Last but not least, is the image I used as the header at the start of the article. I wanted to touch on this one specifically, since it shows what I think is the most out of all the ‘first look’ images.

The following still from Resident Evil: Afterlife features the character of Albert Wesker tossing his sunglasses at two of our heroes, siblings Chris and Claire Redfield, played by Wentworth Miller and Ali Larter respectively.

If you’re a fan of the games, you have no doubt played Resident Evil 5, the best selling game of the franchise. The main (and coolest) villain in the game is Wesker and one of his epic fight sequences plays out almost exactly like this with him tossing his shades at Chris Redfield and partner before they enter an awesome battle.

If director Paul W.S. Anderson has done his homework and played some RE5 (obviously he has), we could be seeing some incredible action sequences in Afterlife. I really hope that’s the case. On that note, the giant executioner in that one still is also directly lifted from the games and looks perfect.

I’m pleasantly surprised by these images, especially since when Resident Evil: Afterlife was announced, my report on it stated that instead of their usual story paths, they should instead make a film based on the game Resident Evil 5 and these photos show that at least visually and with the characters, they have some definite similarities.

Albert Wesker is played by Canadian actor Shawn Roberts in this film.

If you’re a Resident Evil fan then stay tuned into Screen Rant as the first official trailer for Resident Evil: Afterlife debuts this Saturday and we’ll definitely have it to share.

After switching release dates (again), Resident Evil: Afterlife hits theaters September 10, 2010.

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