Action-Packed Clips From ‘Resident Evil: Afterlife’

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Resident Evil 4 Clips Action Packed Clips From Resident Evil: Afterlife

Alice (played by Milla Jovovich) is back to her guns blazin’ zombie killin’ ways in the new clips from next month’s video game movie sequel, Resident Evil: Afterlife.

The setting for the latest Resident Evil flick is Los Angeles; the once thriving metropolis is now a post-apocalyptic wasteland overrun by the flesh-eating undead.  It is also a base for the sinister Umbrella Corporation, so it comes as little surprise that Alice and her pal Claire Redfield (Ali Larter) should eventually end up there as well.

Resident Evil: Afterlife was shot in 3D – a quality that has been emphasized repeatedly throughout the film’s marketing campaign.  The first trailer (and every subsequent one) contained a preponderance of gimmicky “objects fly at the camera” shots – thankfully, those are largely absent from these new movie clips.

This first scene finds Alice and Claire struggling to land a ramshackle plane atop a skyscraper, where several survivors are waiting.  What little acting is on display in this scene seems pretty hokey, but no one that goes to see a Resident Evil movie really cares about that, yes?

Check it out below:

Next we have two action-packed, explosion-friendly clips that feature Alice going up against both a horde of zombies and security guards for the Umbrella Corp – fortunately, the lady warrior gets a little help from herself in the second clip (just watch to find out what that means).

Have a look at both of the new scenes below:

Composer duo Tomandandy were responsible for creating a pounding techno score for the fourth Resident Evil, which they describe as “… an aggressive palette of heavily distorted sounds and complex metric structures… aggressive and distorted on one end and soft and dreamy on the other…”

Tomandandy also developed a new technology – back in the ’90s, that is – that helped lower the cost of music production significantly.  It remains to be seen if they have created something of a similarly innovative nature for Resident Evil 4 as well.

Resident Evil: Afterlife arrives in regular, 3D, and IMAX 3D theaters in the U.S. on September 10th, 2010.

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  1. The whole “Matrixness” of the second is a turn off, but the FIRST scene is just a big ole dose of awesome.

  2. I ask myself how the cable in the second video is still tied after the explosion.

    • 3D makes anything possible

  3. All be curious to see how many theaters are playing this in 2D,,,

    Anyone that still says 2D will always be an option is fooling themselves. I couldn’t find one theater in LA playing P3D in 2D,,,

  4. looks dumb they should just remake this like the first resident evil game it had a great story,and creatures like hunters,plant 42, a tyrant experiment that did not talk,and as i said the story was awesome.i’ll save my money and watch the walking dead series.

  5. they really are trying to make people think this will be good laugh hahaha. yeah right.stick to source material, and that goes for the x-men franchise and everything else, we deserve a better high quality in films and i will not watch low budget looking films anymore unless they are done with the story,acting and then effects in mind. we deserve better if we are going to pay for this crap.

  6. Okay, I am a HUGE fan of both the Resident Evil games and movies. They both are great in there own ways. I was THRILLED when the studio announced they were doing a fourth movie, but I was also apprehnsive because it was going to be in 3D. After watching these clips, I honestly don’t know how much I am going to like this movie. The execs of the movie say that they didn’t want the movie to appear “gimmicky” or look like they were trying to hard with the use of the 3D camera… um, I don’t know about you, but ALL THREE of these scenes scream gimmicky and a major failure on their part. I don’t mind the use of 3D technology, but when it looks SO overly overused and so awkward it can make for a disappointing movie. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still seeing this movie because I love watching Milla kick a**, I just hope it isn’t disappointing…

  7. Yeah I would love to see this but I’m not into paying more, and wearing lame glasses that darken the entire experience so stuff can come flying at me.

    3D is the endgame of cinema. I swear its getting to the point where I’m going have to see all the films I would have seen in the theater at home on dvd.

  8. sorry if this is a dumb question but:

    how does alice get all her gear? and how does she get 2 of every weapon??

  9. Why does Hollywood think we want everything in 3-D? I may wait for the DVD.

    • AIDYs,

      Because it’s a gimmick they figure will put more butts in seats plus it raises the ticket price so they get more $$ and can claim bigger box office victories.


      • It may cause the opposite effect. I do not think movie-goers want to pay upwards of $50 bucks (popcorn, soda and Twizzler’s included) per person, for a ticket to a mediocre movie. Besides, by the time the 3-D glasses and my eyeballs are in sync,I missed out on much of the important special effects of the movie.

        • AIDYs,

          You may very well be correct. I think the bloom is off the rose with 3D – we’ll see how long it lasts.


          • The industry, I think, made the really big goof when they recently up’d the price for the 3D versions. At an additional cost of $1.50 for 3D or for iMax it wasn’t that hard a sell but at $3 bucks or more in some places its just ridicolous.

            At this point I doubt any of the more experienced movie goers (not just movie fans because many, including some here on the SR board bever seem to actually go to a theatre) are willing to shell out an extra $3 for 3D or iMax or an extra $5 or more for both for anyting except AVATAR level of quality productions and those are far and few.

  10. These films are the epitome of guilty pleasures for me. I know they’re not good but damn if I don’t have a good time every time I watch them. Maybe it’s because I’ve got a serious crush on Milla Jovovich but she seems to be one of the very few actresses who can pull off being an action hero. I hate to say it but I’ll be seeing this new one when it opens. I’m also not a big fan of the games so the fact that they don’t adhere to them is fine by me.

    • I know what you mean. For some strange reason Jovovich just fits in action roles. Even tho she’s too skinny and lightweight (Rodriguez in the first RE movie is a bit more believable in this respect, perhaps evoking memories of Private Vasques?), she has a screen presence/energy suited for it.
      Not saying everything Milla does is great (“Ultraviolet”, urgh), but she is one of my favourite female actors in the “brain dead violence” genre.

      Also, she seem to have genuinely fun in most of her movies.

  11. these scenes are awesome. if you’re not gonna watch it then don’t bother with it. this movie is gonna be good it probably is gonna be a better than the action films we’ve seen this year so far

    • you really think so?? i dont know about that….the action seems reeeeaaaaally over the top in my honest opinion…and not in a cheesy good way like machete, wanted, kill bill,etc.. resident evil seems to take itself too seriously for such unrealistic (and slightly irritating) action sequences…

  12. looks like the biggest load of garbage, the score is terrible, the logic has gone out the window (she was a few meters away from hitting the building and managed to swoop up AND land somewhat perfectly), and the slow mo thing is happening to often and is pathetic (only used to draw in people/make the 3D scenes look better).

    i wont be seeing this, i doubt i’ll even rent it out, the most i would od is download it and skip through it (like i did with airbender).
    hollywood has ruined everything for everyone, for every one good movie we get over a dozen crap ones.

  13. God knows I love Milla and I thought the first three movies were fun. But that just looks really bad. Was that finished product? The scenes where she’s flying the plane, jumping off the building and falling down the shaft looked amateurish as hell. Maybe it’s the 3d but it looked really fakey.

  14. Is it just me or did the music sound like old fashioned video game music? Like something from an arcade game.

  15. Im just gonna wait to see the movie :D

  16. my cast fro a remake of resident evil more like the first game would be bredan gleeson as berry burton,adrian brody as chris redfield because i do not beliave that he has to be muscular to the extreme, and sean bean as albert wesker, after watching the island sean bean looks like mhe could be a belieavble down to earth type of jill on the other hand im not too sure who could play her,maybe jodie foster or someone like her.

  17. Anyone know why it was decided to release this the weekend AFTER the Labor Day Holiday and not the weekend of Labor Day? That just seems like such a bad move financially speaking. I know Mchette started today but at this point in the SUMMER theres no real compettion amongst new releases that RE would have to comete with and while it and MACHETTE share some markets I don’t think its better, finanically to wait till the weekend after to relase it.

    BTW – If you are trying to find this on iMax as I am be sure to check the iMax websiote daily as they seem to keep adding to it the number of iMax locations that will feature RE. Just a month ago there was only 1 theatre in the whole country listed and now its in many states. Its still not anywhere in DALLAS yet but I haven’t given up all hope.