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[Note: While this episode of the Screen Rant Underground (ep. 57) released earlier this week, we wanted to bump the actual post to its regular Wednesday time slot one last time – since we know some listeners have yet to subscribe in iTunes (what are you waiting for?) and come to the site looking for the cast each week. Thanks to our new producer, the episodes should now be available every Monday from this point on!]

The Screen Rant editorial team is back with episode fifty-seven of the Screen Rant Underground.

Join host Ben Kendrick as well as fellow SR editors Anthony Ocasio, Kofi Outlaw, and special guest Perri Nemiroff as we review Resident Evil: Retribution, offer our thoughts on Finding Nemo 3D as well as Bachelorette, and discuss a new robot cast in Transformers 4 as well as Steven Spielberg’s Lincoln trailer.

Screen Rant Underground is available in the iTunes Music Store (where you can subscribe as well as download individual episodes) but if you’re not near your home computer, check out our fifty-seventh episode in the player below.

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Screen Rant Underground: Episode 57 – Resident Evil: Retribution

In episode 57 of the Screen Rant Underground podcast we review Resident Evil: Retribution, offer our thoughts on Finding Nemo 3D as well as The Bachelorette, and discuss a new robot cast in Transformers 4 as well as Steven Spielberg’s Lincoln trailer.

[0:00] News: Hasbro: ‘Transformers 4′ Story Will Focus on New Cast of Robot Characters (& Toys) as well as Steven Spielberg’s Lincoln trailer.

[34:05] Rants and Raves: 6 Days to Air, Bachelorette, Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Nemo 3D, Rec 3, Milo and Otis, and Superbabies: Baby Geniuses 2.

[1:12:24] Pre-Review Box Office Battle

[1:17:22] Review: Resident Evil Retribution (read our full Resident Evil: Retribution review)

[1:45:44] Resident Evil: Retribution SPOILERS conversation (join our Resident Evil: Retribution spoilers discussion)

[2:13:05] Mailbag, Twitter Handles, and Contact Information

Hosts: Ben Kendrick, Rob Keyes, Anthony Ocasio, and Kofi Outlaw.



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Special Guest: Perri Nemiroff (@PNemiroff)

Music by Omarie B. Williams (@OmarieWilliams)

Edited by Justin Vactor (@Vactor)

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  1. That was fast!! :) Great ^^

    • Thanks to our producer, we’ll be rolling these out on Mondays from now on!

      • wow thats fantastic! atta be :D

      • Awesome Ben!! I always thought you produced all the episodes!?

        • I used to but Justin Vactor has taken over the actual editing. It was just too time consuming for me to host/prepare/edit. Now I have more time to actually write!

  2. Really good podcast this week!

    Anthony! Very entertaining loser reviews. You had me laughing over Milo and Otis…..

    And thanks for saving me from the Resident Evil crap-fest.

  3. 1. Dredd
    2. Trouble with the curve
    3. House at the end of the street
    4.End of Watch
    5. Finding Nemo
    10. The Master

    • 5* resident evil

  4. Great podcast, I’m with Anthony all the way as far as RE movies go. WHO SUPPORTS THESE DULL CRAPFESTS??? Eh oh well. At least I have Dredd to look forward to. Which reminds me! Since you guys already saw it, would you recommend seeing dredd in 3D?

    • Yeap, 3D is excellent for Dredd :)

      • Sweet! Thanks :)

  5. Im from Panama and I can tell you people here are crazy about RE movies…I dont know why…they are mindless fun but just that…the plots in these movies arent leading to nothing. I think the only purpose to keep doing them is the $$$$.

    • Yes, here in Mexico it is huge as well. So it would seem Asian AND Latin American countries are supporting these films. People really have to stop seeing them

  6. Very nice podcast guys as usual. Had me laughing. Missed robs one liners in between you guys. Very funny and enjoyable.

    I think that as far as transformers goes they just do a full reboot. But I did like bens idea of having optimus be like a leader sending bots on missions with the military. I would see that. Bring a better human cast such as Maybe Anthony mackie or bring back josh durhmal cuz I didn’t mind him he was good. Also I think the bots decep/autobots I think they need more depth and development. Cuz when the third movie came around I found my self not really caring that one was about to die cuz I wasn’t attached to him.

    And yes bumblebee needs to talk. Isn’t there a medic on the team or a mechanic in the military?

    On a complete unrelated transformers note. Resident eve needs a reboot. Idc what six looks like it just needs to change. It should be a horror franchise like the game series started as.

    Also comic book movie.com has the first set images from kick ass 2.

    • We should start an online petition: Citizens for the Restoration of Bumblebee’s Voice.

      • haha yeah for sure. Three movies it’s time.

  7. ’6 Days To Air’ was awesome… so funny. I’m not really a big South Park fan (although, I have seen almost every episode ;)), but I have massive respect for Parker and Stone. The stuff they come up with is insane, and being able to see the process they go through was actually very insightful (as insightful as something can be that has ties to South Park).

    And I pretty much completely agree with Ben and Justin about The Clone Wars… the show manages to do something that they never could do in the movies. The animation isn’t that great (I’m not a fan of that style at all), but a lot of the stories (throughout the seasons) are every Star Wars fan’s dream.

    Box Office Battle:
    1. Trouble With The Curve
    2. Dredd
    3. End Of Watch
    4. House At The End Of The Street
    5. Resident Evil: Retribution
    10. The Words

    And just a BTW, according to Box Office Mojo, Expendables 2 was at #5 last weekend – not Paranorman.

    • Yah, we’ve been recording in the AM on Sunday now – so we don’t have the final Sunday numbers when we actually have to get on the call.

      Hopefully it won’t impact the final box office too often.

  8. Thanks guys for making the podcast available on Mondays, now we can kick the week off right

  9. 1. Trouble with the curve
    2. Dredd
    3. Resident evil
    4. the master
    10. Expendable 2

  10. Awesome podcast. I have played the Resident Evil Games but have only seen two of the movies but probably won’t waste my time with the next three.
    Lets see if I can make the Box Office Battle in three weeks.
    2.)House at the End of the Street
    3.)End of Watch
    4.)Trouble with the Curve
    5.)Resident Evil: Retribution
    10.)Bourne Legacy

    • Better off skipping this one for sure. If you liked the other ones, you can always check this one out when it hits retail.

  11. I got to share this with your people, because quite frankly, the vast majority of you are cool as the other side of the pillow…..

    Anywho, it was Parent Career Day at my youngest daugters school, So I have to deal with Police, Fire, Lawyers Car Salesperson (One guy actually drove a ferrari to school…Now since it was nice, it was outside, set up in booths…All the kids are with their parents, my daughter is sitting at her booth near the football field, with other kids and their parents, the guy with the ferrari is stealing all the kids….So After getting permission from work, and clearance from the local Police, FAA and Homeland Security…

    I was allowed to fly my US Coastguard MH/HH 60J Jayhawk Search and Rescue Helicopter to the Parent Career Day. When I was approaching, the kids were all looking up and wondering what it was when I came into view, I saw them and they were WILD EYED even from 200 feet up, when I landed in the football field, and powered do the rotors…Kids came running up and saying “WHOS YOUR KID!” I said, I am Ashley’S Dad. Daughter came running up to me and said ” Thought you were not going to make it!” I said ” Had to be here, because…THATS WHAT COOL DAYS DO!”

    Ashley, “Uh Dad, you aint that cool, most of the time.”

    Sigh, Kids!

    • This. Is. Amazing.

  12. screenrant taught that I can blame asians for the success of horrible film.Jk

    Honestly you guys gave the film(s) too much credit. You call them nods to the videogame but what if its really just a bad interpretation/adaptation/lack of knowledge of the games. Like they just visited the resi wikia and used that to make these films.
    6 days to air actually made me mad when I watched it, Idk it just made them seem lazy. They have a whole year to come up with ideas but they dont and just wait and do it when they have 6 days left. Kinda makes bad episodes inexcusable….
    Also you dont watch cartoons? your missing adventure time then.

    • I definitely touched on the thin connection to the games in my written review. It’d almost be better if they didn’t even try at this point – because all those “nods” are superficial.

    • This is what happened. When they announced the fourth Resident Evil movie years ago, they read my post on “What They Should Do Instead” where I said reboot and use the games. RE5 had just launched at the time to record-breaking sales for the series and funny enough, they ended up taking a ton of elements, set pieces and even characters (Wesker) from RE5 to use in Afterlife.

      In conclusion, Paul W.S. Anderson clearly read this ;)

  13. Even when it’s a slow news day & the movie you review is Meh it’s a good podcast(even though no Rob Keys), am I the only one that feels that if they are really going with basically an all new cast of characters just for toys then why not reboot it completely but I have to say I would love to see Rodimus Prime, maybe save him for when Michael Bay is no longer running the franchise, even though he’s doesn’t a better job then people give him credit(from an action movie perspective)…

    It may just be me but it seems to me that Bridesmaid is overrated, people say it’s hilarious or that is was great but I think because it doesn’t suck & it’s an all female cast people overrate it, from a pure fan of watching funny movies perspective their weren’t any particularly quotable/funny/memorable moments that I took away from it…

    • It’d be really interesting to sit in on those conversations between Hasbro, Paramount, and Bay.

      • It would. But they need some purist in there..I doubt anyone on Hasbro today had any idea of transformers back then.

      • Ben I was wondering if anyone will Rant or Rave about End of Watch & Trouble with the Curve I might be interested in seeing them and would like to know if it’s worth a look I’m already going to check out Dredd, I know you’ll definitely have a review up on the site for both but I’d be interested in hearing what some thought of both….

        PS I think at those Hasbro meetings I think they scream out, “WE NEED TO SELL MORE TOYS”

        • Yep! Kofi and I are still under embargo for both Trouble with the Curve (me) and End of Watch (Kofi) – but we’ll for sure talk about them next episode (and reviews will be up on Friday).

    • I have a LOT to say about Transformers 4/Hasbro/Bay so next time there’s a major news drop there will be some good discussion that I can partake in :)

      • Awesome can’t wait to hear it! I saw them release the logo but it was on comicbookmovie and sometimes that site is off.

  14. Alright then I’m actually interested in watching both but probably wont have time during next week to watch both and will probably have to pick one plus the fact I’m already going to see Dredd…

  15. Wow, hard box office this week….
    1. The House at the End of the Street
    2. Dredd
    3. Trouble with the Curve
    4. Resident Evil Retribution
    5. End of Watch

    10. Paranorman

  16. 1 Dredd
    2 Trouble With The Curve
    3 House At The End Of The Street
    4 End Of Watch
    5 Finding Nemo
    10 Paranorman

  17. Okay first time partaking in the box office battle. Let’s see how I do.

    1. Dredd 3D
    2. House ad the end of street
    3. Resident evil retribution.
    4. End of watch
    5. Trouble with the curve

    10. The words.

  18. Are those first test podcasts ever going to be posted. You all talk about the Green Lantern one so often so I’m sure a lot of us are interested in hearing it.

    • It’s kind of a running gag on the podcast – and I’m not sure it’d live up to the hype but… I do think we’ll release them at some point.

    • I’ve said this before I’m resigned to the fact that the Transformers & Green Lantern Podcast will never see the light of day, it is like the Great White Buffalo from Hot Tub Time Machine….

  19. Just wanted to say, I thought Transmorphers 2 had a better story than Transformers 2. I enjoyed the cheap knock off so much more than the blockbuster, at least it had the self-awareness to know it was bad.

    • I’m pretty excited to hear Anthony’s take on this one!

  20. I just watched the Life of Pi trailer and it looked amazing! I went from not caring about the movie to being sure to see it in theaters. Any chance you’ll talk about the trailer on a future podcast?
    Also- Anthony…you created the best theme song ever. “You all lost so you have to watch crap.” Genius.

    • I’ve been seeing that trailer a lot lately too! If a new one comes out or we have news to report, we’ll definitely work it in.

  21. Ah, God, Perri, say it ain’t so…they ruined REC?? They RUINED…REC?! *bitterly squeezing my eyes shut against the pain…*