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Resident Evil Afterlife 3D Reviews Resident Evil: Afterlife Review
Screen Rant’s Ben Kendrick reviews Resident Evil: Afterlife

Resident Evil: Afterlife is the fourth installment in the zombie-apocalypse franchise based on Capcom’s survival-horror video game series. The original Resident Evil film was a forgettable but enjoyable action-horror adaptation. The plot was convoluted but kept the focus tight, limited to a group of survivors as they escaped from a zombie-infested underground research facility. A twist at the end of the movie split the franchise from the video game source material – detonating the manageable focus into an over-the-top global apocalypse.

As a result, moviegoers sat through two lackluster and outrageous follow-ups: Resident Evil: Apocalypse and Resident Evil: Extinction each lacking a cohesive narrative direction. Resident Evil: Afterlife is burdened by the fallout of the previous films, and while it manages to improve upon the other sequels, it still comes with its own set of problems.

Up front, viewers who enjoyed the first three films, as well as “against all odds” slayer films such as Underworld or Legion, will enjoy what Resident Evil: Afterlife is offering. In addition, there are plenty of over the top fight sequences to keep the shoot first, ask questions later, action fans happy. If you’re looking for a zombie film with brains (pun intended) or a gripping action-suspense flick, Afterlife isn’t likely to sate your particular cravings.

However, fans of the game series who may have abandoned the film franchise, because of its lack of reverence to the source material, might actually want to give Afterlife a shot – as several franchise characters have prominent roles in the latest installment. In fact, as each second passed, it felt as writer/director Paul W.S. Anderson (who also wrote/directed the original Resident Evil film) was attempting to weave Afterlife back into the franchise canon – as it has been presented in the games.

Resident Evil: Afterlife continues the story of Alice (Milla Jovovich) as she attempts to enact revenge on franchise-favorite, Albert Wesker (Shawn Roberts) and the Umbrella Corporation – a bio-engineering company responsible for genetic experimentation that led to the global zombie apocalypse. The first forty-five minutes of the film are the equivalent of Anderson taking a red pen to everything that made the previous Resident Evil installments slapdash and soulless – a lot of the more absurd-threads get purged and the story settles into a more manageable narrative: Alice’s investigation of Arcadia – a zombie-free zone, where survivors attempt to rebuild human civilization.

Resident Evil Afterlife Alice Resident Evil: Afterlife Review

Milla Jovovich as Alice in Resident Evil: Afterlife

In her search, Alice is reunited with Claire Redfield (Ali Larter) and the two travel to Los Angeles where they meet zombie-food, I mean the supporting cast. The new survivors are mostly Hollywood caricatures, literally: Bennett (Kim Coates) is a smarmy movie producer, Kim Yong (Norman Yeung) is Bennett’s over-eager intern, Crystal (Kacey Barnfield) is an aspiring actress, and their leader, Luther West (Boris Kodjoe), is a star basketball player. They’re not terrible characters but their cookie-cutter design reveals the biggest problem with the film, as well as the Resident Evil film franchise: the films aren’t about people trying to survive in a zombie apocalypse, they’re about finding the most intense, over the top, ways to kill zombies in an apocalypse.

There’s nothing wrong with a film about mowing down zombies thoughtlessly, if that film contains loads of great action set-pieces, but Afterlife has too much downtime and takes itself way too seriously to succeed at being campy-fun. The stakes are too high, we’re not talking about a lake in Arizona or a single suicidal mission, we’re talking about a global zombie apocalypse. Early in the film, Alice bemoans the possibility that she could actually be the last uninfected survivor… in the world. As a result, it’s hard to feel particularly relieved when she discovers other survivors – and they’re the most one-dimensional group of people imaginable.

That said, Anderson succeeds in building intrigue and complexity around a late addition to the group, a man trapped in a Hannibal-like glass isolation box in the basement of the prison where Alice and the survivors get holed-up. Fans of the game series will recognize the character, played by Wentworth Miller. Upon his release, the story, character-dynamics, and future franchise installments instantly become more appealing.

Resident Evil Afterlife Executioner Resident Evil: Afterlife Review

Resident Evil 5's Executioner Majini in Afterlife

The second half of the film shows that Anderson is attempting to build a Resident Evil narrative that isn’t dependent on the soulless butt-kicking Alice that’s been provided by the series – giving it room to grow (as well as borrowing heavily from last years game Resident Evil 5 – which is more action than survival horror). Anderson introduces a new zombie-type which fans of the game series will recognize as the Uroboros virus at work – capable of 28 Days Later-style quick movements, instead of the zombie shuffle. The director also brings in the Executioner Majini. Even though the monstrosity goes totally unexplained, his presence helps break up the zombie-horde attack scenes – and he looks and moves significantly better than Nemesis in Resident Evil: Apocalypse.

Once the survivors attempt their escape, the plot doesn’t offer many surprises but at least manages to stay on the rails. Compared to the previous films, the story follows a sensible progression and offers some fun moments along the way.

Viewers who wait a few minutes after the credits start rolling will be treated to a taste of what’s to come in Resident Evil: Revelations (or whatever they decide to call the fifth film in the franchise). It’s hard to imagine that drawing closer to the convoluted story in the Resident Evil video games could be a positive attribute, but if Afterlife succeeds at a single thing, it’s bringing in a better batch of central characters – instead of Alice’s lone wolf routine.

Resident Evil: Afterlife was shot in 3D and doesn’t suffer from a terrible post-production 3D retro-fit (like Clash of the Titans). However, that doesn’t mean the 3D effects add anything to the experience. We all know that Avatar raised the bar for 3D film making with Cameron’s calculated use of subtlety – letting the Pandora visuals speak for themselves. Anderson is not so subtle: ninja stars fly at the screen, swords pierce through chest cavities and poke out of the screen, Alice dives through a plate of glass as we watch her fall away from the screen. The format only succeeds only in reminding us of the physical proximity of the screen.

Resident Evil Afterlife Wesker Resident Evil: Afterlife Review

Shawn Roberts as franchise-favorite Albert Wesker

The effect is especially distracting in the opening sequence where multiple Alice clones storm an Umbrella facility. The combination of copy and pasted CGI Jovovichs as well as the 3D effects make for a blurry and distracting experience. The effects take precedent over the narrative and, on several occasions, a character does something that was designed to look cool in 3D but makes no sense in the dire combat situations featured in the film.

As mentioned previously, this reliance on what would be fun over what makes sense can work (I realize this is suspension of disbelief 101) in a film like Zombieland, where the actors and filmmakers are in on the joke. However, the cast and filmmakers behind Resident Evil: Afterlife take the movie very seriously, (I’m hard pressed to think of a single humorous moment) and, as a result it’s hard to forgive them for not providing a better action, 3D, or zombie-apocalypse experience.

Resident Evil: Afterlife isn’t as good as the original film but it’s a step-up for the franchise – though it’s still operating out of a pretty deep hole. That said, given the direction and narrative choices Anderson makes in the second half, I’m probably more enthused about the possibilities he might explore in a fifth Resident Evil film, than I am about what he already put on film in Resident Evil: Afterlife.

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Resident Evil: Afterlife is in theaters today on 2D, 3D, and IMAX 3D screens.

Our Rating:

2.5 out of 5
(Fairly Good)

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  1. So this is the best Resident Evil movie so far?

    • I’ve updated the review to clear up this point.

      Not as good as the first film IMHO but an improvement over the two sequels.

      • Thank you, yeah the first one really freaks me out when I was a kid, the rest of the movies are more action than horror and suspense.

        • Really good review by the way!

      • so then if I disliked the first one but enjoyed the second and third, I might NOT like this one as much but will still prefer it to the 1st?

      • Don’t be rude Dfox. Your opinion on a topic or film can be completely different than a reviewer without coming across as a jerk.

        “I’m tired of you guys trying to bring down sci-fi films” – ummm, is this your first time to the site? We do nothing but praise sci-fi…it’s not like we are covering rom-coms here dude. Star Trek, Pandorum, Splice, Book of Eli, and a little film called Avatar (you may have seen it) – we’ve covered all these and more. What’s more, most of them receive over 3 star reviews.

        “…“The Last Airbender” or “Clash of The Titans” which I feel were both Good films.”

        Sigh – I really wanted to give you some sort of leeway here and assume you just haven’t read enough of out site to get a good feel of how we do things but honestly how can I take anything else you say seriously when you put that statement out there.

        Sucks to have someone think your opinion is garbage huh? I couldn’t care less that you think Airbender or CotT were good films. It’s your opinion and I’m happy you think your money was well spent. I for one wish I could have money back for both films.

        Lastly – “You cannot expect a sci-fi film to have the same qualities in dialogue and character bonding as “Gone With The Wind”. You cannot put both of these movies in the same boat and rate them equally.”

        You’re incorrect here. It’s like comparing college football teams from different divisions – one team may have better players than the other but the fundamentals of the game are the same. The same thing can be said for movies. Just because the genre isn’t drama doesn’t mean the story, script, direction, narrative and a host of other things can’t be good. ‘Cept for porn…there only needs to be one thing done correctly for that to be good.

        My point is, using the argument “It’s a different genre so can’t be judged the same” is not as valid as you want it to be. A movie can be enjoyable and fun but not be considered good; it’s not the end of the world if movie is bad but is fun (think Piranha 3D).

        At the end of the day, all which really matters is your own opinion and whether you had a good time watching the film. It sounds like you did and I’d consider that to be a win all day long.

        • I see two problems with your statements, Paul. I think you may have stepped a teensy bit over the line with your remark about not taking him seriously because he enjoyed Clash and Airbender. If you think you should be allowed your opinion as a reviewer, then you should at least have the courtesy to recognize that others also have the right to their opinions. Your remark to him comes across as rude. Strange since you have previously chastised him for being rude. Pot, Kettle. Do be careful. It’s a delicate line that is far too easy to cross.

          As far as Piranha 3D being “bad”, I’m afraid I’m going to have to disagree with you. How exactly do you define a film as “bad”? I think Piranha 3D was a thoroughly amusing romp in the style of the 80′s exploitation films, and that it was VERY well pulled off. That type of approach to film-making is not easy to pull off without falling into the trap of taking one self too seriously or coming across entirely as a comedy.

          You didn’t like it, which is fine. You ARE allowed your opinion. But to say it’s a “bad” film is definitely setting yourself up as arbiter of “what is good and what is bad”. Somehow, I doubt you really have the capacity to assume that role.

      • To back-up Paul a bit here, we’ve given solid reviews to plenty of action/sci-fi films – Inception is the most recent one that comes to mind.

        That said, why is the rating so important? I mention right up front in the review that fans of certain types of movies will thoroughly enjoy a film like Resident Evil: Afterlife. I doubt anyone who enjoys this type of movie will pass on the film simply because we gave it a middle of the road score. However, I do think that, compared to other great sci-fi films, Resident Evil: Afterlife falls short in a number of points necessary for it to get a strong recommendation – because people who don’t appreciate this type of film might assume our strong recommendation means it’s a solid film all around, which it is not.

        I can appreciate and “understand” a film like Resident Evil: Afterlife but that doesn’t mean it should get a 5 star recommendation.

        But rest assured dfox 3500, it’ll do well enough at the box office for them to green light another Resident Evil film.

      • dfox,

        You are OBVIOUSLY not a regular reader of this site or you wouldn’t say that we try to bring down sci-fi films. As a site, we LOVE Sci-Fi – it’s the main focus of the site. But even within genres you have good/great films, and you have weak or horrible ones. For examples of the former see our reviews of Avatar, District 9, Splice, Star Trek and Watchmen (just to name a few). On the other hand you have movies like Legion, 2012, Push, Rep Men, Day the Earth Stood Still, etc. which even within their niche aren’t very good.


        • Wow! It’s getting harder and harder to get a sense of the feel of this movie based on all of these views.. I think a point system might actually be a good idea. Some people like this, some that. No mention as to why.. it’s the post-review game and it doesn’t work for the pre-view would be audience that is trying to see what’s what.

          Here’s what I know: I’m crazy about Milla Jovovich’s acting (esp. Joan of Ark) and Mr. Anderson likes to do creepy horror-action movies, apparently with a splash of military thrown in. I know I’m going to like it because this is what they do. I loved the Res2 Jill Valentine as played by Sienna Guillory – don’t know how much screen time she gets but am happy she’s back in this, and I am very happy to hear that the implied exponential Alice from Res3 is back to kick big-time ass.

          It sounds like my kinda movie but I haven’t seen it. Where do I put this film in the category mix? Horror, apocalypse, action, military, based on a game. Yes, a sci-fi element: cloning, genetic manipulation, etc is in the background but its not at the same level. I’m not a fan of the game, which is designed to be a much different animal, and so, I could care less about how closely it follows a game but it is a BIG story and, on this level, I would expect it to be hard to tell with more attention to characterization.

          Draw backs: Alice has so much potential, true she was killed off at the end of the 2nd film and cloned for the beginning of the 3rd but in both, the original and cloned Alice exhibited impressive psychic powers — but the story line always dumbs this down in favour of flashy weapons.

          To say merely, this sucked or that was awesome, while it reflects you to those who have also experienced it, doesn’t help the rest of us. This is a rant. Why did you like or not like it? What was great, what stank? I haven’t seen all of the movies you listed but some of the thumbs down sort were great in my book and visa versa. So listing names isn’t very helpful either. And, if you’re worried about spoilers — anyone who reading this far in is probably looking for them but a simple “spoilers warning” would suffice.

        • i think you all need to calm the hell down. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions. Isn’t that what this site is about, expressing your opinion?

      • Just by saying that The Last Airbender and Clash of the Titans were good films pretty much made me ignore your opinion.. I’m a freak for sci-fi and an occasional fantasy film and I find that both movies are total wastes of time.

  2. nice review, looking foward to seeing this, been replaying the games and watching the movie, gearing up for it :)

  3. I Think this one is way better than the other 3 , it does step up . i think because its in 3d is the reason though . seeing this in 2d is just silly when you have an really great 3d version out there for the sake of a few bob …. 3d at its best …

    • lol chalk one of for the 3D nerds..

  4. I might try and catch this at the cinema. I liked the first 3 films, they’re trashy but never pretend to be anything else. Plus Milla Jovovich is hot!

    The problem with these films is that they largely ignored the games plots and characters, especially the Nemesis. I recall Resi 3 fondly, the fear of walking down an empty corridor or street, only to hear “STARS!!!” bellowed by a creature you could only run away from. Sometimes I still hear it in my nightmares.

    • i was replaying Nemesis last week on the Gamecube Sam, i know exactly what you mean!!

    • I actually like that these films don’t follow the games. Like Christian said below, if would be too much like the games if they had the same plot. If I wanted the same plot I would just go play the games.

  5. I. Hope. This. Isn’t. Chris’s. Blood.

  6. I have to come clean. Even though I know these films are awful I enjoy them. Maybe it’s the fact that Milla feels like one of the only actresses around who can pull off looking like a genuine badass. While I think the second installment suffers from bad direction, the first and especially the third are actually very good looking films with solid action sequences. These films are the epitome of guilty pleasures for me and I’m not ashamed.

    Having said all that, I just came back from seeing Afterlife and I was quite pleased except for the ending. I thought the 3D was definitely the best I’ve seen since Avatar and should end the whole “post-conversion is no different” debate. I really enjoyed the opening action sequence but it felt like a cheap and easy way to get rid of all the Alice clones and move on with the story. The villains have always been the problem with this series and this one is no different. I doesn’t help that Wesker is the stiffest, most uninteresting antagonist yet.

    Like I said, even though the ending was pretty weak, I dug the look of the movie and thought the action scenes were the best yet. While I miss the post-apocolyptic desert setting, I liked all the different locations like the underground base, Alaska, the maximum security prison, and the giant containment ship. It felt like more of a journey down the rabbit whole as every location brought you one step closer to finding out what’s happening.

    • I’ve watched it and as much as I love seeing Milla on screen as a butt-kicker, the movie could have been better. The Alice clones sadly weren’t put to better use, and they were gotten rid of too easily. Look, they’re capable of that dilating-pupils psychic attacks, right? Why don’t they just surround the facility and use that psychic attack simultaneously to make the facility crumble or something? It would have been fun to have a few more Alice clones stashed away somewhere else, to be deployed later. Besides, Milla looked hot with the leather getup, combed-back hair and ponytail. Instead the bad guy sets off some sort of black-hole-type implosion device and that’s it.. all those Alice clones wiped out in one fell swoop.

      Alice Larter was another disappointment. Was she playing Clare Redfield or just another sleepwalking zombie?

  7. This film was meh at best. I had fun with the other films, but this was a huge let down. It started out good, but went downhill after the opening sequence. The fight with The Executioner was just boring, and short. The final “fight” was more or less a skirmish.

    I thought the special effects were, including the 3-D. After the film ended, the first thing I asked was “That’s it”. This was the worst of the films IMO.

    • I meant specail effects were very good.

  8. I think that the movies are really good and honestly I would hate it if they make them like the games cause it would frieking feel like I’m playing the damn game not watching a movie, I like the different version of the storyline cause come on if they were like the game it would be the same survivors every time and that would get to be boring

    • Are you talking about that stinger during the credits? I thought that was awesome, but I honestly don’t know if I would see another after this film.

      • what do you mean by stinger?

        • The scene that was shown during the credits.

          • ah well as i was expecting a bigger role for jill valentine i do feel relieved that was it lol cause i didnt want her to die in this movie and i thought that if she wouldve had a bigger role she probably wouldve died

  9. I have to side with the Naysayers on this one. I just saw it too and it seems like, to me, someone just showed the director the cutscenes from the 5th game… and he said “oh cool, I can make a movie out of that.”

    Let me get one thing off my chest first and foremost…. I HATE Alice. Not Milla mind you…. just the character of Alice. By the time the first movie was made there was already 4 main characters in the game series (that were fairly well developed and definitely beloved by the fans) that they could have picked from. Instead Hollywood invented this new dumb character… and then added insult to injury by giving her super powers in the subsequent films. what the hell?

    At least this film was a step in the right direction by…


    … Taking Alice’s powers away. I always thought it was stupid to have a protagonist with these crazy powers in a Zombie movie. Zombie movies should have the whole 1 vs 1000 feel. You got the hero with guns and the brains… and the zombies have the numbers. You throw out a great formula when you give your hero pyrokinetic and telekinetic powers.

    IMHO… if ever a film series needed a reboot… it was this one.

  10. Underworld was a post-apocalyptic slayer film?

    • Panda,

      I see your point, in my mind the emphasis was more on the “slayer faces off against insurmountable odds” genre – instead of the post-apocalyptic part.

  11. whats up with the 8.6 rating on imdb for this movie?is it that good as the dark knight?

    • HECK NO. I think some of the reviewers on imdb for this movie are fanboys who just want to promote one of their favorite games regardless of if a crap movie is made about it

    • Or maybe most of the reviewers love seeing Milla Jovovich in something tight, brandishing guns.

      • nah

    • “We are simply too smart and too well-armed for any wild animal to hunt. Now consider the poor zombie. It lacks every single advantage that has kept humanity from being eaten to extinction. It wanders around in the open, it can’t use weapons, it can’t think or use strategy. It doesn’t even have the sense of self preservation to run and hide when it’s in danger. And, it’s made entirely out of food.”


      • A zombie is made entirely out of food?



        • I’m with Vic. HuH? If they are made entirely of food then us humans are also made entirely out of food. George Romero has done a good job on suggesting and showing how zombies can evolve from idiots to beings that can think to a limited ability and will adapt to survive, besides in the movies their are always more of them then there are regular humans, humans let ego and fear get them and others get killed and become lunchable meals for zombies

        • The quote was from the article Raven 415 linked to. Probably funnier in context but it was referring to a Zombie’s inability to defend itself against animals in the wild – i.e. they shamble around (make them easy prey).

          • Question for you… Is it possible to cook a zombie steak so you wont get the virus? I honestly dont know… And if it is, would you eat it?… I wouldnt… Ild eat my own hand and leg before I go down that path… HEY!!! maybe that could be a movie plot for the next zombie movie!!! IS IT POSSIBLE TO COOK A ZOMBIE STEAK AND DESTROY THE VIRUS INSIDE??? Might even be a comedy? a very sick and twisted comedy… but ild watch it…

  12. you didn’t mention anything about shawn robert’s take on whesker, or wentworth miller as chris. it would be good if you talked about the main starts of the show, so people know what kind of garbage they have to sit through.

    i knew this was going to be half decent at best, but i’m glad the supposedly got rid of her super powers, i mean wtf would anyone even add that in the 1st place.

    • There wasn’t anything stand-out to say. They weren’t awful but they weren’t great either.

      That said, I did mention in the review that bringing in some of the franchise characters was a good choice – so, while Miller’s performance didn’t blow me away, I’m definitely excited at where they might go from here (as well as satisfied with his role in Afterlife).

  13. Wow,! this review sure jumps around a. bit then lands on the (it sucks) rating of 2.5…
    Ben, I didn’t understand your point here:::
    “the biggest problem with the film, as well as the Resident Evil film franchise: the films aren’t about people trying to survive in a zombie apocalypse, they’re about finding the most intense, over the top, ways to kill zombies in an apocalypse.”
    Funny, that issue comes up a lot with fans complaining the franchise strays too far from the game,,,
    A few paragraphs later you state:::
    “However, the cast and filmmakers behind Resident Evil: Afterlife take the movie very seriously, (I’m hard pressed to think of a single humorous moment) and, as a result it’s hard to forgive them”.

    I feel like I’m being jerked around reading this review. 8-)

    I think this film sounds good, but unfortunitly its not playing around LA in 2D, something some guy here said once, “just see the 2D version”.
    Yeah thanks for that bro, your grandmas naked,,, 8-)

    • lol 790, its playing in 2D here in san diego, lucky me :)

    • @ 790

      All I’m saying is it doesn’t hit either sweet spot – the action-scenes are over the top (but the actors are taking themselves too seriously for the film to be great campy fun).

      On the flip side the actors take everything so seriously that it’s hard to reconcile the absurdity of the action set-pieces (which are at times ridiculous and cheesy making it impossible to view the film as a serious action flick).

      Or maybe your confusion comes from the rating. A 2.5 doesn’t translate into “it sucks.” 2.5 is average – it’s middle of the road. I made it clear up front who will probably enjoy the film. Sounds like you’re already on-board ;)

      As for the 2D vs. 3D debate. The 3D doesn’t add much but it’s not bad either. I wouldn’t go too far out of your way just to avoid seeing it in 3D.

      • So you appear to be saying that Anderson wrote a tense story then toyed with it to put the action in overdrive (over the top) — why would the actors not take themselves or rather their characterizations seriously? Do you really want another cheesy batman or superman film or worse Roger Moore playing James Bond? Given the scenario, wouldn’t you do anything you had to to survive?

  14. Well I am a big Resident Evil fan, and i haven’t seen the movie. But as what I read so far, Is they should of made the whole LA thing more of a deserted place like Las Vegas because its been years since the virus, an LA is still standing with fire? Not to hate or anything but thats why im suggesting.

  15. Yeah Ants, also my Lakers jersey and Machete t-shirt are at the cleaners this weekend. So that’s just not gonna roll,,,

    • LOL oh man youre funny. :)

  16. Comments like that will get you shot anywhere

    • SIN187UM,

      Comments like that will be deleted. And have been.


    • Huh? My comment?

      • no man, this was yesterdays from other people involved

    • Best to say “Comments like that will get you a cream pie to the face”; because there is no actual way to do so, for one…and two, one doesn’t die from a cream pie.

      • @ danlister

        to quote Dr. Evil


  17. Personally the movie was ok not better then the rest. There was not much story line to it. The other explained alot more. They never said who the hell that big zombie was or the girl at the end just alot of what the hell just happened and what is goin on to me. I loved the others way more.

    • Ya, I was hoping for an explanation of the Executioner Majini in the movie as well.

      That said, the “girl at the end” was in Resident Evil: Apocalypse (as well as the games).

      • @ Ben

        **************************************Possible Spoiler- Maybe **************************************

        When the credits rolled it said Jill Valentine’s character was in the movie. Do you remember seeing her in there?

        • yeah but if u wouldve waited a little longer you wouldve seen her she was in there

          • I did see that scene but didnt know it was her

        • SPOILERS

          There was an extra scene in the middle of the credits featuring the character.

          • Ok thanks, because I didn’t know who that was supposed to be.

          • i thought that was supossed to be jill but what confused me was how she looks more like she did in the 5th game and nothing like she did in the 2nd movie. but i guess its the same actress so thats good. nothing bugs me more than same character but dif actor/actress.

    • The big Zombie if you played RE4 and RE5 was like a special infected who carried an ax or chainsaw, but that has more to do with the Las Plagas than the actual T-Virus.

      • Yah, I was just hoping they would have explained the character in the movie – so he wouldn’t have felt so thrown-in (for anyone unfamiliar with the game).

        He makes a lot more sense in a Las Plagas story (because they still had a somewhat functional village-society).

        That said, one of my favorite game-to-movie additions was actually the way the dogs were handled this time.

        • yea i agree, they did a good job with the dogs in this one. although they have been doing good with kinda evolving them with the games, if that makes sense. the dogs in the first movie were very similar to the dogs in the mansion in the arklay mountains in the game and these ones are closer to the ones in res evil 4 game.

  18. This movie was over the top can’t wait for the next one ^_^

  19. Well I watched RE after life after I watched Machete. I can honestly say I was bored for 80% percent of the film. For me the 3D enhanced nothing and made the film look very generic and digitized. I really wish Paul W.S. Anderson aka Uwe Boll 2 would stop directing and writing video game movies and do something else. There was not really anything original about this film. You had a mash up of The Matrix, the Left 4 Dead Video games, Silent Hill, every of the Dead movie, and Silent Hill with the Uber Zombie who was basically a rip off of the Zombie/Demon from the Silent Hill game/movie, except that he looked like Astaroth from the Soul Calibur series. I mean it could have been better if it was more than 90 minutes and if they didn’t rip off so many other ideas and styles from other movies that were blatantly obvious. To me Wesker seemed to be spot on from the games, I dunno maybe as a fan (not a fanboy who thinks anything RE stamped is awesome) I hoped for more than I should, or maybe I shouldn’t have watched a good film MACHETE, before this mediocrity. I agree with 2.5 stars 1.25 each for Larter and Jovovich cuz they were hot mamas in the film :).

    • Nice to hear Machete was good! :)

  20. I actually didn’t mind Resident Evil 4 as a whole – harmless fun while it lasts. However, it felt completely like the film was all set up with 3D in mind. Every action shot, every swipe of a sword or shoot off a gun was engineered for it to be flying out of the screen at the audience. That doesn’t bode well for when it hits DVD/Blu-ray when there’s no 3D, does it?

    Better than the horrible second and third movies but not great. 2.5 from me, same as Ben K :)

  21. not the worst movie i have ever seen, kind of enjoyable, but no where near the best of the series.
    my problems is alice having telekinesis and her clones having it also.
    1. who gave claire a full makeover before putting her in the plane? she was so dirty that she was unrecognizable. i want to see the cut scene where alice gives her a sponge bath.
    2. if you fire a machine gun inside a bulletproof glass tube, wouldn’t you feel ricochet? i let most unbelievable things go in a movie, but this was way too obvious.
    this movie is worth watching if you have seen the others, but i don’t think it is worth repeat viewings. too many down spots..

  22. =D I would love to hear a little more review about the actor who played Albert Wesker. I’ve been drooling ove this movie for months and I still haven’t seen it yet. .__. I’m one of those people who think a movie base off a game should follow it, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to turn down a good movie. ^___^ I can’t wait to see it though.

  23. Thanks for the review. As a fan i’ll go and see it. Glad you reviewed it and not Mike Eisenberg…he tweeted recently that he’d like the movie to fail!?!?
    If the Anderson’s are just flogging a dead horse for profit, so be it. I like the franchise and would pay to see more.

    • :)

      The footage they showed at Comic-Con made me realize why somebody would go through the trouble to stab somebody else in the eye. It was THAT bad, in my opinion. *Note: I do not condone eye-stabbing*

      I can’t quite pinpoint the specific reason, but this is one of the first movies in a long time I really hope bombs.

  24. I have to say I liked to style of this one, kind of a mix of Matrix and some of the asian greenscreen scifi movies.

  25. Let me start by saying that I’m a huge fan of the games (or rather, obsessed). The first movie was pretty good but screwed up the canon of the game. Two and three just plain sucked (my opinion). As stated in the review, Afterlife was lightyears better than the 2 or 3, but was not as good as the first film. Although Afterlife has a huge amount of problems. Firstly, the entire first section of the movie was a horrible excuse to use 3D. Don’t get me wrong, I love 3D, but it should accent and help the film not be the main focus. It also had a tom of Matrix rip-offs in it. Some people hate the fact that they completely discredited 2 and 3 in the scenes of the film, but I couldn’t be happier about it. I would have been ok with Paul Anderson walking on screen and saying “Lets just pretend 2 and 3 didn’t happen and try to fix this franchise” walking out of frame and resuming the movie. Sorry but I just think super powers in RE are lame (except Wesker its ok for him). The rest of the film was, like the first installment, pretty good. I would have liked to see Chris’ back story f-ed with a lot less and some sort of reason why the executionor majini was in LA, and maybe some explaination of the majini zombies.I know the reason for the majini in the game but the films change the story from the source material so much that you can’t really use them as a guide for the films. I have a lot more to say about this film as well as the rest of the franchise but I think I’ve gone on a bit too long already.

  26. I’m so glad I didn’t review this film for SR because I would have been much harsher. Everything about this was clunky, lazy and unoriginal (and I liked the 3rd installment!). The only thing that was good was the 3D effects but the use of 3D was borderline annoying.

    Gun in your face – yawn, seen it – axe swinging at your neck – been there, seen that – bullets whizzing by in slow motion – blasé

    Anderson is not the worse director in the world and I’ve enjoyed a number of his films but he is a really bad writer IMHO. The script for this film had more plot holes than a cemetery. The cast of characters he threw together was painfully inadequate and boorishly predictable. The plot line, the narrative the plods the main characters from scene to scene felt like it was hobbled together at the last minute. It’s as if the director and the set designer got together and setup every 3D shot and then the script was written around that.


    “Thanks for making me human.” – Alice – and then she doesn’t die in a plane crash?!? Really? And who came up with this time line? We start in Japan with Alice reeking havoc on an underground Umbrella facility and then 6 months later she is flying to Alaska where she meets Clair again? Huh? The bad guy is testing on humans so his crew leaves but he has 2000 people held hostage that he doesn’t test on? WTF!

    The shower scene was completely useless (Rated R and no nudity, hell she got topless in 5th Element and that was PG-13) plus the fact that Luther says, “I’ll be right outside if you need me.” then 10 seconds later she calls for him and he never hears her? I’m supposed to believe that the neither her, Luther or the pervert saw the giant hole in the ground next to their feet where the zombies came up? I’m sorry but at some point I can no longer suspend my disbelief.

    ***END SPOILERS***

    If it wasn’t for the fact that the 3D did indeed look polished and sharp I would have rated this film between .5 and 1. Bad acting, bad script, bad dialog, uninspired action scenes and lazy, unimaginative CGI all make this film the worst of the series IMO.

    • @ Paul,


      Remember Wesker said that the serum was neutralizing the Virus and that her would would start to fade, so that is how she was able to survive the crash, because of the relatively short amount of time between the serum injection to when the plane crashed.

      Also Wesker was using them for food so i guess his hunger over took testing on them.

      Luther wasn’t that much of a pervert as the one guy being a peeping Tom, but I do agree that was BS he was outside yet didn’t hear the tunneling or her calling him, unless he was handling his “frustration”.

      END SPOILER*********************************************************

      • Yeah Sin I guess I can see both your points on the plane crash and Wesker…btw I was referring to the peeping tom guy and not Luther as the pervert :)

        What was with the different purging techniques? One is a giant cylcone of death and the other is just an explosion?

        • @ Paul


          The only suggestion I have for the different purging processes is that the first one was more like an implosion since the facility was underground and the visual effects team/Uwe Boll 2 (Anderson) said you know what would be cool and not make sense is to have this look like a cyclone of special effects death, or they stole the Red Matter from Star Trek :D.

          As for the second one they just needed to sink the ship so a simple explosion would suffice, current and gravity of the sea will do the rest to hide enough evidence depending on how bad the explosion was.

          *****************END SPOILER**********************

      • So her special abilities will start to fade but then she immediately attacks Wesker and he knocks her away like a 2 day old kitten but then she survives a massive plane crash.

    • I thought the CGI was pretty decent – except for the Executioner’s axe flying over Claire and Alice’s heads. It looked like a cardboard cutout (I almost laughed in the theater)