‘Resident Evil: Afterlife’ Trailer #2

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Resident Evil 4 poster and images Resident Evil: Afterlife Trailer #2

Not unlike the swarms of its undead antagonists, the Resident Evil movies just keep on coming. Screen Gems has just released a second full-length trailer for the latest entry, Resident Evil: Afterlife. Loosely based on the Capcom video game series (that’s a severe understatement), the fourth film follows superhuman Alice (Milla Jovovich) in her latest attempt to take down the evil Umbrella corporation.

Like the previous trailer, this one continues to emphasize the action and 3D effects but features a decent amount of new footage while also revealing more of the story. In case you missed it, here’s the official plot synopsis for Resident Evil: Afterlife:

In a world ravaged by a virus infection, turning its victims into the Undead, Alice continues on her journey to find survivors and lead them to safety. Her deadly battle with the Umbrella Corporation reaches new heights, but Alice gets some unexpected help from an old friend. A new lead that promises a safe haven from the Undead leads them to Los Angeles, but when they arrive the city is overrun by thousands of Undead and Alice and her comrades are about to step into a deadly trap.

And here’s the new trailer:


I suppose what we can take away from this is that if you enjoyed the previous three films, Resident Evil: Afterlife looks to be more of the same. If you haven’t been a fan of the franchise up to this point, it seems unlikely that this is going to change your mind. While the movies have featured numerous characters from the games, the story and atmosphere are wildly different. They’ve managed to turn one of the definitive examples of survival horror into a sci-fi superhero story.

While I’ve personally never been on board with this approach, I have to admit all of the films in the Resident Evil series have been pretty slick-looking and distinct from one another. However, I can’t believe they’re still ripping off The Matrix (more blatantly than ever it would seem). For those disappointed by the emphasis on martial arts and psychic powers, this may be the last time you’ll have to endure those elements – last we heard, the studio was planning on a series reboot after this entry.

Resident Evil: Afterlife is directed by Paul WS Anderson (who helmed the first film) and in addition to Jovovich the movie stars Ali Larter (Heroes), Wentworth Miller (Prison Break), Spencer Locke, Shawn Roberts, Boris Kodjoe, Kim Coates, Norman Yeung and Kasey Barnfield.

What do you think of the new Resident Evil: Afterlife trailer? Are you excited by what you’ve seen of the film so far or are you ready for another take on the source material?

The film opens in regular, 3D, and IMAX theaters on  September 10, 2010.

Source: YouTube via Heat Vision.

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  1. This one seems to go by the last RE game, especially the added characters and the boss.Cant wait!

  2. Dear lord, when will it end? I understand that they’re trying to implement more stuff from the games (well, Resi 5, anyway), and the action looks…decent, but the main thing that made these movies horrible in the first place was the stupid Mary Sue Alice. I’d rather have another mediocre Degeneration-like movie than that kind of crap again.

  3. This article is complete crap. This cristopher guy who wrote the article does not have his facts straight at all. There is not going to be a reboot after this one. There was never going to be a reboot. That was a RUMOR! Get it out of your heads because its not happening. Get your facts straight.

    • dark452,

      Maybe you should take that up with Bloody Disgusting since they were the source of the reboot news:



    • A reboot WAS the rumor for RE5, Dark. Get YOUR facts straight.

      And why are you so upset about this? Isn’t there a much more constructive way to make your point?

      Quit trolling and go read something else if you hate us so much. We’ll survive (trust).

  4. are you kidding me? That reboot rumor surfaced back in 2009!


    Here, read this set report that was just released a couple days ago and see if you still feel the same about that whole reboot idea. Jeremy bolt says himself that they will most likely make another sequel. The real truth is that this film is supposed to kick off a completely new trilogy that will wrap up the films. Its not going to be a reboot that takes place back in the mansion with all the original characters from the games. Its going to be 2 more sequels that finish off this franchise but if they make money they wont just stop there. They will make as many sequels as they want. Thats what hollywood does. If a movie makes money then more sequels are going to be made. Im not trolling and i have my facts straight.

    • Hey, “that Christopher guy” here. Sorry you had such a problem with one sentence in my “crap” article.

      I actually wanted to say thanks for posting a link to that Fangoria piece. Sincerely- thanks for taking the time to back up your original statement.

      However, there is nothing concrete about the future of the franchise mentioned there. The producer says he HOPES they’ll make another film. No one mentions anything about the start of a new trilogy with two more sequels following this one. And no one officially confirms another sequel either.

      Try and understand something- the news of a possible reboot might be from 2009, but it’s also the last time the situation was addressed. Rumors that Afterlife was the start of a new trilogy are OLDER than the reboot story. When the studio confirms or denies it we’ll report that. Until then, I was simply referencing the last bit of news we had on the subject.

      I’m not saying you’re wrong. Read that again. I think it’s important you remember that. RE4 might have a gigantic box office gross and they might fast track a sequel right away (it wouldn’t be the first time, Extinction was supposed to be the last until it exceeded expectations). But THAT HASN’T HAPPENED YET.

      One reason a reboot was allegedly considered was the rising cost of these films. Your link confirms that Afterlife is the most expensive one to date. Until an official announcement is made, I still feel like they could go in either direction: sequel or reboot.

      I’d also ask you to consider how much more receptive we might have been to your comments had you used a different tone. It’s possible to make a point without slinging mud.

      • Christopher, im glad you read that set report and i understand everything you said and i will admit that i did go pretty overboard with my first comment but im very sick to death of people claiming this film is “ripping off The Matrix” and were just getting “more of the same”. I cant tell you how many articles i have read that say that exact statement. We have no idea what were getting from this film and we shouldnt make those kinds of judgements about it just from two short trailers. The second one we got wasnt even a theatrical trailer. I myself have read countless interviews where the producers and Paul W.S. Anderson himself promise that this movie is going to be bigger and better. It will have better writing and it will have character development along with the insane fight sequences and off the charts stunts. Once the movie comes out and if you dont like it then bash it all you want but we have no idea what this movie is going to be like so we cant just start bringing up the whole reboot thing and saying this movie will be just like the others based on two two minute trailers. About the future of the franchise, your right, nothing is concrete but c’mon we have 3 sequels so far that surpass eachother in the box office. You cant possibly think this one wont do the same thing. The resident evil film franchise has a HUGE fan base. I am almost 100% positive that this film will make more money than any of the previous films and we will get another sequel. Yes nothing is concrete, but based on the past 3 films its pretty obvious whats going to happen to the franchise. Could you tell how excited the producers were about this film in that set report? I can really tell from their attitudes that they’re ready to start working on number 5.

        • Maybe I should have clarified… there are shots in that trailer are straight out of The Matrix. The most obligatory being the girls smashing through the window in slow motion while still shooting up at their opponents.

          And you have to admit that the production design and cinematography borrow heavily from those films. It’s been a decade since the first Matrix and this stuff is starting to feel a bit dated. I didn’t write that because it’s what everyone else says about the RE movies- it’s because I think it’s impossible to watch that trailer and not immediately recognize certain shots and scenes as being VERY familiar.

          You know, though- I made a point of mentioning how each of the RE films have been stylistically different from one another. When I said it was more of the same I was talking about an Alice-centric story and the sci-fi elements they’ve beefed up with each sequel.

          It seems like every time they make one of these they promise fans it’s going to be closer in spirit to the games. I guess for me the old “fool me once” expression comes to mind.

          These movies aren’t my cup of tea, but you dig them and that’s cool. I wish I hadn’t become the target for all of that pent-up frustration but I certainly know how it feels to argue passionately in support of movies I love. =-)

  5. Something about these films. I know they’re bad but they are damn entertaining and this looks to be no different.

    - Jonovich is looking as hot as ever

    - I can’t get past Michael Scofield being in this…I feel like he’ll get imprisoned in the Umbrella compound and will have to break out

    - New enemies! The executioner looks spot on and the RE4 “zombies” are looking cool (although Del Torro did this design in Blade 2 a few years ago)

    - 3D…will it be good? That’s my biggest concern.

  6. this looks like total crap fest of boring 3d over the top action with ugly chicks jumping off of walls and destroying everything. how dumb this really looks. they need to make a script that makes you think and scares the crap out of you,and is more like the first game then goes from resiednet evil 2/3, then resident evil 4, then resident evil zero. i like my films to have great story,acting,and effects that are practical as much as possible and cgi blended when needed. i use to love resident evil until this crap. the best games were re, re zero,and re 4. hollywood really know how to make people feel dumb,and screw up things. i do not like resident evil anymore,and x-men film as well after x-men 2 that is x-1,and 2 where fricking awesome because they focused on story and characters, and not so much on action,cheesy comedy,and crappy hole filled story. i say remake this crap,and x-men as well.

    • Have you read George Romero’s rejected script for the first “Resident Evil” by any chance? Take a look if you’re interested: http://www.dailyscript.com/scripts/resident_evil_romero.html

      The 2nd and 4th games are my favorite. RE2 is actually probably one of my favorite games of all time.

      • capcom never made any better RE games than 2, and 4, i still play those to this day, true classics

  7. 3d sucks, villains are dumb,and milla is uggggggggggggglyyyyyyyyy. and now fox is messing up the x-men films and making them kiddie films.i for one will take my kids to see another film instead of x-men first class and will not watch is now,and will skip this one as well. its time to stand up if you dont like how they make crappy films and not watch them then they will make better qaulity films.

    • everything you say is no longer relevant after this:

      “mila is ugggggggglyyyyyyyyyyy”


      • agreed!!! saying that alone is looked upon as blastemy… no male would say that, so that makes you one of two things…

        • I think she’s hot!..especially as wallpaper for my PC and cellphone.

          Am I safe?…Did I make it?!
          (I don’t even own a Mac so you can’t even say I’m a metro-sexual!)

  8. I remember seeing this a few weeks ago here and in theaters and in other sites. Why are you reposting this trailer?

  9. im still gonna watch it, its about time they brought Wesker into the series, long long overdue

  10. Whooaa!!I see most of you people have your share of experience playing the RE games..(great!!)..I myself have played most of them but I haven’t won the first one (and I still couldn’t forgive myself for that because I wanna know the whole plot in the RE series)..which brings me down to this…you know,an RPG game should be a great source of material for a film,because they really do have a story..but I couldn’t help but to watch the “living dead” series instead..I mean,what were they thinking??The bad dialogues, the cheesy antics..my god, what have they done to my favorite games of all times!!I mean..with big monsters and mutants(not to mention,big guns and explosions),I couldn’t see why the RE films cannot be as great,if not better..than the living dead series.WHY OH WHY!!

  11. Christopher is right, some scenes TOTALLY rip off the Matrix!
    In fact, this whole movie looks like one big CG loaded,
    sexually explicit,
    overly violent,
    music video….I can’t wait!!

    Milla, if you’re reading this while painting your nails and eating your morning yogurt I still think that alien language you spoke in The 5th Element is one of the SEXIEST things I’ve EVER heard!

  12. lets see a remake with scarlet jo or someone who is really hot in it. i would love to see them remake this more like the first game and build from there. also resident evil zero would work great to film,and resident evil 4. all three of those games had the best stories, characters and monsters.

  13. bu the action needs to be toned down if they remake,and focus on stroy,and characters and maybe make it a two hour film or two and a half.

  14. Hi guys, my first posting here although i’ve been reading Screen Rant now for about 6 months. I love the Res Evil franchise and so i’ve felt compelled to make some comments.
    First..I don’t really care about Matrix style imagery rip-offs. That’s because I love The Matrix trilogy, and the “breaking glass” scenes always look cool to me regardless.
    Secondly, although she and Ali haven’t got the biggest of racks i’d happily plunge six inches into Milla…i’d save the extra 2 for Ali though..she’s frakkin’ hot!!
    Finally, I don’t watch these movies for character development and I don’t expect outstanding acting. I do however expect decent action set pieces, a filtered lens and hot women fighting CGI monsters all wrapped up in a sci-fi horror action genre. And that is exactly what I get. Sure, I may get bored and fall asleep…but I’ll just watch it again…like I did with Avatar.
    P.S. Splice was a terrible movie, REC 2 was good, Paranormal Activity was unsettling at points (near the end) but was just OK, Knowing was 8 out 10 otherwise i’m still waiting to see a truly excellent new sci-fi/horror movie. If you know of one please tell me.

  15. I think this trailer looke awesome.

    Maybe this film will break the Late Summer Movie curse; where it seems the movies they are afraid will bomb get bumped to Septemeber/October