Weekend Box Office Wrap Up: September 16, 2012

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Resident Evil tops the box office Weekend Box Office Wrap Up: September 16, 2012

This weekend’s box office is a vast improvement over last week’s disastrous showing.

Paul W.S Anderson’s Resident Evil: Retribution (read our review) will top the chart grossing $21.1 million, a great number for the fifth installment of a ten year old franchise, especially one which few people admit to liking.

It’s down on the first weekend take of the fourth film in the series, Resident Evil: Afterlife which opened to $26 million – the best debut in the series. That film went on to gross $60 million domestically and over $296 million worldwide. Retribution‘s take is the lowest debut since the franchise starter in 2002.  However, his zombie action film will make a killing on the international circuit, potentially out-grossing the $236 million foreign haul of its predecessor.

Disney/Pixar’s 3D rerelease of Finding Nemo (read our review) will swim away with $17.5 million. It’s down from the $30 million that The Lion King scored last year, but on a par with the $17 million that Beauty and the Beast grossed earlier this year. That animated re-release went on to collect over $47 million at the US box office. It must be noted that Nemo’s launch is still a great number for a movie which is just nine years old.

Finding Nemo 3D opens second Weekend Box Office Wrap Up: September 16, 2012

The Possession will scare-up another $5.8 million, a number which will raise the Sam Raimi production’s cume to an impressive $41 million. This is a good gross for a $15 million film, and it has shown surprising longevity. It won’t be around for much longer, but it will make even more money on DVD.

Lawless will score $4.2 million for a $30 million total, a decent if unspectacular gross. ParaNorman banked an estimated $3 million for a $49 million total cume.

The Expendables 2 will bring its total to $80 million after grossing $3 million. It doesn’t have much life left and it won’t hit $90 million, less than the first movie’s $103 million final total. However, the $100 million actioner is on track to beat the $171 million international gross of 2010’s The Expendables.

Bradley Cooper starrer The Words will gross about $2.8 million on its second weekend, giving it an unspectacular $9 million total.

The Bourne Legacy should bank $2.8 million for a $107 million total haul, while  The Odd Life Of Timothy Green will see its gross rise to $46 million after collecting an additional $2.5 million.

The Campaign‘s total will reach $82.8 million after grossing another $2.4 million. The political comedy is having a steady, but impressive run.

The Dark Knight Rises finally dropped out of the top ten this week. The $250 million Christopher Nolan film has now pulled in $441 million domestically, while the superhero pic has grossed more than $600 million on the international circuit, giving it the best worldwide gross for of any Batman film.

That’s it for now. See you at the movies.

Source: Box Office Mojo

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  1. So, now that TDKR has proven its popularity/success, I wonder if the haters will finally stop needlessly attacking it…?


      • Lol :-)

    • It’s only undeniably successful in the fact that it made a lot of money. That was a given, it was always going to make a lot of money. But it’s still a divisive film critically- you’re on the side of the fence that thinks its the best thing since sliced bread, so it makes sense that you would believe its detractors are “needlessly attacking” it. If a film has a weak script, plodding pace, bloated running time, bad fight choreography, a nonsensical plot, etc.,I’m going to “needlessly attack” it. Nolan doesn’t get a free pass just because he’s widely adored and admired by his fan base. Maybe in a few years, when TDKR has been released on DVD and whatnot, we can be object about it and call it what it is.

      • Yes, Voodoo, because you’ve proven yourself to be at all objective…heh-heh. What a sad joke.

        Oh, and just for you to consider (you won’t, I’m sure), TDKR was liked, often loved, by most critics who saw it…not really decisive. That’s documented. Your blather falls apart.

        Again, just a sad joke.

        • I really hate predictive text…”decisive” should be “decisive”.

          However, this last est news DOES decisively prove TDKR’s place hi up in cinematic annals…at least in terms of genre films.

          • Sometimes, technology sucks to high Hell.


          • Sigh…latest, not last est…grrrr.

            • You can make it personal if you want, it doesn’t really matter. Compared to BB and TDK, TDKR was not received as well.
              Are all people who disagree with you a sad joke?

              • I agree with you, Voodoo, as in my opinion, TDKR was easily the worst of the three, regardless how much money it makes. Yes, the majority of the critics may have liked it, but I am sure most of those same critics would admit that it is not worthy of any movie awards.

              • And, of course, it was a commercial success, but as the Transformers franchise demonstrates, a movie can be a commercial success, liked by the audience, without having anything necessarily great about it. Batman was obviously a better franchise than Transformers, and I really shouldn’t compare the two, but again, there was little artistically great about it, and this has been born out with its lack of movie nominations, much less actually awards.

              • Yep. TDKR really wasn’t THAT great. Most of it’s success is down to the calibre of actors in it, the hype, previous entries and the fact that everyone loves CN at the moment.

                If someeone sees TDKR as a cinematic masterpiece then good for them. just as long as they realize that others don’t agree in the slighted. And that DOESN@T make the wrong or foolish in any way.

                TDKR seemed too by the book. Nothing new or refreshing. Okay but not great.

                • …and I’m not even using predictive text and thus have no excuse for bad typos! :( (^-^)

                • “Nothing new or refreshing.” This is how I feel about the Avengers, great team up in an alien invasion flick. I have always been an X-Men fan so I still hope for a higher caliber of quality when it comes to those films.

                  Loved the TDKR.

                  • +100

              • I agree with you voodoo. TDKR was ok, not great. There were so many moments where I literally sat there, shaking my head, like WTF? And costumes just plain sucked.

          • Crap, how could such a short statement have so many errors? Hi should be high.


            • Why no matter how terrible predictive text is does it always spell “microsoft” perfectly but cannot spell “Hi”. Try it on any phone, it will spell Microsoft no problem, because after all its appearance in every day texts is sooo widespread.

              • @jeff

                inb4 it gets some ridiculous award *Cough* Emmy *Cough*

      • I don’t think an 8.8 on imdb is a division that’s top 15 of all time. along with a 88% rotten tomato with an average rating of 8.1/10 which is the same as the avengers which isn’t considered a division.

    • why is it that if we don’t like a movie people are labeled “haters”? is it possible that some people simply don’t like the film?

      • Lol @ ppl saying the success of tdk was because of Heath Ledger’s death. The success was because it was a pretty damn good film, like TDKR is. What excuse do ppl have to say now that TdKR was THIS successful…? Lmao

        • Never said TDK was sucessful b/c of Ledger’s death (perhaps you should direct your comment one of the commenters above). My arguement is that you can’t dislike the film without being labeled a “hater”. I’ve heard people make reasonable complaints about the film (example: weak story), but are still labeled to be a “hater”.

    • @Archaeon: haters gonna hate, no matter how much logic and common sense you throw at ‘em.

      But like ‘Ghost’ pointed out, some people just didn’t like the movie (that doesn’t automatically make them a hater/troll).

      We just have to differentiate between those who have a respective opinion and just didn’t like the movie, and those who constantly bash without end for the sake of making their favorite movie seem better…

      • Agreed.

        Firstly, previous comments have claimed that TDKR was less well received than BB. That is just crazy. Many people I know here in Australia, weren’t even aware that BB existed until TDK came out (trust me, I was working in a video store).

        Also, many people I know do not watch comic book movies, period. Most view them as juvenile, or too fantastical (same goes for LOTR etc). The two CBM’s of all time that most adults I know are likely to have seen are Iron Man 1 and The Dark Knight.

        Everyone says that The Dark Knight was successful because of Ledger’s death, but I say it was successful because of Ledger’s performance. I still remember hearing it had topped the 1 billion dollar mark. I was dumbfounded. How the hell did Batman pull that one off, I wondered? And what will this success mean for the next film? I stressed.

        I didn’t want the whole world watching these Batman films! They were meant just for me and my geeky buddies, surely, but now they would have to pander to the wider audience, dammit! Every man and his dog are gonna throw their two cents at it, if only Nolan’s Batman Trilogy could have flown under the radar, but it wasn’t to be.

        People just don’t realize. Those of us who are Batman fanatics could not care less about the finer points of any Batman film. As long as there is a Batman on a bigscreen, (and it isn’t a parody of the character) than the rest is just gravy. Do you guys know how long and painful a wait it was from Batman and Robin until Batman Begins? If you did, then you know exactly what I am talking about!

        • I generally agreed with your comment up until, “Those of us who are batman fanatics could not care less about the finer points of a batman film.” I disagree wholeheartedly with this philosophy. THAT’S the reason why Batman and Robin and Batman Forever made so much money. Because ppl just just want to see batman on the big screen. I LOVE Batman, and I’ve enjoyed a lot of Nolan’s films, but that doesn’t mean he gets a pass for TDKR flaws. There are flaws and they bother me greatly. Again, like I said earlier, let the froth dry up from the fanboys mouths, let the film come out on DVD, and then we’ll talk. Time will tell whether or this is “THE GREATEST FILM OF ALL TIME” like some have been portraying it.

          • Do you feel the same about the Avengers? See what happens in the future.

            • But this is my point. The fact that we are even scrutinizing the plot of TDKR puts it on a whole other pedestal to Batman and Nipples. Did that film even have a plot? Not that I recall.
              Did I re-watch it multiple times, each time hoping that somehow, when I watched it that it would somehow miraculously improve, yes I did. Am I nuts? Highly likely.

              But the way I see it, a man starving of thirst ain’t gonna complain, if he finds a bottle of sparkling white whine, instead of Champagne.

              • If you disagree, you are simply not as fanatical as me, even though it be, I fully agree, to the possible detriment of the character we get to see on screen.

        • I love how people can have vastly different opinions of the three Batman films. You can love one, like one and hate one. They all have different tones but expand on the same themes. They are all great films but as a whole they are a master piece.

  2. Yay, Dark Knight Rises!

  3. Pretty sad Resident Evil has done ok. Still i’m expecting a 70% drop off next week cause WOM is horrible for this movie.

    Next week will be far more interesting. Will Clint Eastwoods movie play to empty chair(s) ? Will Hunger Games fans turn out for a dose of dodgy PG13 horror ? Will a chin send audiences to the cubes ? It’s pretty muh all up in the air.

    • Well word of mouth is bad from the critics, but according to Rotten Tomatoes, over 70% of audiences approved…

      • Yeah, and “Jersey Shore” has made Snooki and The Situation rich, so…

      • They should have that movie was so much better and different from the rest itself OF part 1 and how the movie came on made it different and excellent also.

        Great job WS Anderson guy because the movies after part 1 was not this great at all.

    • The Eastwood film looks pretty good, so I’ll be seeing it. I think he, more than most other actors, has adapted to his age well, transitioning from a cool, no-nonsense, kick-a– cop and cowboy (the best cowboy, IMO) in his younger days to a grumpy old man, but still no-nonsense, character now. Plus, he’s pretty much one of the last real living legends in Hollywood.

  4. Another ho-hum domestic gross weekend. But do the big studios care when foreign grosses are making so much more. The movie “Brave” has now cracked the top 100 all time world wide grosses. It just shy of 500 million in world wide gross. Meaning to crack the top 100 a movie must make at least 500 million. Seven releases in 2012 have entered the top 100 W.W.G. and there most likely will be three more that will do the same. Where do the quality small movies go? Seems like even the Bourne: Legacy was treated like a “small” release.

    My friend did not have a chance to see “The Amazing Spider-Man” until it was in the budget cinema last weekend. Which seemed pretty quick to end up playing there, but the theater was packed. Going in he looked at the marquee and commented “MIB 3? When that come out?” And he is a pretty avid movie fan. He has young kids and is a CBM fan. He hopes Brett Rattner never gets near the X-Men again. Yet there seems to be a great drawback of Advertising the big releases and how long movies are at the non-budget cinema complexes. If you don’t have that $100 million opening weekend a movie is considered a disappointment.

    Well I am waiting for Looper to come out. Dredd and R.E.5 I may see too!

  5. ticket costs rising so high in other countries as well?

  6. I Loved Resident Evil :)

  7. The Dark Knight… Rises?