul W. S. Anderson. The end of the film, made me think: “Wow, I got stuck watching what felt like a minor event and was left out of a much cooler movie that was happening during this whole thing”. Especially when Wesker was the one delivering his almost Yoda-like foreboding speech. I was surprised that he actually showed up in the film, because he clearly got blown to bits in the last film, but hey, if Chris and Clarie can magically vanish between the last scenes in RE Afterlife and the first 5 minutes of RE Retribution, I guess it’s OK for Wesker to be alive as if nothing happened.

  20. This was probably the one I liked the least in the series for the main reason that the Red Queen contradicts everything she stood for in the first movie. First How did she get reactivated and what made her turn against humanity? You could sympathize with her in the first movie because she only tried to kill everyone to prevent the spread of the virus to the rest of the world. She goes from protecting the world to trying to destroy it and we never find out why. Big plot hole. There wasn’t much of a story in this one as well. Hopefully the last one will wrap everything up then I could forgive this one. I still want to know what happened to Angela Ashford. Also the return of the original cast was somewhat pointless in my opinion.

    • To start off this movie:

      I like the whole backwards effect of the Umbrella attack on Arcadia because if you look closely you can see the damage they truly did on Arcadia but from ‘Afterlife’ Jill tells the Umbrella staff that the enemy targets are unknown except the exception of Umbrella fugitives Chris and Claire Redfield and Project Alice and pretty much if they wont be captured then just kill them. (Now i did some back story research and to questions of Angela Ashford and what ever happened to her, At the end of RE2 when Dr. Isaac’s turns on “camera and gps” on Alice. Alice and the others join a team that is trying to save survivors but during a zombie fight Dr. Isaac’s sent out a control over Alice and commands her to come back and bring Angela with her. Now when she comes back with Angela, Dr. Isaac’s tells chairman Wesker that Angela doesnt have the DNA that Alice posses and ultimately cannot cure the t-Virus so in return he commands Alice to exterminate Angela. Which in turns Jill finds out and is extremely outraged at Alice and that is where we return with her joining Umbrella again but they put the spider control thing on her). So the reason why we don’t hear anything about Chris or Claire because it was to portray that they got captured or killed in the line of fire but more than likely they didnt get killed only captured because they are main-roled characters so they should appear in the next movie.

      Onto the next part of the movie is when Wesker decides to break Alice free and of course everyone questions how was he still alive after getting his head blown open and shot everywhere, because of the t-Virus he is genetically mutated and is able to regenerate easily which is what you saw at the beginning of Afterlife when the clone was holding two bombs. He is technically invincible unless you completely decapitate his head from his body. Since the beginning film he was always wanting to contain the virus and find the antidote to cure it to save the humanity so that still is shown in this one the only difference was when he injected himself with the virus he had to consume humans to genetically balance the virus in him but the humans DNA was not strong enough to completely balance the virus so he kept consuming which led to the crew abandoning the ship, that is why he had to consume Alice cause she’s successfully balanced the t-Virus without mutating physically and increased in abnormal powers. Now he survived the bomb on the plane because you see him parachuting out of it.

      With the Red Queen, yeah she was terminated in the first one but you got to remember she was just a computer and can be regenerated again, the same as what you saw with the computer from the 3rd Resident Evil, she’s just a program which can merely be reactivated into another Umbrella Corp. But the reason for her views was in the first one it was a small amount that were about to become the living dead so she was on the humans side because they could stop them and the views stayed the same til the recent movie probably with the ‘High School of the Dead’ philosophy that if the zombies consumed every human being there would be no more humans to consume which would then would return the end of the zombie race. So maybe that is why the Red Queen wants to kill off the human race but we wont know for sure yet til the next movie and that could be the reason why Wesker isnt affiliated with Umbrella anymore.

      Few things i hated was all the characters they brought back died… Wesker gives Alice her powers back like he planned to do that to begin with which made him look like a dumbass to get rid of her powers… the fact that they introduced a girl in this that Alice rescues is probably her guilt of killing Angela… and the HUGE cliff hanger they had at the end of the movie.

      All in all they wanted the movies and the games to all be brought in this movie they did a good job with the mutations, just because you didn’t see the old monsters don’t mean nothing because at the end there is a swarm of enemies gathered around the white house so we could still see old enemies, new enemies and video game enemies in the next one. Does anyone feel like evil Rain will show up in the next one? Cause i do.

      • Thanks for that. That really cleared up a lot of questions. They should have included the part about Angela in one of the movies somewhere. That would have been really great character development and would have helped drive this movie forward.

  21. Trust me after i saw the 2nd Resident Evil and didn’t find Angela in any of the other i had to research it to know the truth and when i found out about her death i was like “well why didnt they add that in the movie it would of cleared a lot of potholes in the movie”. But thats the thing, they were actually gonna explain it in the 3rd movie but the actress of Jill had scheduling problems come up due to other movies she would be in so that is why they introduced Claire in the 3rd one instead. The 3rd one, if Jill was able to do it, it would of been about her hatred towards Alice and that she could not forgive her and it would of dealt with that focal point instead of what we got in return.

  22. This is what I think I Anderson had planned for the films; after 2nd movie, Jill leads the survivors in the 3rd movie and when they get in the helicopter leads to where Jill gets the spider on her! And possibly the Redfields would be introdued in a different way! But these events happen to Claire instead of Jill!

  23. Also, having watched the Retribution again, did anyone else notice no reloading, the axemen seemed taller than the one in Afterlife! Oh and in multiple shot in the last fight scenes Ada was laying in different positions

  24. Aesthetically, this was a great movie. It had a lot of sick action and some BA creatures. Overall though, I would say the movie is lacking in regards to story and depth.
    The plot wasn’t developed all that much. It took them an hour and a half to break out of the Umbrella facility when it should have, in my opinion, taken no more than 30 minutes. That would leave an hour to have more plot development as well as depth.
    My issue with the depth of the movie is mainly due to dialogue, or lack there of. As action movies are more inclined towards automatic gunfire and less so talking of feelings, naturally the movie is not going to have much dialogue. Here lies the intrinsic issue with all action movie: how does one convey emotion, attitude, personality, character, depth, etc… if not through words. The answer is to capture these elements in body language and gestures, something this movie, as well as most action films, simply does not accomplish.

  25. I loved this movie the action stunts awrsome.cam mot wait for next one to come all hell breaks lose

  26. It’s genuinely very difficult in this busy life to listen news on TV, so I only use internet for that reason, and take the most recent news.

  27. So it was a cool movie
    but what’s wrong with the Red Queen ? I mean , In the first movie all she was trying to do was saving the world , obviously trying to kill the Biohazard before it strikes humanity , Now correct me if I am wrong but in the sixth movie she was openly in the Favor of The Biohazard .. Shouldn’t She be killing the majority of Biohazard for good ?

  28. Okay I am a extreme fan, however if the whole world is infected, the zombies keep mutating and now they’re are flying zombie dragon crow like birds. How is there supposed to be another movie. I would love there to be but you’ve got maybe 200 people and millions of mutated creatures. I am excited to see what they come up with and hopefully it’s better than the last one.

  29. Just a comment on Wesker disappear/re-appear trick: According to RE 5, the original Wesker was a research assistant during the Umbrella start-up years. The original Wesker was used in the Wesker project in which they made multiple clones of Wesker. The original Wesker research scientist died years before RE Zero/RE 1. So what you see in the movie is a copy of Wesker being destroyed when the aircraft explodes; however, the Wesker program has hundreds of copies with the same objective, though it seems in the movie some of the Wesker program objectives change in order to save the human race.

    Wesker History:

    “Some time after Umbrella’s founding, Spencer began putting his vision of spurring evolution through virus to work. He authorized the kidnapping of hundreds of children born of parents with above-average intelligence, who were then brainwashed into personalities suited towards serving Spencer. All of the children were given the surname “Wesker”, after the director of the project.[1][2]

    Spencer then placed them all into areas watched over by Umbrella, and made sure that they received the best educations possible in all fields they pursued. None of them were aware that they were being monitored constantly. Eventually, one Wesker child who showed particular promise would go to work for the very company that raised him, working at the Umbrella training facility in the Arklay Mountains. That child was named Albert Wesker. Spencer was pleased with his intellect, and thought that his utopia would be flawless if all the children were like him.[2]

    All candidates were injected with a prototype virus, some by the advice of friends, some as part of a supposed health checkup, others by force. Almost all of the Weskers died outright due to the exposure, though there were a few survivors. The surviving children were programmed to seek out Spencer, their master”