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Resident Evil Afterlife 3D Reviews Resident Evil: Afterlife Review
Screen Rant’s Ben Kendrick reviews Resident Evil: Afterlife

Resident Evil: Afterlife is the fourth installment in the zombie-apocalypse franchise based on Capcom’s survival-horror video game series. The original Resident Evil film was a forgettable but enjoyable action-horror adaptation. The plot was convoluted but kept the focus tight, limited to a group of survivors as they escaped from a zombie-infested underground research facility. A twist at the end of the movie split the franchise from the video game source material – detonating the manageable focus into an over-the-top global apocalypse.

As a result, moviegoers sat through two lackluster and outrageous follow-ups: Resident Evil: Apocalypse and Resident Evil: Extinction each lacking a cohesive narrative direction. Resident Evil: Afterlife is burdened by the fallout of the previous films, and while it manages to improve upon the other sequels, it still comes with its own set of problems.

Up front, viewers who enjoyed the first three films, as well as “against all odds” slayer films such as Underworld or Legion, will enjoy what Resident Evil: Afterlife is offering. In addition, there are plenty of over the top fight sequences to keep the shoot first, ask questions later, action fans happy. If you’re looking for a zombie film with brains (pun intended) or a gripping action-suspense flick, Afterlife isn’t likely to sate your particular cravings.

However, fans of the game series who may have abandoned the film franchise, because of its lack of reverence to the source material, might actually want to give Afterlife a shot – as several franchise characters have prominent roles in the latest installment. In fact, as each second passed, it felt as writer/director Paul W.S. Anderson (who also wrote/directed the original Resident Evil film) was attempting to weave Afterlife back into the franchise canon – as it has been presented in the games.

Resident Evil: Afterlife continues the story of Alice (Milla Jovovich) as she attempts to enact revenge on franchise-favorite, Albert Wesker (Shawn Roberts) and the Umbrella Corporation – a bio-engineering company responsible for genetic experimentation that led to the global zombie apocalypse. The first forty-five minutes of the film are the equivalent of Anderson taking a red pen to everything that made the previous Resident Evil installments slapdash and soulless – a lot of the more absurd-threads get purged and the story settles into a more manageable narrative: Alice’s investigation of Arcadia – a zombie-free zone, where survivors attempt to rebuild human civilization.

Resident Evil Afterlife Alice Resident Evil: Afterlife Review

Milla Jovovich as Alice in Resident Evil: Afterlife

In her search, Alice is reunited with Claire Redfield (Ali Larter) and the two travel to Los Angeles where they meet zombie-food, I mean the supporting cast. The new survivors are mostly Hollywood caricatures, literally: Bennett (Kim Coates) is a smarmy movie producer, Kim Yong (Norman Yeung) is Bennett’s over-eager intern, Crystal (Kacey Barnfield) is an aspiring actress, and their leader, Luther West (Boris Kodjoe), is a star basketball player. They’re not terrible characters but their cookie-cutter design reveals the biggest problem with the film, as well as the Resident Evil film franchise: the films aren’t about people trying to survive in a zombie apocalypse, they’re about finding the most intense, over the top, ways to kill zombies in an apocalypse.

There’s nothing wrong with a film about mowing down zombies thoughtlessly, if that film contains loads of great action set-pieces, but Afterlife has too much downtime and takes itself way too seriously to succeed at being campy-fun. The stakes are too high, we’re not talking about a lake in Arizona or a single suicidal mission, we’re talking about a global zombie apocalypse. Early in the film, Alice bemoans the possibility that she could actually be the last uninfected survivor… in the world. As a result, it’s hard to feel particularly relieved when she discovers other survivors – and they’re the most one-dimensional group of people imaginable.

That said, Anderson succeeds in building intrigue and complexity around a late addition to the group, a man trapped in a Hannibal-like glass isolation box in the basement of the prison where Alice and the survivors get holed-up. Fans of the game series will recognize the character, played by Wentworth Miller. Upon his release, the story, character-dynamics, and future franchise installments instantly become more appealing.

Resident Evil Afterlife Executioner Resident Evil: Afterlife Review

Resident Evil 5's Executioner Majini in Afterlife

The second half of the film shows that Anderson is attempting to build a Resident Evil narrative that isn’t dependent on the soulless butt-kicking Alice that’s been provided by the series – giving it room to grow (as well as borrowing heavily from last years game Resident Evil 5 – which is more action than survival horror). Anderson introduces a new zombie-type which fans of the game series will recognize as the Uroboros virus at work – capable of 28 Days Later-style quick movements, instead of the zombie shuffle. The director also brings in the Executioner Majini. Even though the monstrosity goes totally unexplained, his presence helps break up the zombie-horde attack scenes – and he looks and moves significantly better than Nemesis in Resident Evil: Apocalypse.

Once the survivors attempt their escape, the plot doesn’t offer many surprises but at least manages to stay on the rails. Compared to the previous films, the story follows a sensible progression and offers some fun moments along the way.

Viewers who wait a few minutes after the credits start rolling will be treated to a taste of what’s to come in Resident Evil: Revelations (or whatever they decide to call the fifth film in the franchise). It’s hard to imagine that drawing closer to the convoluted story in the Resident Evil video games could be a positive attribute, but if Afterlife succeeds at a single thing, it’s bringing in a better batch of central characters – instead of Alice’s lone wolf routine.

Resident Evil: Afterlife was shot in 3D and doesn’t suffer from a terrible post-production 3D retro-fit (like Clash of the Titans). However, that doesn’t mean the 3D effects add anything to the experience. We all know that Avatar raised the bar for 3D film making with Cameron’s calculated use of subtlety – letting the Pandora visuals speak for themselves. Anderson is not so subtle: ninja stars fly at the screen, swords pierce through chest cavities and poke out of the screen, Alice dives through a plate of glass as we watch her fall away from the screen. The format only succeeds only in reminding us of the physical proximity of the screen.

Resident Evil Afterlife Wesker Resident Evil: Afterlife Review

Shawn Roberts as franchise-favorite Albert Wesker

The effect is especially distracting in the opening sequence where multiple Alice clones storm an Umbrella facility. The combination of copy and pasted CGI Jovovichs as well as the 3D effects make for a blurry and distracting experience. The effects take precedent over the narrative and, on several occasions, a character does something that was designed to look cool in 3D but makes no sense in the dire combat situations featured in the film.

As mentioned previously, this reliance on what would be fun over what makes sense can work (I realize this is suspension of disbelief 101) in a film like Zombieland, where the actors and filmmakers are in on the joke. However, the cast and filmmakers behind Resident Evil: Afterlife take the movie very seriously, (I’m hard pressed to think of a single humorous moment) and, as a result it’s hard to forgive them for not providing a better action, 3D, or zombie-apocalypse experience.

Resident Evil: Afterlife isn’t as good as the original film but it’s a step-up for the franchise – though it’s still operating out of a pretty deep hole. That said, given the direction and narrative choices Anderson makes in the second half, I’m probably more enthused about the possibilities he might explore in a fifth Resident Evil film, than I am about what he already put on film in Resident Evil: Afterlife.

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Resident Evil: Afterlife is in theaters today on 2D, 3D, and IMAX 3D screens.

Our Rating:

2.5 out of 5
(Fairly Good)

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  1. Dear Screen Rant,
    I kinda agree that the fourth installment is indeed a major beef up from the two lackluster previous films. Could it be because those two were not directed by Paul WS Anderson himself?
    Well, thanks for the interesting review and it basically sums up what I thought about this movie too. At least it is still worth the MYR17 I paid for the 3D!
    P/S: So they are planning for the fifth franchise now?

  2. I liked the film a lot, but I think it was because every time a character from the game appeared like Wesker or Chris the crowd started cheering and applauding.

  3. As a big fan of the RE series and games, I did enjoy the movie, but at the same time felt like it could have been so much better, because of the technology that was used. Because of the 3d cameras that were used, I was very surprised at how cheesy and cheap some of the effects looked, specifically at the beginning. One could almost tell which Alice was added in later….. Overall I felt that I got my moneys worth here with the movie, but got ripped off again at the concession stand… Around 12 bucks for popcorn and drink, but that’s on me…. Oh, and I got a little queezy when the camera zoomed in from outer space to the city while spinning… ugh…
    I will see the next, cuz I did enjoy this one, not sure if I’ll do the 3D version though. I don’t think it needed it here,but it added to the appeal to seeing the film.

  4. I didn’t think it was bad. Could have been better. Enjoyed the 3d part about it even though it was giving me a headache. Overall it was a good movie not great. I could have waited to watch it on dvd to rent. The real good plus was the 3D part that added to the enjoyment.

    I agree with some FX was cheesy though…

  5. @Vic,

    Will there be a RE SPilers thread? I havea question or 2 that I;d like to trhow out to the group but don’t want to list it here as it would be spoiler material.

    • BCC,

      I hadn’t planned on it – didn’t think there would be enough interest in it.


  6. This is a test comment. Move along, nothing to see here…


  7. Awesome Movie ! Loved it ! 3D was Awesome ! Easily the best of the 4 and apart from The Expendables very very entertaining. Both 10/10. Don`t really know what everyone is crying about. Watch it on Imax for ultimate ride.

    • I thought it was the worst of the 4. The cast was really soap operaish. I think they could have done much better job with the story. Alice becomes human again but can still jump off buildings, while falling and shooting zoombies in the head and land a tuck and roll landing without a scratch? The story was ehh and the cast was …lord… this movie will not be in my collection, I want to pretend it wasent made like 2 fast 2 furious. But i will go see the next one, I am a fan but not in 3d, I think 3d made a lot of the film appear fake.

  8. I’ll admit, the cookie-cutter Alices were kinda annoying. The 3D was unneeded. But I’ll give Anderson this: the Executioner scene. It f**ked me up, because it was like Resident Evil 5 all over again (just without the repeated formula of camera, controls, story…and…everything else). I wasn’t the only one; you couldn’t hear individual screams or yells. The theater (IMAX 3D) flipped when he showed up and did what…he was doing. Yeah. There’s redeeming qualities, and it’s not fair to completely dismiss a movie because its director is a moron, or if it’s in 3D.

  9. As a person who already wears glasses, its hard to really be able to enjoy a 3D movie. Just getting the 3D glasses to stay on is hard enough. I was sad to see the movie was only available in 3D. Being a fan on the series I went to see it. I wasn’t disappointed with the movie its self I just wish they would have offered a choice for the people who didn’t want to see it in 3D.

  10. i really love this movie,, ive just watched it yesterday,…
    but i think there’s part 2 of it,..
    and i really love to see it sumday,..

  11. ok…so i can’t read this whole review yet because i want to see it first, but interesting about it bringing it back to the game. i’m not huge on zombie movies per se and i do rather enjoy these…in no small part due to milla [i might have gone to see ultraviolet in theaters after she autographed a poster for me at nycc...] but these movies have at least been fun! and from the first bit of the description this sounds more actually plot driven than the others, so huzzah to that!

  12. At the end of part 3 there were like 1000 clones of Milla. In this movie are we led to believe that ALL the clones were killed off in Tokyo….? Like 4 the rest of the movie , Where were the clones then….? Why were there no clones running around still….?

  13. I gave it a 9 out of Booshty Ten , I wanted to give it a 9.3d out of Booshty Ten but couldn’t due to the fact that way enough wasn’t explained. I didnt even know Weskers name at all , I havent got to play the part 5 game yet , and in movie there was like NO explaination of him besides he was a bad guy running Umbrella in Tokyo. Plus never was explained just Why some Zombies have Blade 2 type tentacles coming out of their faces , despite maybe , maybe they mutated more so from part 3? Plus why were the dogs mutated the way they were? Plus also there was NO explaination about that Exacutioner , tall axe weiling guy was? Or even is? I heard Allie Larter in an interview call him as such the exacutioner , I guess he was also from maybe part 4 or 5 of the video game I still havent got to play….?

    • other than me, did u notice claire and chris behind wesker?? there is no door behind wesker and the only door IS the big door in front of him which alice came through, WHICH you could have seen and heard 3 moons away!!! i’ve beaten all the games, and every game tells the story that u need answered my friend. im so happy they’re rebooting the videogame franchise.

    • WORST movie I’ve ever seen. Picked out like 500 plot holes in the theater. And did anyone else notice that the SKY CHANGED COLOR in the middle of a conversation!?!?!? In one shot it is a nighttime blue and when the next person speaks, it is suddenly dawn! If you want to watch a bloody movie without any thought as to the stuff that is actually happening, then this is for you.

    • I think if the producers work more with costume design than animating all the effects it would look and seem way more real, plus, if you have a 6 shooter, i don’t recall you being able yo shoot 20 times before reloading.

    • I think if the producers work more with costume design than animating all the effects it would look and seem way more real, plus, if you have a 6 shooter, i don’t recall you being able yo shoot twenty times before reloading. I dont think the animated effects look as real as cotume effects and real-fake blood. Common sence. And the chick holds two mmagnums and shoots them like toys…common now, one of those bullets looked as big as her pinkey finger.

  14. Thought it was better then part 3′s lets kill a few main characters off a thon , plus really sucked in part 3 that Jill being dead wasnt even explained at all…? Let alone y kill her off? In real life did her contract run out?

    • @Dave I certainly agree that, after 2 introduced Jill, it sucked that she wasn’t in 3, but nothing was said that she was dead. In fact, the only thing that was certain at the end of 2 was that “Alice” was dead. I suspect the production team DID think Jill wasn’t necessary. But then, many of us demanded her and were delighted when she re-emerged at the end of 4!

  15. i love every movie even if is not based in the story games…i was and i am a fan of the resident evil games and movies scince wen i was little…this 1 was my favorite of all…the 3D was just aswersome…but there was no action like in the other movies tht alice gets 2 fight and kill heka zombies well it was kool though…hope the next 1′ll be more shotting,killing,and fighting…come on who doesnt wanna see alice beating and fighting…tht will be kool…

  16. if people dont like this movie there must be something wrong with them…or at least 4 me was just awersome…i love this movie i went 2 see it twice…and plus the theme song was just perfect…I LOVE RESIDENT EVIL…movies…

  17. c´mon guys from “hollycrap” this movie is horrible! we all pay taxes (allways increasing) now we have to pay the “3D tax” to see a movie with no 3D???!!! (the funny part is that you have to use glasses otherwise….)
    This is happening in lots of 3D movies, no 3D whatsoever, this is call cheating people and get rich with it.
    The movie itself…who cares!!!They don´t care when a girl that looks like a rotten egg appears next day looking glamorous and shine on the back of an airplane (they went to a professional hairdresser before taking off, brilliant stuff…)They don´t care to show a city that is certainly burning for years (the buildings are made of a special compound of gasoline and concrete, well imagined….)they dont care to show characters that have no inner life or any sort of relation with the others around (sometimes i didn’t know who ware the zombies…)
    Ok i know its an action movie with brainless potential before i enter cinema but this is too much!! Ok we like to be fooled but please try to fool us well! How many people worked on this project?They don´t have any one that watches the movie before it gets out?
    I want my “3D Tax” money back, and by the way, the normal ticket money back also….

  18. sure many peolpe didnt like this movie but thts their problem there people tht do like it and thts kool…i mean is ur opinion if u like it or not

  19. i just sat through this movie and was like who the hell wrote this? why don’t they just bring in Shinji Mikami to write a story. it was like a movie playing in someone’s head a lot of great ideas but did not make sense.. maybe a very bad editor.
    and wesker is from the first game but you never see him he was the leader of stars a special task force . the mutant zombies happen in game 4 it’s has to do with experiments on the T-VIRUS and the executioner looked awesome but made no sense to people who didnt know the character.. i think this movie was suppose to be longer and they made it shorter .it looks like it could have been a 3 hour movie which i would have enjoyed if everything mad sense. maybe their will be a director’s cut thats like 3-4 hours long. and the girl at the end is from the game but i thought she was claire

    looks like someone didnt do their homework

    • I like the 3-4 hr director’s cut idea, enzo. I have a feeling though it was more of a directing-by-the-seat-of-his-pants kinda thing. Now that the DVD is out [this December], I wonder what Anderson says about that (assuming there are commentaries)?

    • no the girl that was at the end looked more like jill valentine from resident evil 5, same outfit from the game and everything but if that the case it doesnt make much sense because they already used jill valentines character as the stars member in raccoon city in the second movie and she looked nothing like this new girl so i hope they arent planning on saying it jill. dam movie ppl should have just followed the game.

  20. This movie rules!

    • 4 me diz movie was awersome…

  21. first off resident evil was and always will be one of my favorite zombie games.Now the first resident evil movie was pretty good/the second one i liked even more/the third one was pretty decent and the fourth one that recently came out is now my favorite but see here is what i don’t quite get. why put Alice in the resident evil movies if she was never in any of the resident evil games/and yes i have played and beat every single resident evil and know for a fact that she never made an appearance in a single resident evil game.She was never the main character until the first through the most recent even though Clair made an appearance in the third and an appearance in the fourth with here brother Chris Alice still depicts to much from the movie only because shes not in the game and i really don’t like that.

    • I’m glad you’ve liked the games @shawn but you have to admit they are a different animal. They are all about you solving a puzzle in real-time. Movie can’t be like that — they have to lead you and fast enough to keep the majority entertained. There are virtually no differences between a story-boarded story and a motion-picture but huge differences between a game and a movie.

      I agree with you that the movies have gotten better and better. The hard-core gamers liked the 1st movie most because it seemed closer to the idea of the game. But, I hate zombies. That is a joke in itself really because I seem to watch zombie movies anyways but dead things shambling around are more of a nuisance than a threat. What makes this movie for me is the sinister nature of businessmen embodied in the Umbrella corp. I love the non-RE Alice backstory. I suspect it was Anderson’s way of getting into the concept and driving it around. I still haven’t seen RE4 but I like that Jill is included if only to explain what happened to her and I like that they came through on the implication of using exponential Alice.. that was a really cool idea.

      My one complaint though remains lack of consistency in Alice’s psychic abilities. I still favour 2 over the others because I was so taken with Sienna’s role as tough super-chick Jill but near the end Alice has the ability to blow up a video-surveillance guard’s brain then walks outside and can’t deal with a mob of close-ranged laser-sighted weapons as if she did realize what she just did. This confusion continues in 3 where she sears a sky full of zombie crows and knocks out an over-ride in a satellite but can’t manipulate the simpler minds of the super-zombies. It is like Anderson is so into the action that he doesn’t think through his story-telling.

      I haven’t heard anything about Ali Larter’s acting yet. I was disappointed in her role in 3 because she was really, really impressive in the 1st season of Heroes and she really had nothing emotionally-charged to work with in RE3. Hope that changed. Waste of talent just to be used as a background character.

      • I totally agree with the fact that they have way too short a timeframe to make it a puzzle like fans of the game would like it to be.

        As for Alice not being in the games and being the main in the movies, I think if ppl can get over the fact the movies don’t follow the games they would realize Alice is a total badass and the movies would suck with out her. She makes the movies worth watching.

        One thing that was hard for me to get was the fact that at the end of RE3 it showed at least a hundred cloned alice’s biting RE4 you only see

      • I totally agree with the fact that they have way too short a timeframe to make it a puzzle like fans of the game would like it to be.

        As for Alice not being in the games and being the main in the movies, I think if ppl can get over the fact the movies don’t follow the games they would realize Alice is a total badass and the movies would suck with out her. She makes the movies worth watching.

        One thing that was hard for me to get was the fact that at the end of RE3 it showed at least a hundred cloned alice’s but in RE4 you only see like 13. what happened to all the rest? I was expecting to see an all-out war between umbrella, the zombies and the clones with Alice as the general and most badass of them. I’ve got to say that I was a little disappointed in that respect, and what is the deal with Alice losing her powers? I mean really!

        As far as her powers being inconsistent how can you say that. because if you think about it she’s not psychic, she’s telecenetic. she can control physical things not mental things.

  22. Ben Kendrick’s review couldn’t be more off unless you are a child or childlike.  This movie is by far the worst edition of the four movies.  There is absolutely no plot other than find Arcadia and kill zombies, but wait a minute Arcadia had been found prior to this movie.  The villain was ridicules at times moving like a fast vampire and then not being able to move and avoid a shotgun blast with plenty of time to do so, totally inconsistent.  He also is a rip off of Freddie Cougar and Michael Myer as it seems no matter how you kill him he keeps coming back for more.  This movie has all of the gimmicks or the Matrix and Underworld without and cohesiveness to keep you interested.  The opening scene is so ridicules with several Milla’s attacking the hive that I wanted the movie to end right away, thankfully I didn’t buy or pay to see this in the theater.  And if all of this wasn’t bad enough you get movie credits repeated throughout the whole movie, Paul W.S. Anderson who is Director/Screen Writer/Producer should be shot.  It is obvious that this is a 3D gimmick movie and has absolutely nothing to bring to the table other than that.

    • Critiques are more effective if one writes them knowledgeably; who is “Freddie Cougar”? A relative of John Cougar Mellencamp?

      To be childlike is to be innocent; childish is to be as a spoiled little brat.

      Ben Kendrick is entitled to his opinion of the movie; he is not entitled to a verbal attack by someone who can’t even remember Freddy Krueger or Michael Myers.

      When I critique, I make sure I know that whereof I speak…

    • i totally agree with the fact that the plot was not really the best in this movie. i prefered the first and second over any of them as they were closer to what resident evil is really supossed to be. but i disagree with ur comments on wesker. i feel they did the best job with his character in regards to the game none of the other character were anything like what they should be. still not bad, i mean they tried but disappointed in that aspect. wentworth miller does not make agood chis redfield in my opinion.

  23. This movie sucked. There is absolutely no way zombies can run. If they are dead, and have been dead for a while, they wouldn’t be moving around like that. They just came out of the water and rushed the two going into the gun room, B.S.! On top of that, how do they get into a freaking locked down fortress of a prison? Oh yeah, they tunnel through the ground with octopus-faces. This franchise should die with all the zombies and main characters…

  24. Resident Evil: Afterlife sucked they took what was a great series of movies and cut the heart out of it what made resdient evil great was the story that alice kick zombie butt what they did with this new movie is steal from silent hill the big hammer dude and and from blad the face splitting zombies.. the end of the world and they have all this new techknowlegy where did they get state of the art ship and plains.. and why add all the male testastoron to the movie.. simple concept serviving flesh eating zombies yet we get very little action and the action we get is with these strang (don’t even know where they came from) face spliting hammer carring zombies i have watched 1 2 3 over 15 to 20 20 times could bearly get through this last one … they should have called it anything other then Resident Evil: Afterlife should have called bad collection of other movies with some vampire face spliting hammer carring zombies .. ana

  25. Just wanna say that Wesker looked retarded.

  26. the first 2 resident evils were great,loved em.the 3 was starting to get away from zombies and more on umbrella.so i just watched resident evil afterlife,and i can tell u im less than satisfied.the whole beginning had all these alice’s doin crazy stuff.and they never really explained anything in the whole movie,why are there so many alice’s,whats up with that big friken dude with the axe,wat r those red bug things they keep putting on everyones chest,and y wont wesker die!!its concentrating on umbrella now and alot less on zombies.definetly not excited about the next one.

    • You had to of at least watched the third movie and played esident evil 5 to get some of it. In the end of 3rd movie alice freed all the clones of herself that umbrella had made to test on. The guy with the big axe is from the 5th game (he is the executioner)as are the things they stick on thier chests. You first see it on jill valentine so that umbrella can control her. they make is seem alot easier to remove them on the movie cuz its not so easy in the game lol.

  27. I thought the movie had the potential to be a great movie, but like others commented, enough about the movie wasn’t explained. Like it didn’t seem like chris and wesker didn’t even know each other? I hate it when people don’t take there time making a movie, and then to top it off, alice loses her powers at the begining of the movie, preventing a classic shodown between her and, wesker like they don’t explain the virus from RE4, that created the new zombies with the super strength. I mean come on guys, RE4 was a classic, I think wesker is by far one of the most coolest bad guys I ever encounterd, just his swagger, he’s like to cool in RE4, but in the movie, he lacks swagger to go along with those awsome abilities, but overall I give the movie a 7.5 outta 10, only because of the wesker fighting parts, I’m a big wesker fan.

    • totally agree they definately coud have explained more, if u havent played like all the games ur pretty much lost on alot of it. and i totally agree resident evil 4 is amazing as is wesker. i think they did a pretty good job with his character though, better than the rest of them at least.

  28. this movie completley sucked and was a major let down due to the fact that resident evil is no longer a zombie film or game its just mindless action there is almost no story what so ever to this film they just made this film for 3D purposes and i dont think they had any real ideas story wise they jst took all the enemies from the 5 game and turned it into a bad film as u can probly gather i h8ted the story from resi 5 n dis film.

  29. If anyone is still reading this tread….Help me.

    Just watched the movie, and I dont get it.
    Disclaimer: I never played the video game, only saw the movies

    **************8Possible spoilers*********************
    Ok, the beginning, why were there like 100 Alices (Alicis?), and how did they all get to Japan?
    How did they survive crashing into a friggen mountain? If they can survive that, heck why worry about anything ever again…you must be indestructible. Did the blond guy die? Were there several of him? Where was he after the plane crash?
    So after crashing into a mountain in Japan, how did she get in a tiny 1 seater plane over Alaska?
    Where are all these ‘minions’ coming from? To maintain this global army of faceless Japanese guys?
    So like, they are all on a boat at the end, and a bizzilion gunships show up…I’m guessing they all die? The end?

    • if u watched the 3rd movie u should know why there were so many alices. she freed all the clones that umbrela had made to test on and the rest of your question are just plot holes that movie ppl never thought to explain lol. and all the gunships showing up (with what looks like jill valentine from resident evil 5) i think is just setting it up for another movie

      • I guess ur right, weskers character was better than anybody elses in that movie